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         Wing Chun:     more books (100)
  1. The Anatomy of Wing Chun (Book/Video-DVD Set) by Philip Holder, 2005-01-01
  2. Wing Chun Bil Jee: The Deadly Art of Thrusting Fingers by William Cheung, 1983-06
  3. Why Wing Chun Works by Alan Gibson, 2001-09-30
  4. The Foundations of Wing Chun Kung Fu, Vol. 1 by John R. Wahnish, 2003-06
  5. Wing Chun: Traditional Chinese Kung Fu for Self Defence & Health by Ip Chun, 1998-01
  6. Chong Woo Kwan Wing Chun by Joseph Cheng, 2001-11
  7. 116 Wing Tsun Dummy Techniques by Master Yip Chun, 1981
  8. Simple Thinking:Intelligent Fighter: Simple Thinking: Intelligent Fighters v.2: Why Wing Chun Works ll (Martial Arts) (Vol 2) by Alan Gibson, 2002-08-31
  9. Comprehensive Theory and Applications of Wing Chun Sui Lum Tao -Training Manual Volume 2 by Jason, G Kokkorakis, 2006-10-26
  10. Wing Chun Warrior: The True Tales of Wing Chun Kung Fu Master Duncan Leung, Bruce Lee's Fighting Companion by Ken Ing, 2010-07-16
  11. Wing Chun Kung Fu by Karen Armstrong, Sifu Jim Fung, 1985-12
  12. The fantastic techniques of Wing Chun 1 by Andrey Shvets, 2010-08-28
  13. The Deceptive Hands of Wing Chun by Sifu Douglas Wong, 1982-01-29
  14. Tao of Wing Chun Do: Mind and Body in Harmony (Volume I, Part I) by James W. DeMILE, 1988-02-01

21. Gewinnspiel Der Wing Chun Academy Hilden
Chinesische Selbstverteidigung mit SiFu B¶ttcher.
Wing Chun Academy Hilden 40721 Hilden
Tel.: 02103 - 6710
dwco-aktuell Sommercamp ...
Gewinnen Sie jetzt: 10 Trainingseinheiten!
H E R Z L I C H W I L L K O M M E N ... Die Wing Chun Academy Hilden,
ist eine Fachschule für
chinesische Selbstverteidigung,
und Mitglied der D.W.C.O.
unter Leitung von
SiFu Ulrich Böttcher Das Ausbildungsangebot der
WCA-Hilden umfasst: Gruppen-Kleingruppen-Einzelunterricht,Gruppenleiter und Lehrerausbildung, sowie das äußerst effektive Stockkampfsystem "ESCRIMA". Trainingszeiten: täglich ab 17.30 Uhr, außer freitags, Samstag von 11.00-13.00Uhr, kostenlose Einführung. Privatstunden und Lehrerausbildung, nach telefonischer Vereinbarung.
Wir würden uns freuen, Sie persönlich kennenzulernen um Ihnen die Welt des Wing Chun, etwas näher zu bringen.

22. Peterborough & Oundle Wingchun
Certified branches of the wing chun Kung Fu Council and the Ip Ching wing chun Athletic Association. Includes seminars with fully certified masters, instructors, training methods, photographs, news, message board and general information.
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23. Welkom Bij Traditioneel Wing Chun Kung Fu Nederland
wing chun school in onder meer Naaldwijk en Monster. Geschiedenis, technieken en andere informatie over deze Chinese vechtsport. Verder een aantal foto's en filmpjes.
Welkom op de site van Traditioneel Wing Chun Kung Fu Nederland
S n e l , S i m p e l , E f f e c t i e f
updated 22 februari 2003
[ Nieuwe foto's toegevoegd 18 februari 2003 ] [ Volgende Zelfverdedigingscursus start op 7 maart 2003 in Monster, nog 3 plaatsen beschikbaar ] [ Download de nieuwe Background voor de computer (1024 x 768). Multimedia -> Foto's ] [ Traditioneel Wing Chun Kung Fu Nederland aangesloten bij de Shaolin Bond Nederland, ] [ Neem nu Wing Chun lessen overdag !! Lokatie: Wateringen ] [ E-mail voor meer informatie ]

24. Home
Based upon Karate, wing chun Gung Fu and Aikido.
Renwaku Bujutsu and the Renwaku Bujutsu name and logo are sole copywright to Dave C Jones 2002
Renwaku Bujutsu is designed for
The Renwaku Bujutsu Organisation, and its founder Dave C Jones take no responsibility, legal or otherwise, for any injury or harm caused by any irresponsible or unsupervised practice of the Renwaku Bujutsu system and technique. ABOUT THE LOGO " My influence to create the Renwaku Bujutsu system was the simple effectiveness and fluid movement that is obtained from combining different techniques from within the existing individual styles with my own principles of self defence ". " Over the years I have spent a great deal of my time thinking and conceptualising a self defence system, that takes the best and most effective technique from various styles, adds my own personal theory and technique, and combines this all together in one style or

25. Wing Chun Australia
behind martial arts. It was not until he came into contact with WingChun when he was older that this happened. He took up Wing
I N T E R N A T I O N A L W I N G C H U N A C A D E M Y back // Tsui Seung Tin
Tsui Seung Tin's first martial art was Tai Chi, which he began training in as a child. He practised it for seven years but developed no real appreciation for the logic behind martial arts. It was not until he came into contact with Wing Chun when he was older that this happened. He took up Wing Chun after watching Yip Man's class at Sham Sha Po, which was conducted in the building where he worked as secretary of the H.K. Restaurant and Beverage Workers' Union. His first class was on January 1, 1951, and he has practised the art from morning until night ever since. In his early days, he enjoyed putting his Wing Chun skills to the test against other fighting styles by taking part in invitation bouts. No protective body gear was worn and Great Grandmaster Tsui never lost a bout. Tsui Seung Tin was one of the four closed door students of Yip Man and the longest serving. During this time, he conducted most of Yip Man's classes on his behalf. His diligent training and incredible insight into the art of Wing Chun saw his skills surpass those of his master, as Yip Man admitted in a newspaper interview before his death. This earned Tsui Seung Tin the unofficial title of "King of Sil Lum Tao". Today, Great Grandmaster Tsui still teaches to a small, select group in Hong Kong. His is regarded as a living legend in Wing Chun circles and is without doubt the most knowledgeable Wing Chun master alive today.

26. CRCA Official Website Homepage - Created By: De Virgilio Vincenzo
Accademia intercontinentale fondata dal maestro Randy Williams. Il sito tratta la sezione di Bari contiene il curriculum e la storia del maestro, informazioni sulla pratica, storia e filosofia del wing chun, contatti, link e gallerie fotografiche.
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27. Midlands Wing Chun Kuen - Authentic And Traditional Wing Chun Kuen
Information on starting training, classes and location, instructor profile and rank progression. Category Sports Martial Arts Europe United Kingdom......enter Midlands wing chun Kuen, enter site, © 19822002 Midlandswing chun Kuen Design patent act 2002.

28. This Is The Newly Published Book By The Son Of Grandmaster Ip Man
Training, journal, masters, news and projects, schools directory, supplies, photographs, certification Category Sports Martial Arts Kung Fu wing chun Organizations...... Matthew Spaulding opens wing chun school in Russia Carlos Coloradoadvanced to the level of Sifu. The Latest wing chun in Italy.

Bypassing This News Page
The New Book by
Grandmaster Ip Ching
This is the newly published book by the son of Grandmaster Ip Man. It is the life and times of the greatest Wing Chun man that ever lived. This book is authored by Grandmaster Ip Ching along with Ron Heimberger and Eric Li. How To Build Your Own Wooden Dummy
Electronic Book over the internet or on CD
Sifu Carlos Colorado, the official Wooden Dummy maker of the Wing Chun Kung Fu Council since 1996, and an advanced Wing Chun instructor himself, explains the process of building the perfect Wooden Dummy in his popular book, “How To Build A Wooden Dummy.” Many color photos illustrate the process of making a dummy with the same exact measurements found on Grandmaster Ip Man’s personal dummy. To help the builder understand more clearly, Sifu Colorado includes a set of measured drawings. These drawings, along with the illustrated instructions, can be used by you to build a personal dummy or taken to a master craftsman to do the work for you. This book is 53 pages long, 80 color photos, and 10 measured drawings. And is available as either an immediate download over the Internet, or on CD sent through the mail.

29. MaiGeiWong Guangzhou Wing Chun
Česk¡ asociace wing chun Kung Fu. Novinky, Å¡koly a pl¡n v½uky, čl¡nky, video.
Tyto stranky byly presunuty na
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Lessons, history, gallery, animations, video clips, lineage, articles, gradings, seminars and events, Category Sports Martial Arts North America United States...... And when we realize that our true Self is one of pure potentiality, we align withthe power that manifests everything in the universe . Take the journey .
"And when we realize that our true Self is one of pure potentiality, we align with the power that manifests everything in the universe" Take the journey

31. Selbstverteidigung - Persönlichkeitsbildung - Schutz
Stellt die Sportarten wing chun und Real Arnis vor und informiert ¼ber die Ausbildung in Wien.

Yung T. Freda 9. Dan in Graz
23. und 12. Bezirk
5. Tibeter * Yoga *
Langlebigkeits Chi-Gong *
im 12. Bezirk
Austin Goh und Gordan Kljajic beim Wing-Chun Seminar in Graz. Newsletter

32. Wing Chun, The Ultimate Fighting And Self Defence System
Describes the forms of wing chun. Includes history and articles.Category Sports Martial Arts Kung Fu wing chun......this site completely describes the forms of wing chun, use this site asa reference. This site is about the technical aspects of wing chun.
Wing Chun Fighting System The date and time is
Siu Lim Tau (first form) Chum Kiu (second form) Biu Gee (third form)
Class Map

The purpose of this site is to freely provide information and knowledge about the Wing Chun fighting system. The information contained in these pages has been written by my Sifu, Trevor Jefferson. This site is about the technical aspects of wing chun. A special thanks is in order for my sifu who has taken the time to write out the Wing Chun forms and make them freely available.
History of Wing Chun

Yip Chun Seminar Pics
View my guestbook Sign my guestbook ... Biu-tiful Springtime Knife Form Pole Form Wooden Dummy Form Discussion Board Interviews

33. Hissyfit - You're Entitled To Our Opinion
Care of (Personal) Business wing chun Now I know Reason 452 why I could neverbe on Survivor; if I had to go that long without a shower, I would fall apart.
Home Hissyfits Popcult Bad Teen Novel ... About "He was a thief and he was a disturbed man. If we learn anything from him, it's do not steal and don't be disturbed." - Jack Field, The Good Girl Taking Care of (Personal) Business
Wing Chun - Now I know Reason #452 why I could never be on Survivor ; if I had to go that long without a shower, I would fall apart.
Chapter 23: The Not-So-Great Escape

Bad Teen Novel - "This has got to be the stupidest hideout!" Sonja whisper-screamed, as the two stole down the stairs. "A ten-minute bus ride and we'll be right at home!"
Chapter 22: Numb, Some More

Bad Teen Novel - Sure, Mr. Schultz thought, as he walked up the stairs. We've lost a member of our family to a drunk driver. Sure, Kelsey and Nina were closer than most siblings. But Nina has carried this too far. It's time for her to return to the real world.
The Unhappy Camper

Hissyfits - Okay, we're not the original Odd Couple (which kills our chances of starring in a sitcom), but the Sunshine Girl and I are Green Acres in reverse. She loves the country life; give me Park Avenue. When we pass the local Moosejaw storefront, she stops and gazes lovingly at the canoes. We went in once, waiting to see a movie next door, and I swear I heard her softly moaning as we walked aisles of tents and paddles and backpacks.

34. Index
Se adresează iubitoriilor artei wing chun din Rom¢nia c¢t şi tuturor celor ce sunt interesaÅ£i de promovarea KungFu-ului autentic.

35. Hissyfit - You're Entitled To Our Opinion
wing chun 2003 » J F M A M J J A S O N D 2002 2001 2000 1999 1998 Links. March 2003 Email wing chun or Glark © 19972001 Über Interactive.

36. Wing Chun Kung Fu - Kent Branch (UK)
Find out where to learn wing chun kung fu in Kent, UK.
Welcome to the Kent branch of the UKWCKFA
Chief Instructor : Master James Sinclair
Kent Representative : Sifu Steve Hazell
Whether you are already training in wing chun or simply interested in finding out about it then have a look around this site - you're sure to find something of interest.
- Personal Training
- Personal Wing Chun Tuition Click here to find out more
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right-click 'Download' and choose 'Save Target As'
Sparring (3 secs)
3 mins download Slow Motion (11 secs)
15 mins download Sparring (4 secs)
4 mins download Sparring (10 secs) 14 mins download home introduction why wing chun?

37. Wing Chun Kwoon
Traditional wing chun Academy of Michigan. Sections include philosophy, principles, forms, and weapons.Category Sports Martial Arts North America United written for students of the wing chun system and potential students in orderto clarify the many misconceptions regarding training methods, theories, and
Through studying I have learned that many martial arts systems have value. Moreover, a person who studies a particular style that you may consider inferior to yours may in fact prevail over you in actual combat due to his/her spirit, tenacity, and most importantly, hard training. The most important factor that determines the effectiveness of a martial art is the person who is training in it. Even a well instructed Wing Chun practitioner might prove to be ineffective if he/she does not train diligently. You must develop a strict training regimen and stick to it. There are many different styles of Wing Chun but the Yip Man school has produced the most famous fighters, Wong Sheung Leung, William Cheung, and Bruce Lee, etc. After four years of study at the kwoon (school) William Cheung moved into Yip Man's home and learned a more practical version of Wing Chun for almost four more years under a strict promise not to teach anyone even his own brother until Yip Man's death. This has caused a controversy between the other Wing Chun Sifus who dispute the fact that William Cheung did learn a different version of Wing Chun from Yip Man. I was a student of another Wing Chun version for 13 years and was a Sifu when I became a student of Grandmaster William Cheung in 1983. He changed my whole perspective in regard to Wing Chun forever. This site is dedicated to Grandmaster William Cheung and to my students.
Sifu Phillip Redmond
Elysian Forge

38. Wing Chun Australia
El Gran Maestro Jim Fung ense±a un m©todo de defensa personal sin uso de la fuerza bruta.
I N T E R N A T I O N A L W I N G C H U N A C A D E M Y APRENDE UNA CARRERA SANA , LUCRATIVA , E INTERESANTE HACIENDO ALGO QUE TE GUSTA Y PUEDES USAR EN CUALQUIER PARTE DEL MUNDO. WING CHUN KUNG FU- CARRERA DEL SIGLO XXI //Que es Wing Chun ? En el sistema no existen patadas voladoras y espectaculares, o bloqueos duros.El movimiento mas espectacular del estilo es el one-inch punch, el cual se realiza a muy corta distancia, y en un parpadeo de ojos.Este golpe, evidencia el remarcado poder del Chi en Wing Chun, ya que el oponente, puede salir disparado a mas de tres metros de distancia despues de recivir este golpe. //El Maestro Jim Fung Y Su Academia Internacional De Wing Chun Las cualidades personales del maestro Fung han ayudado a perpetuar el Wing Chun en su forma mas tradicional.El gobierno Chino ha reconocido este trabajo, y ha incluido a la Academia en elregistro de las artes marciales chinas, publicada en noviembre de 1998. Clases son impartidas en la Academia, y en sucursales de tres estados Australianos siete dias a la semana.

39. Stanford University Wing Chun Student Association: Main
The Stanford University wing chun Student Association (SUWCSA) is a formalStanford University Student Activity. wing chun Kuen Kung Fu.
Stanford University Wing Chun Student Association
Wing Chun Kuen Kung Fu
The Stanford University Wing Chun Student Association (SUWCSA) is a formal Stanford University Student Activity. Our club is dedicated to passing down the pure kung fu tradition of our wing chun kuen ancestors: From Ng Mui and Yim Wing Chun through Yip Man, Leung Sheung, and Kenneth Chung (Chung Maannin). The club is also open to members of the surrounding community. Wing Chun Kung Fu's roots can be traced from the Southern Shaolin Temple in China to the late Grand Master Yip Man (shown "playing" the wooden dummy, right). It is one of the few martial arts that attributes its origins to a woman . Although popularized as Bruce Lee 's "mother art," the practice of Wing Chun remains substantially different from his Jeet Kune Do. Taught as a predominantly internally-oriented ( nei lu ) style stressing technique, sensitivity, and subtle awareness instead of brute force, Wing Chun provides practical self-defense for men and woman and a means for developing the mind and spirit.

40. Club De Montréal Fong's Wing Chun Gung Fu Michel Boulet, Club De Montréal Fong
Historique de cette pratique martiale, formes, questions fr©quentes, principes et liens. Pr©sentation des activit©s de ce club de Montr©al.

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