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         Underwater Hockey:     more detail
  1. Yeah, That's Right. Underwater Hockey.(underwater hockey can bring money and publicity to sports facility)(Abstract): An article from: Parks & Recreation by Caryn J. Collopy, 1998-11-01
  2. Water Sports in Wales: Plas Y Brenin, Hoci Tanddwr Cymreig Underwater Hockey Wales, Surf Life Saving Association of Wales, Wakestock
  3. Underwater hockey, level 1 by Arthur Hastings, 1985

1. U Of I Underwater Hockey
not part of the game. underwater hockey Practice times
part of the game
part of the game
Stick handling...
part of the game
not   part of the game

Underwater Hockey
Practice times:
Open Practice Friday Experienced Sunday Open Practice Skills Training And coming soon, Underwater Rubgy!

2. Underwater Hockey In US
Harry Hsiung's sport information site offers information about clubs, tournaments, rules, and equipment.Category Sports Hockey underwater hockey......underwater hockey. USA underwater hockey Schedule. Photo by Rick Rickman. HarryHsiung's website contains links for underwater hockey. Last updated 9/20/2002
Underwater Hockey
USA Underwater Hockey Schedule
Press Coverage Events Practice Schedules Competition Results ... Travel Links Underwater hockey photo from world's in June of 1998 at San Jose California click here for full size
France versus South Africa Photo by Rick Rickman
Harry Hsiung's website contains links for underwater hockey
Last updated 9/20/2002 Date of Event Calendar of events for Underwater hockey in US for annual calendar: (Stephan Hack's website) WARNING this website is now at Newer easy to remember now points to this site. The old website at is no longer being maintained so update your saved links.. my new email address has changed to Please update USA only: for pools with USOA insurance (risk waiver form) risk Wavier form in Word format
(for all particpants not just tournament players) fill out and mail back to Carol Rose Press on UWH in USA Timing is Everything in This Breathless Sport
NPR interview of Washington DC club members
by Peter Breslow For the hockey diehards, just thought you'd find it fun that George Mason University in the Washington DC area has approved the 1 credit course: PHED 158- Underwater Hockey. This couse will begin in Spring 2003. Many thanks to all those that reponded a few months back to my request for information to help put the class together. Special thanks go to Sean Avent for putting together a great syllabus and Carol Rose for providing supporting documentation.

3. Women's Underwater Hockey
University of Illinois site includes news, practice and contact information, club pictures, and links.Category Sports Hockey underwater hockey...... We will be holding a tournament here at U of I in April. Pictures. SteveHack caught with the puck. A great picture of a hockey pass.
    part of the game
    part of the game
    Stick handling...
    part of the game
    not part of the game
Coming soon...a News section that will have scores from all the tournaments we go to.
So far we have been to one tournament this year in London (the one in Canada, not England). We will be going to a tournament in Chicago over Martin Luther King weekend, the 4 on 4 tournament in Florida over spring break, and a few others. We will be holding a tournament here at U of I in April.
Steve Hack caught with the puck.
A great picture of a hockey pass.

Also many more, go to our pictures page to see them
Send your questions and comments to:

4. Underwater Hockey In Australia
Provides information about the nation's clubs by state, gives locations and contact information, offers Category Sports Hockey underwater hockey......underwater hockey in Australia. This is Australian web site for theexciting sport of underwater hockey underwater, underwater hockey
Underwater Hockey in Australia
This is Australian web site for the exciting sport of Underwater Hockey
underwater, underwater hockey, sport, diving, freediving, snorkelling,
Click here to enter - Register your domain name

5. USOA Underwater Hockey
underwater hockey is a very fast moving game that quickly builds swimming and free diving capability.
RULES EQUIPMENT PLAYING THE GAME PHILOSOPHY ... COMMITTEE The rules are "non-contact" and players generally cover "zones" around the puck. Success (scoring) ultimately depends on teamwork, since no single person can hold their breath forever. Individual strength is less of an advantage than it is in many other sports. The water nullifies pure mass advantage and emphasizes clever use of torque. In competition, games are two 15 minute halves, and teams can have up to 4 substitutes on the deck who can enter play on the fly. RULES The rules of the game inhibit the use of brute force and allow small people to compete effectively and equally with larger people. Play is solely on the bottom of the pool so your effectiveness is also governed by how much time you spend on the bottom ... the air is, of course, on the top. In the game, exertion usually shortens bottom time to less than 30 seconds. The sport is defined as non-contact in the same way basketball is considered non-contact. The person in control of the puck can not be physically pushed but also may not charge into set opponents. Rules are simple - no body contact unless your stick is on the puck (i.e., no forechecking or moving screens), no touching the puck with anything but your stick, and no detaining or obstructing another player (even if you do have the puck) by pulling off their mask or fins or holding on to them.

6. Untitled Document
Sydney, Australia club page providing photos, contact information, and links.
Newcastle University Underwater Hockey has moved

7. Underwater Hockey Central - US And Canada - Tournaments, Events, Videos, Skills
North American underwater hockey Resources Fortunately this is underwater hockey, so you effortlessly knock down his shot, tip it underneath him and, with a
Underwater Hockey Central introduction
current events

About this Site

The score is tied, 2-2 as the final seconds of the championship game tick away. Suddenly the other team makes a furious last ditch attack and an enormous player breaks free with the puck. There's nothing to stop him from scoring... except you, upside down and unable to breathe! Sound like a bad dream? Fortunately this is Underwater Hockey, so you effortlessly knock down his shot, tip it underneath him and, with a negligent flip of your fins, go over your opponent, charge down the pool and score. You didn't really need to breathe anyway, did you? What is Underwater Hockey?
Colorado State University Underwater Hockey

Underwater Hockey Tournaments

Current UWH Events and News
Taxation Without Representa...

More Moldovan UWH News

Orkney Octopush Club Tourna...
US Womens UWRugby Team need... ... Video Server Found Upcoming Tournaments Quebec City Tournament US Mens Open Tryouts Michigan Tournament Taxation Without Representa... ... Labor Day Potluck, Gainesvi... Recently Modified Links Guelph Flounders Washington, DC UWH

8. Connecticut Underwater Hockey
underwater hockey. Check out the. Hard on Your Body Tournament November 10 and 11 2001 (Veterans Day Weekend)
Get Five DVDs for $.49 each. Join now. Tell me when this page is updated E-mail this page to a friend Tell me when this page is updated
Welcome to
Connecticut Underwater Hockey
New information since February 26, 2003 in Blue New information since February 13, 2003 in Purple New information since January 7, 2003 in Green
New information since December 17, 2002 in Orange
Clubs in Connecticut
Connecticut State Championship September 2001 Tournament Tournament History
Home of
The Underwater Hockey Directory
Connecticut Clubs
  • Fairfield County
      Danbury, Coming soon to E-mail for more information. Bridgeport The Barnacles play at the University of Bridgeport Wednesday nights and some Monday nights. The team will provide equipment to interested new players. For more information contact Larry Panza 203-281-0662 or Monday Wednesday
      7:30 - 9:00 PM 7:30 - 9:00 PM
      2003 Schedule Exceptions
      Monday Wednesday Jan. 20 -

9. Chesham Octopush Club
Local group for this unusual sport, featuring links, news and fixtures
Chesham Octopush Club: "Buckinghamshire's premier Underwater Hockey Club" Your browser does not support frames. Please click here to display the Chesham Octopush Club Web Site without the frames.

10. Microsoft Internet Explorer Netscape Navigator
Official site of tournament held in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.Category Sports Hockey underwater hockey......Your Browser does not support all the features of this web site. Youcan still see a cut down version of the site by clicking here
Your Browser does not support all the features of this web site.
You can still see a cut down version of the site by clicking here
You can download these at the folloing sites:
Microsoft Internet Explorer

11. Charleston Blockade Runners Underwater Hockey
Offers newsletter, coach's corner, links, club information, and photo gallery for this Charleston, Category Sports Hockey underwater hockey......underwater hockey Check out the Hard on Your Body Tournament November 10 and 11,2001(Veterans Day Weekend) !!! HUCK PUCK newsletter, the COACHES CORNER.
Underwater Hockey
Check out the
Hard on Your Body Tournament
November 10 and 11,2001 (Veterans Day Weekend) !!!

Our Last Clinic


July 25, 1998

photos from the 97 tournament MEMBER LINKS
2000 Worlds!
RANDOM STUFF LINKS Other Underwater Hockey pages... For all you cross-trainers check out our friends at: Charleston Blockade Runners page sponsored by Michael Desrosiers This page is hosted by Get your own Free Home Page

12. Chicago Underwater Hockey At Midwestern University
Chicago underwater hockey at Midwestern University, Links US Nationals 2001 Photos, USOA UW Hockey, underwater hockey Tourist, Thursday 19h00 - 21h00,
Chicago Underwater Hockey at Midwestern University Links: US Nationals 2001 - Photos U. of Illinois - UW Hockey Midwest UW Hockey - Mailing List FALL SEASON USOA UW Hockey Underwater Hockey Tourist Thursday
International UW Hockey - Mailing List
MIdwestern University
Underwater Hockey Castores - UW Hockey Valle University - UW Hockey Info: UW Hockey World Championship - 2002 Email: Tom and Patti Redig World Championships 555 31st Street Downers Grove, IL 60515 Address: Other SEASON Sundays

All about the sport, events and links
Northampton Underwater Hockey Club NUWHC
To find out about underwater hockey click on related sites and link to Octopush main.
Otherwise press the buttons to find specific information relating to Northampton club and Who We Are More About Us Related Sites Event Calendar ... Best experienced with Click here to start. Microsoft is a registered trademark and the Microsoft Internet Explorer Logo is a trademark of Microsoft.

14. Bsi-BOBLEN: UW-Hockey (norwegian Info-site)
Find a brief introduction to this obscure sport and a wide selection of related links. Underwater hockey. UW-Hockey-manual (zipped rich text format)
Underwater- hockey
UW-Hockey-manual (zipped rich text format)

15. Underwater Hockey

16. Bristol Octopush
Bristol Octopush (underwater hockey) Club Home Page. Keith See theunderwater hockey Tourist for details of non UK teams. Index. For
Bristol Octopush (Underwater Hockey) Club Home Page
(Created and maintained by: with kind assistance from Dr Last revised 4th January 2003 (Latest updates: Imperial College London added to 4th January 2003 team contacts listing (343k) new link to Spanish pages Revised gear info link to a revised copy of the June 2001 U.K. rules , Hong Kong ref in Underwater Hockey Tourist Octopush is played in a swimming pool by two teams of six players, equipped with mask, fins, snorkel and a small wooden pusher. A solid lead puck is used that can be pushed or flicked up to 3m along the pool bottom. The game has now spread to many countries including Australia, Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Columbia, France, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Phillipines, New Zealand, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, USA, Moldavia, Yugoslavia and most recently Cuba, Turkey and Hong Kong (NEW in 2002). Regardless of the country the game is universally followed by a beer / tinny / biere / pivo down the local. See the Underwater Hockey Tourist for details of non UK teams
For anyone interested in finding out more (particularly in the Bristol, Tewkesbury and Gloucester area!)

17. Scottish Underwater Hockey: SUHA
Information on Scotland's clubs, training, events and people.Category Sports Hockey underwater hockey......SUHA Scottish underwater hockey Association. Everything you wantto know about underwater hockey in Scotland. Information on clubs
SUHA - Scottish Underwater Hockey Association
Everything you want to know about underwater hockey in Scotland. Information on clubs, training, events and the people who play 'octopush'. Bored with swimming? Learn about this fast team water sport. Find a game near you.
Clubs in Scotland
Results Subscribe! Enter your email to join the SUHA network today!
Comment + Contribution
2001 Europeans - Scottish Ladies
Links ...

18. The Underwater Hockey Tourist
Travelling to another country ? Find a game or a practice session anywhere in the world. Details include cost, location and time schedules.

19. Dunstable Octopush Team
Dunstable youth and adult Octopush teams' official site, plus shop and newsCategory Sports Hockey underwater hockey......underwater hockey, equipment shop, junior underwater hockey, all knownas Octopush, history of Octopush. Welcome to the Official
Welcome to the Official Dunstable Octopush Team website.
Please click on the logo to enter the site.

20. False Bay Underwater Club
Scuba diving, spearfishing and underwater hockey club based in Cape Town, South Africa.


... Photo Gallery Be Heard Discussions
E-Mail Us

Weather Temperature: 16°C
Wind:NW 16KT
Updated: 10:00 GMT
SCUBA SPEAR FISHING UNDERWATER HOCKEY ... LINKS Last updated: Welcome to the False Bay Under Water Club's web site
FBUC is one of the most active dive clubs in Cape Town. If you would like to know more about the club go the general section or if you would like to join, have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions We would love to hear from you. Why not join in one of the discussions or send us an e-mail Quick Poll Should the government regulate the SCUBA Industry? Yes No News Discover Malaysia Affordable Holiday - Exotic Destination (2003/02/03 08:40:55 PM) News Dive Accident Dive Accident 26-12-2002 (2003/01/11 01:07:37 PM) Record Books Western Province area (2002/12/09 01:58:04 PM) Courses Marine Course COURSE ON MARINE LIFE (2002/12/05 07:29:23 AM) News One for Sealife Federal Court Blocks Full Deployment of Navy Sonar System San Francisco (2002/11/20 09:37:08 AM)

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