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         Takraw:     more detail
  1. Volleyball Variations: Volleyball variations, Beach volleyball, Volleyball, Volleyball at the Summer Olympics, Volleyball in the United States, Volleyball ... net, Newcomb ball, Sepak takraw, Footvolley
  2. Thai Sports and Games: Mak-Yek, Sepak Takraw, Makruk
  3. Sport (Philippinen): Afc Challenge Cup 2008|qualifikation, Sepak Takraw, Philippine Basketball Association, Kuntao (German Edition)
  4. Malay Culture: Malay Styles and Titles, Sepak Takraw, Hang Tuah, Malay Race, Manananggal, Bendahara, Bawang Putih Bawang Merah, Pontianak
  5. Sport En Indonésie: Pencak-Silat, Sepak Takraw, Pekan Olahraga Nasional, Grand Prix Moto D'indonésie, Komite Olahraga Nasional Indonesia (French Edition)
  6. Sport de Balle: Handball Américain, Footbag, Hurling, Horse-Ball, Krachtbal, Padel, Pétéca, Balle Pelote, Speed-Ball, Sepak Takraw, Polocrosse (French Edition)
  7. Sepak Raga (Takraw) The South East Asian Ball Game by Susi Dunsmore, 1983-01-01
  8. Sport (Thailand): Muay Thai, Sepak Takraw, Pencak Silat, Sommer-Paralympics 2008|teilnehmer, Krabi Krabong (German Edition)
  9. Sport En Thaïlande: Muay Thaï, Équipe de Thaïlande de Hockey Sur Glace, Sepak Takraw, Krabi Krabong, Muay Boran (French Edition)
  10. SEPAK RAGA (TAKRAW) by Sarawak, 1983

61. Cari!: Sukan/Sepak Takraw
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62. MelakaCOM.NET - Sepak Takraw
Sepak takraw. Now it is known as ‘Sepak takraw (Sepak means Kick in Malayand takraw means Ball in Thai word). It is a popular sport in Melaka.

63. Sepak Takraw Website Results :: Linkspider UK
Sepak takraw Websites from the Linkspider UK. Sepak takraw Directory.Complete Results for Sepak takraw Related Topics. Sepak takraw
Sepak Takraw Websites from Linkspider UK Keyword: Sepak Takraw Linkspider UK Directory
Sepak Takraw
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64. Takraw Rules
These rules are from the The International Sepak takraw Congress. To viewthe complete list of the rules, please click on the reference above.
These rules are from the "The International Sepak Takraw Congress." To view the complete list of the rules, please click on the reference above.
Click on these to go straight to their information.
The Net ball players officials ... scoring system
The Court
  • Area of 13.4 m x 6.1 m free from all obstacles up to the height of 8 m measured from the floor surface (Sand and grass court not advisable).
    The width of the lines bounding the court should not be more than 0.04 m measured and drawn inwards from the edge of the court measurements. All the lines should be drawn at least 3.0 m away from all obstacles.
    The Center Line The Center line of 0.02 m should be drawn equally dividing the right and left court.
    The Quarter Circle At the corner of each at the center line, the quarter circle shall be drawn from the side line to the center line with a radius of 0.9 m measured and drawn outwards from the edge of the 0.9 m radius.
    The Service Circle The service circle of 0.3 m radius shall be drawn on the left and on the right court, the center of which is 2.45 m from the back line of the court and 3.05 m from the side lines, the 0.04 m line shall be measured and drawn outward from the edge of the 0.3 m radius.

The Net
  • The net shall be made of fine ordinary cord or nylon with 0.06 m to 0.08 m mesh. The net shall be 0.7m in width and not shorter than 6.10 m in length and taped at 0.05 m from tape double at the top and side line, called boundary tape.

65. Searchalot Directory For Sepak Takraw
Sponsored Links. Top Sports Sepak takraw (13). Related Web Sites. Site providedby a Malaysian manufacturer of sepak takraw equipment.
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66. Sepak Takraw Berlin
Translate this page Hier entsteht eine Internet-Präsenz von. Sepak takraw Berlin! Sepak takraw isteine sehr alte Sportart, die in Thailand entstanden ist. Bereits im 15.
Sepak Takraw Berlin! Sepak Takraw ist eine sehr alte Sportart, die in Thailand entstanden ist. Interesse an dieser Sportart? Dann ruf uns an oder sende uns eine e-mail. Wie Du uns erreichen kannst, findest Du auf der Seite "Kontakt".

67. Sepak Takraw Kontakt
Translate this page Linkliste. Sepak takraw Club Schweiz,
Sepak Takraw Club Schweiz

68. Bangkok Thailande - Spectacle Sportif - L'art Du Takraw
Translate this page Vidéo. Un match amateur de sepack takraw, un dimanche à Lumphini parc Lire la vidéo en RealVideo. Photo panier de lot huang. .L'art du takraw.
Image Gens Pratique ... Home L'essentiel Vie quotidienne


Un match amateur de sepack takraw Sanam Luang, la grande place royale de Bangkok .Spectacle sportif lot huang ) et au National Stadium ou au Hua Mak Stadium ( sepak takraw .L'art du takraw takraw takraw wong ), une autre est proche du tennis ballon ( sepak takraw lot huang
takraw wong
se joue en sets individuels d'une dizaine de minutes devant des juges, le sepak takraw lot huang
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autant en
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69. Net Takraw | Sepak Takraw | Multicultural Games | Germantown Academy
Net (Sepak) takraw Multicultural Games, by Alex, Joe, Cole, Harry,Germantown Academy 6th grade, 1997. Our game is called net takraw.
Net (Sepak) Takraw
Multicultural Games by Alex, Joe, Cole, Harry Germantown Academy 6th grade State the name of your game and why you chose it. Our game is called net takraw. We chose this game because it seems to be really challenging yet fun. It is a variation of volleyball. List the countries where it is played and its origin. Games like takraw were played in 7th century Japan (Kemari) and China but this game actually comes from Thailand. Takraw is mainly played in Thailand, Burma, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines Describe how your game is played. State the object of the game. Clearly describe the rules. There are variations of Takraw. One is sepak takraw, also called net takraw
  • The object of takraw is to keep the ball in the air. To score, the other team must not not return the ball. The first to win 2 sets of 15 wins the match.
Net takraw is like volleyball except that you can't use your hands. You can only hit the ball 3 times before sending it over the net. List the equipment needed.

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71. Honorable Mention Sports: 'Takraw' By Chief Petty Officer Ted Salois, U.S. Navy.
Search News Photos Honorable Mention Sports 'takraw' by Chief Petty OfficerTed Salois, US Navy. takraw' by Chief Petty Officer Ted Salois, US Navy.
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Honorable Mention Sports: 'Takraw' by Chief Petty Officer Ted Salois, U.S. Navy. [View JPEG Photo, 728 KB] Honorable Mention Sports 'Takraw' by Chief Petty Officer Ted Salois, U.S. Navy. Army Staff Sgt. Randy Bourbon of 5th Battalion, 19th Special Forces, tries for a spike in a match of Takraw, a volleyball-like game played without the hands. Bourbon was in Thailand for Exercise Cobra Gold. 960509-O-0000S-005 Printer-friendly Version
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72. KG Sepak Takraw

73. Sports Sepak Takraw Polish Yellow Pages - Polska - Poland - Polen
, equipment required for play, photogallery, video, and clinic. Gajah Emas- News, photo gallery, events calendar....... ASEC International Sepak takraw
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  • ASEC International: Sepak Takraw - Description, equipment required for play, photo gallery, video, and clinic. Gajah Emas - News, photo gallery, events calendar. Site provided by a Malaysian manufacturer of sepak takraw equipment. ISTAF Online - The International Sepaktakraw Federation. Newsletter, rules and regulations, photo gallery, calendar of events, marketing, bulletin board, and archive. Manchester Sepak Takraw Tournament - News and pictures of a Sepak Takraw tournament held in Manchester, England. Marathon - Inventor and manufacturer of synthetic takraw balls. NT Sepak Takraw Association - Official home of sepak takraw in the Northern Territory, Australia. Sepak Takraw - Personal thoughts on the game, some photographs, and a summary of the rules.

74. Listings Of The World Sports Sepak Takraw
Listings World, Over 2 million websites from around the globe. Top Sports Sepaktakraw. Site provided by a Malaysian manufacturer of sepak takraw equipment.

75. Takraw-rattan Labdajáték - NagyUtazá
takrawrattan labdajáték Ezt a népszeru sportot mindenhol játsszák. 6-7férfi játssza a hoop takraw névre hallgató népszeru változatot.

76. Andy's Postcards | Sepak Takraw
Translate this page Postcards from Asia - Sepak takraw, thailändisches Fussball-Tennis. Andy'sPostcards from Asia Produktion für SF DRS 'Time Out' - Sepak takraw.
Index English Index Deutsch Index English Index Deutsch

77. Sarana Jadi Kendala Prestasi Sepak Takraw - Kamis, 10 Oktober 2002
Olahraga, Kamis, 10 Oktober 2002. Sarana Jadi Kendala Prestasi Sepak takraw. Lapanganindoor khusus sepak takraw nyaris tidak pernah terbangun di Palu.
Rubrik Berita Utama Metropolitan Naper Nusantara ... Kontak Redaksi Olahraga Kamis, 10 Oktober 2002 Sarana Jadi Kendala Prestasi Sepak Takraw Palu, Kompas - Persoalan mendasar yang dihadapi untuk mengembangkan olahraga sepak takraw di Sulawesi Tengah (Sulteng) adalah terbatasnya sarana latihan dan rekrutmen pemain muda yang belum terbentuk polanya. Meski tidak memiliki tradisi sekuat daerah lain, persoalan sumber daya manusia dinilai bukan persoalan pokok dalam pengembangan sepak takraw di Sulteng. Ketua bidang Pembinaan Badan Pembinaan Olahraga Pelajar Seluruh Indonesia (Bapopsi) Pengurus Palu Muhammad Ramli dalam perbincangan dengan Kompas di Palu, Selasa (8/10) siang, menegaskan, sebenarnya potensi perkembangan sepak takraw di Sulteng cukup tinggi. Meskipun tradisi olahraga ini tidak sekuat yang ada di Sulawesi Selatan (Sulsel) dan Riau, namun sepak takraw tidak pernah kekurangan peminat. "Jika pembinaannya benar, kita yakin bahwa ini bisa menjadi olahraga yang potensial," kata Ramli, sembari menekankan bahwa sejak awal olahraga ini termasuk prioritas Sulteng. Pokok persoalannya, menurut Ramli yang juga Kepala Seksi Olahraga Masyarakat dan Bina Prestasi pada Dinas Pendidikan Kota Palu ini, perkembangan olahraga belum menjadi prioritas pemerintah setempat. Jenjang berupa pemassalan, pembibitan, dan pembinaan prestasi belum berjalan ideal. Trimatra kompetisi, klub, dan pemain, pada akhirnya tidak berjalan sinergis. Sementara, untuk rekrutmen sekelas tingkat provinsi pun belum ada pola yang utuh dengan dukungan penuh. Padahal, setiap kabupaten di Sulteng sebenarnya siap dengan bibit pemain potensial. "Namun, tanpa penjaringan yang telaten, bagaimana mereka bisa terpantau?" kata Ramli.

78. Takraw In Thailand
takraw, sometimes called Siamese football in old English texts, refers to gamesin which a woven rattan ball, about 12cm in diameter, is kicked around. takraw.
Takraw in Thailand
March Sunday 23, 2003
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Australia Hotel Cambodia Hotel China Hotel Hongkong Hotel ... Trekking TAKRAW 'Takraw' , sometimes called Siamese football in old English texts, refers to games in which a woven rattan ball, about 12cm in diameter, is kicked around. The rattan (or sometimes plastic) ball itself is called a 'luuk takraw'. 'Takraw' is also popular in several neighbouring countries ; it was originally introduced to the South-East Asian Games by Thailand and international championships tend to alternate between the Thais and Malays. The traditional way to play 'takraw' in Thailand is for players to stand in a circle (the size of it depends on the number of players) and simply try to keep the ball airborne by kicking it soccer-style. Points are scored for style, difficulty and variety of kicking manoeuvres.

79. Qango : Recreation: Sports: Sepak Takraw
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80. Sepak Takraw
Spiele. Sepak takraw ist eine von Malaysias beliebtesten Sportarten.
Südost Asien
Malaysia Info
CHARME KULTUR WIRTSCHAFT ... Neues Abenteuer - Langkawi Air Trekking Malaysia Infos
Kultur - Spiele Sepak Takraw Kultur Spiele Congkak Gasing ...
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