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         Wheelchair Basketball:     more books (61)
  1. Wheelchair Sport/Wheelchair Basketball/Sport En Fauteuil Raulant/Basket-Ball (Sportbiblio 20)
  2. Wheelchair basketball: Individual skills and drills (Practical pointers) by Ralph Smith, 1982
  3. Playing and Coaching Wheelchair Basketball by Ed Owen, 1982
  4. Coaching athletes with a disability: case studies into coaches' efficacy beliefs and expectations. (Special Populations).: An article from: Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport by Jamie E. Robbins, Gail M. Dummer, 2003-03-01
  5. THE ROAD TO CHICAGO!: An article from: Palaestra by Michael Frogley, 1999-03-22
  6. Reggie Colton.: An article from: Palaestra
  7. Real, Vol. 2 by Takehiko Inoue, 2008-10-28
  8. Real, Vol. 3 by Takehiko Inoue, 2009-01-20
  9. Real, Vol. 4 by Takehiko Inoue, 2009-04-21
  10. Real, Vol. 5 by Takehiko Inoue, 2009-07-21
  11. Wheel Wizards: It's a whole new ballgame for Seth... (Matt Christopher Sports Classics) by Matt Christopher, 2000-09-01
  12. Real, Vol. 6 by Takehiko Inoue, 2009-10-20
  13. Real, Vol. 1 by Takehiko Inoue, 2008-07-15
  14. Real, Vol. 8 by Takehiko Inoue, 2010-04-20

61. Wheelchair Basketball South West - Constitution
wheelchair basketball South West. Constitution. Adopted 10 th May 2000.Headings. presentation. © wheelchair basketball South West (home page).
Wheelchair Basketball South West
Adopted 10 th May 2000
  • Name Mission Development Plan Affiliation ... Dissolution of the Group Name
    The group shall be called Wheelchair Basketball South West, hereinafter referred to as WBSW or the Group.
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    WBSW will positively promote wheelchair basketball across the South West.
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  • WBSW have the following objectives:
    • To raise awareness of the sport; To develop wheelchair basketball in areas currently under-represented; To promote positive role models; To offer a channel of communication for interested parties in the Region; To offer information on wheelchair basketball to enquirers across the Region; To support new and existing clubs in fundraising; To support club development wherever possible; To offer playing, coaching, officiating and administration courses to develop the skills of individuals and help them to achieve their maximum potential;

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    Development Plan
  • The Management Committee shall devise a rolling three-year development plan which will outline the objectives of WBSW , taking into consideration member views and the above objectives. This plan may be changed at the discretion of the MC, taking into consideration changing circumstances.
  • 62. Brisbane Spartans Wheelchair Basketball Team Web Site
    This site is a dedicated to the Brisbane Spartans, a member ofthe National wheelchair basketball league of Australia.

    63. International Basketball Directory: Wheelchair Basketball
    wheelchair basketball / Handibasket. *****.General wheelchair basketball Sites. International
    BACK TO HOME PAGE INTERNATIONAL BASKETBALL DIRECTORY For submissions of your international basketball links or comments: Wheelchair Basketball / Handibasket General Wheelchair Basketball Sites International Wheelchair Basketball Federation (IWBF) International Paralympic Committee: Wheelchair Basketball Main site of IPC Sit Down Sports: Basketball ... SocalHoops: Wheelchair Basketball Coverage from the Southern California Basketball Server Wheelchair Basketball Links World tour in handibasket (in French) Wheelchair Basketball Rules from NWBA World Wheelchair Basketball Net (in English, Spanish and Turkish) Media: Article: Able-Bodied Wheelchair Basketball Article: Whelchair Basketball legend David Kiley Clifford White Photography: Wheelchair Basketball History of Wheelchair Basketball Regional Wheelchair Basketball Australia: National Wheelchair Basketball League of Australia Main site: Wheelchair Sports Australia Canberra Chargers Belgium: Brussels Wheelchair Basket-Ball Brazil: Associaçao Desportiva para Deficientes (ADD) Includes wheelchair basketball Federacao de basquetebol em Cadeira de Rodas do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (FBCRERJ) Canada: Canadian Wheelchair Basketball Association (CWBA) Association canadiènne de basketball en fauteuil roulant Bulldogs de Québec In English Calgary Grizzlies Wheelchair Basketball Society London Wheelchair Basketball Association ... Wheelchair Sports Association of Newfoundland and Labrador (WSANL) Then check basketball

    64. BBC - Coventry And Warwickshire Features - Teens Wheelchair Basketball
    Coventry leads a crusade in wheelchair basketball wheelchair basketball is almostthe same. Some of the Coventry Crusaders wheelchair team in action.






    22nd March 2003
    Text only

    BBC Homepage
    England Coventry ... Help Like this page? Send it to a friend! Coventry leads a crusade in wheelchair basketball Some of the Coventry Crusaders wheelchair team with team organiser, Paul Claridge You don't have to be six feet tall to be a brilliant basketball player. You just need to be a brilliant athlete. With a disability - or not. SEE ALSO Teens Section Teens Coventry shopping Teens Ice Hockey Teens September 11 ... Teens Disability Football Club WEBLINKS Coventry Crusaders West Midlands Disability Arts Forum Coventry Teens site The BBC is not responsible for the content of external websites. FACTS Wheelchair basketball was started after the 2nd World War because loads of American soldiers who lost the ability to walk still wanted to play. The nets are not lowered, even though wheelchair users are playing from a much lower level. You don't have to be disabled to use a wheelchair and play in the Crusaders wheelchair team. Report by Ross, aged 14, from Woodway Park School in Coventry Before I did this report, I was quite worried that when I was talking to the Coventry Crusaders wheelchair team players I was going to say something that offended them.

    65. Alberta Sport, Recreation, Parks & Wildlife Foundation
    wheelchair basketball (Bathurst, New Brunswick). Team Members Kelly Angus,Calgary. Tech Package wheelchair basketball. Sport Coordinator
    Contact Us
    Location: Alberta Government Home Community Development Home ASRPWF Home Games ... Teams Wheelchair Basketball
    All About Us
    Contact Us Site Map Print
    Keyword Search:
    Advanced Search...

    Wheelchair Basketball
    (Bathurst, New Brunswick) Team Members
    Kelly Angus Calgary Alexander Curtis Whitecourt Andrew Curtis Whitecourt Blaine George Marwayne Dave Godbeer Edmonton Kylee Hodge Edmonton Kimberly Joines Edmonton Peter McGregor Edmonton Tara Scade Edmonton Jerrod Scott Edmonton Ranjit Sidhu Calgary Daniel Wills Edmonton Coaching Staff Steve Bach Edmonton (Coach) Karla Tritten Sherwood Park (Assistant Coach) Christina Jones Ponoka (Manager) Technical Information Venue: Bathurst High School Team Size: 12 athletes (male or female)
    1 manager and 2 coaches; at least one of the team staff must be male; for teams with female athletes, a female staff person must be included Eligibility: Athletes must be 24 years of age or under; born January 1, 1979 or later. Classification IWBF Classification system (1) through (4.5) with able bodied athletes classified as (4.5), and the total number of points on the court not to exceed (15). The total number of points allowed on the court for a team goes up by one (1) when athletes who are 16 years of age and under as of January 1

    66. Comberton: Hereward Heat Wheelchair Basketball Club
    Comberton Hereward Heat wheelchair basketball Club. Hereward Heatwheelchair basketball Club train throughout the year at Comberton
    Comberton: Hereward Heat Wheelchair Basketball Club
    Hereward Heat Wheelchair Basketball Club train throughout the year at Comberton Village College Sports Hall on Tuesday evenings, 8.00 p.m. until 10.00 p.m. The club runs two teams who play in the Great Britain Wheelchair Basketball Association's national league. The club's 1st team play in the 1st Division and the 2nd team play in 3rd Division Central. The club plays its home matches at the St. Ivo Recreation Centre, St. Ives. The 1st team play in a national section of the league, so it has to play away matches as far afield as Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Teesside, Manchester, Liverpool, Chester and South London.
    Wheelchair basketball is a mixed sport for people with a lower limb disability, which prevents them from playing the running game. This includes players from a number of disability groups, amputees, spinal injury, spina bifida, polio, cerebral palsy, being just a few. In Great Britain, to aid development of the sport, able-bodied players are allowed to play in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Divisions. The game is played on a full size court with the baskets at regulation height. There are very few differences in the rules between the wheelchair and running games, the main one being the dribbling rule, where players may only push twice on their wheels before it is necessary for them to bounce the ball. There is also no double dribble rule in the wheelchair game.
    Each player is classified in accordance with their functional ability from 1.0 to 4.5, with a 1.0 point player being the most severely disabled. A 4.5 player generally is able to use leg muscles to assist their range of movement and sitting balance, whereas a 1.0 player would have poor sitting balance with limited range of movement, generally only the upper torso. Able-bodied players are mandatory classified as 5.0 point players. Teams may play a maximum of 14 player points on court at any one time, 15 points in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Divisions. Women players, when competing alongside men, receive a 1.5 reduction in their classification, whilst juniors (under 18) receive a 1.0 point reduction.

    67. Wheelchair Basketball - Programme - Romford YMCA
    wheelchair basketball. Press Release. wheelchair basketball. New partnerfor relaunch. wheelchair basketball is returning to the YMCA.

    68. Wheelchair Basketball
    EPVA. Sports and Recreation. wheelchair basketball wheelchair basketballis a physically demanding sport. Considered the oldest
    new menu (MENU_ITEMS, MENU_POS1, MENU_STYLES1); Wheelchair Basketball - Wheelchair basketball is a physically demanding sport. Considered the oldest competitive wheelchair team sport, wheelchair basketball continues to be one of the most popular. The National Wheelchair Basketball Association (NWBA), which is the nationally governing body of the sport, consists of over 175 competitive teams in over 20 different conferences. Wheelchair basketball rules are slightly modified from the National Collegiate Athletic Association rules. Since its founding, Eastern Paralyzed Veterans Association has offered its members and others in the disabled community the opportunity to enjoy the exciting sport of wheelchair basketball. Eastern Paralyzed Veterans Association ’s first team, the Eastern Paralyzed Veterans Association Rollers were the first and only Eastern Paralyzed Veterans Association wheelchair basketball team to win the National title back in 1949. Since that time, Eastern Paralyzed Veterans Association has developed various programs and currently has three competitive teams in the states of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and hosts several annual wheelchair basketball events. Eastern Paralyzed Veterans Association Nets The Eastern Paralyzed Veterans Association Nets regularly travel around the country to compete in tournaments throughout the basketball season. They play in the Eastern Wheelchair Basketball Conference (EWBC) and have won twelve consecutive conference titles. The team is a product of a sponsorship arrangement between Eastern Paralyzed Veterans Association and the New Jersey Nets, which was completed in 1999. The sponsorship allows Eastern Paralyzed Veterans Association

    69. O.C.W.S.A.
    Association (OCWSA) is a nonprofit organization that was established to encourageparticipation in the sport of wheelchair basketball throughout eastern

    The Ottawa-Carleton Wheelchair Sports Association (OCWSA) is a non-profit organization that was established to encourage participation in the sport of wheelchair basketball throughout eastern Ontario and western Quebec. It supports the initiation and early development of new sport opportunities for persons with a disability. The OCWSA started in 1976 as a wheelchair basketball program at the Royal Ottawa Hospital. Today it is a flourishing organization operating under a board of directors, elected from its general membership. The association operates competitive and recreational basketball programs to suit the needs and interests of its members. As well, it actively pursues involvement with the community to promote familiarization with wheelchair sports and to educate the public about the abilities and capabilities of persons with a disability. The OCWSA currently supports two competitive level teams, the Royals and the Jazz.

    70. Wheelchair Basketball
    wheelchair basketball, Seedings will be based on the 2002 Junior Canadian WheelchairBasketball League Finals and a review by the CWBA Competition Committee.
    2003 Games Sports Lottery Tickets Volunteers Media ... Accommodations Culture Home Fr Day 29 Alpine Skiing Archery Artistic
    ... Fencing Figure Skating Freestyle Skiing Hockey Judo Ringette ... Table Tennis Wheelchair
    Wheelchair Basketball Sporting Venue:
    Bathurst High School
    640 King Avenue
    Bathurst NB
    Results Standings Technical Package: 12 athletes (male or female). 1 manager and 2 coaches; at least one of the team staff must be male; for teams with female athletes, a female staff person must be included. Athletes must be 24 years of age or under; born January 1, 1979 or later. IWBF Classification system (1) through (4.5) with able bodied athletes classified as (4.5), and the total number of points on the court not to exceed (15). The total number of points allowed on the court for a team goes up by one (1) when athletes who are 16 years of age and under as of January 1st, 2003 and/or female athletes compete. There will be a maximum of one point advantage for any athlete. Seedings will be based on the 2002 Junior Canadian Wheelchair Basketball League Finals and a review by the CWBA Competition Committee.

    71. Adaptive Adventures - Wheelchair Basketball
    wheelchair basketball Resources Winter Skiing Water wheelchair basketballAssociation, International wheelchair basketball Association,

    Resources Calendar Contributions ... Contact
    Wheelchair Basketball Resources
    Winter Skiing



    Paddle Sports
    National Wheelchair Basketball Association International Wheelchair Basketball Association Home Resources Calendar Contributions ...

    72. Strohkendl: The 50th Anniversary Of Wheelchair Basketball. A History
    Horst Strohkendl. The 50th Anniversary of wheelchair basketball. AHistory. The International wheelchair basketball Federation (IWBF
    Horst Strohkendl
    The 50th Anniversary of Wheelchair Basketball
    A History The International Wheelchair Basketball Federation (IWBF) has authorised Horst Strohkendl, who is involved in wheelchair sports since 1969, to write the history of wheelchair basketball. The book contains the following main sections:
    Part one: The history of Wheelchair Basketball, The history of Women’s Wheelchair Basketball, Wheelchair Basketball and Officiating Techniques, Player Classification, Part two: Legends of Wheelchair Basketball, Results of all major world and zonal competitions, Appendices, Miscellany, Wheelchair Basketball Literature References, Photographic References. The author hopes that this book serves the IBWF as a testimony of ist identity for the present and future generations of players and wheelchair basketball enthusiasts all over the world. 1996, 120 pages, 190 Photos, hardcover, EUR 25,50, ISBN 3-89325-441-2
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    73. CPC - Summer Games Details
    DESCRIPTION wheelchair basketball has been a Paralympic sport since the firstParalympic Games in Rome in 1960. is eligible to play wheelchair basketball.

    74. Wheelchair Basketball Photos
    wheelchair basketball, Basketball has ALWAYS been my favorite sport!!Although I'm fairly busy with other things and I don't get
    WHEELCHAIR BASKETBALL Basketball has ALWAYS been my favorite sport!! Although I'm fairly busy with other things and I don't get to play as often as I would like, some of my favorite memories took place on the basketball court. Here are just a few of my favorites. LEFT: Fond memories of the food at the 1999 Canada Games
    CENTER: Some of the gals in Edmonton
    RIGHT: Chris and Mike show off their stuff LEFT: You meet all sorts of interesting people through basketball
    CENTER: One of our favorite games is to knock each each other out of our chairs
    RIGHT: Patrick and Kenny in Sydney LEFT: Patrick Anderson celebrates Canada's gold medal in Sydney
    CENTER: Patrick Anderson plays his guitar for us
    RIGHT: Canadian basketball Championships 1999 LEFT: We played the teachers from Peacock Collegiate in a game...they were frustrated to say the least
    RIGHT: Hanging out after practice BACK TO MAIN PAGE BACK TO PHOTO GALLERY

    75. University Of Texas At Arlington
    Movin' Mavs wheelchair basketball 2002 IntercollegiateNational Champions!!! UTA Blue Logo.
    Movin' Mavs Wheelchair Basketball
    2002 Intercollegiate National Champions!!!

    The Team Meet the Coach Game Stories ... UTA Home The Mavs are starting a new Season! Fall 2002 Schedule: Oct 11th at...7:30 pm....PE Building... UTA vs Dallas...Admission Free October 25...7:30 pm...Texas Hall UTA vs Dallas....Admission Free
    Home Office for Students with Disabilities Movin Mavs, Box 19xxx, Arlington, Texas 76019-xxxx Questions? Email:

    76. Wheelchair Basketball
    Movin' Mavs. UTA is home to one of the premier collegiate, wheelchairbasketball programs in the nation. Long time Coach Jim Hayes
    Movin' Mavs UTA is home to one of the premier collegiate, wheelchair basketball programs in the nation. Long time Coach Jim Hayes, has led his teams to FIVE national championships. More information is coming on their official team web site.
    The team wins its season opener against the Raiders, 56-53, behind 19 points by freshman Joe Burmania.
    The Shorthorn: Billy Smith II
    By Pat Gillespie
    The Shorthorn sports editor UTA led 55-50 in the last two minutes, but Raiders forward Chuck Allen hit a shot to close the gap to three. Burmania was fouled and hit one free throw and with 20 seconds left, Raiders guard Jesus Alamillo was fouled as he shot a three pointer that hit the front rim and back rim but fell out. He missed a free throw, made one and then threw the ball at the backboard hoping for a rebound, but the Mavs recovered and held on for the win. The Raiders started the game playing physical, using their height to frustrate Bradley and freshmen Burmania and Mike Paye. Senior point guard Paul Schulte struggled, scoring 11 points. Last year, he averaged between 25 and 30 points per game. Paye added eight points and Bradley had seven.

    77. World Wheelchair Basketball Championships
    2002.8.9 World wheelchair basketball Championships. World wheelchair basketball Championships.Date of issue, August 9 (Fri.), 2002. Designs, wheelchair basketball.
    World Wheelchair Basketball Championships
    World Wheelchair Basketball Championships
    Date of issue August 9 (Fri.), 2002 Denominations 80 yen Designs Wheelchair Basketball Number of issue 10 million pieces Size of impression 38.5 * 28.05 mm Sheet composition Printing process Six-color photogravure Original Picture Sasaki Goro (Illustrator) Layout Mimata Mie (Art Officer)
    World Wheelchair Basketball Championships
    The World Wheelchair Basketball Championships have been held roughly every four years in between the Para-Olympic Games since the first event in 1975 (men only; the first female championships took place in 1990). The aim of the event is to further awareness of the disabled by society through the activities of the participating athletes, to promote the independence and participation of disabled persons in society, and to engender widespread exchange among different nations.
    The 2002 World Wheelchair Basketball Championships, the eighth event for men, the fourth for women, are to be held in Kitakyushu City between August 23 (Fri.) and September 1 (Sun.). Including the team from the host country, Japan, the twelve men's teams and eight women's teams that won through in the preliminary rounds, will compete in the event, which is to be held in Asia for the very first time. Design
    The stamp depicts one athlete shooting a basket and another attempting to block him during a wheelchair basketball match.

    78. Wheelchair Basketball
    Home Parks, Rec and Community Services Therapeutic/Inclusive Recreation.wheelchair basketball. Internships Quad Rugby Team
    Parks, Rec and Community Services Therapeutic/Inclusive Recreation
    Wheelchair Basketball
    Ice Skating
    Internships Links Quad Rugby ... VSA Arts of Nevada

    Join Reno's own Silver State Highrollers, wheelchair basketball team for practice and play every Friday evening September through May (holidays excluded). Call (775) 784-4924 ext. 2355 for details. Day/Time: Friday, 6-8 pm
    Location: Vaughn Middle School Gymnasium
    Fee: Free
    What's New
    Meet Reno's Government Community Issues Public Works ... Frequently Asked Questions
    City of Reno
    View our Privacy Statement

    79. Bluebirds1 Wheelchair Basketball
    Site includes game dates, fixtures and photo album. Orpington, Kent.Category Regional Europe Sports Basketball Wheelchair......Welcome to the Bluebirds wheelchair basketball Website. Thank you Londonarea. This show encouraged interest in wheelchair basketball.
    web hosting domain names email addresses related sites Welcome to the Bluebirds Wheelchair Basketball Website Thank you for visiting us, and we hope that in the future we will have many interesting items on this site, which will give you an insight into the exciting world of the Bluebirds Wheelchair Basketbal Team. The Bluebirds started in 1995 as result of Gordon Perry's Wheelchair Basketball Roadshow which passed through the London area. This show encouraged interest in Wheelchair Basketball. Many other teams have also been set up by this show all over the UK. We have two teams within the Bluebirds, the first team are in the Third Division South East of the National Basketball League. Our other team has just been set up and is in the Development League which is where all new teams must start, even though some of them have played before. We also are lucky enough to have a Great Britain Junior player. We are partly sponsored by grants and fund raising, and are always on the look out for new sponsors, as well as new players. So if you are interested in either of the above, please contact us at

    80. Columbia Wheelchair Basketball
    Columbia wheelchair basketball. All who are interested in playing or supportingColumbia wheelchair basketball are invited to attend practices.
    Columbia Wheelchair Basketball
    All who are interested in playing or supporting Columbia Wheelchair Basketball are invited to attend practices. All ages are welcome!
    All practices will be held at
    St. Andrews Park
    from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. on the following dates:
    October 3, 1998
    (tentative scrimmage) October 17, 1998 October 31, 1998 November 14, 1998
    (tentative scrimmage) December 12, 1998
    Questions? Contact the following volunteers:
    Melinda Chappell at 896-6055
    Melanie Middleton at

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