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         Tchoukball:     more detail
  1. Compétition de Tchoukball: Tchoukball Aux Jeux Mondiaux de 2009, European Winners' Cup 2009, Championnat de Suisse de Tchoukball Lna 2007-2008 (French Edition)
  2. Keeping the excitement alive: Tchoukball and cooperative learning.(Essay): An article from: JOPERD--The Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance by Phoebe Constantinou, 2010-03-01
  3. Jeux Mondiaux: Tchoukball Aux Jeux Mondiaux de 2009, Kayak-Polo Aux Jeux Mondiaux 2005, Kayak-Polo Aux Jeux Mondiaux 2009 (French Edition)

1. The Internet Web Of Tchoukball ' S Informations
Get people together and learn to play tchoukball.Category Sports tchoukball......tchoukball's informations and descriptions and when where you can playtchoukball. A Swiss game. What is tchoukball ? Now the training
An innovative and unique approach to sports
A Swiss game What is Tchoukball
Now the training is on Friday from 9 to 11 pm.
See News NASPE supports
The American Tchoukball Corporation

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Would you like to discover a new and exciting activity ? Read news from schools and in the U.S.A
"The game is a swift, and even seasoned athlete can't leave the court without sweating"
The Washington Post on January 22th 2002
Read the article Why should you try it ... or do you know when you can play ... "The objective of human physical activities is not to make champions, but rather to help construct a harmonious society." Dr Hermann Brandt Back to top
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2501 Glenallan Av. Apt #3 Silver Spring, MD 20906 USA
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2. Tchoukball
Website about a sport called tchoukball. The idea is to give a general impression of the game to those people who have never heard of it.

What's New?

About The Game

The Rules

My Team
National Champ'ships
LAST UPDATE TO THIS SECTION - 03/07/99 This part of my website is about a sport which I enjoy playing, it is called Tchoukball. The idea of this part of the site is to give a general impression of the game to those people who have never heard of it. If you would like to play against 'My Team' then contact me on the address below and I shall try and arrange a match or tournament. I am at the moment just building this part of the site and now have a little more time so if any of you have any ideas for the content please let me know on the address below. What's New? - Helps you find out what has changed recently. To see a picture of my team, the 'National Youth Champions', click here. Click here to find out about the 'National Championships'. Click here to find out 'About The Game'. To see the rules of the game click here to go to 'The Rules' page. You are visitor number: This counter has suffered a fatal error recently so add 250 to what it says: Since the 26/01/99 To contact the webmaster, e-mail:

3. Welcome To The Tchoukball Association Of Great Britain Home Page
Association founded in 1972. Site includes rules of the game (created by Swiss Dr.Hermann Brandt), diary of events and tchoukball clubs playing in Britain.

2003 season latest

World Tournament

GB Squad Sessions
Contact us
Search the Web: Welcome Welcome to the Tchoukball Association of Great Britain (TAGB) web site. We are the governing body for the sport of tchoukball in Great Britain. Click on a subject above to continue. Click here for more details.

Le Tchoukball se joue sur un terrain de handball ou de basketball avec deux cadres officiels de tchoukball et une balle de handball a suivre!
MAJ 05/11/2002

Se nel frattempo vuoi scaricare la carta del tchoukball, la storia e le regole del gioco clicca sul seguente link PAGINA IN COSTRUZIONE
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6. Federation Suisse De Tchoukball - FSTB
tchoukball Sport pour tous. venez decouvrir ce nouveau sport qui est le sport de demain. Site de la Federation Suisse de tchoukball. site officiel de la FSTB

7. Fédération Internationale De Tchoukball
Click here for English Click here for German Click here for Chinese,Click here for French Click here for Italian Click here for Spanish.

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8. Brasil Online
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9. Fédération Internationale De Tchoukball
Informations sur ce sport d'origine suisse.Category World Français Sports......

Le tchoukball est un sport de balle et d'équipe qui se joue à l'ide de deux surfaces de renvoi et se caractérise par la suppression de toutes formes d'gressions corporelles entre les adversaires.
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11. Tchoukball
Nov¡ hra lakrosov©ho typu pro chlapce i děvčata. Pravidla, princip a fotografie.
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12. Tchoukball Club Sion
Pr©sentation des r¨gles de ce sport. Historique du club et pr©sentation du comit©. Equipes et organisation d'un tournoi. Sion.

13. Fédération Internationale De Tchoukball
History, charter, description, rules, equipment, newsletter, practise, and contact details.


15. Asia Tchoukball Federation
News, history, constitution, calendar, photographs, and chat.

16. Why Tchoukball
Why to try it The inventor Who has developed tchoukball Info and more Web Administrator
An innovative and unique approach to sports
Who has developed Tchoukball...
Who was the inventor and why...
At school In the USA, What is it ... Feedback
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17. T-Ball
Storia, regole e principi fondativi del tchoukball.
Lausanne Tchouk Ball Club
Storia Carta Regole Date ... Nel mondo Responsabile per la pagina: Jerome Lebrun

18. Federation Suisse De Tchoukball - FSTB - Francais
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19. What Is Tchoukball - A Section Devoted To Tchoukball Resources
The tchoukball Association of Great Britain (TAGB) is the governing bodyfor tchoukball in Great Britain. Visit What is tchoukball? This

What is Tchoukball?

Summary of the Game

History of the Game

Rules of the Game
Equipment Contact us
Search the Web: What is Tchoukball? This section is devoted to those in the early stages of either playing or coaching tchoukball, or those who merely wish to learn of the game. As the web site expands, more information about the game will appear here. Given time, approved coaching methods and practices will appear in this place along with refereeing guides and official T.A.G.B. regulations and procedures. For now, we have included three key areas. Firstly, we have tried to simplify the rules of the game in the form of a general summary of how tchoukball is played. Many of our visitors to the site are unaware of the nature of the sport and how to play it. If you are completely new to the game, we recommend that you read this. Secondly, you can look at how the game originated and spread to become an international sport in "History of the Game". Finally, we have included a comprehensive set of rules for those already familiar with tchoukball. Please select from the left hand side of the page to continue.

20. Fédération Internationale De Tchoukball
Includes charter, history, rules, equipment, and news.

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