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         Ultimate Frisbee:     more books (19)
  1. The Wham-O Ultimate Frisbee Handbook: Tips and Techniques for Playing Your Best in Ultimate Frisbee (Wham-O Guide Books) by Jacqueline Sach, 2009-05-26
  2. Fundamentals of Ultimate: The Complete Guide to Ultimate Frisbee by James Studarus, 2003-07-01
  3. Ultimate Frisbee: History - present - future by Jörg Bahl, 2007-12-04
  4. Ducks pursue ultimate in Ultimate Frisbee.(Sports)(Eugene players of the popular campus sport advance to regional playoffs after besting the competition ... from: The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)
  5. Contact sport: now that's how you play the networking game. (Smarts).(entrepreneurs among Ultimate Frisbee participants): An article from: Entrepreneur by Joshua Kurlantzick, 2003-06-01
  6. Frisbee: Ultimate, Disc Dog, Disc Golf, Durango Boot, Schtick, Double Disc Court, Association D'ultimate de Sherbrooke, Goaltimate (French Edition)
  7. Ultimate Frisbee club loses season after nudity.(City/Region)(The university team's conduct violations cost them a chance at a national title): An article from: The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR) by Gale Reference Team, 2009-04-28
  8. Countercultural Sports in America: The History and Meaning of Ultimate Frisbee by Jordan Holtzman-Conston, 2010-02-16
  9. Churchill chases ultimate honor in unique sport.(Sports)(Lancers pocket state championship and do well in Western regional ultimate Frisbee competitions): ... from: The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)
  10. Komponenten der sportlichen Leistung im UltimateFrisbee: Erstellung einer Testbatterie zur Überprüfung leistungsrelevanter Fähigkeiten (German Edition) by Silke Almesberger, 2009-05-31
  11. ULTIMATE FRISBEE: An entry from Charles Scribner's Sons' <i>Encyclopedia of Recreation and Leisure in America</i> by Eric Frauman, 2004
  12. Frisbee-Sportart: Ultimate, Discgolf, Frisbee, Discdogging, Friskee, Guts, Double Disc Court, Freestyle Frisbee (German Edition)
  13. Ultimate Frisbee (Nelson Sports Skills) by Michael Regan, Brad Hutchinson, 2008-09-16
  14. Ultimate Techniques and Tactics by James Parinella, Eric Zaslow, 2004-03-30

81. UNSW Ultimate Frisbee : Home Page
The Ultimate UNSW Home Page, UNSW ultimate frisbee. What is ultimate frisbee?ultimate frisbee is a team sport played with a flying disc.
The Ultimate UNSW Home Page UNSW Ultimate Frisbee Beginners Contacts Events Games ... Womens
Other Uni Clubs
What is Ultimate Frisbee?
Ultimate Frisbee is a team sport played with a flying disc. The game is played on a rectangular field, much like a rugby or American football field, with two scoring or "end zones". Teams field seven players per side, with unlimited substitutions in between points. The offense may not run with the disc, but must pass the disc from player to player until it is caught in the endzone. In turn, the defense usually plays man-on-man and can gain a turnover merely by stopping the offense from completing a pass: i.e. by intercepting the disc, knocking it down, or by forcing the offense to throw it out of bounds or into the ground. It is an athletic, high paced game involving a lot of running as well of course as catching and throwing.
Ultimate is commonly played mixed, but separate competitions for men and women also take place. Ultimate is completely non-contact, and is self-refereed, even at the World Championship level: all players on an Ultimate field agree to abide by the rules of the game. This "Spirit of the Game" is quite unique to disc sports, and works very well.
Ultimate has been played in Australia for at least twenty years, and the UNSW Club has been a full member of the Sports Association since 1995. Ultimate Frisbee is recognised by the Australian Sports Commission, and has recently been endorsed as a Championship Sport by the AUSF.

82. Flying Disc Hunter - Flying Disc Superstore
Offers products for Disc Golf, Frisbee Golf, ultimate frisbee, Aerobie, Freestyle, K9 Disc, and WhamO.
Click to Enter Your Online Source for All Disc Sports More... Frisbee is a brand name and registered trademark of Wham-O Inc. This site has no affiliation with Wham-O, Inc. This Site should be viewed with Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher ('titlepage.html', 'newwindow', config='height=100,
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Flying Disc Hunter - Flight Superstore
Disc Golf
Disc Golf is just like any other sport, you can maximize your potential by using better equipment. These days, golf discs are designed using space-age techniques and materials, and with enough variety to ensure that you can find a set of discs that work for YOU. Finding those discs is half the battle.
Ultimate, without a doubt, should be the sport of the next millennium. It has everything: speed, endurance, acrobatics, incredible skill, blood everything.

83. Pittsburgh Soccer & Sports -Ultimate Frisbee
Everything For The Complete Soccer Player And Referee! 1888-281-1880. UltimateFrisbee. All our soccer cleats can be used for ultimate frisbee.
Everything For The Complete Soccer Player And Referee!
Ultimate Frisbee
All our soccer cleats can be used for ultimate frisbee. We carry a wide selection of turf shoes which are great for sun-baked fields in the summer. For more information please call us 1-888-281-1880 or e-mail us.
For information about ultimate frisbee in Pittsburgh, please contact their web site
apparel bags ...
Back to the Main Page

84. Willkommen Bei Den Old Sox
ultimate frisbee im Tiroler Unterland Kundl. Turnierinfos, Trainingszeiten, Fotos und Links.
English Videos:
Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Trainingszeiten: Von April bis November jeden Mittwoch um 19.30 Uhr am Sportplatz Kundl. Jede(r) ist willkommen! Kontakt: OLD SOX

85. Ultimate Frisbee
ultimate frisbee. ultimate frisbee is the competitive arm of the sport offrisbee throwing. No one ever seems to know the rules. But they're easy. Category Reference Education Sports Council

86. - How To Choose An Ultimate Frisbee Disc
prices. ultimate frisbee General Information Choosing an Ultimate Disc.Disc Golf Discs Long Range Drivers. column. ultimate frisbee Discs.
home new disc golfers start here new ultimate frisbee players start here who we are / contact us ... FAQ All discs at are 20% off original prices. Ultimate Frisbee General Information: Choosing an Ultimate Disc Disc Golf Discs
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87. Disc Devil - Golf Discs, Ultimate Frisbee Discs, And Other Disc Golf And Ultimat
A store dedicated to disc golf, ultimate frisbee, frisbee dogs, hacky sacks, aerobie, and freestyle.
Disc Golf Ultimate Frisbees Whamo Frisbees Aerobies ... Other Cool Stuff
Home Special Items and Programs

Proto Disc Club
Free Discs Program Brainwave Golf Golf and Ultimate Advice
Choosing a Golf Disc Choosing an Ultimate Frisbee Disc Disc Golf Tips Shop Safely
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Save Money
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Welcome to! We are proud to carry only the finest products for the sports of Disc Golf, Ultimate Frisbee, and Freestyle. The product categories are located at the top and all the special areas are on the left. All online shopping should be this simple!
Complete Disc Golf Sets
- If you are new to disc golf or just want to throw what the pro's do, you can't go wrong here. Proto Disc Club - be the first person on your disc golf course to throw the newest Discraft Models! Free Discs Program - Earn a $50 gift certificate to this store for 15 minutes work!

88. BSSC Ultimate Frisbee
Boston Ski Sports Club. ultimate frisbee. ultimate frisbee. BSSC offersthis friendly coed game for those who want a great workout.
Search for:
all any terms
Ultimate Frisbee Saturday, March 22, 2003: All Ultimate Frisbee activities are currently on as scheduled, this will be updated as needed.
BSSC Sports Team: 617-789-4070; Mark x222, Laura x223, Brett x225, Janis x242, Amy x238 BSSC's office is open Monday to Friday, 10AM - 5PM.
Phone: 617-789-4070, Fax: 617-254-1990.
Sign up on our Hit Lists to receive e-mail updates about BSSC Ultimate Frisbee.
Ultimate Frisbee
BSSC offers this friendly coed game for those who want a great workout. In 2002, BSSC offered Frisbee from May to August on a weeknight (as a league/pickup games) at Bunker Hill Community College in Charlestown from 6-8pm. Games are played with 7 players on a side. Fee (2002 Fees were $65 for individuals, non-members add $25 for 10 weeks of play) includes weekly games and prizes for winners. All levels of players and teams accepted. In 2003, BSSC may expand its ultimate Frisbee program to multiple nights and maybe weekends, as well as extend into the fall.Registration information will be available here by March.If you would like registration information to be e-mailed when available, please sign up on our Hit Lists for ultimate frisbee.

89. MIT Women's Ultimate Frisbee
Massachusetts Institute of Technology's women's team. Pictures, team history, team roster, practice Category Sports Flying Discs United States Massachusetts...... more. We are undergraduate and graduate students, people of all backgroundsand walks of life and we all play ultimate frisbee. So
Practices this week:
Tuesday 3/18, Indoor Track, 8:30-10:45
Wednesday 3/19, Turf, 7:30-9:30
Who are we?
We are a mix of former and current soccer, volleyball, basketball, softball, tennis, field hockey, and lacrosse players. We are people who have never played an organized sport before. We play musical instruments, build computers, write poetry, sing acapella, throw parties, and more. We are undergraduate and graduate students, people of all backgrounds and walks of life...and we all play ultimate frisbee.
or check out our roster . To see some filthy game action, go take a looksee at our pictures . Seeing as you are here, you probably wanted to find out more about disc@mit, so read a brief history , located in the culture section. Looking for some food? Check out our favorite Boston/Cambridge area restaurants Blood and Concrete . Finally, leave if you must, but at least go see some other ultimate related links Briggs Field Last modified: Tuesday, March 18, 2003 at 09:43:22 AM EST

90. StudentZone - Sport - Ultimate
EduServ Homepage © Copyright 19972002 EduServ. All rights reserved. UltimateFrisbee. World Flying Disc Federation. University ultimate frisbee Clubs.

American Football




Martial Arts

Jiu Jitsu


... Triathlon Ultimate Frisbee Volleyball Wakeboarding Walking Water Polo ... Sport Organisations
Ultimate Frisbee
University Ultimate Frisbee Clubs
Other Ultimate Frisbee Clubs

91. Amherst College Ultimate Frisbee
An account of the 2000 Montreal coed tourney. Why do we play ultimate frisbee?Read the Ultimate article published in USA Today
Amherst Men's Ultimate
Amherst Women's Ultimate
Spring Open Tourney: Chia III : Chia's Revenge
Amherst's Picture Album!
An account of the 2000 Montreal co-ed tourney.
Why do we play Ultimate Frisbee?
Read the Ultimate article published in USA Today

92. ~ Frisbee Family Pempelfort - Ultimate Frisbee In Düsseldorf Am Rhein ~

93. Nelson Ultimate | Home
ultimate frisbee league. Provides maps of fields, directions, a message board, and a team listing.
Welcome to Nulty! Potluck Tourney and Nulty photos are up! Got any photos you'd like posted? Please email them to noel
What is Ultimate? Ultimate is a non-contact sport that requires a combination of agility, speed and quickness to play. It is played on grass and combines the best elements of soccer, football and basketball. Teams play 7-aside with a 175-g Frisbee and there are no referees, judges or linesmen.
Resources for all players - Ultimate in Ten Simple Rules The Basics of Ultimate Spirit of the Game The Flight of the Frisbee ... Other Resources...
Wanna play pick-up? Happens every Wednesday 5pm, Friday 5pm, Sunday 3pm @ Lakeside Park For more information look at the message board or ask Daiva Villa 250.505.5494 Home League *Nelson Pot-Luck* ... Message Board Beginners Links Contact Nulty
web site by

94. Enigma Ultimate Frisbee
Enigma ultimate frisbee. Welcome to the new Enigma ultimate frisbee home page!Rules Short version. Contact information. More ultimate frisbee resources.

95. Sydney University Ultimate
Practice details, pictures, and contact information.

96. Photo Gallery :: Summer League Ultimate Frisbee 2002
Summer League ultimate frisbee 2002. 12 items in this album,
Summer League Ultimate Frisbee 2002 12 items in this album [slideshow] [login] Gallery: Photo Gallery Album: John Brier
Album: Summer League June 2, 2002
First Day of Summer League 2002!
Changed: Jan 17, 2003.
Contains: 20 items.
Viewed: 211 times.
Album: Summer League June 6, 2002
Changed: Jan 17, 2003.
Contains: 23 items.
Viewed: 159 times.
Album: Summer League June 13, 2002 I left the White balance set to "indoor." I realized my mistake, so some of the pictures in this gallery don't have wierd color. This pic in particular is OK. Changed: Jan 17, 2003. Contains: 18 items. Viewed: 193 times. Album: Summer League June 16, 2002 Flaming Amys. This was the first team we beat. The picture to the left of Mandy flicking and Amy defending is the best picture I think I've captured yet. Changed: Feb 12, 2003. Contains: 16 items. Viewed: 256 times. Album: Summer League June 20, 2002 Firebelly vs Underground Firebelly WAS undefeated. We were the first to beat them! Changed: Jan 17, 2003.

97. Untitled Document
Resource site for playing ultimate frisbee in the greater Moncton area.
imgTag='Moncton UltimateMONCTON ULITMATE CLUB Ultimate Frisbee came to Moncton in 1997 when a group of friends in the Moncton area gathered together, called themselves Déjà Vu Du, and entered the Parlee Beach Ultimate Tournament. That same small group of 10 players soon became the nucleus of what in now known as the Moncton Ultimate Club - aka MUC. Since then, MUC has grown and the sport of Ultimate is finding it's place in Moncton! Take a stroll through our website and see what we're all about…

98. Ultimate Frisbee At The Sports Ink!
ultimate frisbee at The Sports Ink Your ultimate frisbee scouting center Check ultimate frisbee scores! ultimate frisbee transactions
Welcome to, The Sports Ink - It's like . [Center - NSW] [Fun] [Sports] [Shop] ... [Cars] Google Ask Jeeves AlltheWeb Looksmart Altavista Excite HotBot Lycos MSN Yahoo! Infospace Inktomi Freshblue Teoma Iwon Open Directory Newsgroup - Google Image-Google Image-Yahoo! Image-Excite Image-AlltheWeb Video-AlltheWeb Music-AlltheWeb Music-Yahoo! FTP Files-AlltheWeb Shopping-Yahoo! Auction-Yahoo! Auction-eBay News-Yahoo! News Photo-Yahoo! Documents-Yahoo! Thesaurus-Yahoo! Dictionary-Yahoo! Yahoo! (Stock) Yahoo! (Movies) Archery


... [ 8 starters, 5 starting spots ]
TSN College Basketball Scores [Your user browser does not support iframes or is currently configured not to display iframes.] At the Sports Ink! The Sports Ink leads you to millions of links to scouting reports and player evaluations as well as other sports-related sites. If you want to write a scouting report yourself, check out the Scouting Reports! section of eSpInk.
Search for a keyword or an athlete:
Latest Athletes Pages Cori Engheusen - Basketball
Jennifer Harvey
- Volleyball ... - Volleyball
Excite Sports Scores!

Game schedule, directions, maps, registration details and introduction to the sport.

Summer League A message from your League Commissioner, Joshua Love "Welcome to another great year of the Anchorage Summer Ultimate Leasue! This year, there will be only one scheduled game per week for a total of EIGHT weeks starting June 3rd. As usual your league fees include a deluxe team shirt, extra surprise goodies, the opportunity to get a good workout and play an awesomely simple yet inspiring sport while making new friends. Play on!"
Sign up for the summer leager in 3 EASY STEPS
Schedule/Dates June 1st Potential Skills Clinic/Hat Tourney June 3th Week 1 - Pick-up Shirts. Game #1 June 10th Week 2 - Game #2 June 17th Week 3 - Game #3 June 24th Week 4 - Game #4 July 8th Week 5 - Game #5 July 15th Week 6 - Championship Series: Quarters July 22rd Week 7 - Championship Series: Semis July 29th Week 8 - Championship Series: Finals
Warmup/Drills: 6:30 PM
Games: 7 pm - SHARP (There's so much to do in the summer, let's respect that some people may not have all night to spend at Davis Park. Please do your best to show up on time. ) There will be "incentives" for those teams that start play on time!
Where: Davis Park, Mt. View

100. Khakipants: Ultimate Frisbee Archives
khakipants ultimate frisbee November 22, 2002 A victory of MU ultimate frisbee». I have successfully reserved field space for ultimate frisbee practices.
khakipants : ultimate frisbee
November 22, 2002
A victory of MU Ultimate Frisbee
I have successfully reserved field space for ultimate frisbee practices. This has never happened before at MU MUtant Ultimate: Mailing List: FW: MU Ultimate Frisbee Stankowski Reservation, November 2002 - March 2003 comments (0) ultimate frisbee October 04, 2002
Here is a list of things that individuals can do to improve their ultimate frisbee skills. Most of this is obvious but it does not hurt to repeat.
  • Understand your limitations.
    • Your speed will not improve much. You won't be able to run much faster. You will be able to play for longer.
    • You will be able to throw better. You will be able to make better choices.
    Understand your limitations and work with them.
    • Throw as often as possible. Especially on windy days. Initial focus on 10-20 yard forehands and backhands. Throw every day if possible. Find a friend who want to throw every day with you.
      Play as often as possible. Play with different groups. Play in lots of tournaments. Play with large groups of really bad ultimate players (you will learn how to read the disc when it is hucked into a crowd).
    comments (0) ultimate frisbee
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