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  1. Advanced Applications in Acoustics, Noise and Vibration
  2. Engineering Principles of Acoustics: Noise and Vibration Control by Douglas D Reynolds, 1980-10
  3. Engineering Principles of Acoustics, Noise and Vibration Control by Douglas D. Reynolds, 1981
  4. Mechanical signature analysis: Machinery vibration, flow-induced vibration, and acoustic noise analysis : presented at the 1987 ASME design technology ... Noise, Boston, Massachusetts ... 1987 (DE)
  5. Structural Vibration and Acoustics Presented at the 1989 Asme Design Technical Conferences 12th Biennial Conference on Mechanical Vibration and Noise: ... Design Engineering Division), V. 18-3.) by Quebec) Conference on Mechanical Vibration and Noise (12th : 1989 : MontreĀ“al, A. V. Srinivasan, et all 1989-12
  6. Structural Vibration and Acoustics/G0644A: Presented at the 1991 Asme Design Technical Conferences, 13th Biennial Conference on Mechanical Vibration and ... September 22-25, 1991, Miami (De-Vol. 34) by Fla.) Conference on Mechanical Vibration and Noise (13th : 1991 : Miami, H. S. Tzou, et all 1992-06
  7. Vibration Isolation, Acoustics, and Damping in Mechanical Systems: Presented at the 1993 Asme Design Technical Conferences, 14th Biennial Conference on ... Design Engineering Division), V. 62.) by N. M.) Conference on Mechanical Vibration and Noise (14th : 1993 : Albuquerque, 1992-02
  8. Autumn Conference of the Institute of Acoustics 2007: Advances in Noise and Vibration Engineering (Proceedings of the Institute of Acoustics)
  9. The Estimation of Near-field Sound Pressure Levels Due to Jet Noise. 72002.: v. 2 (Vibration & Acoustic Fatigue)
  10. A study of the vehicle acoustic control for booming noise utilizing the vibration characteristics of trunk lid (SAE) by Tatsuo Osawa, 1986
  11. Fundamentals of Noise and Vibration Analysis for Engineers by Michael P. Norton, 1990-01-26
  12. Noise and Vibration Control Engineering: Principles and Applications
  13. Handbook of Noise and Vibration Control
  14. Acoustics and Noise Control by B. J. Smith, R. J. Peters, et all 1996-06

1. Arup Acoustics - Acoustics Noise Vibration Audio Visual
Arup Acoustics Consultants in Acoustics, Noise, Vibration and AudioVisual Design. Arup Acoustics is a specialist group within Arup

2. [International Conference On Noise And Vibration Engineering] ISMA
The PMA noise vibration research group organises the ISMA conferences on advanced acoustics and modal analysis. (KULeuven, Belgium)
The latest information

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    The biennial ISMA conference on Noise and Vibration Engineering. The next edition will be organised at september 20 - 22, 2004 in Leuven (Belgium).
    The annual ISMA course : "Modal Analysis, Theory and Practice". The next edition will be organised in september, 2003 in Leuven (Belgium).
    The annual ISAAC course : "Seminar on Advanced Techniques in Applied and Numerical Acoustics". The next edition will be organised in september, 2003 in Leuven (Belgium).

Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

Department of Mechanical Engineering

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3. Home Page Of APT Acoustics - Consultants In Acoustics, Noise & Vibration Control
APT acoustics. CONSULTANTS IN acoustics noise vibration CONTROLnoise and vibration Control. Architectural and Building acoustics.
Services Provided
List of Clients/Projects

Current Projects

Contact APT Acoustics

  • Noise and Vibration Control Architectural and Building Acoustics Environmental Noise Assessment Hearing Damage Assessment Sound Insulation Trouble Shooting Planning and Noise
Fred Traexler is the proprietor and founder of APT Acoustics. Following his graduation at Munich he worked for Consulting Engineers and manufacturers in Switzerland, Germany and since 1965 in England. He gained considerable experience in the fields of aerodynamics, acoustics as well as noise and vibration control.He has been a member of The Institute of Acoustics since 1977, a member of The Association of Noise Consultants since 1974 and a member of The Chartered Institution of Building Services since 1978. He is also an associate or member of professional Institutions and Associations in Germany and the USA. It is one of the aims of APT Acoustics to provide an efficient and personal service with attention to detail and cost effective solutions, ensuring customer satisfaction. Built by WebWork
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4. HGC Engineering: Noise Control, Vibration Isolation And Acoustical Consultants
Consultants specializing in noise control, vibration isolation, acoustics. Deals with architectural Category Business Construction and Maintenance Design Acousticians...... environmental and building situations. noise vibration and acousticsare integral components of the built and the natural environment.
Noise vibration and acoustics are integral components of the built and the natural environment. Whether it is control measures for building noise and vibration, assistance in designing acoustical buildings, noise testing of new products, the need for vibration control in industry or environmental noise assessments and impact studies, HGC can work with you.
We engineer effective solutions based on a solid understanding of acoustical physical principles, thorough analysis, modeling and years of experience.
Our specializations include acoustical engineering, environmental noise and vibration, building vibration isolation, industrial noise and vibration control, architectural acoustics and acoustical research and development You will find selected acoustical engineering projects on these pages as a representation of our work. HGC Engineering methods for gathering vibration measurement, noise reduction and acoustical analysis information include an extensive collection of software and measurement equipment. We use advanced vibration analysis software to design effective isolation systems for buildings. Some specific techniques HGC uses to implement both vibration control and noise control measures include modal analysis, fatigue failure, sound intensity, ray tracing and sound power determination. Thank you for visiting us. The following pages will tell you more about us and provide useful information concerning noise control, vibration and acoustics.

5. Acoustics, Noise, Vibration, Cambridge Collaborative: SEAM
SEAM acoustic and vibration prediction software. Cambridge Collaborative's Other applications includemachinery noise, industrial noise, and building acoustics. SEAM was developed
Cambridge Collaborative, Inc.
SEAM acoustic and vibration prediction software Cambridge Collaborative's SEAM software provides a methodof analysis that is particularly well suited for studying the dynamic response of complex structures at high frequencies. SEAM is used to predict interior noise and vibrationin aircraft, automobiles, and construction equipment cabs as well as the radiated noisefrom ships and the vibroacoustic environments for spacecraft. Other applications includemachinery noise, industrial noise, and building acoustics. SEAM was developed in 1980 to study structure-borne noisein submarines, and was made commercially available in 1983. Since that time SEAM hasbecome an accepted analysis procedure by major shipyards, Navy research establishments,and vehicle and aircraft manufacturers. Cambridge Collaborative continues to advancethe state of the art in statistical energy analysis (SEA) through software development andresearch. SEAM includes a complete implementation of SEA. The complex dynamic system being analyzed is divided into a set of substructures and acousticelements. The modes of each substructure and acoustic element form the SEA subsystems. Theflow of energy between the different subsystems is proportional to the modal energies ofthe subsystems and the coupling factors. The SEAM program calculates all required couplingfactors and performs a power balance for each subsystem. The resulting equations aresolved for the modal energy and response of each subsystem.

6. Acoustics Noise And Vibration (ANV)
Offer measurement, analysis, assessment and problem solving for all aspects of sound and vibration. Full contact details.
Welcome to the ANV Web Site
ANV carry out measurement, analysis, assessment and problem solving for all aspects of sound and vibration. The majority ANV's work is to undertake assessments to support planning applications and other legal issues associated with commercial, industrial, transportation, construction operations and proposed residential developments. Please call us for more information:
Either email ANV or contact us at the following address: Hastings House
Auckland Park
Milton Keynes
Tel: +44 (0)1908 642811
Fax: +44 (0)1908 642800

7. Acentech - Noise Control, Acoustics, Audiovisual Systems
Consultants in architectural acoustics, noise and vibration control, and audiovisual and sound system Category Business Construction and Maintenance Design Acousticians......
Acentech - Noise Control, Acoustics, Audiovisual Systems

8. Orpheus Acoustics
Acoustical consultants specializing in architectural acoustics including noise and vibration control for auditoriums, churches, synagogues, and other critical listening spaces.



Meeting Rooms

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Buy the Book Acoustics in your building can be clear, supportive, intimate, and natural.
As an acoustical consultant, I can help you design your new building so that people will be able to hear clearly naturally intimately . Do you want the acoustics of your space to allow dialogue and discussion ? Do you want music to sound rich natural and full Unfortunately, many spaces have dismal acoustics . Isn't that your experience? It is most certainly mine. As an acoustical consultant and violinist, I listen and play in many spaces. Most of the time I have difficulty hearing; the sound is either too loud, too soft, muddled, dry, harsh, shrill, unpleasant, unatural. I can't hear and I can't understand. Is it possible to have a space in which the acoustics allow you to understand speech clearly, naturally, in which music is rich and compelling ? Certainly! "You are nothing short of a miracle worker.... " (click here to read more)
Douglas S. Gordon WASD Music Teacher Lycoming Valley Middle School Home About Reports FAQ's ... Contact Orpheus Acoustics 925 Virginia Avenue, Lancaster, PA 17603 - USA

9. RWDI Acoustics, Noise & Vibration Acoustics Is The Science Of Sound And Vibratio
noise Level Contours at Military Base. acoustics, noise vibration. Reverberation Measurements in Lecture Theatre


Expertise Wind Loading Compliance Changes Wind-Induced Vibrations Damping Systems Air Quality Ventilation Pedestrian Comfort Turf Microclimate Snow Presentation Models Projects High Rises Sports Facilities Hotels/Resorts Casinos Convention Centres Bridges Airports Tunnels Stations Roads/Highways Universities/Colleges Laboratories Hospitals
Acoustics design multi-disciplined in nature
Noise control deficiencies unacceptable in condominiums Links Publications
Acoustics design multi-disciplined in nature
Acoustics is the science of sound and vibration. Acoustical engineering is multi-disciplined in nature. It incorporates many elements of building design including structural and mechanical engineering; architecture; interior design; environment and urban planning; occupational health and safety; and electronics.
Technotes #6: "Acoustics - Plan Ahead for Proper Design"

Noise control deficiencies unacceptable in condominiums
Noise control deficiencies are not acceptable to many owners and occupants of high rise residential condominiums. In many condominiums, residents have expectations of a sound environment equal to or better than the houses in which many previously lived. Unfortunately, achieving a level of acoustical privacy and freedom from noise consistent with these expectations, requires design beyond the requirements of most building codes.

10. HGC Engineering Noise Vibration Acoustics - Specialization
degrees in Physics and Electrical Engineering from the University of Waterloo,Bill has spent over 20 years practicing in acoustics noise and vibration.
HOWE GASTMEIER CHAPNIK LIMITED is a consulting engineering firm specializing in noise, vibration, and acoustics. Our experience spans the spectrum from acoustics in performance spaces to noise control in heavy industry with a strong focus on measurement, testing, analysis, advanced modeling and design. Introducing the Management Team and Their Individual Specializations: Brian Howe , BASc, MEng, MBA, PEng With Mechanical Engineering degrees from the Universities of Waterloo and Toronto, and an MBA from Toronto, Brian combines extensive experience in engineering and business. He has been consulting in the area of noise and vibration since 1984, with particular expertise in mechanical, structural and ground-borne vibration.
  • Vibration Isolation of Buildings and Structures Industrial Noise and Vibration Environmental Noise and Vibration
Bill Gastmeier , BSc, MASc, PEng After obtaining degrees in Physics and Electrical Engineering from the University of Waterloo, Bill has spent over 20 years practicing in acoustics noise and vibration. He is an adjunct professor in the School of Architecture at the University of Waterloo, lectures at Dalhouse University in Halifax, and has often provided expert witness testimony.
  • Environmental Noise Architectural Acoustics Acoustical Engineering
Brian Chapnik , BASc, MASc, PhD, PEng Brian obtained a Master's degree in Systems Design Engineering from the University of Waterloo and a Doctorate in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Toronto for work in structural acoustic coupling with applications for active noise control in piping systems. He maintains strong skills in analysis and modeling.

11. RWDI Industrial Acoustics, Noise & Vibration, Rowan Williams Davies & Irwin Inc,
Consulting firm specializing in vibration isolation, noise control, acoustics in industrial, architectural, environmental and building situations. noise vibration and acoustics are integral components of the built and the natural environment.


Expertise Compliance Changes Industrial Processes Air Quality Ventilation Stack/Source Testing Airshed Modelling Projects Automotive Pharmaceutical Pulp/Paper Metals Waste Management Power Generation Pits/Quarries Petrochemical/Oil/Gas General Manufacturing
Noise impacts can result in complaints
Links Publications
Noise impacts can result in complaints
Noise impacts from new or existing industrial facilities located close to residential areas can result in complaints and strained community relations. Based on our experience, retrofitting noise control measures into an existing plant can be over five times more expensive than if the control measures had been installed during the original construction.
Industrial Technotes #4: "Noise Impact Assessment and Certificates of Approval (Air)"

RWDI identifies and solves problems in the area of:
Environmental Noise
What RWDI can do for you: Consultations/Design Reviews early in the design process, review information and provide recommendations to anticipate and avoid potential problems Building Acoustical Design design practical and integrated acoustics for all types of buildings including: Manufacturing Facilities, Laboratories, and Power Plants.

12. Noise And Vibration Engineering - Consulting Engineers In Acoustics, Noise And V
noise and vibration engineers consulting engineers in acoustics, noiseand vibration. Consulting Engineers in acoustics, noise and vibration.
Consulting Engineers in Acoustics, Noise and Vibration
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13. Marshall Long Acoustics
Providing architectural acoustics and audio visual design services for theaters, auditoria, concert halls, sound studios, religious structures, and general construction. Capabilities include noise and vibration control, computer modelling, and other technical areas related to acoustics.
Marshall Long
Acoustics Architectural Acoustics
Audio Visual Design FIRM PEOPLE PROJECTS GALLERY ... ELECTRONICS 13636 Riverside Drive - Sherman Oaks, CA 91423 - Telephone: (818) 981-8005 - FAX: (818) 981-9418 - E-Mail:

14. Consulting Engineers In Acoustics, Noise And Vibration - About NVE
noise vibration Engineering Ltd. Consulting Engineers in acoustics, noise andvibration. noise vibration Engineering Ltd click to return to front page.
Consulting Engineers in Acoustics, Noise and Vibration more from NVE... Official UK Agent for Vibras Instrumentation
Disciplines: Principal: Tom Vincent Brodowski MIOA, (Member of the Institute of Acoustics). [ click here to send an email to Tom Brodowski] Papers presented: "The Vibration Dose Value" at a meeting of the Institute of Acoustics, 4 th October 1990
Registered Member

15. Acentech - Old Page Redirect To New Site
Offering consulting in the areas of architecture, noise and vibration control, fluid dynamics, environmental and industrial acoustics, and audiovisual, video and sound system design.

16. Acoustics & Vibrations WWW Virtual Library
Consultancy in acoustics, noise and vibration at the University of Southampton, UK work and contract research in acoustics, noise, vibration, speech intelligibility, hearing and audio communication,

17. The Sextant Group
An independent planning and design firm practicing three disciplines audiovisual and media systems, architectural acoustics, noise and vibration control, and IT/telecommunications.
PITTSBURGH RIVERSIDE COMMONS 730 RIVER AVENUE PITTSBURGH, PA 15212 FAX: 412.323.8538 PHOENIX 3923 EAST MOUNTAIN VISTA PHOENIX, AZ 85048 FAX: 480.759.0922 Welcome! The Sextant Group is a consulting firm specializing in digital media systems and architectural acoustics. Our services include strategic technology planning and programming, systems design and engineering, acoustic design, and project management. Our clients and their projects span a broad market spectrum, including education, business, and entertainment. The one attribute all our projects have in common is a requirement for high-performance acoustics and/or media applications. We have a talented staff I invite you to explore our site and to contact me if we can be of assistance to you in any way. Mark Valenti President

18. Arup Acoustics
Arup acoustics is an international design consultancy embodying unique experiencein all areas of acoustic, audio visual, noise and vibration design.

SECTORS DOWNLOADS OPPORTUNITIES ... FAQ's Arup Acoustics is an international design consultancy embodying unique experience in all areas of acoustic, audio visual, noise and vibration design. With offices in the UK, USA, Asia and Australasia, we are able to address local contexts and requirements as well as drawing on international expertise to provide a service which is unsurpassed in our field. Our scope of expertise encompasses Performing Arts, Recording, Broadcast, Sport, Leisure, Transportation and the Environment. The practice embodies a total commitment to excellence in acoustic design, to its integration with other professions and disciplines and to the development of innovative yet practical techniques and methods for sound and vibration control This web site provides you with an overview of our business, unique knowledge and innovative nature. For more information about Arup go to or click on the Arup logo

19. Camets Group - Acoustics, Computing & Education
Engineering firm with experience in many areas including regulatory and research aspects of acoustics, noise, vibration control, and design. Australia.
Camets Group Acoustics Computing Education Camets Group Acoustics Computing Education

20. [] Signal Processing Tutorials
A collection of articles and papers on aspects of signal processing relating to acoustics, noise and vibration. Includes practical stories, problemsolving techniques, tutorials, reference materials.
The Prosig Digital Signal
Processing Tutorials
Free tutorials and articles on all aspects of digital signal processing Free Newsletter
Sign up for our free monthly signal processing newsletter Prosig Home
Read all about Prosig, what we do, who we are and where to find us. Links
Some other sites with signal processing information...
Application Stories TIME TO TEST The PROSIG P5600 / DATS Data Acquisition and Analysis system helps save time and money at Ford Motor Company, Dearborn, MI. SOUND STEERING One of the most problematic noises to reduce to an acceptable level in a vehicle is that of the power steering pump.
Signal Processing Tutorials SMOOTHING SPECTRAL DATA
Sometimes data has spikes that are clearly artefacts of the processing TORSIONAL VIBRATION
Measuring twist in shafts and geartrains
An examination of the relationship between frequency and orders
Are more bits necessarily better?

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