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  1. Tug of War: Classical Versus Modern Dressage: Why Classical Training Works and How Incorrect Riding Negatively Affects Horses' Health by Gerd Heuschmann, 2007-09-01
  2. Tug of War (Puffin Teenage Fiction) by Joan Lingard, 2004-10-28
  3. Tug of War: A Judge's Verdict on Separation, Custody Battles, and the Bitter Realities of Family Court by Harvey Brownstone, 2009-01-01
  4. Tug-Of-War: All About Balance (Beastieville) by Kirsten Hall, 2005-03
  5. TUG OF WAR by Sue Peters, 1981
  6. Tug of War (Sweet Valley Twins and Friends) by Francine Pascal, 1998
  7. Love's Tug of War: Partnership Beyond the Power Struggle by David Congo, Janet Congo, 1997-04
  8. Anansi and the Tug O' War (Story Cove: a World of Stories) by Bobby Norfolk, 2007-05-25
  9. Tug of War: Why You Should Care About the Global Currency Crisis by Paul Erdman, 1997-10-15
  10. The New Tug-Of-War: Congress, the Executive Branch, and National Security by Jeremy D. Rosner, 1995-08
  11. Tug of War: The Allied Victory That Opened Antwerp by Denis W. Whitaker, Shelagh Whitaker, et all 2000-04
  12. TUG OF WAR: The Battle for Italy 1943 - 1945 (Pen & Sword Military Classics) by Dominick Graham, 2004-09
  13. Inheritance Tug-Of-War Stories - How to Pull Your Family Together Before Your Things Pull Them by Peter McClellan ChFC, Kelly Shackman, 2010-11-01
  14. Deadly Game of Tug of War by Craig Key, 2008-02-01

1. Tug Of War Association-tug Of War Index
Amateur organisation affiliated to the British Athletics Federation, founded in 1958, with the object Category Sports Strength Sports tugof-war......Welcome to the Tug of War Association Home Page. Oxney Vines Cross ToWClub, 560kg Winners, World Open Club Competition, South Africa 2002 .
Welcome to the Tug of War Association Home Page.
"Oxney Vines Cross ToW Club, 560kg Winners,
World Open Club Competition, South Africa 2002"
The Hon.Secretary, Tug-of War Association, P.J.Craft, 57 Lynton Road,
Chesham, Buckinghamshire Tel: 01494 783057 Fax: 01494 792040

2. Scottish Tug Of War Association
STOWA presents informative pages with scottish clubs, bulletin board, news, links, tugof-war Category Sports Strength Sports tug-of-war......All you could possibly want to know about the sport of Tug of War in Scotland

3. Tug-of-War
1999 Cedar Creek Olympics BioCon team tries to use their combined muscle to pull in the tugof-war contest 1999 Cedar Creek Olympics. tug-of-war Event
C e d a r C r e e k O l y m p i c s
Tug-of-War Event

BioCon team tries to use their combined muscle to pull in the tug-of-war contest
Back to 1999 Olympics

4. Welcome To The Tug Of War Federation Web Site
Official site. The TWIF organization promotes the sport, coordinates international competition and Category Sports Strength Sports tugof-war......

5. Irish Tug Of War Association
The officers, the judges, the committees, the clubs and the irish champions.Category Sports Strength Sports tugof-war......Association officers, Federation Officers, Committies. Irish Champions,Affiliated Clubs, Members. Provincial Boards, Indoor results, Judges.
Association officers
Federation Officers


Irish Champions

Created by:
Steven Murphy

6. Bluewater Tug-of-War Club Web Site
The club is located in Dashwood, Ontario. News, history, results, tournaments, photos, newsletter, Category Sports Strength Sports tugof-war......
This page is designed for use with a browser that supports frames.

7. Corey's Tug-of-War Page
Some information and photos.
Corey's Tug-Of-War Page!!!!
Welcome to my Tug-Of-War page. On this page you will find pictures and a bit of info about the picture. Enjoy!!! Tug-Of-War is a very challenging sport, where strategy is a main factor in it. I hope u enjoy these picz and you learn more about the sport!!! (Under each picture there is a little information about it.)
This is Blue Water, a team from Canada. They pulled in Rochester Mn. But in this pic i think they are pulling in Switzerland. The picture is of the 1996 Canadian team competing at the Hay Days competition on June 29th in Zurich, Ontario. The team was preparing for the World Tug-of-War Championships held in September at Slagharen near Zwole, the Netherlands. My dad is the third one from the right. Check out the Official team Canada Home Page!!!

The official Twif Page!!!
Page 2 ...
Page 3

people have visited my page!

8. CNN - Tug-of-war Begins For Second Russian Election - June 17, 1996
Campaign tug-of-war begins for second Russian election
Yeltsin, Zyuganov seek supporters
June 17, 1996
Web posted at: 3:00 p.m. EDT (1900 GMT) MOSCOW (CNN) With no clear winner emerging from Russia's pivotal presidential election, the two top candidates Russian President Boris Yeltsin and Communist rival Gennady Zyuganov focused their attention on deal-making Monday. Both men began courting retired Gen. Alexander Lebed, hoping to gain his support before a crucial runoff. Lebed, an Afghan war hero, finished a surprising third in the election with 15 percent of the vote. He is now seen as a key power broker for the second election. Yeltsin was the first to meet with Lebed. The two discussed "possible concerted action in the second round," according to press secretary Sergei Medvedev. Various political analysts said Yeltsin will offer Lebed the defense minister post or head of Russia's security council in a bid for his support. They said Yeltsin may even create a position to woo the retired general to his side. Yeltsin did not officially comment on the reports. He also planned to meet with other losing candidates. Sergei Filatov, a Yeltsin aide, said jobs would not be discussed at any of the meetings.

9. The Ontario Tug Of War Assocoation Homepage 2002
The Ontario tugof-war Association. News, rules, results, schedule, clubs and information.Category Sports Strength Sports tug-of-war......Ontario Tug Of War Association Homepage 2002! The 2002 season has come to anend. Tug Of War Sites. Last Updated January 13, 2003. Photo Of The Month.
Ontario Tug Of War Association Homepage 2002! The 2002 season has come to an end. Click on Standings to see final team rankings! CHOICES REGULATIONS
Competition Rules

Basic Rules






NEWS Event Recaps Notices Standings UPCOMING EVENTS
GUESTBOOK View Sign PREVIOUS PHOTOS OF THE MONTH 2001 February March September Yeah Sports Top 100 Tug Of War Sites
Last Updated: January 13, 2003
Photo Of The Month
2001 OTOWA Catch Weight Champions Peel Regional Police for a larger image click on the picture
The 2003 OTOWA Annual Meeting will be held on Sunday, Fenruary 16th. Coaching Strategies and Technique Useful information on coaching, training, and technique are available on the internet courtesy of the Scottish Tug Of War Association. Click on the link above to go to the site.
NET LINKS ONTARIO TEAM SITES Bluewater Ellice GOVERNING BODIES TWIF CATOWA EVENT WEB SITES Cambridge Highland Games Barrie Highland Games Uxbridge Highland Games Fergus Highland Games ... Stratford Fall Fair 2002 Season Champions Men's Catch PEEL Women's Catch PEEL Men's 720 kg BLUEWATER Visitor # s="na";c="na";j="na";f=""+escape(document.referrer)

10. CNN - Kurds In Middle Of Mideast Tug-of-war - Sept. 1, 1996
Kurds in middle of Mideast tug-of-war
September 1, 1996
Web posted at: 12:00 p.m. EDT (1600 GMT) From Reporter Denise Dillon (CNN) The assault on the Kurdish population in northern Iraq is the latest in a series of attacks against separatist forces there. The Kurds are an agricultural people, squeezed between Iran, Iraq and Turkey and struggling to build a state of their own. So far, they have little to show for their efforts. Iraqi President Saddam Hussein has steadfastly rebuffed the Kurdish challenge, violently suppressing them on a number of occasions. In 1988, he deployed thousands of soldiers against Kurdish separatists then followed with a blistering chemical attack. And just months after the Gulf War ended, in 1991, Iraq's beleaguered military was dispatched again to the north to suppress rebel Kurds. It was that attack that prompted the international community to step in, imposing stiff restrictions on Iraqi military activity in the north of the country.
'No-fly' zone
The sanctions of the so-called "no-fly" zone north of the 36th Parallel block Iraqi aircraft and troops from entering the region.

11. SATF
Official site with many information about Federation, programs and clubs. Also includes links.
This address is incorrect. The correct one is Click on the link or wait 10 seconds to automatically connect to the new site. Dit is die verkeerde adres. Die regte een is Kliek op die skakel of wag 10 sekondes sodat jy automaties daarnatoe gaan.

12. Tug-of-War European Championships
Buetschwil, 2001 Contacts and organisation, schedule, events, and links.

13. Bluewater Tug-of-War Club Homepage
BLUEWATER tugof-war Club Inc. A Non-For Profit Corporation 1464926. The beautyof tug of war is in four areas Art, wisdom, science and humanity.
Tug-of-War Club Inc.

A Non-For Profit Corporation # 1464926
Bluewater wins the Bronze Medal in the women 520 kg
Open Club Competition in South Africa

read about it in the Newsletter section
from the World Championships
"The beauty of tug of war is in four areas: Art, wisdom, science and humanity.
because it is a demonstration between power and rhythm.
The wisdom is in the perfect balance of still and movement.
It is a science because of the integration of science and strength. And its humanity is that it is a war of peace, it is a strong team linked together with a rope." The Bluewater Tug-of-War Club is located near Dashwood, Ontario, Canada ( see Map Our club has both men's and women's teams with 32 members combined. If you are interested in joining our club or just interested in attending a training session please contact any member, call our office at 519-237-3390

14. Dynamic Directory - Sports - Strength Sports - Tug-of-War
Bluewater tugof-war Club - The club is located in Dashwood, Ontario.
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Dynamic Directory Top Sports Strength Sports :Tug-of-War Categories Web Pages
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This category in other languages: Italian Swedish

15. CNN - Villagers Want Violent Tug-of-war For Afghanistan To Stop - August 16, 199
Villagers want violent tug-of-war for Afghanistan to stop
August 16, 1997
Web posted at: 4:14 p.m. EDT (2014 GMT) From Reporter Nic Robertson SULAIMON, Afghanistan (CNN) Fundamentalist Taliban forces and an opposition alliance that includes former government troops have been battling for control of Afghanistan for months. Caught in the middle are thousands of civilians, who want one thing: peace. That desire for peace can be felt, for instance, in Sulaimon, where Mubarak Shah's hardware store sits at the village crossroads. It is a favored gathering spot. In the shade of an old mulberry tree, people stop and watch Shah at work, just as people used to watch Shah's father and his father before that. But these days, the village of Sulaimon is not such a safe place to be. Fighting in Afghanistan
1.2M/19 sec. QuickTime movie "You see the shells coming in from opposition forces as well as the Taliban. The poor can only retreat, and not take care of the crops," Shah said. Shah is not alone. Villages like Sulaimon pepper the landscape, with the locals leaving and returning to their homes as the battles ebb and flow around them. The Taliban army controls about two-thirds of the country, and is intent on crushing all remaining resistance to its rule, particularly north of Kabul, where the opposition alliance has been resisting Taliban forces for months.

16. CNN - Palestinian Census Turns Into Tug-of-war Over Jerusalem - December 11, 199
Palestinian census turns into tug-of-war over Jerusalem
December 11, 1997
Web posted at: 4:52 a.m. EST (0952 GMT) JERUSALEM (CNN) Palestinian census takers stand in the rain, knocking on people's doors in traditionally-Arab east Jerusalem. But many residents literally hide behind their closed doors, fearing a census which anywhere else would be an exercise in basic civics. Even answering questions as simple as "Do you have central heating?" can be risky. East Jerusalem's Palestinians do not allow themselves to be photographed, for fear that Israeli authorities will revoke their residency cards and evict them from the city where their families have lived for centuries. The first-ever Palestinian census turned into a tug-of-war over Jerusalem on Wednesday, when Israel's government pushed a bill through Parliament blocking Yasser Arafat's census-takers from operating in the disputed city. "I call on all the nation's representatives to vote for Jerusalem today to ensure the unity of the capital," Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at the start of the Parliament debate. "It will not be the capital of another country." For days, Palestinians have been beating the drums about their census. Israel has no problems with the count on the West Bank or Gaza, but east Jerusalem is a special issue.

A directory with links to tugof-war sites on the internet.
Get Five DVDs for $.49 each. Join now. Tell me when this page is updated TUG-OF-WAR - GENERAL

18. Goes Global With Foreign Language Sites
Caught in a legal tugof-war over copyright law in the United States, Internet music service is turning its sights to Europe, where it plans to open Web sites in German, French and Spanish.

Club of Ellice, Ontario. The site presents history, roster, events, trophies and photo album.Category Sports Strength Sports tug-of-war......Ellice tugof-war Team. 2001. The Ellice Tug Of War Team is a Memberof. Ontario tug-of-war Association. Canadian
Ellice Tug-Of-War Team
Watch for the 2001 edition of the hompage coming in the new year This page was last updated on July 14, 2001
The Ellice Tug Of War Team is a Member of
Ontario Tug-of-War Association Canadian Amateur Tug-of-War Association s="na";c="na";j="na";f=""+escape(document.referrer) Since May 14th 2000 Sign Our Guestbook View Our Guestbook
(C) 2001 Ellice Tug-Of-War Team. This page is created and maintained by Dennis DeWetering If you would like me to build you a page visit my web site for more information.

20. Developers Struggle Through Revolution
Sun and Microsoft are in a tugof-war that pits Java the language against Java the platform. In the middle are developers who have to make some hard decisions about where to place their bets. Wired News

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