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         Olympic Games:     more books (100)
  1. The Ancient Olympics: A History by Nigel Spivey, 2006-06-08
  2. Centennial Olympic Games: Atlanta 1996 by Norman Barrett, 1996
  3. Olympic Media: Inside the Biggest Show on Television (Routledge Critical Studies in Sport) by Andrew C. Billings, 2008-03-31
  4. Olympic Games by Leslie What, 2004-05-01
  5. The 1984 Olympic Games: Sarajevo/Los Angeles by Dick Schaap, 1984-12
  6. Inside the Olympic Industry : Power, Politics, and Activism by Helen Jefferson Lenskyj, 2000-08
  7. The Olympic Games by K Toohey, A.J. Veal, 2007-08-11
  8. The Unauthorized Guide to Olympic Pins & Memorabilia (Schiffer Book for Collectors) by Jonathan Becker, Greg Gallacher, 2001-08-30
  9. A Brief History of the Olympic Games (Brief Histories of the Ancient World) by David C. Young, 2004-07-23
  10. Olympic Turnaround: How the Olympic Games Stepped Back from the Brink of Extinction to Become the World's Best Known Brand by Michael Payne, 2006-01-30
  11. The Olympic Games Quilts: America's Welcome to the World by Nancy Fitzpatrick {Editor-In-Chief} Wyatt, 1996-01-01
  12. Asterix the Bold: " Asterix at the Olympic Games " , " Asterix and the Laurel Wreath " , " Asterix and the Great Crossing " , " Asterix in Corsica " , " Asterix in Belgium " by "Goscinny", "Uderzo", 1995-09-07
  13. Jews and the Olympic Games: The Clash Between Sport and Politics - With a Complete Review of Jewish Olympic Medallists by Paul Taylor, 2004-08-30
  14. History Of The Olympic Games: Ancient And Modern (Kessinger Publishing's Rare Reprints) by Hugh Harlan, 2008-06-13

81. - History - The Ancient Olympics
This document is a history of the ancient Olympics. It is a page in the History section of HickokSports.c Category Sports Events Olympics Ancient......The Ancient olympic games. Although the ancient In 394 AD, Theodosiusthe Great decreed an end to the olympic games. But they had
Sports History
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The Ancient Olympic Games
Although the ancient Olympic games were first recorded in 776 BC, they originated at least a century before that and possibly as early as the 13th century BC. One Greek legend said that the great Herakles (Hercules, in the Roman form) won a race at Olympia, a plain in the small state of Elis, and then decreed that the race should be re-enacted every four years. Another said that Zeus himself had originated the festival after defeating Cronus for the sovereignty of heaven. The more likely story is that the Olympic festival was a local religious event until 884 BC, when Iphitus, the king of Elis, decided to turn it into a broader, pan-Hellenic festival. To accomplish that, he entered into a temporary truce with other rulers, allowing athletes and others to travel peacefully to Olympia while the festival was going on. The Greeks based their chronology on four-year periods called Olympiads, and the Olympic festival marked the beginning of each Olympiad. Evidently, the festival was reorganized in 776 BC, which was considered the start of the first Olympiad. The festival was basically a religious gathering to celebrate the gods worshipped in common by all Hellenes, primarily Zeus. There were three other major pan-Hellenic festivals, the Pythian, the Nemean, and the Isthmian, all of which included fairs, but the festival at Olympia became pre-eminent by 572 BC, when Elis and Sparta entered into an alliance under which Elis was in charge of the event itself while Sparta enforced the sacred truce.

82. Olympia 2- Women And The Games
History of women in ancient Greek athletics including the olympic games and Heraea Games.
Links to Other Sections
Women and the Olympic Games

Heraea Games

The Sixteen Women- Ancient Priestesses

Women and Goddesses of Olympia
Project Home Page
Women and the Olympic Games
The ancient Olympic Games certainly marginalized the female sex. Pausanias relates the story of Callipateira , who dressed up as a trainer in order to see her son compete. He adds that when she inadvertently revealed her true identity in her excitement at seeing her son win, the Greeks were concerned enough by the breach of protocol to insitute a new rule requiring trainers as well as athletes to strip before entering the stadium . However, a female presence remained a strong undercurrent at Olympia . Although married women like Callipateira were forbidden to watch the Games , maidens could attend. And the Olympic rules did provide an exception for one married woman, the priestess of Demeter , who received honored seating by the altar in the stadium.
The Heraea Games
In fact, Olympia even offered an opportunity for female athletes to compete. The Heraea Games , administered by the Sixteen Women and other married women for maiden competitors, took place every four years. According to

83. Schlumberger | Olympic Games Home
Path SchlumbergerSema About olympic games. Schlumberger and theolympic games, As the Worldwide Information Technology Partner
About Olympic Games ATHENS 2004 Future Olympic Games Previous Olympic Games Calendar ... Contact Olympic Games Path: SchlumbergerSema About Olympic Games
Schlumberger and the Olympic Games
As the Worldwide Information Technology Partner and a Top Sponsor of the Olympic Games, Schlumberger was awarded the world's largest-ever IT contract for four games and eight years covering Salt Lake City in 2002 Athens in 2004 Turin in 2006 ; and Beijing in 2008 . Our eight-year partnership with the Olympics, spanning four Games, sets a world record as the largest sports information technology contract ever awarded. We are thrilled to play such a significant role in shaping and delivering the technology that will support Olympic Games well into the future and delighted of having a satisfied customer. (

84. DICOLYMPIC - Dictionnaire Des Jeux Olympiques
Dictionary of the olympic games offers a reference to olympic games news and history from Olympia to Sydney 2000.
Athens :
Turin :

85. ISAF Home -
ISAF newsletter, olympic games information, annual conference data, regatta schedules and results, sailing resources and links.
HOME MAKING WAVES REGATTAS MEETINGS ... CLASSIFICATION Tuesday, 18 March 2003 Latest News... ISAF Organisation National Authorities ISAF Classes Racing Rules ... Cruising Sailors ISAF Sailor Classification Sailing Clubs Team Racing ... Sailors Forums Rankings Sailing Match Race Calendar ISAF Calendar Regatta Information Seminars Website Submit an Article Website Feedback Advertise
Feature Story
Tuesday, 18 March 2003 Tasaki Osaka Cup Buffalo Boys In yacht racing we all remember the time we were the 'Buffalo Boys' coming round the outside to Glory and of course we’d all like to forget the time we crashed and burned. >
Open 60 Round Britain Race
Open 60 Round Britain Will Start From Calais (FRA) Following the withdrawal of sponsor EDS, the Chamber of Commerce of Calais, Challenge Business and Royale Production have announced that the Round Britain 2003 race for fully crewed IMOCA Open 60 monohulls will now start and finish in Calais. 18 March 2003, 14:29 Clipper 2002/03 Round the World Race Glasgow Maintain Their Lead After a night of mixed fortunes this morning's positions prove that yacht racing can sometimes seem cruelly Darwinian...

86. Olympic Studies International Directory
Directory compiling information on the institutions and researchers carrying out research, activities or with a documentary collection on the olympic games.


Fully searchable database containing more than 800 institutions and authors undertaking research, academic activities or having documentation on the Olympics. OLYMPIC STUDIES FORUM
Join one of our academic discussion groups on the history of the Olympic Games, the social and cultural aspects of Olympism, the impacts and legacy of the Games, management and organisation within the Olympic Movement and sport and the Olympic Games.

87. 49er Sailing
Follow the Irish 49er Sailing Team on their journey to the olympic games in Athens 2004. Get their 'Regatta Reports' by email and SMS from events around the globe.
Follow the Irish 49er Sailing Team's journey towards Athens 2004 as they compete around the globe in 49er sailing regattas

88. Athens 2004 Apparel And Collectibles : 2004 Olympic Games Sportw
Get ready for the return of the olympic games to Athens in 2004, withofficial collectibles, apparel, and gifts. All Athens 2004
Ancient Greek Replicas
Athens 2004 Accessories
Apparel for Children

Apparel for Men

Apparel for Women

Get ready for the return of the Olympic Games to Athens in 2004, with official collectibles, apparel, and gifts. All Athens 2004 Games' products are licensed and carry proof of authenticity.
We are sorry but due to International Olympic Committee (IOC) and US Olympic Committee regulations we can only deliver licensed Athens 2004 products to US addresses. Please do not place an order for these items if your delivery address is not within the US and US territories since we will cancel it.
Apparel for Children Apparel for Men Apparel for Women ... Olympic Games History
Comments and suggestions:
"Athens 2004" and its emblem are trademarks of the

89. Site Close
In accordance with the fundamental principles of the Olympic Charter, the IOC is striving to eradicate the practice of doping and ensure equitable and healthy treatment of all athletes taking part in the olympic games. Site in French and English.
Site Close

90. Education World ® - Lesson Planning: Go For The Gold! Olympic Games Spark Class
LESSON PLANNIN G ARTICLE. Go for the Gold! olympic games Spark Classroom Activities! Whynot take advantage of your students' interest in the olympic games?
Lesson Planning Center
All Articles by Date The Arts ... Special Themes Lesson Planning Article L E S S O N P L A N N I N G A R T I C L E
Go for the Gold!
Olympic Games Spark Classroom Activities!
Capitalize on your students' Olympic interests with Internet-inspired activities. Included: A dozen activities and four Teaching Masters for use across the grades. Take a close look at the emblem of the XVIII Olympic Winter Games, to be held February 6 to 22 in Nagano, Japan. What do you see? A flower? A snowflake? The emblem's hexagonal shape mirrors the shape of a snowflake, an appropriate symbol for the Winter Games. The shape also resembles the flowering Alpine plant a purposeful symbol underlining the fact that Nagano emphasized environmental considerations in its staging of the Games. But a closer look reveals more! Take a look at the pictograph symbols designed to represent each of the Olympic sports that are part of the Nagano Games. Do you see a few of those symbols (and their shadows) cleverly "disguised" in the emblem? See if your students can pick out the sports represented in the emblem!
Why not take advantage of your students' interest in the Olympic Games? "Team up" with Education World use the educational activities below to capitalize on your students' interest! Many of the activities make use of Internet sites. The activities can be adapted easily for use across a wide range of grades.

91. Heaven And Other Places: Introduction 1
Two Australians try to escape the mayhem of the Sydney 2000 olympic games by holidaying in France and Italy.
This site records our month in Europe during the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games (our first time had been
Living, as we do, in a suburb that was one of the core centres of Games activity, we decided that our ... ah ... lack of total commitment to athletics, coupled with the certain arrival into town of many, many people with intent only to party (and that ALL NIGHT !), added up to a need for us not to be here during that time.
We organised for quasi-family who *wanted* to be here then ( ) to house- and cat-sit.
Predictably, everywhere we went in Europe perhaps I ought state immediately that for "Europe" you may substitute simply "Italy and France" we were asked «What are you doing here
Well ... We started in Milano because at that time Alitalia was still flying out of Oz and Malpensa was their base. It wasn't until we got there that I realised how much I love that city.
Our next stop at Jera was one of CS' instinctive brainwaves once we'd plumped for Lunigiana, an area to die for trust me on this !
Alba was simply a sensible stop before the border, on our way to France and it turned out to be another example of CS' genius for pinning the tail on the stopover donkey.

92. Olympic Information Center
Offers digitized fulltext collection including official reports from several olympic games. Center/OlympicInformationCenter.htm

93. Olympic Games Studies University Of New South Wales
Click for Tom Brock Bequest, Click for Activities 2003, Click for Publications,© UNSW 2001 Page Updated March 12, 2003. Contact back up.
Page Updated March 12, 2003 Contact
back up

94. Olympic Games Go High Tech
From Dick Tracy telephone watches and a security system that can check somebody's iris to a relay link allowing choirs in six different parts of the world to sing live in unisonthe Winter Olympics in Nagano have gone high tech.,4,18003,00.html?

95. Olympic Games Web Sites, Sydney, Atlanta, Athens ...
A list of links to summer Olympics sites.Category Sports Events Olympics Summer Games...... There are also sites of a historical nature and a site for the year 2000 OlympicGames in Sydney, Australia. Ancient olympic games Virtual Museum. Athens 2004.
COUNTDOWN days hours mins 2004 GAMES Updated: March 8, 2003 Athens 2004 Official Site Salt Lake City Winter Olympics 2002 - Runner's Web Coverage Links Greek Webguide Sports Olympic News Feed Olympic Site Links Listen to the special Olympic welcome rap song, Say g'day in your own way
(Words and music by Ryan Griffith)
Real Audio
2004 Olympics Webzine 2008 New Beijing Great Olympics 2008 Toronto Olympic Bid Headlines ... Athens, Greece 2004 Archive Slam! Sports Atlanta Games 1996 NY Times (The) Australian Sydney Olympics and Paralympics Australian Broadcasting Corporation Olympics Site BBC Sport - Olympics 2000 Beijing Olympics 2008 2000 Olympic Games ... CNNSI Olympic Medal Hopeful Photo Essays Men CNNSI Olympic Medal Hopeful Photo Essays Women CompuServe Olympics Page Cool Running Australia Dallas Morning News: Olympics Denver Post Olympics ... ESPN Summer Olympics 2000 EuroSport Olympic Games FT Olympics 2000 Games Info Sydney Olympic Games Information

96. ISOH - International Society Of Olympic Historians
The purpose of the ISOH is to promote and study the Olympic Movement and the olympic games. Includes membership, constitution, links, and the Journal of Olympic History.
History The purpose of the International Society of Olympic Historians (ISOH) is to promote and study the Olympic Movement and the Olympic Games. The purpose is achieved primarily through research into the history of the Olympic Movement and the Olympic Games, through the gathering of historical and statistical data concerning the Olympic Movement and Olympic Games, through the publication of the research via journals and other publications, and through the cooperation of the membership. ISOH is a non-profit organization whose dues are used solely for the production of such publications and research. At the beginning of the new millennium, the ISOH membership roster is approaching 300 strong from 50 nations. The membership includes most of the well-known Olympic historians and researchers on Olympic topics. Most of the recent books on the Olympic Games have been written by ISOH Members. Over 20 ISOH members have received the Olympic Order for their contributions to the Olympic Movement. Several members of the IOC and several past Olympians are included in the membership roster. The primary publication of ISOH is the Journal of Olympic History , formerly called Citius, Altius, Fortius

97. Corey And Laura's Olympic Site
A comprehensive site of the Modern olympic games. Features facts,country flags, Olympic logos, Olympic trivia, national anthems
Home Page Summer Games Winter Games News ... Contact us
W e love the Olympics so we decided to create some web pages that help us to better organize what we learn about the modern Olympic Games. There is so much information we plan on adding to this site if we can just find the time to do it! So, check back periodically and look for updates. T his site is optimized for Internet Explorer users since almost 80% of our visitors use that browser. If you have problems with the format and the "look" of the site, please check our compatibility A special welcome to all of our International visitors. People from over different countries have now visited this web site. (see our statistics page for a full listing of all the countries hitting this site) E njoy your visit. This web site is not affiliated with or funded by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) or the National Olympic Committee (NOC) of any country.

The 2008 Olympic Bid Information PortalCategory Sports Events Olympics Summer Games Olympic Host Bids...... And The US Bids 8/22/02 When the United States Olympic Committee requested applicationsfor candidates to be the US bid for the 2012 olympic games, they were

99. Österreich Sports
Results of Austria in international sports competitions such as the olympic games and World Cup Soccer.
This wep site is devoted to sports of Austrians
Sports covered on this web side
Alympics : Austrian in the Olympic games. The result of the Soccer World Cup My other web sites
The Eurovision Song Contest - Austri Vision The number of visits to this page
Webmaster: Wolfgang Hauser
Email: Austria@start

100. About Visa - Visa Olympic Sponsorship
As a worldwide sponsor and TOP V global partner of the olympic games, Visa is proudto support the world's best athletes in their quest for Olympic Glory.

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