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         Wallyball:     more detail
  1. The Official Book of Wallyball by Joe W. Garcia, Murray Dubin, 1986-04
  2. Sport de Raquette: Padel, Speed-Ball, Smash, Racquetball, Amorti, Racketlon, Peloc, Wallyball (French Edition)
  3. Official Wallyball Rules and Guidelines For League, Tourament and Recreational Play (paperback) by Joe Garcia, 2002
  4. The Official Wallyball Rule Book by Joe Garcia, 2003-02

61. Racquetball, Wallyball, And Basketball Courts - Ithaca YMCA
All YMCA memberships include the use of the racquetball courts for racquetball,basketball, handball, wallyball, and youth activities. wallyball.
All YMCA memberships include the use of the racquetball courts for racquetball, basketball, handball, wallyball, and youth activities. Racquetball and wallyball courts can be reserved by members up to one week in advance. We are also pleased to announce that the Capital Expansion Project has begun and is scheduled to open in January 2002. Part of the addition will include the construction of gymnasium, in addition to a dedicated free-weight center, childcare room, youth activity area, youth locker rooms, family locker room and general purpose activity room. The Y reserves courts in advance for league and other preregistered programs. Racquetball racquets, racquetballs, goggles, wallyballs, nets and basketballs are available at the Front Desk. Open courts are available on the half-hour daily (other than league hours). Members may call for reservations up to one week in advance. Players are allowed only one court reservation at a time. Another reservation may be made immediately following completion of play. Reserved courts will be held for 10 minutes, and then will be opened for walk-on players. Walk-ons are welcome on non-reserved courts at any time.

62. Le Wallyball
Translate this page Le wallyball. Liens. Inventé vers la fin des années '70, le wallyballa rapidement gagné des adeptes. À ce jour, plus de
Le Wallyball
Liens 10- Le bloc ne compte pas pour un coup. Liens sur des sites de wallyball: American Wallyball Association Shekam Inona Honda Wallyball Club

63. Wallyball Rules And Info
wallyball rules and information. A recreation associate will be available tohelp you with the net assembly if you need help. wallyball Basics. Teams.
Wallyball rules and information
Court reservations
Wallyball Basics
Scoring Serving Out of Bounds ...
More real Wallyball info
Court reservations
Courts may be reserved in advance (no advance time limit) at 60 minute intervals throughout the day when the Bennett Center is open. If you exhaust your 60 minutes, play may continue as long as there is no one waiting for the court. If players are waiting, your match must end where it is - do not play out the rest of the set. Maximum is 60 minutes per player per day, unless no other players are scheduled; second scheduled use is on an open-court basis (no second advance reservations). Names of players are taken for the reservation (phone 524-3737) Non-marking soled shoes are required. Running shoes with black rubber soles will mark up oour courts. Please stop playing if you notice you are marking up the courts.
Have fun!
Wallyballs and nets are available at the control desk. You are responsible for putting up AND taking down the net and fasteners for your court and returning them complete and bagged to the front desk. A recreation associate will be available to help you with the net assembly if you need help.
Wallyball Basics
Official AWA Wallyball rules state 4 people per team. Two substitutions per game are allowed (tournament and league play). Free substitution can me made for recreational play. For children under 14, try five players per side. If they're under 12 years old, use a beach ball.

64. Tachikara - Wallyball Promotions
Home wallyball Promotions. subtotal $0.00. Tachikara USA, Inc. hassigned an agreement with the newly formed Association of United

Wallyball Promotions
subtotal: $0.00
Tachikara USA, Inc. has signed an agreement with the newly formed Association of United Wallyball Players granting Tachikara the exclusive right to produce and market official AUWP product. All Wallyballs, Net Systems and Accessories were designed with input from Joe Garcia, the inventor of the sport, and the nation's best Wallyball competitors. Visit the AUWP web site at for more information on the growing sport of Wallyball and details about how and where to play. Wallyball Products WB-PRO "PRO SERIES"
Our Professional Series Wallyball featuring an innovative 18-Panel construction method designed to increase surface area contact. Intended for play at the highest levels of Wallyball competition. WB2000 COMPETITION WALLYBALL
Created in conjunction with the specifications provided by the AUWP , our 12-Panel competition ball is the wallyball that you can count on to consistently perform on the court.

65. FSU Intramural Sports: Rules: Wallyball
Revised for Spring 2003 Florida State University does not provide accidentinsurance coverage for injuries received by Intramural participants.
Revised for Spring 2003
Florida State University does not provide accident insurance coverage for injuries received by Intramural participants. Each participant should make sure that he/she has coverage either through family policies or the student insurance plan. We cannot emphasize this point enough.
Florida State University PROHIBITS possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages on University property. This includes the Intramural Fields and Tully Gym. Violators will be asked to leave the area. Failure to do so can result in forfeiture of the ball game, suspension of individuals and/or teams, and appropriate action by the University Judicial Office.
2. In order to participate in an Intramural contest each player must present their validated FSUCard. Exceptions must be directed to the Intramural Sports Office for consideration by the IM staff during regular business hours (9:00am-6:00pm). Bring a photo ID and proof of payment to obtain a waiver from the IM staff. No such waiver will be granted on the field.
3. Participants must be able to access the Leach Center. A valid FSUCard is required to enter the facility. Faculty and staff must have a Leach membership or purchase a guest pass in order to participate.

66. FSU Intramural Sports: Schedules: Wallyball
NO TIMES AVAILABLE Due to Limited Court Availability at the LeachCenter, No Reschedule Times Are Available. ALL TEAMS All Teams
Due to Limited Court Availability at the Leach Center, No Reschedule Times Are Available. WED FEB 26
Various Evening Times
The Wallyball Playoffs are Double Elimination.
You May Need to Hit Refresh/Reload in your Browser for Updated Brackets.
League Brackets Open Championship Brackets Fraternity Monday/Wednesday Bracket
Tuesday/Thursday Bracket
Sorority Championship Bracket
League Regular Season Days Open Mon/Wed Tue/Thu Fraternity Mon/Wed Tue/Thu Sorority Mon/Wed Tue/Thu
Call 850-644-2430 or email us for more information.
Terms / Privacy
Last Updated: February 15, 2003

67. UNK Intramural:: Wallyball
wallyball. Section 1. PLAYERS AND TEAMMAKE UP AND POSITIONS. A. TeamComposition Men and Women teams will consist of three players

A. Team Composition: Men and Women teams will consist of three players, corec teams will
consist of four players, two men and two women. B. A scoresheet will be filled out before the match begins. Any player not listed on the scoresheet
before a match shall not be allowed to play. C. Corec play - court rotation must be man/woman/man/woman. D. A woman in corec must make contact on return of more than one hit. Section 2 SCORING AND TIME-OUTS A. All matches shall consist of the best two out of three sets. B. The winner of the point will serve the next serve. C. Only the serving team can score. D. The first team to score 15 points wins. You must win by two points. E. A team not ready to play at the scheduled time will forfeit the first set and after ten additional
minutes the match. F. The serving team will announce the score before each serve. G. A time-out cannot be called once the score has been announced. H. Each team will be allowed one (1) time-out period of 30 seconds per set. Section 3 RULES OF PLAY A. A coin toss shall be made before the start of the first set of a match by the team captains.

68. Pachucos WallyBall: Spring 2001
Pachucos wallyball Spring 2001. Spring 2000 Spring 2001 Spring 2002 Thus the Pachucosobtained their third silver medal in the wallyball tournament. Playoffs
Pachucos WallyBall: Spring 2001
Spring 2000 Spring 2001 Spring 2002 Commentary Lady Pachucas, finish tournament in 2nd Place . Good work girls! CoRec Finals prooved to be very tough and close. However, this time the luck was on the opponent team, who won on two very close sets.
Male Pachucos reached the final just to face an tough old rival, the A-Team, which managed to defend their crown. Thus the Pachucos obtained their third silver medal in the Wallyball tournament.
Playoffs FEMALE Seeded #2 SCORE SEMIFINAL vs. Trigone FINAL CO-REC Seeded #1 SCORE SEMIFINAL vs. Trigone too FINAL MALE Seeded #1 SCORE vs. winner of other braket SEMIFINAL FINAL vs. A Team Regular Season Schedule FEMALE Tusdays and Thursdays at 8:10pm SCORE 2/13 vs. Aggie Chicks (Forefit) 2/15 vs. Ballers 2/20 vs. Trigone CO-REC Tusdays and Thursdays at 9:10pm SCORE 2/13 vs. Life Support (Forefit) 2/15 vs. The Pintas 2/20 vs. Trigone too MALE Tusdays and Thursdays at 7:10pm SCORE 2/13 vs. God Squad (Forefit) 2/13 vs. Thundercats 2/15 vs. Delt Gold (Forefit) 2/20 vs. TKE

INTRAMURAL wallyball RULES. REFEREE'S AUTHORITY The referee has authorityto rule promptly and in the spirit of good sportsmanship
REFEREE'S AUTHORITY: The referee has authority to rule promptly and in the spirit of good sportsmanship, on any situation not specifically covered in the rules. The referee's decisions are final in all matters pertaining to the game.
1.Teams of 8 players may enter. Only 4 people play on the court at one time. 2. Substitutions are made between points. 3. An individual returning to the game after being replaced by a sub, must return for the sub that replaced her/him. No change of serving order may be made. SCORING 1. A team scores a point only when they have served the ball. One individual continues to serve until a side-out is called. 2. A completed game consists of 15 pts with a team winning by 2 pts. 3. A match consists of the best 2 of 3 games. GENERAL RULES: 1. Beginning service of the first and third game is determined by a coin flip by the referee. Beginning service of the second game is made by the team receiving in the first game. 2. The service area is designated by a line 3 ft. From the back wall, and extends the entire length of the court. The server must be completely behind the service line when delivering the serve.

70. Severna Park Racquetball & Fitness Club
wallyball and Basketball. YESwallyball similar to volleyball. This volleyball.Our wallyball League is the best and largest in the nation!
Wallyball and Basketball YES-WALLYBALL similar to volleyball. This game is played on a racquetball court and is much easier to learn and play than volleyball. Our Wallyball League is the best and largest in the nation! We provide all levels of play from the beginner to advanced for men, women and juniors. This sport is very popular at SPRFC!
Pickup night is every Monday from 7:30-9:30 pm. Wallyball leagues run from September through April on Friday nights. Come down and see what the game is all about!
Overall, the sports of racquetball and wallyball are main venues at SPRFC. These two games are for all ages, men, women and juniors and can be played throughout the entire year. They both make for a great social and family atmosphere! We at SPRFC are proud to provide opportunities for exercise, enhanced training, sportsmanship, family togetherness, friendship, social ability and just pure fun, fun, fun! Please drop in and experience what we are talking about. And, don’t forget about our snack bar and lounge area to gather after your match!
SPRFC Wallyball Program Largest league in the nation All levels play Open and coed Pick-up Wallyball - Monday nights, 7:30 pm

71. - Wallyball
2003 JBC wallyball League! Schedule*. Here you'll find all you need to know aboutthis sport called wallyball, and weather or not you'd like to play or not.

72. - Wallyball
wallyball General Rules of Play. These are basic rules, not all of which will comeinto play during the JBC Intramural wallyball season. Other wallyball Stuff.

73. New Page 1
WELCOME HOME wallyballERS!! The American wallyball Association Have MoveThe New Address is From The Players To The Players.
WELCOME HOME WALLYBALLERS!! The American Wallyball Association Have Move
The New Address is:

From The Players To The Players.

74. Wallyball Tournament

75. Wallyball Tournaments
The AUWP and Tachikara would like to sponsor your next wallyball tournament ! HomeBoard of Directors Free Registration Mission Statement What is wallyball?
The Official Ball of the AUWP
The AUWP and Tachikara would like to sponsor your next wallyball tournament !
Sanctioned by the AUWP DATE NAME LOCATION DETAILS April 5 - 7, 2002 April Fool's Wallyball Tournament
View Results
La Mesa, CA USA Contact:
April 17-21 20th Midwest Wallyball Tournament
View Results
Columbia Heights MN, USA Contacts:

Central Courts
June 28-30, 2002 First Annual AUWP Wallyball Players Classic View Results Reno, NV USA Contacts: Stephanie ML January, 2003 (exact date yet to be determined) The Co-Rec Challenge Tournament INFORMATION Minnesota (exact location yet to be determined) Contact: Steve

76. Penn State Wallyball Club - Constitution
The Penn State wallyball Club Constitution Date of origin July, 2001.I. Purpose The purpose of this organization, The Penn State
The Penn State Wallyball Club Constitution
Date of origin: July, 2001
I. Purpose
The purpose of this organization, The Penn State Wallyball Club, is to introduce the game of Wallyball to as many Penn State affiliates as possible, while maintaining respect for the game in a competitive atmosphere.
II. Membership
This is an undergraduate organization and a majority of the membership must be composed of undergraduate students. (50% +1) The only current employed faculty, staff, and current registered students are eligible for membership. There must be at least twelve (12) active student members at all times. Only active members may vote, preside, officiate, or solicit funding on the organization's behalf. All potential members must fill out the appropriate forms whenever sign-ups are posted or contact one of the presiding members of the Penn State Wallyball Club and leave their personal information. (For Membership Renewal, see "Membership Renewal Policy")
III. Officers
Only full-time, officially registered active student members shall be eligible to serve as appointed or elected officers in the Penn State Wallyball Club. The USG Supreme Court/GSA Judiciary Committee must approve further limitations, such as semester standing. The three Co-Presidents are first entitled the annual power to vote in all officer positions except the position of Vice-President. Each term of the Co-President lasts four years unless expelled through misconduct or they choose to step down. At the end of these four years, there must be a unanimous vote by standing Co-Presidents on each new Co-President. The next power entitled to the Co-Presidents is the power to expel any or all officers including another Co-President. This is achieved through a two-thirds vote of the standing Co-Presidents. The Co-Presidents third power is to present matters considered prominent in present and continued existence of the Penn State Wallyball Club.

77. Penn State Wallyball Club
Welcome to the official Penn State wallyball club web site. We are abrand new club dedicated to the sport of wallyball. We currently

Current Play Times

Who We Are

What We Do

Our Constitution
Members Only

Welcome to the official Penn State Wallyball club web site. We are a brand new club dedicated to the sport of wallyball. We currently meet every Thursday night at 7:00 on the 3rd floor in the HUB. Play times will be listed weekly and emailed to the listserve. Have you seen our flyers around lately? What do you think?
Send your comments here

78. Men's Wallyball Home
Welcome to the Men's wallyball League Page. Men's wallyball League Schedule.Men's wallyball League Rules. Men's wallyball League Standings.
Welcome to the Men's Wallyball League Page
Please Select a link form the list below
Men's Wallyball League Schedule
Men's Wallyball League Rules
Men's Wallyball League Standings

79. Wallyball
wallyball. COED wallyball Triples TOURNEY. wallyball is a fun sport whichcombines the rallys of volleyball with the walls of racquetball.
Wallyball is a fun sport which combines the rallys of volleyball with the walls of racquetball. Coed teams consist of 3 players (at least one female/team females). Form your team today or sign up as an individual and we'll find you a team. T-shirts will be awarded to tournament champions.
Monday, April 21, 6:00-10:00pm
Deadline: Fri, Apr. 18
Mark Twain Racquetball Courts
UM-St.Louis REC SPORTS 203 Mark Twain 516-5326 Recreational Opportunities for Students, Faculty and Staff ~ "Something for Everyone!"

80. Cottonwood Heights Recreation Center Activities - Wallyball
Racquetball Racquetball,

Fees Special Notes Schedule Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun open close Fees (per hour) Premium Member Free + $6.00 per guest
Guest of Premium Member
Maximum fee $9.75 - per court hour. Basic Member
Price per court hour Non-Resident
Price per court hour Racquet Rent
Per visit. Limited availability - deposit required. Special Notes
  • For a fee of $5.00, advance reservations can be made. This fee is non-refundable.
  • Court fees and advance reservation fees are payable at the time of reservation.
  • The last reservation of each day will be 1 hour prior to close.
About Us Activities Membership Parks, Playgrounds and Pavilions ... Employment

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