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         Street Luge:     more detail
  1. Street Luge Survival Guide by Darren Lott, 1998-06
  2. Street Luge (Extreme Sports) by John Nichols, 2001-09
  3. Street Luge in the X Games (Kid's Guide to the X Games) by Christopher Blomquist, 2003-07
  4. Street Luge and Dirtboarding by Suzanne J. Murdico, 2003
  5. Street Luge Racing (Extreme Sports) by Ryan, Pam M., 1997-09-01
  6. Hit the Dirt (Look-Look) by Craig Robert Carey, 2000-06-15
  7. Tobogganing on Parnassus by Franklin P. Adams, 2009-04-26

61. Street Luge From The NOW Directory
street luge, Top Links street luge, now an extreme sport in its own right,is a progression of downhill skateboarding. Items found in street luge,

62. Luge Australia: The Home Of Street Luge In Australia
Hi Guys, we are now starting renovations. These are temporary linksto the new pages and the origonal site. Team OBR Aussie Gravity Sports (coming soon) ...
Survival Guide

buy it here
Luge Australia : Home Welcome to the slightly "new look" LugeAustralia! As we undergo renovations, you will still be able to access all of the current information, via the old site is the home of Streetluge and all Downhill Gravity road sports in Australia. This site caters for all Downhill Gravity road sports such as Streetluge, Downhill Skateboarding, Buttboarding, Downhill inline skating, Gravity Bikes and GravityF1 For those who are unsure, Streetluge and also Downhill Gravity Sports are a rapidly growing sport in Australia, Streetluge is similar to ice luge. However instead of rails, the street luge runs on skateboard wheels and trucks. These boards can reach speeds of 130kph or more down steep mountain roads. For many people, street luge is a weekend recreation sport, for others, organised racing is the thrill!. This sport is highly competitive and very addictive, just ask some of the guys out there every weekend

63. : The News Journal : SPORTS : Street Luge Safer Than Othe
street luge safer than other extreme sports Eisenberg and Breault have spearheadedan effort to increase interest in street luge on the East Coast.
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The News Journal

Business ...
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TODAY IS Saturday, March 22 , 2003
Street luge safer than other extreme sports

Staff reporter
WHITE CLAY CREEK Professional street luger Eric Eisenberg has spent the past nine years learning the nuances of his sport, which to him is anything but "extreme." In fact, he said, street luging has attracted many new riders and is growing to unprecedented levels largely because of a safety-first approach to attaining the adrenaline rush that so many extreme sports participants crave. What's so safe about a sport spawned in the 1970s by skateboarders in California who figured they could go faster by laying down on a board instead of standing on it?

64. Frenatone Prima Del Tornate Finale
Simone Pontevia , nuovistreet luge tutti italiani - 27-04-2002 Simone. foto di gruppo. roberto, Alex. luge.htm
STREET LUGE STREET LUGE nel tempio del downhill "Valcava BG" Sabato 18 maggo 2002 - il Team PSL si è recato con Alex Di Giorgio a provare la famosa discesa , assente il Campione del mondo Oscar Galliazzo (il "vecchietto era a casa con una gamba sciancata"), dopo un viaggio allucinante tra strade e stradine di montagna siamom arrivati finalmente nel Tempio. Ecco i dati del percorso : Lunghezza 5 Km - asfalto molto rovinato nella prima parte , nuovo nella parte finale molto veloce Top Speed (Simone) circa 90 km/h (con ruote da allenamento per pattini !!) Difficoltà : 7 - Traffico auto : scarso Giudizio finale : A parte i primi tornanti dove l'asfalto è tutto rovinato, la seconda parte è molto divertente e tutta da condurre ad una velocità media molto alta , la dh finesce con un bel tornate secco a destra . frenatone prima del tornate finale Simone Pontevia , nuovi street luge tutti italiani - 27-04-2002 Simone foto di gruppo roberto Alex Alex Abbiamo provato con Simone e i suoi amici i nuovi luge prodotti , di ottima qualità e tecnicamente molto validi, peccato solo per la strada che era molto sporca a causa dell'acquazzone caduto il giorno prima. PER ALTRE INFORMAZIONI: Downhill Rio 2001 5 marzo 2001 Dave Roger vince la Red Bull Downhill Extreme Cape Town 2001 per i dettagli visita il sito:

65. Matrox Graphics - 3D Gaming - Enhanced Games - Street Luge Racing
3D Gaming Enhanced Games - street luge Racing - HeadGames and Jugular® Sportsare bringing the true test of skill and speed to the PC.

Street Luge Racing

from HeadGames /nFusion Interactive
HeadGames and Jugular® Sports are bringing the true test of skill and speed to the PC. Jugular® Street Luge Racing will spotlight two of America's fastest extreme athletes, Sean "The Duck" Mallard and Wade Sokol. Featuring treacherous mountain roads, incredible graphics and true to life opponents.
Please visit the dedicated web page for more info on Street Luge Racing.
"The Matrox G400 not only supports all the standard features you'd expect from a high-end 3D card but it has added benefits such as EMBM and DualHead. When I set out to add bump-mapping support to our game engine, I was ready to devote several days to the project. In the end, the programming took maybe four hours and I was up and running. To improve a game's visuals that much with only half a day's work is phenomenal. Any developer who is thinking about supporting EMBM should stop thinking and just try it, they'd be surprised at how easy it is."
- Jason Zisk, Lead Programmer, nFusion Interactive

66. Street Luge Info @ Racing-411 | Get The 411 On Professional Streetluge Racing
Racing411 offers the best links to sites offeringinformation on street luge racing.


NEW Free Game Section
Categories Racing
Drag Racing

Summit Racing

Auto Racing
... Street Racing » Street Luge
Team Element Street Luge
- Includes street luge description, construction guide, information about the team and their equipment, and technique tips.
Sting's Street Luge Resource
- Includes information on building your own luge, photos, links, luge technique, and X-game rules and results.
- Independent game designers offering a range of board games. Also design and market skate luge and street luge downhill gravity products.
Vital Gear Action
- Features BMX, motocross, inline skating, skateboarding, skysurfing, snowboarding, surfing, street luge and wakeboarding photos. International Gravity Sports Association - Founded to support downhill inline skating, street luge, buttboarding, downhill skateboarding, and gravity biking. Includes news, rules, events, rider interviews, and links to related sites. Lush Longboards - Sells longboard completes, decks, wheels, trucks, tools, parts, accessories, and logo clothing. Also carries mountainboards, street luge, and slaloms. Includes articles, related links, reviews, forum, and riding locations. Absolute - Manufactures skate related products including bearings, lube, tools and micro hub wheels for skateboarding, roller hockey, speed skating, aggressive skating, and street luge.

67. Gravity Games 2002 Street Luge Bios
street luge Bios. Dennis Derammelaere. Pamela Zoolalian. Beagle Jarvis. Biker Sherlock.Bob Swartz. Brent Dekeyser. Donald Autry. George Orton. Gerhard Lanz. Jake Kaplan.
Mar 22, 2003 Photo Gallery Video Gallery Message Board TV Schedule ... Cleveland Info Search Home Features Athletes Event Info ... Amateur Skate Subscribe to our newsletter
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Michael Arzt
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Athlete Bios Street Luge Bios
Dennis Derammelaere
Pamela Zoolalian
Beagle Jarvis
Biker Sherlock ...
Jake Kaplan
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68. Gravity Games 2002 Street Luge Summary
street luge 4Man and 6-Man Competition. Mike McIntyre on his way to4-Man gold. McIntyre and Rogers Brothers Steal Show in street luge.
Mar 22, 2003 Photo Gallery Video Gallery Message Board TV Schedule ... Cleveland Info Search Home Features Athletes Event Info ... Amateur Skate Subscribe to our newsletter
Sponsorship Sales / Advertising:
Michael Arzt
P: 212-204-3722
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Gravity Games 2002 Cleveland, Ohio Street Luge 4-Man and 6-Man Competition Mike McIntyre on his way to 4-Man gold.
McIntyre and Rogers Brothers Steal Show in Street Luge
Dave Rogers Wins Medals Backward and Forward on Wet Course in Salamanca July 28, 2002 Lugers were forced to battle the weather and each other as passing thunderstorms forced delays and drenched the course on Sunday. The slickness proved treacherous for many riders including Pam Zoolalian, Scott Holzenback, Pat Moody, Kurtis Head, and Dennis Derammaleare. Throughout the changing conditions, one thing stayed constant the top three finishers. Mike McIntyre, and brothers Dave and John Rogers, met on the podium in both the four and 6-Man events. Location: Allegany State Park, Salamanca, New York
Weather: 89-degrees, humid. Occasional thunderstorms.

69. Street Luge How-To-Build-and-Ride
How To street luge . This is the latest street luge that I am building. are the parts that I use on my street luge.
Site Index
How To Street Luge....
This is the latest street luge that I am building. It is built from 60/61 channel and 1/4 inch 5051 aluminum. I have assembled this luge and will post some photos soon.....
Email questions to: These are the parts that I use on my street luge. Randall Luge Trucks $150.00
Cherry Bomb Luge Wheels $60.00
Bearings $40-$100
Aluminum can vary in price. Try to by odd pieces or scrap to lower the price. The going price per pound is about $1.50
You will also need Grade 8 stainless steel nuts and bolts. These are kinda expensive but well worth it when you are going 65mph. Check out the diagram below to learn more about the components of the street luge. DBS carries cherry bomb luge wheels and randall trucks. Click on the site index and then go to wheels, trucks or bearings.
This website created by Dan Loveland
Contact us Order by Phone Toll Free We accept all major credit cards Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex

70. Pedalled Street Luge
The COCKROACH. A Pedalled street luge. Photo of the Pedal Luge. Luge streetback to home page. This trike resulted after seeing street luge boards.
A Pedalled Street Luge
Photo of the Pedal Luge. From the back. The drive system. Luge street back to home page.

71. Teoma Search: Street Luge
Red Bull street luge Boards street luge First street luge Luge Boardsstreet luge Construction Show All Refinements, Dave's Street luge

72. Street Luge Finds Warm Acceptance In Franklin
street luge finds warm acceptance in Franklin By GORDON D. KING. StaffWriter. FRANKLIN — street luge in the city is doing well.
Home Classified Sports Obits ... Search News Citizen Home Foster's Online Election 2002 N.H./Region ... Weather Special Sections Autos HealthBeat Home/Real Estate Photo of the Day ... Web cams Features Today In History Events Calendar Courses Classified Ads ... Local Links Site Info Back Issues Subscribe Contact Us Citizen Jobs ... Search Tuesday, December 03, 2002 E-mail This Article Street luge finds warm acceptance in Franklin By GORDON D. KING Staff Writer FRANKLIN — Street luge in the city is doing well. Tim Cayer of Gravity Sports International, who sponsors the events, said he held 10 events this year but wants to cut back to six next year. The reduction is not due to a lack of interest, however. Cayer told the City Council at Monday’s meeting that he wants to be able to expand the luge sport regionally and attract those who want to do it as a recreational activity. He also wants to do more teaching, and he can only do this by reducing the number of competitive events.

73. Supports Nick Duffield Street Luge Racer, From Adelaide
Extreme Games street luge Champion, Nick Duffield competeing in Saint George Utah,for qualifying for the 2001 Extreme Games the future of Nick Duffield.
LOCAL NEWS PAPER WRITEUP FOR NICK Sat 25th Aug 2001 Nick received a well earned writeup in his hometown newspaper today after his second place finish in Rio de Janerio last weekend.
Nick Qualified No1 for the 2001 Extreme Games on Saturday 11th August.

Nick Duffield is Australia's No1 Extreme Street Luge Pilot.
At 18 years of age, Nick is one of the youngest Street Luge Pilots in the world. Racing with his home built Luge in Cape Town South Africa in February 2001, Nick was able to qualify second fastest behind Dave Rogers a world champion from the USA before crashing out in race three to end up in 7th place.
ROUND 1 Six (6) Person Race - 7th Position ROUND 2 Four Person Race - Second Position Nick has Qualified for the 2001 Extreme Games "Congratulations Nick!"

74. Lush Longboards - Streetluge Information And Street Luge Parts
street luge wheels, trucks and info. Many of the parts we sell are suitablefor your street luge, or for the street luge you are thinking of building!
Street Luge - wheels, trucks and info Many of the parts we sell are suitable for your street luge, or for the street luge you are thinking of building! Wheels : ABEC 11 Flywheel 83mm
52mm wide, 50mm diameter hub
Smoke with orange hub
use 10mm spacer
more details
for 4 Durometer Kryptonics Classic K 85mm
use 8mm spacer quite a narrow wheel, very fast. for 4 XTREME Slick 99mm Including spacers and ABEC5 bearings
with lift kit (8 bolts and high risers) set of 4 Trucks : Randal Downhill 160mm Both oldschool and new school mounting holes. per pair Tracker 11 inch "dart" The BIGGEST trucks we sell. These are huge! Super stable. click the pic for a larger version 11 inch axle per pair Independent 215
Both "Old Skool" and "New Skool" mounting holes. 10 inch axle, really strong trucks. per pair Bearings : see our bearings page The home of UK street luge : events, courses, taster session and more ... click the logo or the link to go to their website ...

75. LookSmart - Street Luge
Search the Web for. LookSmart Home. Featured Sponsors. street luge. Auld OverThe road Read how Dave Auld started his street luge career.

76. The Toxic Brothers Street Luge Team | Powered By
The Toxic Brothers street luge Team. CATEGORIES. street luge Large Mug StreetLuge Large Mug $11.99. Powered by Gravity Mug Powered by Gravity Mug $10.99.

77. Street Luge: Velocidad A Veinte Centímetros Del Suelo En
Translate this page street luge Velocidad a veinte centímetros del suelo. 27.08.2002 1145 PorGanondorft. El equipo La tabla del street luge es verdaderamente especial.
Artículos Productos Parques Reunidos Tiempo Joven Deportes Extremos Reportajes ... Tienda Street Luge: Velocidad a veinte centímetros del suelo
Por: Ganondorft ¿Te imaginas lanzarte en recostado de espaldas en una tabla por bajadas asfaltadas, controlando la dirección con tu cuerpo y llegando a alcanzar los 100 Km/h? No, no estamos locos, se trata de un deporte llamado Street Luge...
Seguramente ya lo conoces o has oído hablar del él, porque se está haciendo increíblemente popular. Se trata del Street Luge, un deporte que consiste en lanzarse tumbado boca arriba sobre una tabla, por bajadas asfaltadas y siendo la gravedad la única fuerza que te impulsa. Naturalmente hay que llevar tantas protecciones que casi parece que se usan armaduras. Y es que alcanzar velocidades cercanas a los 100 por hora es arriesgado... pero los que lo han vivido aseguran que no hay nada como deslizarse a esa velocidad a apenas unos centímetros del suelo.
El equipo
La tabla del Street Luge es verdaderamente especial. Se trata de una plancha de aluminio, muy ligera, y que incorpora un apoyo para los pies y unas asas en los lados para te tengamos más estabilidad en los giros. Las ruedas están diseñadas para soportar temperaturas altísimas, y son bastante grandes, ya que deben garantizar buena adherencia y velocidad.
Naturalmente, en un deporte como este es fundamental llevar unas buenas protecciones, ya que el street luge es un deporte de alto riesgo. Debes usar un casco que proteja la barbilla (suele utilizarse un casco de moto), coderas, rodilleras, tobilleras, una pechera como la que se utiliza en el motocross, ropa reforzada (lo ideal son trajes como los que se utilizan en las competiciones de motos de velocidad), guantes de cuero que resistan el rozamiento con el pavimento y zapatillas con suelas reforzadas...

78. Street Luge POV
Camera strapped to my chest as we go down the race course in Anstead WV.......Title Streetluge POV. Location Anstead WV. Director Dave Auld. Date 10/99.
Brothers in the Badlands Streetluge Montage Street Luge POV Luge Movie Menu Title: Streetluge POV Location: Anstead WV Director: Dave Auld Date: 10/99 Description: Camera strapped to my chest as we go down the race course in Anstead WV

79. D-Rom Street Luge Action Hero
Official site of professional street luger, Dennis Derammelaere. Includes his results, sponsors, photos, Category Sports Extreme Sports Land Luge......

80. D-Rom, Street Luge Action Hero

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