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1. Wiffleball Network - Home
News, stories and happenings. Find tournaments, leagues, players.Category Sports Baseball Amateur wiffleball......The World's greatest wiffleball site! The latest news, stories and happenings. Getyour own email address! /META style TYPE=.
2003 RULES

Official Fast Plastic Rules for the 2003 Championship Series!

Locate players all over the country.
Edit your profile.
Add your picture! TOURNAMENT TRACKER
View 2003 tournament schedules and details.
Add your tournament. TEAMS
Check out the teams that WIN!
Add, and Edit your team. WIFFLER LINKS View other wiffle®ball links. Add your own link. WIFFLER POLL Help shape the sport by voting in the Wiffler Polls. Place your vote and see results immediately. WELCOME ! Welcome to the official site of the United States Perforated Plastic Baseball Association.... your key to wiffler found. Simply register here and you instantly put yourself within the "Lost Wiffler" files - open to be found. Registration is FREE. The "Lost Wiffler" database is designed to rescue "Lost Wifflers" from their backyard battles and send them to the baselines of the wiffle wars. Once registered, you gain instant viewing access to the "Lost Wiffler" database. Your next conquest could be right across town. Don't stop there. The "Tournament Tracker" not only provides a detailed schedule of wiffler tournaments nationwide, but also allows you to post your tourneys on the tracker for all wifflers to to see.

Western Massachusetts wiffleball with August tournament plus summer and fall leagues.;;;;

3. Major League Wiffleball
Upstate New York wiffleball league.Category Sports Baseball Amateur wiffleball...... Those of us at Major League wiffleball would like to wish each and every one ofour fans a happy and safe 2002 holiday season. wiffleball World Series .
BY THE NUMBERS Standings Batting Stats Pitching Stats Leaderboard PLAYERS Player Bios 2002 SCHEDULE May June July August ... Recent Articles INTERACTIVE Message Board MULTIMEDIA 2002 Game Photos Web Gems (video) MLW LINKS League History The Field Rulebook MLW Store ... Favorite Links PREVIOUS SEASONS Player Standings Batting Stats Pitching Stats Game Photos ... Wiffleball World Series Happy Holidays!
Those of us at Major League Wiffleball would like to wish each and every one of our fans a happy and safe 2002 holiday season.
  • Rumor: MLW to be sold! More coming soon!

  • In Other Leagues.... James Harrison, and his fellow employees at a large software company in Long Island, NY have formed their own wiffleball league largely because of MLW!!
    Read more....
    2002 W-L Records PLAYER W L PCT Chris Sirtori Q. Jensen Mike Breen Brian Glasser Shaun Breen Marc Ceccucci Matt Ceccucci Joe Yerdon Minimum 5 games played
    - Wiffleball World Series - Next Game
    - More Headlines - Wiffleball World Series teams set: Breen vs. Breen
    Mike Breen has set all kinds of records

    Eric Coons returns despite doctor's orders

    MLW POLL How much money (USD) would you pay for Mike Breen's record breaking 20th home run ball?

    4. O.J.'s Wiffleball Obsession
    on our field, pitches, and links to other wiffleball sites. Click to receive email
    document.isTrellix = 1; Get Five DVDs for $.49 each. Join now. Tell me when this page is updated Keith Richards Field The Pitches ... WIFFLE LINKS O.J.'s Wiffleball Obsession The greatest game on Earth! This site is dedicated to the greatest game on Earth! You can find info. on our field, pitches, and links to other Wiffleball sites
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    5. New Jersey Wiffle®Ball Association
    The Wiffle®Ball Place!
    Dedicated to the World of Wiffle®Ball
    Presented by the NJWA
    Keeping the Dream Alive!
    2003 Tournament Schedule COMING SOON, site updated Tuesday, January 28th, 2002 at 11:37.27pm EST.
    Most frequently visited Wiffle®Ball Website in the world GET NOTICED! Team Photo's From around the World!
    The World's ONLY Aluminum Wiffle®Ball Bats.
    The Wiffle®Pro "Black Magic" Has Arrived!!!
    To Order Yours Today ! Click on the Wiffle®Pro banner right above. If you have any questions about the Wiffle®Pro Black Magic Bat please e-mail
    The Adeline Bat Company at WIFFLE® UP
    2002 Schedule now out ! Welcome! var site="sm2wiffleballusa" document.write("//"+"-"+"-"+">"); The New Jersey Wiffle®Ball Association (NJWA) welcomes all the Wiffle®Ball fans to the best Wiffle®Ball website on the Internet. Established in 1990, the NJWA has helped dozens of Wiffle®Ball Leagues and Associations around the Country get started in the World of competitive Wiffle®Ball. Click HERE! to read more about the NJWA and the World of Wiffle®Ball Site Index: THE NJWA
  • About Us
  • Team Trenton
  • Pictures of Field
  • Field Directions ...
  • NJWA Supporters THE GAME:
  • Official Rules
  • NJWA Field Diagrams
  • Tournament Pictures
  • Tournament Results ...
  • Other Tournaments NJWA PRODUCTS:
  • Official NJWA Products
  • Official Wiffle®Balls 4 SALE WHO'S TALKING?:
  • 6. Wiffleball
    A site dedicated to wiffleball The New '02 London wiffleball TShrits. 2002 wiffleball Champs



    London Rules
    Contact Us
    KFC the proud sponsor of London Wiffleball Hilliard Rec. Department Supports London Wiffleball The New '02 London Wiffleball T-Shrits 2002 Wiffleball Champs 2001 Wiffleball Champs 2000 Wiffleball Champs 1999 Wiffleball Champs 1st Poll Question? How do you prefer your ballpark? (112) Total Votes Homerun Friendly (74) 66% Pitcher Friendly (32) 29% Single Friendly (6) 5% 2nd Poll Question? What MLB player would you want to play wiffleball with the most? (184) Total Votes 1. P.Martinez (36) 20% 2. Griffey Jr. (34) 18% 3. McGwire (22) 12% Dibble's June Trivia Question? How many HR's did Brian Miller hit in one London Wiffleball Tourney Game? The answer is 9 !!! 50% of the polled got this question correct! Colonels Poll Question #3 What do you consider a long HR? 120 feet - (37) 46% 90 feet - (18) 22% 100 feet - (13) 16% 80 votes total
    2003 London Wiffleball Tournament News Tournament Dates will be announced soon.. 2002 Updates coming also... Wiffleball Tournament Promotions Who: Toby Sidorski When: June 14th and 15th Where: Wickliffe,Ohio

    7. The Wiffleball Pitch Archive
    Lists and describes different wiffleball pitches.Category Sports Baseball Amateur wiffleball......home golf log mountains webcam wedding wiffleball .. referersvalidate .. MT 2.51 The wiffleball Pitch Archive.


    MT 2.51
    The Wiffleball Pitch Archive
    JBO Sinker - JBO
    Comments (1)
    The Parachute - Kingpin
    Comments (3)
    Comments (0)

    8. WB2k3 - The Offical Homepage Of Wiffleball2k3
    Table of Contents End of an Era Ladies and gentlemen, Air Bud is dead. At least that's what a friend of a roommate of a guy in the league said.
    The battle lines have been drawn, but one question remains: Who is more powerful? Second-year Dave Cain, or legendary veteran Scott Carmichael? We asked Dr. Rapp to weigh the issue, and what we received was "Dave Cain vs. Scott Carmichael, The Trial of 2003." Clint Wattenberg is ready for Nationals
    Jeff Morrison reviews Nascar Thunder 2003!

    Our writers project the 2003 season

    Yoder's pissed at the press
    The Commish welcomes you to Wiffleball 2003
    Cain and Carmichael are gearing up for 2003 GameCube Review
    By Darnell Uhland
    Darnell gets dirty with "Swingerz Golf," a true simulation of the sport if there ever was one. They even have caddies! Check out his in-depth review! Click the picture for more. Team Name W L GB Horsemen Holy Whites Wiffolution Road Warriors ... Click here for more...

    Welcome to Try searching these categories
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    10. - Page Template 11
    Fresno, California, league using 80s metal names.Category Sports Baseball Amateur wiffleball......SKIN IT! FRESNO wiffleball LEAGUE 2002. CHECK THIS OUT.
    FRESNO WIFFLEBALL LEAGUE 2003 SLIDEPIECE.NET Click the banner above to Visit our Sponsors
    Wiffleball links League Video Box Scores ... Email us LATEST WIFFLE NEWS: LOS WINS THE 2002 CHAMPIONSHIP! The Fresno Wiffle League "HOT STOVE" is on. A lot of Wiffle talk this off season.. Some being, possible expansion of the league by two teams, A documentary about the 2003 season, moving of the strike zone and much more. Keep checking for the latest. Los of the D'Wood Law Dogs finally gets his championship he has wanted for so long. Since there was no season ending playoffs this year, Los wins by way of an undefeated regular season. He has still yet to lose a one on one game in league history. A presentation is planned for 2003 opening day in April GOLD MEDALISTS....FINALLY!

    11. Wiffleball Association (WBA) Of San Diego
    Describes the history and background of the WBA including player biographies, official rules, wiffleball World publication, and the playing venue (near the San Diego Zoo) known as The Serengeti.
    Wiffleball Association (WBA) of San Diego The Serengeti
    The Serengeti
    Player Bios Teams Wiffleball World ... Timeline
    Last updated: Friday June 28, 2002
    Comments? Email Ice-Man

    12. Northwest Jersey Wiffleball
    Provides help locating players in Northwest New Jersey, Morris and Sussex Counties. Also includes related links.
    Last updated, 03/09/2003.
    The warm weather is fast approaching! Why not enjoy it with a friendly game of Wiffleball? The sport of kings! Well, at least of kids who never wanted to grow up.
    Send an email or sign the guest book at the bottom of this page to help connect with other Wifflers in the area. If you know of an existing league that is looking for players that information would be welcomed as well. Or, just leave a link to your own Wiffle website.
    Visit the websites below to see the latest happenings and to get more information about the game of Wiffleball. Thank you.
    Very Cool Wiffle®Ball Links Fast Plastic The Wiffleball Pitch Archive Wiffleranks USA ... View Guestbook

    13. Index
    The revolutionary force in wiffleball.
    Main We are still under construction Teams Update 2-24-03 Players Statistics A new field? As of now Milford Wiffleball will be changing Buzz field. We are planning to take down the pool next to the field and reshaping the field. If the snow ever stops and it gets warm. Standings Schedule Summaries League Rules Records Awards Mark 2002 Standings Buzz Field W L GB Team No Ma'aM GP 2 the Rescue Studmuffins Earned Run Average Batting Average 1. Jay 0.12 1. Tom .521 2. Don 0.60 2. Jay .417 3. Wayne/Tom 1.00 3. Mike D .403 Home Runs Wins 1. Jay 4 1. Jay 4 2. Tom 2 2. Mike D 3 2. Wayne 2 3. Wayne/Mike M 2 Strike Outs Runs batted in 1. Jay 16 1. Wayne 37 2. Jay 31 2. Mike D 5 3. Mike M. 31 3. Wayne 4

    14. The Wiffle Ball, Inc.
    Information, rules, the game, and contact details.

    The Rules Trademarks Wiffle stuff ... Distributors
    Click here
    to play an online game of WIFFLE. Silk Signature ties

    15. Wiffleball Network - Official Rules Of The USPPBA
    Created by the Players for the Players in the Spirit of Competition This bookof rules is written to govern the playing of the game of wiffleball by member
    "Created by the Players for the Players in the Spirit of Competition"
    This book of rules is written to govern the playing of the game of wiffleball by member teams and individuals of the USPPBA. The USPPBA recognizes that several other organizations play the game of wiffleball under these rules, and is honored to be looked to as the torchbearer for the future of the game and how it shall be shaped. The USPPBA further recognizes that specifications detailing the field layout and approved equipment may need to be modified to meet the unique needs of different organizations. However, officers of such organizations should always insist on the strict observance of the rules governing game play to insure that the game proliferates and is able to reach the USPPBA's stated goal of universal understanding and acceptance. 1.00 - The PLAYING FIELD
  • Shall be flat and level; All lines referred to herein shall be marked with a highly visible white material.
  • 1.02: FIELD LAYOUT

    16. Major League Wiffleball - Wiffleball World Series
    Major League wiffleball,, Major League wiffleball. wiffleballWorld Series 2000 wiffleball World Series; 2001 wiffleball World Series.
    BY THE NUMBERS Standings Batting Stats Pitching Stats Leaderboard PLAYERS Player Bios 2002 SCHEDULE May June July August ... Recent Articles INTERACTIVE Message Board MULTIMEDIA 2002 Game Photos Web Gems (video) MLW LINKS League History The Field Rulebook MLW Store ... Favorite Links PREVIOUS SEASONS Player Standings Batting Stats Pitching Stats Game Photos ... Wiffleball World Series Wiffleball World Series

  • 2000 Wiffleball World Series
    2001 Wiffleball World Series

  • - Advertisements -
    Anna Kournikova
    24 in x 36 in
    Playboy - Victoria Silvstedt
    22 in x 35 in

    17. Version 3.0
    Portfolio, pictures, wiffleball and other nonsense.

    18. The Wiffleball Pitch Archive: The Ephis Pitch - Ben
    Extras. Navigation Home About WebCam Golf wiffleball Referers Pickof the Week Validate RSS Feed u throw this with a baseball or wiffleball?


    MT 2.51
    The Wiffleball Pitch Archive
    WPA May 15, 2002
    The Ephis Pitch - Ben
    Place your middle and index finger along a horizontal seam like a fastball, and put your thumb on a smooth part of the ball so that it is lined up with your index finger. Hold the ball with as little of your fingers as you can. when you throw it, release your thumb so your index and middle finger are all that is touching the ball. Also, release it a little early so it gets some nice loft on it. if thrown correctly this pitch will arch high in the air and come down right in the strike zone. Because of it's high arch, batters will pop up often but make sure you keep it up in the zone. Comments: I can't believe it Ben. is it really the Ben Chrislu? christian at August 3, 2002 07:47 PM u throw this with a baseball or wiffleball? kevin at August 22, 2002 06:28 PM u throw this with a baseball or wiffleball? kevin at August 22, 2002 06:28 PM Post a comment Name:
    Email Address:
    Remember personal info?
    Yes No Comments:

    19. Michigan Live : Community Connection
    The labor union that represents players of Major League Yardball, the McKinley Amateur Football League, and the Wheeling wiffleball Association.
    Comm. Groups

    School Groups

    Sports Groups


    Auto Central


    Bookmark Us
    Computer Guide Ecards Gift Guide ... About Us Pull Down Ann Arbor Bay City Flint Gr Rapids Jackson Kalamazoo Muskegon Saginaw State There is no site with this URL. Please search again. Contact Us

    20. Moonshot Bats
    Graphite composite bats for use with plastic balls. For the serious wiffleball, yardball, or quickball player.

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