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         Wing Chun:     more books (100)
  1. The Wing Chun Compendium, Volume One by Wayne Belonoha, 2005-12-15
  2. The Wing Chun Compendium, Volume Two by Wayne Belonoha, 2009-07-21
  3. Wing-Chun Martial Arts: Principles & Techniques by Yip Chun, Danny Connor, 1993-11-01
  4. Wing Chun Kung Fu: Traditional Chinese King Fu for Self-Defense and Health by Ip Chun, Michael Tse, 1998-04
  5. Wing Chun Kung-Fu by J. Yimm Lee, 1999-06-01
  6. Simply Wing Chun Kung Fu by Sifu Shaun Rawcliffe, 2003-10-01
  7. Wing Chun Kung-fu: A Complete Guide (Tuttle Martial Arts) by Joseph Wayne Smith Dr., 2006-09-15
  8. Yuen Kay-San Wing Chun Kuen by Rene Ritchie, 1999-01
  9. Mastering Wing Chun Kung Fu by Samuel Kwok, 2008-05-30
  10. Advanced Wing Chun by William Cheung, 1988-03-01
  11. The Path to Wing Chun by Samuel Kwok, 1999-02
  12. Secret Techniques of Wing Chun Kung Fu: Sil Lim Tao (Vol 1) by K. T. Chao, J. E. Weakland, 1996-05
  13. Comprehensive Theory and Applications of Wing Chun Jin Kuen - Training Manual Volume One by Jason, G Kokkorakis, 2006-04-10
  14. Complete Wing Chun: The Definitive Guide to Wing Chun's History and Traditions (Complete Martial Arts) by Robert Chu, Rene Ritchie, et all 1998-06-15

An independent resource directory which feature articles, events, and school listing.Category Sports Martial Arts Kung Fu wing a nonprofit website promoting the Chinese martial art of WingChun Kung Fu. new events resources schools.


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2. Welcome To Vietnam Wing Chun Site
The site of wing chun Kung Fu was created under the order of the Official Patriarch of wing chun Kung Fu Huygh Ngoc An. The site includes over 600 exclusive images and photos from the personal archive of the Patriarch. It also includes a lot of
Patriarch An
What`s new ... 2A Group
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3. Wing Chun Kung Fu - SiFu Duncan Leung - Official Homepage!
Complete wing chun Kung Fu page of SiFu Duncan Leung including links, pictures, books, videos, letters, articles, bulletin board and more. of styles available such as Hung Gar, White Crane, Dragon Style and Choy Lai Fut, but wing chun no one had heard of.
Prior to his death in 1972, Yip Man had stopped teaching but was consulted about Wing Chun. He had a hard life in the early years in Hong Kong but in his old age some rich students like Dung Sing and Chan Jee Chu, police detectives of The Hong Kong Royal Police, began to support him. He was considered the head of the Wing Chun family and had a few good years before his death. Unfortunately, he did not name a successor to carry on the leadership of Wing Chun. It is possible that he had not found anyone he liked, may never have found anyone who was worthy, or he was just not concerned with the issue at that late stage of his life. Whatever the reasons Grand Master Yip Man was truly the last Grand Master of the style. After his death and as time passed family members began to realize that they were on their own.
Wing Chun today is a very big family with schools all over the world. Any successful organization needs a leader to unite everyone and to help everyone work together. For a variety of reasons, those heirs and students of Yip Man who would be most qualified to unite and lead us have either been unwilling or unable to do so.
SiFu Duncan Leung
SiFu Duncan Leung is a disciple of the Wing Chun Grand Master Yip Man, and a former classmate of Bruce Lee. He has been teaching Wing Chun in the United States for more than twenty years. This included teaching the United States FBI, the Navy Seals, and various Police Institutions. SiFu Leung currently teaches at his school in Virginia Beach, VA. His unique training methods provide the students with a proper understanding and instruction in the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu. His training methods also allow his students to gain better fighting skills through the use of Wing Chun in real fighting situations. It is in this same spirit of instructing that SiFu has made 4 Videos! The Videos are designed to teach the principles of 1st and 2nd Forms, Chi Sau, Trapping Hands and Training Drills. They are personally narrated by SiFu. They also includes his comments on the fighting techniques. For more information, please visit our links.

4. World Portal For Wing Chun Kuen
This is a nexus for the Southern Chinese martial art known as wing chun Kuen Gung Fu. Includes location Category Sports Martial Arts North America United States......The San Jose wing chun Association has been in existance for 20 plus years, and followsthe lineage from Yip Man, to Leung Sheung, to Kenneth Chung, to Ben Der
This is a nexus for the Southern Chinese Martial Art of Wing Chun. Wing Chun Camp 2002 coming soon.
The Location of our schools and class times
Our Training Schedule/Curriculum
Historical Information on this Fighting Art.
The Wing Chun Reading Room
A pictorial History of San Jose Wing Chun.
The Family Tree of Wing Chun
Wing Chun in Motion!
The Masters Gallery
Links to other Wing Chun Sites...
Offshoots from the Art of Wing Chun (JF/JKD, etc.) E-mail us! ents, Salutations, new Wing Chun David Williams student of Wing Chun Kuen, San Jose Wing Chun, located San Jose, California, USA
Created: 19 May 1995
Awards this Site has received!

5. WingChunKuen
Resource for wing chun. Hosts multiple homepages
Wing chun kuen (yongchunquan), often referred to as wing chun kung fu (yong chun gong fu), comes from Foshan and surrounding areas of Guangdong, China, and is thus classified as a branch of nam kuen (nan quan, south (of the Yangtze River) boxing), blending aspects of the ngoi ga (waijia, external) and noi ga (neijia, internal). From legends of the Shaolin Temple (Siu Lam, Young Forest) and accounts of the Red Junk Opera , it gained international fame as the foundation art of the late movie and television star Bruce Lee (Lee Siulung), and has become one of the best known and most widely practiced forms of wushu (mo sut, martial arts) in the world. WingChunKuen exists (non-profit, with no ties to any organizations or political agenda, and with no interest in regulation, certification, or proselytizing) to preserve the legends, histories, and methodologies, and provide for the sharing of ideas, opinions, and experiences between the many individuals and branches. Latest Updates

6. Bruce Lee, Wing Chun, Jun Fan, Jeet Kune Do
JKD background material, plus extensive links to other articles. Presented by from practitioners of Category Sports Martial Arts Jeet Kune Do......Bruce Lee. wing chun, Jun Fan, Jeet Kune Do, JF/JKD. First some other Bruce Leereferences on the net. NOTE The restricted techniques were all PURE wing chun.
"Having no way as the way. Having no limitation as your limitation."
Bruce Lee
Wing Chun, Jun Fan, Jeet Kune Do, JF/JKD
First some other Bruce Lee references on the net
Black Belt Magazine's Bruce Lee related Articles
Jeet Kune Do
From Black Belt Magazine, August 1995 p.42-44 Dan Inosanto Returns to Black Belt In February of 1967 Bruce Lee awarded him a third rank in jeet kune do (JKD) , the level that Bruce considered necessary to teach JKD. To this day, Inosanto is the only individual to receive a third rank in JKD from Lee. The only man senior to Dan Inosanto is Taky Kimura, who is ranked 7th in JKD and who has personally ranked Dan rank 6 in JKD. Rank 8 is reserved forever for Bruce Lee as the founder of the art. BB: Were there certain topics you learned from Lee, but couldn't impart to other students?

7. Wing Chun Australia Under Grandmaster Jim Fung
wing chun Kung Fu guaranteed to be the most efficient form of self defence requiring no brute force. Leisure and Full Time Courses for Self Defence, Fitness, a Healthy Career, and Study in Australia. The Art. wing chun Kung Fu (Ving Tsun Gung Fu) is the world's fastest growing martial art.
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Academy Announcements

The Art
Wing Chun Kung Fu (Ving Tsun Gung Fu) is the world's fastest growing martial art. Rescued from the Chinese Cultural Revolution by Grandmaster Yip Man (Ip Man) and made famous by movie star Bruce Lee, it survives today in its purest form through the teachings of Great Grandmaster (Si Tai Gung) Tsui Seung Tin.
The Master
Grandmaster Jim Fung, who has trained continuously under Great Grandmaster Tsui for more than 40 years, is one of the world's top Wing Chun masters.
The Academy
His International Wing Chun Academy is one of only five schools outside China to be recognised by the esteemed All China Martial Arts Register. It is also the only martial arts school recognised as a tertiary institution by the Australian Government through its Certificate IV Course in Wing Chun Instruction - Course code 90370NSW.
  • As well as teaching students very efficient and scientific Wing Chun self-defence techniques, we show you how to neutralise, absorb and ward off powerful strikes without using brute strength.

8. Nederlandse Wing Chun Federatie
WELCOME TO THE HOMEPAGE OF THE. Dutch wing chun Federation

Dutch WING CHUN Federation


"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." - Albert Einstein
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9. Wing Chun Words
A pronunciation guide to Cantonese, the dialect of Chinese spoken in Hong Kong and wing chun.Category Reference Dictionaries World Languages C Chinese......wing chun Words. This glossary is meant as a pronunciation guide to the termsused in wing chun; it's not meant as a guide to proper spelling. literature
Wing Chun Words
A Cantonese to English Phonetic Glossary. A B C D E F G H I ... N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z This glossary is meant as a pronunciation guide to the terms used in Wing Chun; it's not meant as a guide to proper spelling. Though these words are always pronounced the same, there's no "correct" way to write them in Englishwhich has led to many variations in spelling. The People's Republic of China has modernized and standardized how Chinese is written in English, but this system isn't in widespread use by Chinese outside mainland China. China's official dialect is Mandarinthe way the language is spoken in the Northern capital of Beijing. Many Southern Chinese speak a dialect known as Cantonesethe chief dialect of Hong Kong, and of Wing Chun. Tones are everything in Cantonese. A word can have the meaning of "grandmother" or "horse", the only difference is in the tone! The seven tones of Cantonese, as outlined in Janey Chen's "A Practical English-Chinese Pronouncing Dictionary" (Rutland: Tuttle, 1970), are represented by:

10. Arizona Wing Chun Association (AWCAOnline)
Includes information on Christianity and Martial Arts, links, newsletter, products, and related information. Home Forms eMedia Newsletter ... Traduca La Pagina
The Arizona Wing Chun Association is dedicated to providing a variety of online training resources for the Wing Chun/ Ving Tsun/ Wing Tsun practitioner. Our primary resources are eBooks (electronic books), but we are also planning to release a myriad of training DVD's for those interested in furthering their skills What started as a simple platform for Wing Chun eBooks has grown considerably into one of the most exciting Wing Chun resource centers on the Internet today. Our eBooks are fast-becoming one of the most sought-after tools for online training, in which our two eBooks, Beginner's Guide to Wing Chun Kuen and Strategic Wing Chun , have far surpassed our expectations!

11. Jan's Wing Chun And Chi Sau Tao Kung Fu Home Page All The Wing Chun Forms Online
Personal site on wing chun and Chi Sau Tao styles. Features articles, and links.
Jan's Home Page Check my other site My Son Shannon's first wacky web site Visitors Since June 2002 Contact Me Search this site or the web powered by FreeFind
Site search Web search Please visit this site and make a donation Welcome to Jan's Home Page of Chi Sau Tao and Wing Chun Kung Fu. The only website with all the Wing Chun Forms Complete and my Complete book on Chi Sau Tao Kung Fu online. Note all these pages contain full color images of the forms so they may take up to 5 mins to load so please be patient. History My old web site has been archived for prosperity. If you vist here you can see my old pages going back to 1997 and many other pages as well. New websites I have designed contact me if you want your website designed For samples of My Work check out these sites The Block Sealer Company All you need to seal your drive or to clean moss, algae or oil from your drive. Suppliers of Blocksealer, Concrete sealer and path cleaner

12. - Your Ultimate Resource For Wing Chun Kung Fu
GrandMaster Ip Chun seminar notes and Hong Kong training diary.Category Sports Martial Arts Kung Fu wing your ultimate resource for wing chun kung fu -articles, seminar notes, photos, faqs, wallpapers and more

13. Wing Chun Academy Of Thailand (Siam)
Sells wing chun products such as the wooden dummy, muk yan jong, and butterfly swords.
About Wcats About Wing Chun Wing Chun Products Shopping Cart ... Wing Chun Lessons Wing Chun Comics Coming If you have explored this site previously, and wish to view a specific page now, go to the LINK CHART below, and click the page title. Wing Chun Academy of Thailand is a site that provides online Wing Chun lessons. It also has online Wing Chun comic series created by Danny Xuan. Besides online visual products, it provides quality Wing Chun wooden dummies (Woodman, Muk Yan Jong, Dummy), butterfly swords (Bat Jum Dao, Broadswords), and Kung Fu shoes for sale. Also in making are Wing Chun videos, and Kung Fu uniforms.
LINK CHART: Note that some pages are under construction, therefore, are not linked.

14. Lok Yiu Wing Chun Kung Fu Bühl
Effektive Selbstverteidigung und ganzheitliche Kampfkunst. SiFu Udo GroŸmann Baden-Baden/B¼hl.
Effektive Selbstverteidigung und ganzheitliche Kampfkunst.
Zum Inhalt

KungFu, WingChun, VingTsun, LokYiu, Bühl, Schule, Gung, UdoGroßmann, Selbstverteidigung, BadenBaden, Kampfkunst, Kampfsport, Karate, Chi, Budo, Ortenau, Körperbeherrschung, Fitness, ganzheitlich, Rheinebene, Achern, Rastatt, Offenburg, Do, Tao, Kontrolle, Gesundheit, YipMan, Boxen

15. Dansk Wing Chun Akademi [ DWCA / SKMAA ]
Information om sporten, foreningen, mestre og billeder.

Samuel Kwok Wing Chun Martial Arts Association
Ip Man Ving Tsun Athletic Association
Ip Ching Ving Tsun Martial Arts Association
Ip Chun Wing Chun Martial Arts Association De bedste Hilsner.

16. The Chen Quon Do Federation
Style of martial arts which uses bases of Qi Gong, Tai Chi, wing chun Kunf Fu, and Jeet Kune Do. Includes videos, weapons, training programme and martial arts information.
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17. Associazione Italiana Wing Chun
Promuove, propaganda, diffonde, organizza e disciplina lo studio e la pratica, anche sportiva, del kung fu stile wing chun. Sono presenti informazioni, articoli, news, materiali e recensioni. Link ad altre associazioni di wing chun e a siti di interesse.
Associazione Italiana Wing Chun Seminari: Angelo Nardo Victor Kan Presentazione Immagini ... Materiali /Download Collegamenti a siti di interesse Per informazioni contattare: Sito aggiornato il 24/01/2003 b

18. WingChunKuen.Com Archives
The WingChunKuen.Com Archives preserves the history and methods of wing chun Kuen,including biographies of the legendary founders, honored ancestors, and
WingChunKuen.Com Archives
The WingChunKuen.Com Archives were originally founded in 1995 as the Wing Chun Kuen Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Page but quickly grew beyond the FAQ format. After a few years as a separately maintained site, it was integrated into WingChunKuen.Com in 1999 and has been its foundation ever since. With a strict non-political policy, the WingChunKuen.Com Archives seek to document the art as the various branches themselves have preserved them. This, it is hoped, will help practitioners come to appreciate the true depth and breadth of the Wing Chun Kuen family of systems. Last Modified Wednesday, 05-Dec-01 16:01:08 EST .

19. - -|| H O   W A N   K U N G   F U   A C A D E M Y || -
Teaching wing chun Kung Fu, kickboxing, women's self defense and Ho Wan. Information on weapons training and fitness workouts. Class times and general information. Ipswich, Suffolk, England
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20. - Your Ultimate Resource For Wing Chun Kung Fu
Browse the latest articles on the wing chun system and the theoriesof Kung Fu. Sil Lim Tao, the beginning The Ultimate wing chun.
Browse the latest articles on the Wing Chun system and the theories of Kung Fu.
Example: Ving Tsun by definition
Grandmaster Ip Chun Frequently Asked Questions

Students have posed many questions regarding Wing Chun to Grandmaster Ip Chun over the years, and here is a large collection of his answers, taken from many seminars and classes.
Example: Should you just concentrate on forms at home?
In every living thing there is a spirit to be free...Your wing chun must be alive to be free
Tao Sport UK

The Newsgroup

Details of the newsgroup and an option to subscribe.
Email webmaster: Select an article... Ideas on the Pole Demonstrating WC What is a Sifu? Tao Te Ching... Sink the shoulders Coaching tips Dummy Seminar Drink my tea? WSL book review Returning to the basics Wong Shun Leung Ving Tsun by definition Punching with Structure Chi Sau - addictive Lut Sau Jic Cheung Strength of the Family Specifity of Training Breaking structure Playing in the 'zone' Ideomotor action Self defence and the Law Siu Lim Tao No part of this website may be copied or used without prior permission

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