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         Trampolining:     more books (75)
  1. Trampolining for all ages (KTG : Know the game series) by Ted Blake, 1976
  2. Trampolining: Beginner to Competitor (Other Sports) by Rob Walker, 1985-06-10
  3. Trampolining for Men and Women by Coons, 1980-05-22
  4. Basic Circus Skills: Introduces Juggling, Balancing, Tumbling, Vaulting, Hand Balancing, Pyramiding, Stunts with Chairs, Trampolining, Ladders, Bicycling, Unicycling, Trapeze, Tightwire, and Clowning by Jack Wiley, 1974
  5. Trampolining (Know the Game) by Sue Freeman, British Gymnastics, 2009-06-30
  6. Trampolining: Trampoline, Gymnastics at the 2004 Summer Olympics - Men's trampoline
  7. This is Trampolining by Frank And Norman, Jim Ladu, 1954-01-01
  8. How To Improve Your Trampolining by Newt Loken, 1960
  9. Trampolining by Loken Newton, 1961
  10. Trampolining (Know Your Sport) by Paul Mason, 2010-01
  11. Tumbling And Trampolining (Two books in one- including summary of Trampolining Rules) by Newton C. Loken, 1979
  12. This is Trampolining by Frank & Jim Norman Ladue, 1955
  14. Beginning trampolining (Wadsworth sports skills series) by George Szypula, 1968

21. Irish Trampolining
Irish trampolining was an organisation which promoted and developedthe sport of trampolining in Ireland. Irish trampolining. Irish
Irish Trampolining
Irish Trampolining was an organisation which promoted and developed the sport of Trampolining in Ireland, and is now incorporated into Irish Gymnastics. Irish Gymnastics can be contacted for information on available clubs, coaches and courses. They also organise national squad training and regional / national competitions.
And can be contacted at the following : Irish Gymnastics,
House Of Sport,
Long Mile Road,
Dublin 12,
Ireland. Phone : +3531 4501805
Irish Gymnastics Web Site

Clubs in Ireland

My name is Andrew Cahill, I'm a qualified trampoline coach (advanced complete), working mainly with universitys. If you have any questions or requests that I can answer on a personal basis, I can be contacted at the email address below. Email : Last modified : 22nd October 2002.

22. Trampoline ROXXS
Offers information about the sport of trampolining and about an Advanced athletes accomplishments.
Trampoline ROXXS About me
Coaches and Teammates My coaches are Michelle, Aaron, and Amber. Michelle competed in the 1999 Trampoline World Championships in South Africa. She has been competing trampoline for 17 years! Aaron has also been a tumbler for many years. He started coaching at gymnastics etc. about 2 years ago. Amber was also a tumbler and has been coaching for about 5 years.
Some of my teammates are Sasha, Shelby, Annie, Austin, Angie, and Karissa. Angie and Annie are on the USTA and AAU National team. Sasha and I have been competing together for the last 3 years! News A free week at last! For the next few weeks our advanced group will be learning new skills! I am working on my double back layout barani. Sasha and I both made our rudi across the double mini! Shelby has finally conquered her fear of half outs! Annie made randis last practice!
The rising star meet had its ups and downs. I finally won double mini! My first win of the year. Sasha placed 3rd. Trampoline was very shaky for everyone! Sasha and I both messed up our trampoline passes not placing very well!

23. Welcome To Trampolining - Jennifer Parilla
Jennifer Parilla Club Southern California Trampoline Academy Date of Birth 9thJanuary 1981 USA International Olympic entrant (youngest female Olympic
Jennifer Parilla
Club: Southern California Trampoline Academy
Date of Birth: 9th January 1981
USA International
Olympic entrant
(youngest female Olympic competitor)
Interview at Guildford World Cup, June 24th How are preparations going for the Olympics?
At the moment I have a slight leg injury and I'm in my down season before the Olympics. You can tell at this event that most of the Olympic atheletes are in this now. You need this so you can build up, get prepared and peak at the right time to be in perfect shape for the Olympics. Is there any rivalry between the competitors?
Not at all. All of us get along very well, especially since its such a small sport. Its quite small in the USA. You could be competing against a girl and be neck-a-neck with her, yet you'll go hang out with her that night. What's your favourite competition?
The Olympic test event. It was great to see the venue and to perform in it. The trampolines are up on a platform and there's a big light box shining down really bright, almost like daylight. It was nice to see myself in those surrounding because I do a lot of mental training and I like to imagine myself perform every night. Any worries?

24. Colchester School Of Gymnastics
trampolining. Our new trampoline has already been integrated into training ourgymnasts. trampolining. Monday, 1030, 1100, Pre school. Monday, 1100, 1200,Adult.
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Our new trampoline has already been integrated into training our gymnasts. Specialist classes, run by Joy Gross, are available and filling up fast!
Above: Trace in action on the sunken trampoline area. Trampolining Monday Pre school Monday Adult Monday Pre school Monday Pre school Monday Pre school Thursday Adult Thursday Pre school Thursday Pre school
The trampoline provides extra training opportunities during all gym sessions. General We're here to help...
  • Contact us
  • About the School
  • Membership
  • Charity/Gift Aid ...
  • How you can help News Read all about it...
  • News/Announcements
  • Competition Reports 2001
  • Competition Reports 2002 Classes Why not come along?
  • Tiny Tumblers
  • Recreational
  • BGA training awards
  • Intermediate ...
  • Summer School People Put names to faces...
  • Gymnasts
  • Coaches
  • Photo Gallery The gym Info...
  • The apparatus
  • Location map Other Open all hours!
  • Gym parties
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  • 25. Training Awards Contacts Proficiency Competitions Links Photos
    UWE trampolining Squad, Manchester Open, 2002. This site has been visited timessince February 15th, 2001. Site created and maintained by UWE trampolining Club.
    Welcome to the UWE Trampolining Club Homepage Bouncing at The Greenway Centre in Southmead 2.00 - 4.00pm UWE Trampolining Club Training Wednesdays: 4.00 - 5.30pm UWE coaching North Bristol Trampoline Clubs Session Click here for more information Sign our Guestbook Read our Guestbook UWE Trampolining Squad, Manchester Open, 2002 This site has been visited times since February 15th, 2001
    Site created and maintained by UWE Trampolining Club Best viewed in 1024 by 768 pixels Last updated: February 2003 Powered by:

    26. UWE Trampolining Club
    UWE trampolining Club Home, Links. University of the West of England Home. BirminghamUniversity trampolining Club. Birmingham University trampolining Club.
    Academic Institutions
    (If your university club is not listed here, please send an email
    University of Bath Trampoline Club Birmingham University Trampolining Club Brunel University (Borough Road) Trampoline Club ... Warwick University Trampoline Club
    Other Links
    Welcome to Trampolining (Competitive trampolining website) Spirals Trampoline Club Ringwood and Bournemouth Trampoline Club Kendal, Leyland and Fulwood Trampoline Club Homepage ... Trampolining Competition Information
    Fun Sites
    Internet programming consultancy (who hosts this web site)
    Our illustrious President's homepage
    And his Brothers homepage
    Cool tests and stuff (IQ test, love test, bastard test etc)
    A cute trick to play on people! Training Proficiency Awards News ... Top

    27. Redirecting To The University Of Birmingham Gymnastics, Trampolining And Sports
    The club is one of the most successful clubs at The University of Birmingham. With over 80 members, the club was recently awarded Sports Club of The Year 2001.
    If you are not redirected soon please click here

    28. Trampolining Web Page
    trampolining Web Site

    29. Trampolining Web Page
    Mail me Stephen Site Meter Last updated 14 January 2003. 14/01/03 Updated linkspage. 14/01/03 Updated latest news. 27/10/02 Added Interclub report.
    Mail me Stephen Last updated
    14 January 2003 14/01/03 Updated links page.
    14/01/03 Updated latest news.
    27/10/02 Added Interclub report.
    27/10/02 Added Neston photos.
    02/10/02 Added Neston report.
    02/10/02 Updated sitewide links.
    02/10/02 Updated latest news.
    28/07/02 Added Altrincham info.
    28/07/02 Changed the counter.
    27/06/02 Updated latest news. 27/06/02 Added Grade 4 Information. 11/06/02 Updated latest news. 27/05/02 Updated latest news. 28/02/02 Updated links. 10/01/02 Added Altrincham Tarrif information. 29/11/01 Updated latest news. 03/10/01 Corrected the routines. 27/09/01 Added Wrenbury pictures. 04/09/01 Added Wrenbury report. 01/08/01 Added pictures to Altrincham competition page. 24/07/01 Added Wrenbury Tariff competition information. 24/07/01 Updated latest news.

    30. Trampolining
    trampolining. See below, See below, See below. Cost is £2.00. ADULTSAdult trampolining on Thursday evenings is starting in March.

    31. StudentZone - Sport - Trampolining
    All rights reserved. trampolining. The British Trampoline Federation;Welcome to trampolining. University trampolining Clubs.

    American Football




    Martial Arts

    Jiu Jitsu


    ... Tennis Trampolining Triathlon Ultimate Frisbee Volleyball Wakeboarding ... Sport Organisations
    University Trampolining Clubs
    If your favourite trampolining web page is missing from the above list, please send us the URL and we will include it as soon as possible.

    32. Trampolining & Tumbling News
    trampolining Tumbling News trampolining Tumbling News Russia’sand Ukraine’s best trampolinists to come to Britain! The
    Last Updated: Mar 19th, 2003 - 13:55:09
    All News Womens Artistic Gymnastics News WAG Results Mens Artistic Gymnastics News ... Other News Search
    All Categories Womens Artistic Gymnastics News WAG Results Mens Artistic Gymnastics News MAG Results Rhythmic Gymnastics News RG Results Sports Acrobatics News SACRO Results Sports Aerobics News SAER Results General Gymnastics News GG Results Disability News GMPD Results Other News
    Advanced Search

    Peberdy shines with gold in Ukraine

    Kathryn Peberdy British champion Kathryn Peberdy won joint first place (together with Anna Korobeinikova from Russia) at the traditional, 13th "Stars above Boug River" International in Vinnitza, Ukraine
    Mar 19, 2003
    Polly Linton

    Trampolininsts were saddened to hear this week of the death of Polly Linton, known to many trampolininsts in the northwest as the (excellent) cook at the Stockport Tariff Competition for over 20 Years.
    Mar 19, 2003
    British Trampolinists Extend Sympathy to Mads Sejeroe Jorgensen
    The FIG announced that the Danish Trampolinist, Mads Sejeroe Jorgensen has suffered a serious neck injury on Wednesday, 19th February in Toronto.

    33. UCD Trampoline Club Online
    Since then the club has gone from bad to worse in many respects but as far astrampolining goes we have become the most kickass club in the country.
    The UCD Trampoline Club was founded in the 1980's by Andrew Cahill. Since then the club has gone from bad to worse in many respects but as far as trampolining goes we have become the most kick-ass club in the country. Training times are:
    Tuesday 20:00-22:00
    Thursday 17:00-19:00
    Saturday 13:00-16:30
    You can come along any night as we can sign up members on the spot.
    Go on give it a go, you know you want to!
    • There is training this week on Wednesday 19th from 2-4 and Friday 21st from 1-3 Ok the ISTO entry has been put in. Check the ISTO page to see what we have you down for Well done all in Scotland, the report is now up here Aislings photos are here and there are more to come! The gallery now has Belfast photos courtesy of Emily! Sound off on the new message board (forum) See the Scotland page for latest info Page last updated: Friday Feb 28 16:44 GMT 2003

    34. Trampolining
    trampolining Yet another extreme experience, (+4), Happy to obligetour operators calling for more ideas for extreme experiences such
    h a l f b a k e r y
    Keep out of reach of children.
    idea: new search annotate link , view, overview recent by name best ... random
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    account: Browse anonymously, or get an account and write.
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    Create an account.
    Aerial Garbage Receptacle Barrel Races
    Balloonachute Batry Disposable Bridge Fall Jump Rope ... sport: air
    Yet another extreme experience
    [vote for against Happy to oblige tour operators calling for more ideas for extreme experiences such as bungee-jumping that aren't too costly to get at, I offer the "extreme trampolene". Its rebound system would be power-aided by hydraulic-ram technology or whatever. The height of bounce would be adjusted to the jumper with rewards snatchable at each level. Safety precautions would have to be extreme too as with bungee-jumping. rayfo , Oct 29 2000 link You're right of course Jutta. That'll teach me to correct Starchaser's spelling. rayfo , Oct 29 2000 Rayfo: Huh? StarChaser , Oct 30 2000 StarChaser : About a month ago. Can't find it. Etiquette lapse on my part.

    35. Trampolining Shops
    swimming. tennis. trampolining. art craft. auctions. books magazines. August 2002.July 2002. June 2002. Reading Restaurants. UK Loans. sports trampolining shops.
    Financial Products on UKShopSearch Credit Cards, Loans, Mortgages, Car/Home/Travel Insurance, Pensions
    Financial Products home / search add a new shop ... Restaurants headings sports accessories air badminton ... videos top searches February 2003 January 2003 December 2002 November 2002 ... UK Loans sports : trampolining : shops Search Stats A total of shops were found under this heading.
    They are listed ten or less results per page.
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    Stadium Intersport

    Stadium Intersport, offering you specialist sports equipment from the Nike Cortez running shoe to the Golds Gym Power Station 2000.
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    36. Trampolining At Keele
    Well, finally we are able to trampoline at Keele! We have four hourseach week (two in the summer), so you should be able to find
    Well, finally we are able to trampoline at Keele! We have four hours each week (two in the summer), so you should be able to find one that fits into your timetable! We cater for all abilities, there are many complete beginners - who will tell you how quickly you can learn - and the sport is not just for females, we have several regular male members.
    To find out a bit more, please have a look around our web site:
    For more information, please email the committee on Last updated by Natalie Webb and Joanna Wood on 6th June 2000.

    37. Trampolining At Keele
    What is trampolining!?! So, what does it involve? Bouncing somersaulting'.Vicky doing a straddle jump. Back to main trampolining web page.
    What is trampolining!?! So, what does it involve? Bouncing on a large, very springy bed, like these ones here (unfortunately we don't have quite as many as that!!!) - don't worry there are mats at both ends to break any fall and spotters to catch you around the edge! Moves range from the very basic jumps, to somersaults, multiple somersaults, twisting somersaults and for the very advanced - multiple, twisting somersaults - AGGHHH! Moves then get linked, so that there are ten consecutive moves to make a routine. If you want to get technical, the difficulty of each move is added up to make the tariff of the routine , which in a competition is added to your style score. All you need to bounce is some leisure wear, a pair of socks and a hairband (if you have long hair).
    Natalie - straight back somersaulting Amanda - `front somersaulting'
    Vicky doing a straddle jump.
    Back to main trampolining web page

    38. Saturn V Gymnastics And Trampolining
    Information on all gymnastic and trampolining classes from pre-school to adult. Also includes information Category Regional Europe Sports Gymnastics Clubs and Schools......The South East's friendliest gymnastics and trampolining club the Caterhamand Horley based Saturn V Gym Club. Classes competitor.
    // Because of the cloaked redirection for, the title has to be set with this JavaScript code. // The normal title tag does not work document.title = "Saturn V - Gymnastics and Trampolining";
    Telephone: 01883 623452
    Welcome to the home page of the Saturn V gym club.
    If you are looking for a gymnastics club, trampoline club, pre-school gymnastics and trampolining or special needs trampolining in North Surrey, you have come to the right place.
    We run classes for all ages from 2 years to adult and for all levels from beginner to competitor.
    The Saturn V Gymnastic clubs and Trampoline clubs are run in Caterham, Horley, Oxted and Warlingham at the venues listed below.
    Further links:
    We are dealers for Supertramp trampolines. Click above for full details and pictures.

    39. Enfield Council Local Sports Clubs Trampolining
    trampolining Phoenix trampolining Club Contact Mr Brian Moore Telephone 020 82453245 Fax 020 8245 0027 Email Meet at Lee Valley High





    For more information about Sports in Enfield contact the Sports Development Unit on 020 8379 3766
    Trampolining Phoenix Trampolining Club
    Contact: Mr Brian Moore
    Fax: Email: Meet at: Lee Valley High School, Bullsmoor Lane, Enfield EN3 Meet on: Friday 6-9pm, Saturday 9am-1pm, Sunday 9.30-11.30am Access: W, P, H, T Offer competitive or fun trampolining to boys and girls of all abilities from two years upwards - and adults too. Special needs classes are also available.

    40. Trampolining - City Of Sheffield
    trampolining. back to index page. Ponds Forge ISC host our trampolinedevelopment programme, and City of Sheffield Trampoline Club.
    what we do news news archive newsletter ... contact us
    back to index page Ponds Forge ISC host our trampoline development programme, and City of Sheffield Trampoline Club. We have a full time training opportunity (6am - 8pm) for athletes competing at E (grade 5) through to A (grade 1). See our roll of honour for our athletes' achievements. We have:
    • 3 trampolines overhead rig gym equipment on-site physio support daytime senior training programme links to the University and Hallam clubs and facilities
    We have over 60 competing athletes, and 6 on regional squad. We're also looking to increase this figure by the start of next year. If you want to be part of the most complete training opportunity in Yorkshire, get in touch with us now. diving trampolining gymnastics events ... coach ed

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