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         Tractor And Truck Pulling:     more detail
  1. Truck and Tractor Pulling (Motorsports) by Jeff Savage, 1995-05
  2. Truck and Tractor Pulling: Motorsports Heavyweight Powerhouses by Michael Bargo, 1988-04
  3. 6th Annual Ozark Nationals Souvenir Program - Outlaw Truck & Tractor Pulling Association by Unknown, 2008
  4. "Thunder in the Dirt" - Outlaw Truck & Tractor Pulling Association - 2007 Summer Outlaw Tour Souvenir Program by Unknown, 2007
  5. Championship Truck and Tractor Pulling 2007 Calendar

61. Pulling Power Online "Your Online Pulling Source"
tractor pulling TS; tractor pulling Unlimited; truck and tractor pulling;Twin City MinneapolisMoline tractor pulling Page. National
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62. Truck & Tractor Pulling -
Author, Comment. tractpullin7810 Registered User Posts 1 (1/16/03111631 am) Reply, truck tractor pulling Hello, Please come and

Dodge Dakota Super Modified Two Wheel Drive truck 1989 Dodge Dakota Body; John deereG pulling motor info A and '42 John Deere G for antique tractor pulls, Plans
March 7, 2003 Mainpage Feedback For Sale Wanted ... Email Navigation
Mainpage Site Map Browsing Feedback ... Gaffney Gearing Up For South Carolina Spring Nationals ATPA Lucas Oil Power Pulling Series 2003 Opener
March 6, 2003
[More News Articles . . . ]
Two-Wheel Drive Pulling Standout Shelton Poised For Winning Performance At National Farm Machinery Show
February 11, 2003
[More News Articles . . . ]
Hypermax Engineering To Give Customers Cash Rewards At All 2003 ATPA Lucas Oil Grand American Events
February 7, 2003 Hypermax Engineering Inc., which specializes in high performance diesel engine parts and accessories for the automotive aftermarket industry, will provide cash awards for their top-finishing pulling customers at all 2003 American Tractor Pullers Association (ATPA) Lucas Oil Power Pulling Series Grand American events. [More News Articles . . . ] For Sale Page
March 7, 2003 Dodge Dakota Super Modified Two Wheel Drive Truck
  • 1989 Dodge Dakota Body 526 Keith Black Hemi 14-71 Little Field Brooks Rods Dart Heads Quick Change Gear Box Mallory Ignition Tube Chassis Come With Hauler 1987 International Bus Hauler
      6.9 Diesel

64. For Men Only
Full Pull Magazine; Great Lakes truck tractor pulling Association information,pictures, and results from truck pulling in Southern Ontario, Canada;
Free Web site hosting -
Table of Contents Classic Trucks Monster Trucks Magazines CLASSIC TRUCKS Top
  • 1961-71 Dodge Truck Website - resource offers historical, technical, and parts information.
  • 60-66 GMC Trucks - focusing on GMC trucks with pictures, model information, engine specs, and more.
  • Bigun's Old Chevy Trucks - history and pictures of classic and custom Chevy Trucks.
  • Classic Truck Shop - truck resource for truck hobbyist and enthusiast. Includes classified ads and reader input.
  • Classic Trucks - provides photo galleries, project information, and links.
  • - provides online resources to classic and vintage pickup truck enthusiasts.
  • Old Trucks - features pre-1960 trucks. Also includes classifieds, pictures, VIN decoding, and parts for sale.
  • Panel Truck Showroom - pictures of several different makes and models, plus links to classic truck sites.

65. Antique Tractors Online : Rate The Truck And Tractor Pulling WebRing
Insensitive Forums. A comprehensive online search engine and directoryfor the tractor and farm equipment collecting community.

66. Engler Truck Tractor Pulling
Call or Email us for a quote. We built everything on the above tractorincluding the engine, chassis, and sheetmetal. TRACTORS. Chrome

67. Links
Mike and Karen Stimmels Trackboss III pulling Sled. West CentralIllinois tractor Pullers. Pullers Inc. truck pulling Wisconsin.
Photosports/Videosports - Jim Walbolt Great Lakes Pull Blue Magic Pulling Team Kentucky Garden Tractor Puller's Associaton Photosports/Videosports - Jim Walbolt Great Lakes Pull Blue Magic Pulling Team Kentucky Garden Tractor Puller's Associaton ... E-Mail Us

68. FANTASY Pulling Truck - Links
truck and tractor pulling Message Boards Midnight Express truck and tractor pullingBoard Mid South Pullers Board pulling Power Online Board Eastern Extreme
Truck and Tractor Pulling Message Boards
Midnight Express Truck and Tractor Pulling Board

Mid South Pullers Board

Pulling Power Online Board

Eastern Extreme Pulling Board
Old Ironsides

Track Boss III

Decision Maker Sled

Downhill Express Sled
Other Vehicles (All Types)
Double Dose Plus 1/Krider Racing

Allis Challenger
Midnight Mistress McPherson Motorsports/Missouri Raider/Bean Bandit ... Out'a Control Pulling Team Parts Mother-In-Law's Garage Epperson Tire Cutting Competition Dynamics, Inc. General Pulling Ohio State Tractor Pullers Association National Tractor Pullers Association Northwestern FFA, OSTPA Truck and Tractor Pull Mid-South Pullers ... home

69. Welcome To The Official Website Of The American Tractor Pullers Association!
ATPA Official Merchandise. Other truck and tractor pulling Links. Full PullMagazine, Christian Hollow Motorsports. Big Rigs pulling Series, pulling Power.
Press Releases Company Profile Contingencies Drivers Gallery ... ATPA Official Merchandise Other Truck and Tractor Pulling Links Full Pull Magazine Christian Hollow Motorsports Big Rigs Pulling Series Pulling Power ... Bobby Sarver's "Green Extreme " Antique Tractor Pulling Dirt Dancer Pulling Team-Wayne Creech Miller's Tree Farm Central Ohio Antique Tractor Pullers Association ... Wildfire Pulling checknew("3/20/2001") Shenandoah Valley Tractor Pullers Assoc. Illinois Hot Farm Stock Pullers Association Pulling World ... Krider Racing: "Double Dose Plus One " Shelton Farm Lewis Pulling European Tractor Pulling Cabeen Enterprises ... The Bushwacker Sled checknew("3/18/2001") Swedish Tractor Pulling Club checknew("3/19/2001") Gon' Moken Pulling Team checknew("3/20/2001") New York Tractor Pullers Association checknew("4/21/2001") Ontario Mini Rod Pullers Association checknew("4/21/2001") Marshall/Putnam Fair checknew("4/21/2001") Darnells Diesel Service checknew("4/21/2001") Great Lakes Tractor Pullers Association The Heaviest Motorsport on Wheels checknew("5/10/2001") Insanity Pulling Team checknew("5/28/2001") checknew("6/10/2001") Pullers Paradise One Stop Pulling Shop checknew("6/16/2001") Southern KY Mini Tractors checknew("6/16/2001")

70. Tractor & Truck Pulling - Home Page
tractor pulling in Canada. What is tractor pulling? A brief description of whattractor pulling is. History of pulling. History of tractor pulling.
Tractor Pulling in Canada
What is Tractor Pulling? A brief description of what Tractor Pulling is. History of Pulling History of Tractor Pulling
What is Pulling?
The simplest answer to that question is to say it is the classic contest between an immovable object (the weight transfer machine) and an irresistible force (the tractor). Basically, the tractor attempts to pull a weighted sled a set distance. At first, the contest is easy because the weight of the weight transfer machine (sled) is over the rear tires of the sled. As the tractor pulls the sled down the track, the weight moves forward, creating more resistance for the tractor to pull against. Finally at the supreme moment of pull, the weight on the sled is directly over the front end of the sled. This causes enormous friction with the ground, which finally brings the tractor to a halt, with the distance the tractor has traveled measured from a point called a starting line to the point at which the front of the sled now rests. The contest is not a timed contest. It is a measurement contest. The length of the track varies, depending on whether the track (dirt in all cases) is indoor or outdoor. Indoor tracks can vary in length from 150 feet up to 300 feet. Outdoor tracks are the standard 300 feet.

71. MESSAGES.TERADEX.COM - Sports/Auto Racing/Tractor And Truck Pulling
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E-Mail: Aaex Corp.

72. Full Pull Magazine's Related Sites
Rod Pullers Power Pro Racing Products Power pulling Club of Great Britain Procreationsofkentucky(model tractor) Pullers Inc. truck pulling Wisconsin Pure
American Tractor Pullers (ATPA) Appleland Toys World's Best Tractor Pulling Magazine - Full Pull Magazine American Tractor Pullers (ATPA) Appleland Toys World's Best Tractor Pulling Magazine - Full Pull Magazine ... Wild Wheels Weekend

73. Truck & Tractor Pulling Talk @
truck tractor pulling Talk. Invite Friends! 182 registered members. 9, 1/15/03 111938pm, truck tractor pulling Talk Information View Community Profile
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Invite Friends! 204 registered members Login Register Your Free Account (Required) Search Help ... Need help logging in?
Welcome to Pulling Power Online's New Message Board. You will need to Register as a LOCAL user before you can post. Hit REFRESH every once in a while to view new posts. Thanks and have fun!!!
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Forum # Posts Last Comment Moderators Announcements Welcome to Tractor Pulling Talk!
2/9/03 10:55:44 pm Newbies check in here for info
Here you will find information on how to get going to this board. You may also post if you have any questions. 3/17/03 4:22:11 pm Organization News
Here you can keep everyone up-to-date with your clubs pulls and events. Pulling Power Online will also keep you up-to-date with press releases and information in the pulling world. 3/8/03 9:31:54 am Privacy Statement
11/4/02 5:25:58 pm Vendor Showcase
The place to see what cutting edge products are available. 2/26/03 9:28:21 pm Discussion Areas Pro Stock
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Tech Talk for Pro Stock 3/11/03 4:34:44 pm webmaster 11/18/02 12:59:30 am Alky Tractor Moderator: HotRodJohnDeere Tech Talk for Alky Tractors 1/30/03 9:31:16 pm HotRodJohnDeere 4x4 Truck Moderator: abobb Tech Talk for 4x4 Trucks 2/25/03 11:52:13 pm abobb Two Wheel Drive Moderator: STEVE Tech Talk for 2WD Trucks 2/7/03 12:41:24 pm STEVE Diesel Truck Moderator: Johnboy Tech Talk for Diesel pick-ups 3/17/03 7:04:17 pm Johnboy 2/26/03 2:58:33 am Big Rigs Tech Talk for Big Rigs

74. Truck & Tractor Pulling Talk @
truck tractor pulling Talk. Invite Friends! 176 registeredmembers. Active Members of truck tractor pulling Talk.
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Title Last Post Total Posts ... Distributor
Newbie 3/18/03 11:39:43 pm

Newbie 3/17/03 10:50:26 pm
11,000 meeting
Pullin Crazy! 3/17/03 7:04:17 pm
Ford Power Stroke
Terri Dahlstrom
Newbie 3/17/03 4:22:11 pm
truck pulls
KTA Cummins Pullin Crazy! 3/17/03 9:04:14 am Re: 6.5ltr Tubo Diesel Newbie 3/16/03 8:53:14 pm 6.5ltr Tubo Diesel shelbykypuller Newbie 3/15/03 5:05:33 am Re: 3 Tractors AdkinsJR Pullin Crazy! 3/14/03 5:35:50 pm Re: max rpm.... HoleshotHolset Pullin Crazy! 3/11/03 4:34:44 pm c-rings... BigCeo Newbie 3/9/03 11:27:47 am 10 Bolt Hubs For Sale reddogracing Newbie 3/8/03 9:31:54 am now have 14 boards ezOP 3/6/03 9:56:07 pm Welcome! larry miersch Newbie 3/6/03 1:46:18 pm 426 hemi parts Newbie 3/5/03 12:41:26 pm Re: Newbie Check-In Sled Puller Pullin Crazy!

75. Tractor Pulling Links, Garden Tractor Racing, Lawnmower Racing, Swamp Buggy, Tra
R Radio Control tractor truck pulling 4 States RC truck Pullers ASAE 14 ScaleCompetition National Radio Control truck pulling National Remote Control
Tractor Pulling - Garden Tractor Pulling - Lawnmower Racing #A B
Truck and Tractor Pulling CDE F
Pure Purple High Prefomance Diesel Fuel G
Briggs and Stratton Engines
Central Illinois Garden Tractor Pullers

Central Missouri Garden Tractor Pullers Assoc'n

Central Wisconsin ATV Pullers Assoc'n
Western New York Garden Tractor Pullers
Briggs and Stratton Engines
British Lawnmower Racing Association

Canadian Lawnmower Racers
Dewberry Mudbog Racing Lawnmowers ... U.S. Lawn Mower Racing Association MNOPQ R 4 States R-C Truck Pullers ASAE 1-4 Scale Competition National Radio Control Truck Pulling National Remote Control Tractor Pulling ... PhotoSports S Old Ironsides Pulling Sled Trackboss III Pulling Sled T 20 Mule Team Allis Challenger American Tractor Pullers Association Antique Tractor and Garden Tractor Pulling ... Christian Pullers T Christian Tractor Pullers Network Cougar Pulling Team - Sweden Daniel Bounds (NWMTPA) member Desperate Dan Pulling Team - UK ... Wild Child (Bob Jostock) UVWXYZ Consumers Enthusiasts Index Motorsports ... Privacy

76. Amerikaanse Tractor Pulling Sites
truck tractor Pullers Illinois tractor pulling Association (ITPA) National RadioControl truck pulling Association (NRCTPA) tractor pulling in Brazilië Full
Amerikaanse Tractor Pulling sites
Garden Pulling:
James Johnson
Button Buck

Pocket Pullers
Allis Challenger
Green Extreme
Silver Bullet
Blue Angel

Awsome Ride

Radical Red
Roberts Pulling Team
Two-Wheel Drive:
Midnight Mistress
Halffast 2
Four-Wheel Drive:
Foolish Farmer
Blue Racer
Vrije Klasse:
The Lightning Strikes Morsey Bros ... Holy Cow
Overige sites:
National Tractor Pullers Association (NTPA) American Tractor Pullers Association (ATPA) National Radio Control Truck Pulling Association (NRCTPA) Ohio State Tractor Pullers Association (OSTPA) ... Indiana Super Farm Pullers Association laatst gewijzigd op 25 november 2002 toevoegingen, op- en/of aanmerkingen kun je sturen naar de webmaster

77. Dream Machines - Tractor & Truck Pull
spectators, according to Robert Peter, coordinator of this yearÂ’s tractor/truckpull at The pulling contest is open to all comers with various classes for
Dream Machines Home Quick Facts Directions and Map Miramar Events Home ... Robert Peter
The powerful roar of trucks and tractors muscling weighted sleds is a mainstay for the crowds at the Dream Machines show.
The pulling contest is open to all comers with various classes for tractors and trucks. Interested competitors should arrive at the Pacific Coast Dream Machines Show pulling site at Half Moon Bay Airport by 8:00 a.m. on April 28 to sign up. Pulling begins at 11:00 a.m.
Whether Peter is on the coast or in the valley, he never gets tired of his unusual sport. "I like everything about it," said Peter, 25. "My dad and I usually do it together. Our goal is to see how well the tractors and trucks can perform."
During tractor/truck pull competitions, tractors and trucks compete in various weight classes, ranging from 2,000-pound tractors to 12,000-pound tractors and trucks. The tractors and trucks are hooked up to sleds with steel weights. As trucks and tractors move forward, the weight transfers to the front, which increases resistance.
Although Peter competes with both tractors and trucks, he prefers truck competitions. "I built a truck that has 900 horsepower, compared to 13 horsepower with a tractor," he noted. "The truck is a little bit faster, it makes more noise and it’s more fun."

78. Tractor Pulling
Homepage (Tom Hill); Pull Town; Sleddog's truck pulling; Cougar Tractorpulling Team; Team XL None pulling Sites. Miller Tire; Antique
Pine Tree Mini Tractor Pullers
  • My Friend Bill Marrison in Michigan
  • Team XL
    None Pulling Sites
  • Miller Tire
  • Antique Tractor Resource Page
  • Canadian Lawnmower Racers And Lawn Tractor Mud Boggers Club
  • Bob Stormer's Racing Lawn mowers ...
  • Kohler Engines Home Page
  • My son tractor Bob Chevalier
  • 79. Tractor Pulling
    Welcome to the Big Bulldog page; Great Lakes truck tractor Pullers Association;Old Dominion tractor Pullers; National Radio Control truck pulling Association.
    Pine Tree Mini Tractor Pullers
  • My Friend Art Chevalier
  • Bill Marrison in Michigan
  • Pennsylvania Tractor Pullers Association
  • Old Dominion Tractor Pullers ...
  • Hot Rod Garden Tractor Pullers Association
    Super Stocks, Pro Stocks, Modifieds, Four Wheel Drive Trucks, and TWD Trucks; OutlawTruck and tractor pulling Association OTTPA - Schedule, results, member
    More about: Tractor_and_Truck_Pulling
    TOP Sports Motorsports
    Yahoo! Groups

    Yahoo! Groups - Free, easy email groups Excite UK - Directory 20 Mule Team
    Home of Tom Dickerson's diesel super stock pulling tractor, 20 Mule Team. Allis Challenger
    Kenny and Shelly Bryan's D21 puller, pictures and links. American Eagle Motorsports
    Schedules, rules, event results and links to other sites. ATPA Tractor and Truck Pull Competition
    Featuring information for the Illinois Summer Nationals Super Stock World Championships 2001 Awsome Ride Mini Modified Pulling Team
    Arias powered Mini Modified pulling in ATPA/NTPA/KTPA Badger Pulling
    Information on the UW-Madison ASAE 1/4 scale tractor pulling team. Beaty's Performance Products Offering restoration of antique tractors and parts for antique pulling tractors. Beth's Blue Angel Page This site is dedicated to the Blue Angel, a superstock pulling tractor in Illinois and to boost interest in the sport of tractor pulling. Boyd and Son's Green Streak Pulling Team Home of the Green Streak Pulling Team.

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