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         Wing Chun:     more books (100)
  1. Wing Chun - Siu Lim Tau for the Solo Student by Mark Beardsell, 2010-07-17
  2. Wing Chun Kung Fu/Jeet Kune Do: A Comparison, Volume 1 (Literary Links to the Orient) by William Cheung, Ted Wong, 1990-12-01
  3. Advanced Wing Chun Kung Fu by Dunn Wah, 1991-12
  4. Wing Chun (Spanish Edition) by Yip Chun, 1999-02-04
  5. Wing Chun Kung-fu Volume 3: Weapons & Advanced Techniques (Chinese Martial Arts Library) by Joseph Wayne Smith Dr., 1992-12-15
  6. The Authentic Wing Chun Weapons by Sifu Jim Fung, 1986-03-04
  7. Fong's Wing Chun Kuen: Volume 1: Sui Lim Tau and Chum Kiu by Augustine Fong (Fong Chi Wing), 1982
  8. Bruce Lee: between Wing Chun and Jeet Kune Do HD 26 by Jesse R Glover, 1976
  9. NUCLEUS OF THE WING CHUN SYSTEM by Stephen T K Chan, 1984
  10. Chong Woo Kwan: Wing Chun by Master Joseph Cheng, 1978
  11. Breaking Power of Wing Chun by Austin Goh, 1996-04
  12. Grandmaster Cheung's Wing Chun Kung Fu by William M. Cheung, 2007-09
  13. BaiSao: Wing Chun's Taproot
  14. Wing Chun Kung Fu: Chinese Self-Defence Methods by R. Claunitzer, 1969

61. Wing Chun-kampfkunst-kampfsport-selbstverteidigung-wien-zentrum-training
Berichtet ¼ber das wing chun Training, den Kampfstil selbst, seine Charakteristik und die geschichtliche Entwicklung.
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62. Bay Area Wing Chun Associations
School directory, events, biographies and general information.Category Sports Martial Arts United States California......Bay Area wing chun Association. BBS/Chat. WebX/Chat. Coming Events. WingChun Schools. San Jose The San Jose wing chun Association, led

Bay Area Wing Chun Association
Coming Events
Wing Chun Schools
  • San Jose The San Jose Wing Chun Association, led by Sifu Ben Der, has been teaching students since 1973. Founded under the Leung Sheung lineage through Sifu Kenneth Chung, this school has a wide variety of talent and contains students who have studied Wing Chun for up to 20 years under Sifu Ben Der.
  • San Francisco/DeAnza The San Francisco Wing Chun Association, led by Sifu Kenneth Chung, has been teaching students since 1968. Founded under the Leung Sheung lineage, Sifu Kenneth Chung's school also contains a wide variety of skills and talents, and is responsible for the founding of the school in San Jose. Don't ask where the energy comes from unless you want to experience it first hand
  • Stanford
  • Seattle
  • Houston
  • Los Angeles ...
  • Rochester, NY
Wing Chun Historical Information
Wing chun is the name of a system of martial arts developed in southern China approximately 300 years ago. Its originator, the Buddhist nun Ng Mui, was a master of Shaolin Kung Fu, and used this knowledge to invent a way to take advantage of the weaknesses inherent in the other Shaolin systems. This new system was well-guarded, and passed on to only a few, very dedicated students. Later, the style became known as

63. WingChun.Net
Library, dictionary, techniques, lineage, products, bulletin board, FAQs and links.Category Sports Martial Arts Kung Fu wing chun......WingChun.Net Ling Wood Chuan wing chun Kung Fu, Boxing, and Kickboxing

64. Do You Want To Learn REAL Kung Fu?
Details on Internal and External Kung Fu. The system embraces all the essence of wing chun, Ba Gua, Hsing Yi, Tai Chi and Dachengquan. Articles, students, history and style information.
"There is only one way to learn real Kung Fu - one to one." (Phil Allen)
Beginners and experienced martial artists are welcome. ENTER

65. Wing Chun
Links include resources on acupuncture, herbs, alternative health.Category Health Alternative Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine...... Link wing chun. Extras. The Unofficial Bruce Lee Home Page.
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...Over 700 Links and Growing!...
Wing Chun
Philippino Martial Arts Boxing Kickboxing ... Add a Link
Wing Chun
Origin of Wing Chun By Yip Man Wing Chun Books Wing Chun Schools Wing Chun World The Ving Tsun Museum The Wing Chun Archives Planet Wing Chun Ving Tsun Athletic Association Ip Man's Ving Tsun Kung Fu Wang Kiu: Theory of Wing Chun and The Yellow Rose Wing Chun Association Wong Shun Leung Ving Tsun Kung Fu Association Ving Tsun Organization (Germany - Wong Shun Leung!) Gary Lam Wing Chun Kung Fu: Monterey Park, California (Wong Shun Leung) Ving Tsun Delta (Wong Shun Leung - Available in German!) The Great Master Moy Yat's Page! Moy Yat Ving Tsun Kung Fu of Tallahassee, Florida The Official Sunny Tang (Dunn Wah) Ving Tsun Website - (Moy Yat Lineage) Ving Tsun Centre, Stoney Creek - Sifu Chris Hader (Sunny Tang Lineage) Yip Ching Wing Chun Kung Fu Council Yip Chun's Wing Chun Martial Arts: Principles and Techniques Book Ip Chun Wing Chun Kuen Martial Arts Association Samuel Kwok wing Chun Martial Art Association (Ip Chun and Ip Ching Lineage) Ning Mui Kung Fu Organisation - Lex Reinhart (Samuel Kwok Lineage) Master Jim Fung's International Wing Chun Academy (Tsui Sheng Tin Lineage) Lo Man Kam Wing Chun Kung Fu Federation Sifu Bruce Cheng Wing Chun Kung Fu - New Zealand (Lo Man Kam Lineage) Sifu Mike Felder Wing Chun Kung Fu (Lo Man Kam Lineage) The World Wing Chun Kung Fu Association - William Cheung RedJunk.Net

66. Lo Man Kam Wing Chun Kung Fu Association
wing chun Kung Fu System von Sifu Lo Man Kam aus Taiwan. Mit Schulverzeichnis.
China Lo Man Kam
Wing Chun Kung Fu Federation

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67. Shaolin Wing Chun Nam Anh Kung Fu
Dedicated to the protection and promotion of the precious heritage of the orthodox Shaolin wing chun Category Sports Martial Arts North America Canada......

68. Kenpo Kune Do
Kenpo, wing chun, JKD and oriental weapons certification via distance learning program.

69. Wing Chun Center
A practical approach to one of the worlds most fascinating forms of Shaolin Kung FuCategory Sports Martial Arts North America......wing chun Kung Fu is one of the most practical martial arts. We welcome thosecurrently studying or training in wing chun to enjoy our web page.



... Mailing List

Wing Chun Kung Fu is one of the most practical martial arts. The North American Wing Chun Association is a non-political organization dedicated to growth and development of this extraordinary form of Kung Fu. We welcome those currently studying or training in Wing Chun to enjoy our web page. Whatever your Wing Chun background, we have in common our love of this fascinating art. To those studying other arts (Judo, Jujitsu, Karate, Boxing, Tae-kwon-do, aikido, Yoga, etc.) we hope that this page will provide information that will enhance your base of knowledge in the martial arts. Dr. Philip Holder - Grandmaster, North American Wing Chun Association
Contact Information
Electronic mail
General Information:

70. Omega Wing Chun - Wong Shun Leung
Organizzazione Marzialisti E GongFu Amatori. Sito dedicato al wing chun, presenta la descrizione dell'associazione e dello stile di cui si occupa, il programma di studio, news, articoli, link di interesse.
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Organizzazione Marzialisti E Gong-Fu Amatori

Wing Chun ... Links Benvenuti nel sito ufficiale della OMEGA dedicato alla divulgazione del Wing Chun di WONG SHUN LEUNG infoline
Prossimo appuntamento per il Corso Intensivo Istruttori: sabato 29 marzo 2003 ore 10:00 - 15:00 a Roma. Contattare il Capoistruttore al n°.338.5682802.
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71. Wing Chun Kung Fu
Introduction, explanation of forms, class pictures, articles, FAQs and related information. ArizonaCategory Sports Martial Arts North America United States......

72. Bruce Lee's Non-Classical Wing Chun
Instruction by Chris Sutton. Port Orchard, Washington
Welcome to...
Bruce Lee's Non-Classical
Taoism / Philosophy
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73. Sil Lum Wing Chun And Hung Ga Gung Fu Academy
Traditional wing chun and Sil Lum Tiger/Crane Kung Fu as taught by Sifu Rob Lopez, student of Master Category Sports Martial Arts Kung Fu Hung Gar......Traditional wing chun Kuen and Hung Ga Kung Fu school teaching fast hands, accuratekicks, 5 animals, 5 elements, chin na, combat applications, lion dance, and
Hung Ga Gung Fu Academy Our school has been in continuous operation since 1994 and since 1996 we have been located in the Kodenkan Martial Arts Academy near the cross streets of Campbell and Glenn on the West side of Campbell and South of Glenn. Our school maintains a traditional method of teaching the Southern Chinese Boxing Systems of Fong's Wing Chun Gung-fu and Sil Lum Hung Gar Kuen in separate curriculums. From these two traditional Chinese Martial Arts systems Sifu adopted the name of the school, Sil Lum Wing Chun and Hung Ga Gung Fu Academy. Teaching Philosophy At Sil Lum Wing Chun Kuen we believe in maintaining a class structure that is dedicated to providing a high degree of personalized instruction. Smaller class structure along with personalized instruction from Sifu allows the student to progress at his/her own pace. Si Hing Jordan Misner assists class instruction. Trained by Fong Chi Wing and Chiu Chi Ling Sifu Lopez, trained by world renowned

74. Cheung's Better Life
Information on traditional wing chun, defensive tactics and meridian therapy. Victoria, AustraliaCategory Sports Martial Arts Schools and Instruction Oceania......Traditional wing chun Kung Fu, ProTekt, Cheung'sDefensive Tactics, Cheung's Meridian Therapy.
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Download World Wing Chun Kung Fu Association Membership Application

Click here to visit the website of Grandmaster William Cheung's new clinic of Chinese Medicine in Melbourne, Australia Cheung's Better Life
1st Floor, 26A Corrs Lane, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3000
Telephone: 61-3-9663 3588 Fax: 61-3-9663 3855
Email: This site developed and maintained by Trudi Cheung

75. ASIA Kampfkunst Schule
Schule f¼r wing chun Kung Fu und Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Es gibt kurze Infos zu den Kampfk¼nsten, Fotos und einen Trainingsplan.
E-Mail: Asia-Kampfkunstschule-Darmstadt Michael Jedwabski Asia- Kampfkunst-Schule
Michael Jedwabski
Erbacher Straße 2
64283 Darmstadt
Fon 0179-1091603
Klick Logo... last update 2002/09

Jacksonville, Florida area school teaching wing chun Gung Fu, Tai Chi Chuan, and Chi Kung. Judeo Christian values.;;;;

77. Chiu Hok Yin Wing Chun Association - My Introduction
Gallery, style information and association details.Category Sports Martial Arts Kung Fu wing chun Organizations...... of Ving Tsun and elevate Ving Tsun to a new height. Taking photowith Wong Shun Leung. * News * Gong Sou Wong wing chun Reality.
Britain, 1993 I, CHIU HOK YIN, have been very fond of traditional martial arts since as a child. In my early years, I followed my late master, Wong Shun Leung, to learn martial arts diligently. With his patience in teaching me for a long period, I have been benefited from it profoundly. Besides making my every endeavor to practice Ving Tsun, I have also been trying out and exchanging the techniques of martial arts with other outside schools between 1975 and 1987. In 1984, I participated in the Guangdong Hong Kong Macau Wushu Fighting Invitation Match as a representative of my master's martial arts association. After I had won the outstanding award, my master awarded a certificate to me and encouraged me to operate a martial art institution in order to enhance and glorify Ving Tsun by providing more chances for people to learn it. That's the reason why I have founded CHIU HOK YIN VING TSUN MARTIAL-ARTS ASSOCIATION (with the government approval). Recently, I have even been elected to be the board chairman of Ving Tsun Athletic Association and become a member of Hong Kong Wushu Union. I am very glad to tell that one of my disciples has won the outstanding award in the 1999 Wushu San Shou Selection Match. I am quite pleased since I always aim at nurturing posterity enthusiastically so as to preserve the legacy of Ving Tsun and elevate Ving Tsun to a new height.

78. Wing Chun Romania
Prezentare, articole şi contact.

79. Lok Yiu Wing Chun International Martial Art Association
Die offizielle Website der ELYWCIMAA, dem europ¤ischen Verband f¼r Lok Yiu wing chun Kung Fu. Informationen zu Unterricht, Ausbildung und Schulen in Deutschland und Europa.
Thank you for visiting the official web-site of the ´European Lok Yiu Wing Chun International Martial Art Association´.
Please choose your prefered language!”

wing chun kung fu in North London. Real fighting style kung fu in a safe friendly atmosphere. Ideal for women who want to learn self defense.
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