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         Trampolining:     more books (75)
  1. Trampolining (Skills of the Game) by Brian Phelps, Erika Phelps, 1990-01
  2. Trampolining for Coaches and Performers (Other Sports) by Rob Walker, 1988-08-25
  3. Tumbling and Trampolining: Two Books in One-Including Summary of Trampolining Rules, (Athletic Institute Series) by Newton C. Loken, 1971-01-01
  4. Backyard Trampolining: A Comprehensive Guide for the Trampolinist by Darlene Traviss, 1994-05-15
  5. Illustrated Handbook of Gymnastics, Tumbling and Trampolining by William T. Boone, 1976-07
  6. Trampolining Illustrated by Chuck Keeney, 1961-01-01
  7. Tumbling and Trampolining: Two Books in One, Including Summary of Trampolining Rules by Newton C. Loken, 1970
  8. Trampolining: A Complete Handbook by Dennis Horne, 1978-01-03
  9. Better Trampolining by R. Davis, 1980-07
  10. Trampolining by Newton C. Loken, 1961
  11. Unheard Melodies or Trampolining in the Vatican by Paul Drayton, 2008-01-02
  12. This Is Trampolining by Frank Ladue, Jim Norman, 2009-07-23
  13. The science of trampolining by Gilbert Sydney Aaron, 1971
  14. Your Book of Trampolining (The Your book series) by Dennis E. Horne, 1970-06

1. West View Trampolining Club, Trampoline Centre Of Exellence
Learn about the club, training and competitions. Catch up on events, results and news.Category Sports Gymnastics Clubs and Schools United Kingdom......trampolining site for the club trampolinist, events, venues, results, tariffdatabase and more from west view trampolining club centre for trampoline
Search Advanced Search home page our coaches ... guestbook Trampoline Information. This applet displays a scrolling list of new items, make sure that your browser is Java enabled...
West View Trampolining Club welcomes all club members and visitors - there's lots to see and do so have a good look around. We have the tariff database , unique to WVTC, where you can create your routines, a simple results database to list all your personal results, technical information about the sport including set routines, rules, etc, events diary with directions to venues plus tons of results in our easy to navigate full results section. Introducing the Club West View Trampolining Club was established in 1994 and entered the National grading scheme in 1996. An active club West View competes successfully at county, regional and national level. The Adult class is relatively new, however many have entered their first county level competition and will soon be entering the National Grading System. We have members at all levels of ability. You can see the progression route in our

2. Index
Offers routines, a history of the sport and a glossary.
bounze Hi.... I'm Sam and this is my web page. I originally started to make it just for trampolining , but it includes (or will soon include) stuff about fashion music chat, jokes games, mobiles and lots, lots more...

trampolining site for the club trampolinist, events, venues, results, tariff database and more from west view trampolining club centre for trampoline excellence West View trampolining Club welcomes all club members and visitors - there's lots to see and do so have a good look
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4. Birkenhead Trampolining Club & Co.
Includes news, training times and photos.
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5. Staffordshire University Trampolining Club
Calendar, events, training times, message board.Category Sports Gymnastics Clubs and Schools United Kingdom......staffordshire university trampolining club.
staffordshire university trampolining club.

6. York University Trampoline Club
trampolining Club for 716 year olds in York
York University Trampoline Club
Student/Adult club 7-16 year old club

7. Angus Activity Toys Centre - Trampolining
Angus Activity Toys Centre. The number 1 for swinging, climbing, sliding, wooden play centres, trampolining, other fun things and indoor toys. Wooden Play Centres. trampolining. Wooden Indoor Toys
LINKS: Home About Us Swinging Sliding ... Wooden Play Centres Trampolining Wooden Indoor Toys Other Fun Things Common Questions Contact Us ... Mail Order Click On Links Underneath pictures for sizes and features of each product.
"With many thanks. A huge success in our garden." Mrs Lorraine Spencer, Suffolk.
Folding Trampoline

Gymnastic Trampoline


Super Bouncer
For specifications of the above trampolines and a full list of models we offer click here Question? More Information? Contact us on
or telephone 01356 62 61 60 or click here
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8. Welcome To Trampolining domain names, personal emails, url forwarding. Welcome to trampolining.Showcase of UK Competitive trampolining Click here to continue. : domain names, personal emails, url forwarding
Welcome to Trampolining
Showcase of UK Competitive Trampolining
Click here to continue

9. Trampolining
Other useful pages Coaching Courses looking for a coach course? A completely searchable database of coaching courses.
Trampolining Other useful pages Coaching Courses - looking for a coach course? A completely searchable database of coaching courses. Sports Negligence - Kris Line's article on sports law UK Competitive Trampolining West Midlands Trampolining Schools Trampolining - Competitions British Gymnastics - the sport's NGB Richard Ollerenshaw

Discover the world of trampolining by Dutch National Champion Alan Villafuerte.
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11. Trampolining
trampolining. Other useful pages. Coaching Courses looking for a coachcourse? UK Competitive trampolining. West Midlands trampolining.
Trampolining Other useful pages Coaching Courses - looking for a coach course? A completely searchable database of coaching courses. Sports Negligence - Kris Line's article on sports law UK Competitive Trampolining West Midlands Trampolining Schools Trampolining - Competitions British Gymnastics - the sport's NGB Richard Ollerenshaw

12. Trampolining – A Legal Perspective
trampolining Accidents – A Legal Perspective. So we now know the basicsof Negligence law, how do you apply these principles to trampolining.
Trampolining Accidents – A Legal Perspective This article is intended to follow on from Richard Ollerenshaw’s recent article - "Living in a Legal Age" I hope to put across a different viewpoint, by exploring some of the legal implications of trampolining. However, This article is not intended to be definitive, or representative of any Governing Body, or of any other viewpoint except my own. As a brief background, I currently research Sports Law and Negligence, in addition to coaching both Trampolining and Gymnastics. What is Negligence? As Richard rightly quoted, " Coaches as experts responsible for their sessions and the equipment, bear a legal responsibility to ensure the safety of participants and anyone else who might be affected by their actions." Negligence is a scary word. Mention it to an instructor, or club official and everybody usually clams up. Not surprising really, as the word itself implies that through the coach’s actions / omissions, they caused the accident. It also usually leads to compensation being paid and mountains of paperwork. The word is most commonly associated with big cases and people paralysed for life. No wonder so many people are afraid. Contrary to popular belief, you can make a mistake, or an error of judgement and not be guilty. Negligence is when your action becomes dangerous, or irresponsible, or reckless. People and parents put their personal safety in an instructor’s hands and we should be held accountable. That said, there are a growing number of malicious, or trivial claims and to be protected against these, you have to understand how the law actually works.

Online sports store providing a diverse selection of sports goods from badminton to trampolining.
The online sports store. Buy all your sports equipment online. Whilst sports shops around the world supply popular everyday sports apparel and accessories, our objective at is to supply the more specialist items and equipment that ordinarily are unlikely to be available from your local retailer. Volume discounts are available on all our products, however you will need to discuss your requirements with a member of our knowledgeable sales team. We have identified our popular items and classified them within our web site. Should there be something that you require not listed please do not hesitate to email ourselves, alternatively call a member of our helpful sales team on 01256 326456 where you can order the goods in a more traditional manner over the phone. Simply remember our web address, and you will have instant access to our online catalogue, anything and everything in sports. Remember, if you need anything from a boxing ring, to a goal post log onto sport, sports, sports equipment, sporting, SPORT, SPORTS, sports centre, PE equipment, games, trampolines, scooter, football, goal, badminton, basketball, snooker, pool, croquet, air hockey, gymnasium, gym, hurdles, table tennis, exercise, shopping, buy, purchase, leisure centre, school, schools

14. Saturn V Gymnastics And Trampolining
Information on all gymnastic and trampolining classes from preschool to adult. Also includes information on special needs classes.
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Telephone: 01883 623452
Welcome to the home page of the Saturn V gym club.
If you are looking for a gymnastics club, trampoline club, pre-school gymnastics and trampolining or special needs trampolining in North Surrey, you have come to the right place.
We run classes for all ages from 2 years to adult and for all levels from beginner to competitor.
The Saturn V Gymnastic clubs and Trampoline clubs are run in Caterham, Horley, Oxted and Warlingham at the venues listed below.
Further links:
We are dealers for Supertramp trampolines. Click above for full details and pictures.

15. Alphafactor UK
Gymnastics and trampolining leotards, shorts, accessories and gifts imported from the USA.

16. Welcome To
Sells trampolining equipment and safety nets. Includes product guide, list of oultets and an online store.

Products Where To Buy Safety/Health ... Contact Info
Have Questions? Email us by clicking [Here]

Jump Sport , LLC (US Patents #6053845, #6261207, and Patents Pending)
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17. Trampolining
HOME!!! trampolining. trampolining is my favourite sport. FIND OUT WHEN THE NEXT GRADINGCOMPETITIONS ARE COMING UP (UK ONLY). trampolining!!! Add your text here.
bounze JOKES!!! CHAT!!! HOME!!! TRAMPOLINING Trampolining is my favourite sport. This page is designed to tell you what trampolining is, how you can get involved and loads of other cool stuff. If you do trampolining already you can look at the glossary to see what words like 'randolph' and 'rudolph' have to do with trampolining and also find out when the next grading competitions are and what the compulsary routines are for all age groups. Have fun!!! TRAMPOLINING GLOSSARY!!!!
ind out what words mean in the world of trampolining!!!
When was trampolining first invented? Find out here! TRAMPOLINING ROUTINES!!!
See what the compulsary routines are for competitive trampolining! COMETITIONS!!!
TRAMPOLINING!!! Add your text here

18. Enter For BounceBall
An Australian game that combines all the fun and vitality of trampolining with the many skills and challenges of volleyball. Rules, photographs, information about the game, and history.
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19. Southampton University Trampolining Club

20. Aalsmeer Flower Cup
International trampolining tournament organized every odd year in Aalsmeer, Netherlands. Includes dates, registration forms, lodging forms, and technical information about the competition. Also available are results from 1995 through the last competition. This is . Please use this address as your bookmark or link.
Aalsmeer Flower Cup
The 15th edition of the Aalsmeer Flower Cup has taken place:
Saturday March 15th 2003,
Sporthal "De Bloemhof",
Aalsmeer, The Netherlands
We hebben een uitleg over trampolinespringen, speciaal bedoeld voor beginners! (introduction to trampolining, in Dutch) A large amount of competitors has attended the competition this year. 293 actually competed in the event, from 17 different countries all over the world: AUS, BEL, BLR, CAN, CZE, DEN, FRA, GBR, GER, IRE, NED, POL, POR, SCO, SUI, SWE, USA, The Aalsmeer Flower Cup is not possible without the support of sponsors Every Flower Cup, has provided the competition equipment. The Aalsmeer Flower Cup is organized by Stichting Aalsmeer Flower Cup. This organization is independent from any club, but originated from the former Olympia and TVA, which have joined (together with GVK) into SV Omnia 2000 If you have any questions, please send us an e-mail
Full results of the 15th Aalsmeer Flower Cup are available now.

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