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         Wing Chun:     more books (100)
  1. Tao of Wing Chun Do, Vol. 2: Bruce Lee's Chi Sao by James W DeMile, 1977
  2. Chum Kiu and Footwork (Wing Chun Gung Fu The Explosive Art of Close Range Combat, Volume II) by Randy Williams, 1989
  3. Wing Chun Kung-fu Volume 1: Basic Forms & Principles (Chinese Martial Arts Library) by Joseph Wayne Smith Dr., 1992-08-15
  4. Applied Concepts of Wing Chun Kung Fu Volume 2 by John Ryan Wahnish, 2006-01-01
  5. Wing Chun: Unusual Discoveries Behind the Common Belief by Petar Iv. Petrov, 2009-10-08
  6. Wing Chun wooden dummy by Sam Hing F Chan, 2002
  7. WING CHUN KUNG FU - Chinese Art of Self-Defense by J. Yimm Lee, 1978
  8. Traditional Wooden Dummy: Ip Man's Wing Chun System by Samuel Kwok, Tony Massengill, 2009-10
  9. Leung Jan Wing Chun by Axel Oschlies, 2004-10-31
  10. Yuen Woo-ping's Wing Chun (The New Hong Kong Cinema Series) by Sasha Vojkovic, 2009-07-15
  11. Bruce Lee Between Wing Chun and Jeet Kune Do by Jesse Glover, 1976-01-01
  12. Wing Chun Kung Fu: Advanced Form by Austin Goh, 2000-09-13
  13. The Wing Chun Forms: Wing Chun Forms - Combat Textbooks v. 3 by Alan Gibson, 2003-08-15
  14. The fantastic techniques of Wing Chun 2 by Andrey Shvets, 2010-08-28

41. History And Principles Of Wing Chun Kung Fu
History and Principles of wing chun Kung Fu. wing chun ( glorifying springtime )Kung Fu is a Chinese internally oriented (nei lu) martial art system.
History and Principles of Wing Chun Kung Fu
Wing Chun ("glorifying springtime") Kung Fu is a Chinese "internally oriented" (nei lu) martial art system. It is a recent system that was developed in reaction to "external" styles which rely upon power and strength. Wing Chun was named after a woman known as Yim Wing Chun by her husband Leung Pok To in tribute to her superior skills as a martial artist. Yim Wing Chun was taught her art by Ng Mui . Ng Mui was Abbess (female superior) and one of the "five elders" (Abbess Ng Mui, Abbot Chi/Jee Shin, Abbot Pak Mei, Master Fung To Tak and Master Miu Hin ) of the Southern Shaolin Temple, a Buddhist monastery at Mt. Sung, Honan, China. Along with the other five elders, Ng Mui survived the destruction of the temple due to the trechary of the monk Ma Ning Yee and others, during the Ch'ing Dynasty , in the late 18th century. Fleeing to the White Crane Temple on Mt. Tai, Leung Ng Mui meet Yim Wing Chun's family. A local bully was trying to force Yim Wing Chun to marry him. In a gesture of sympathy and help, Ng Mui taught Yim Wing Chun a system of self-defense to enable her to "defeat" the bully. In part, Wing Chun is famous for certain of its distinctive features, including: the

42. Welcome To The Italian School Of Wing Chung Kung Fu / Self Defense Combat.
Lo stile originale nella tradizione di Yip Man. Foto, storia, filosofia e curriculum del SiFu Nello Neri.
Please choose your language.
Seleziona la tua lingua.

43. Welcome To BLT Supplies Online
Complete selection of martial arts supplies for karate, kungfu, wing chun, Shaolin, Ninja, and Tai Chi.
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BLT Martial Arts Store
BLT and staff continue to support America's effort in this time of war and recovery. God Bless America.

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44. [] – Kínai Harcművészet és Kultúra
Lap (a) wing chunr³l
Wing Chun

45. Västerås Wing Chun
Kalendarium, bilder och klubbinfo.

46. Wing Chun Network - Kung Fu
Techniques, pictures, forms and articles.Category Sports Martial Arts Schools and Instruction Europe......Welcome to wing chun Network Visit the new Kung Fu Smart Website, more soon .wing chun Network © copyright 1996 2002, MC van Wagtendonk.
Welcome to Wing Chun Network
Visit the new Kung Fu Smart Website, more soon....

47. Wing Chun Kung Fu
Information site by fifteen year old Joe.Category Sports Martial Arts Kung Fu wing chun......wing chun Kung Fu. The art of wing chun. Either he is a liar or is deceivinghimself. wing chun kung fu is a very sophisticated weaponnothing else.
Wing Chun Kung Fu
The art of Wing Chun
Contact me @
Don't forget to sign my guestbook below
"Self-defense is only an illusion, a dark cloak beneath which lurks a razor-sharp dagger waiting to be plunged into the first unwary victim.
Whoever declares that any weapon manufactured today, whether it be a nuclear missle or a .38 special, is created for self-defense should look a little more closely at his own image in the mirror. Either he is a liar or is deceiving himself.
Wing Chun kung fu is a very sophisticated weaponnothing else. It is a science of combat, the intent of which is the total incapacitation of an opponent. It is straightforward, efficient and deadly. If you're looking to learn self-defense, don't study Wing Chun. It would be better for you to master the art of invisibility"
Wong Shun Leung
About Myself
About Wing Chun
Wing Chun History
Wing Chun Vocab
Martial Arts Links Lineage Me performing Sil Lum Tau and Chum Kui NOTE:The server is not always up.If this link does not work at the time you access it,try again later... Frenzy Radio...The Most Listened To Hardcore Station

48. Elywcimaa CZ - Titulní Stránka
Organization, schools, books and contact details. English/Italian/GermanCategory Sports Martial Arts Kung Fu wing chun Organizations......Úvod Zprávy Akce wing chun Co je wing chun Historie wing chun Lok Yiu wing chunVznik ELYWCIMAA Jedinecnost wing chun Cesta wing chun Rodokmen Rodinné


Wing Chun
Co je Wing Chun

Historie Wing Chun

Lok Yiu Wing Chun

Rodinné vztahy

Ostrava Kladno Frýdek Místek ... Jak zaèít ? Zkušební program Siu Lim Tau Cham Kiu Cvièební stupnì Insider Èíslo 1 Èíslo 2 Èíslo 3 Èíslo 4 ... Èíslo 7 Fotogalerie Semináøe W. Blech Praha - podzim 1999 Praha - jaro 2000 F-M - jaro 2000 Praha - podzim 2000 ... F-M - podzim 2000 Semináøe A. Asadi F-M - podzim 2002 Semináøe P. Brunner Letní 1999 Letní 2000 Letní 2001 Ostatní Zkoušky Praha 2002 Hong Kong 1997 Hong Kong 2002 Ostatní Rozhovory Lok Yiu Lok Keng Sang Lok Keng Kwong Wilhelm Blech Z tisku ÈD pro Vás BUDO JOURNAL Fighter´s magazin Fighter´s magazin ... Napište nám Aktualizace : 03.03.2003, 14:00 CET Vítejte na oficiálních stránkách ELYWCIMAA v Èeské republice. Tyto stránky jsou vìnovány bojovému umìní WING CHUN KUNG FU Pro pokraèování v èeském jazyce využijte prosím nìkterý z odkazù naší nabídky, umístìné nalevo. (foto: SiFu Wilhelm Blech, evropský zástupce mistra Lok Yiu, Hong Kong) Odkaz : Yip Man's Students Welcome to ELYWCIMAA pages in the Czech Republic. Choose your prefered language to continue.

49. New Page 1
Instruction by Sifu Wahnish. Lists classes, seminars, private instruction and supplies. New York, NYCategory Sports Martial Arts United States New York......
This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.

50. Wing Chun Kung Fu By Mike Felder

51. School Info About Chong's Kung Fu
Sifu Chong teaches Yip Man and Pan Nam style wing chun, and also Bak Mei. Includes history, biography, Category Sports Martial Arts Kung Fu White Eyebrow...... Chong's wing chun Bak Mei Site. NEW!! Last updated March 14, 2003. Chong’s WingChun Kung Fu Association was founded 18 years ago by Sifu Eddie Chong.
7039 S. Land Park Drive, Sacramento CA 95831, Ph. 916/424-4710 Home Bio History Yip Man's Style ... Chong's Wing Chun Bak Mei Site NEW!! Advanced CHI SAO videos for $71.99 just released. Order it from our Products page . Coming next month, White Eyebrow video. Contact close quarter combat self-defense seminars Sifu Chong Michael , former DEA agent and military police officer. Read an article by the Sacramento Bee about Sifu Chong, published August 2, 2000 Details White Eyebrow videotapes are still in Postproduction. It's getting closer to being completed. Please check back occasionally for an announcement about their release. See a picture of the attendees at Sifu Chong's most recent Fushan dummy seminar in Sacramento. Taken 12/15/01 108K. Last updated March 14, 2003. Sifu Chong teaches three systems of kung fu:
  • Yip Man/Leung Sheung's Wing Chun
  • Pan Nam's Wing Chun
  • White Eyebrow
Sifu Chong also teaches Qigong. The current class schedule is: CLASSES DAYS TIME ADULTS Mon, Wed, Fri
Saturday 6:30 pm-9:30 pm
9:30 am-12:30 pm CHILDREN Mon,Wed, Fri

52. American Made Wing Chun Wooden Dummy
The Great Lion Company home of quality, Americanmade Wooden Dummy training devices for wing chun Kung Fu, Jeet Kune Do and other martial arts.
Welcome to The Great Lion Company's Internet showcase of highest quality Wooden Dummy training and training devices for Wing Chun Kung Fu, Jeet Kune Do, and other martial arts. Our Muk Yang Jongs are constructed using the very finest in materials and craftsmanship. We invite you to browse our 2002 online catalog and see why we think our Wooden Dummy is the best available at any price. The Great Lion Company
P.O. Box 47905, Atlanta, Georgia 30362
Phone: 770-458-3719

53. Wing Chun Australia
Translate this page wing chun KUNG FU- CARRERA DEL SIGLO XXI. //Que es wing chun ? WingChun es un arte marcial simple, lógico, y científico, que provee
I N T E R N A T I O N A L W I N G C H U N A C A D E M Y APRENDE UNA CARRERA SANA , LUCRATIVA , E INTERESANTE HACIENDO ALGO QUE TE GUSTA Y PUEDES USAR EN CUALQUIER PARTE DEL MUNDO. WING CHUN KUNG FU- CARRERA DEL SIGLO XXI //Que es Wing Chun ? En el sistema no existen patadas voladoras y espectaculares, o bloqueos duros.El movimiento mas espectacular del estilo es el one-inch punch, el cual se realiza a muy corta distancia, y en un parpadeo de ojos.Este golpe, evidencia el remarcado poder del Chi en Wing Chun, ya que el oponente, puede salir disparado a mas de tres metros de distancia despues de recivir este golpe. //El Maestro Jim Fung Y Su Academia Internacional De Wing Chun Las cualidades personales del maestro Fung han ayudado a perpetuar el Wing Chun en su forma mas tradicional.El gobierno Chino ha reconocido este trabajo, y ha incluido a la Academia en elregistro de las artes marciales chinas, publicada en noviembre de 1998. Clases son impartidas en la Academia, y en sucursales de tres estados Australianos siete dias a la semana.

54. Wing Chun - Interactive
An interactive website dedicated to teaching wing chun theories, 1st form and applications.Category Sports Martial Arts Kung Fu wing chun......wing chun Kung Fu, traditional instruction of this Southern ChineseSystem online. You will need the FLASH plugin to view this site.
You will need the FLASH plugin to view this site.
If you can't see the animation above, Click here to download FLASH

Site dedicated to Bruce Lee with photos and music.

56. Wing Chun Australia
Translate this page wing chun KUNG FU - KARRIERE VOM 21ST JAHRHUNDERT. //Was ist wing chun?wing chun ist eine logische, wissenschaftliche, dennoch einfache
//Grandmaster Jim Fung und seine internationale Wing Chun Akademie
//Warum ist die Wing Chun Schule einmalig
fragen, nicht gerade kopieren sie.
Bestandteil des Systems bildet.
//Die Wert des Lernens der echten kunst
Grandmaster Fung sagt:
//Bescheinigungen I, II, III u. IV in der Anweisung Wing Chun
//Monate der Bescheinigung
  • Bescheinigung I- 9 Monate Bescheinigung II - 12. Monate Bescheinigung III - 18. Monate Bescheinigung IV - 24. Monate
In der grundlegenden verteidigung Wing Chun Selbstist (course code 90373NSW) ist ein 18-month Kurs, der vor-erste Stufe dem Standardauszubildendausbilder Kursteilnehmer nimmt. Dieses aktiviert den Kursteilnehmer, Selbstverteidigung zu unterrichten, um die Stufe und das Design mit 3 Vermittlern zu ordnen und fachkundige Kurse zum Zwischenstandard zu unterrichten. Bescheinigung IV in den Anweisungen Wing Chun (course code 90370NSW)
  • Ejemplo de costes ($AUS) zum Sein zahlbare private Kapital GESAMT
  • Bescheinigung II (12 Monate) $4.800

57. Gorden Lu
An introduction to wing chun. Gorden Lu is the third generation from the wing chun master Yip Man's Category Sports Martial Arts Kung Fu wing chun......wing chun Kung Fu page of Sifu Gorden Lu. The third generation WingChun kung Fu practioner of Grandmaster Yip Man's family son

58. Framed Page
Modern Arnis using Jeet Kwon Do concepts including Kung Fu, wing chun, Mano Mano, wrestling and weapons.

59. Yukong.Le Meilleur Des Arts Martiaux.Cours Et Stages De Budo,Kung Fu,Boxing,Comb
Cette organisation se propose de promouvoir plusieurs arts martiaux et sports de combat. Kung fu, wing chun, qi gong, tai chi chuan, aikido, karate kyokushinkai, kick boxing, luttecontact, capoeira, self-d©fense. Cours, stages, comp©titions.
LE MEILLEUR DES ARTS MARTIAUX Nous travaillons au développement des disciplines suivantes : Kung fu Yi Chuan-Dachenchuan Taichi Chuan Qi Gong Wing Chun, Jeet Kune Do Aikido Karaté Kyokushinkai Grappeling Lutte Contact Kick Boxing Capoeira Combat Complet Yukong Organisation travaille à développer ces pratiques au travers les Instituts et Clubs qui collaborent avec nous afin de mieux faire connaître ce qui correspond à nos critères de qualité et d’efficacité et permettre aux pratiquants de se rencontrer, décloisonner les pratiques qui vivent en vase clos et contribuer à élaborer ce que seront les disciplines de demain. Les meilleurs experts européens participent à notre travail et vous trouverez dans la liste des disciplines que nous enseignons la présentation des Professeurs qui ont la responsabilité de l' enseignement. Toute l’année, parallèlement aux cours de semaine, nous organisons de grands stages animés par des experts très renommés.Ces stages sont de véritables outils de travail ou le programme pédagogique est conçu pour concernés les pratiquants les plus avancés comme les débutants.Vous trouverez la liste de ces stages sur la page « Stages » de ce site.Ne manquez pas de la consulter régulièrement, elle est très souvent actualisée.

60. Wing Chun Do
Details history and development of fighting style and provides instructor profiles and class schedules.

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