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         Architecture:     more books (100)
  1. 101 Things I Learned in Architecture School by Matthew Frederick, 2007-09-30
  2. Enterprise Architecture As Strategy: Creating a Foundation for Business Execution by Jeanne W. Ross, Peter Weill, et all 2006-08-01
  3. The Architecture of Happiness (Vintage) by Alain De Botton, 2008-04-08
  4. Mastering Autodesk Revit Architecture 2011 by Eddy Krygiel, Phil Read, et all 2010-07-26
  5. Architecture: Form, Space, and Order by Francis D. K. Ching Series Advisor, 2007-06-29
  6. Architecture Now! 7 by Philip Jodidio, 2010-09-01
  7. A Visual Dictionary of Architecture by Francis D. K. Ching Series Advisor, 1996-11-28
  8. Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture by Martin Fowler, 2002-11-15
  9. Experiencing Architecture by Steen Eiler Rasmussen, 1964-03-15
  10. Computer Architecture: A Quantitative Approach, 4th Edition by John L. Hennessy, David A. Patterson, 2006-09-27
  11. Documenting Software Architectures: Views and Beyond (2nd Edition) by Paul Clements, Felix Bachmann, et all 2010-10-15
  12. Thinking Architecture (Third Edition) by Peter Zumthor, 2010-09-01
  13. Digital Drawing for Landscape Architecture: Contemporary Techniques and Tools for Digital Representation in Site Design by Bradley Cantrell, Wes Michaels, 2010-03-08
  14. Lean Architecture: for Agile Software Development by James O. Coplien, Gertrud Bjørnvig, 2010-08-17

1. Canadian Centre For Architecture Home Page
Museum and study center with public programs, visiting scholars program, collections, library, and bookshop. Bienvenue au Centre Canadien d'architecture. Un musée et centre d'étude qui se consacre à l'architecture

Bienvenue au Centre Canadien d'Architecture

Welcome to the Canadian Centre for Architecture
A museum and study centre devoted to international architecture

2. WWW Computer Architecture Page
Large art and architectural history image database focusing on the Mediterranean Basin. Welcome to ArtServe Art architecture. mainly from the Mediterranean Basin
WWW Computer Architecture Page
Designed by Min Xu Milo Martin Doug Burger *, and Mark Hill
Computer Architecture Group

Computer Sciences Department

University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Computer Sciences
University of Texas at Austin original site Indian mirror Japanese mirror What's New ... Miscellanea
What's New
  • Updates 2003.02:
    Call for papers:
    IEEE Micro, Special Issue; MICRO 36; PDPTA 03 Technique Session; ICCD 03; FPL 03; RAW 03; PATMOS 03; ESA 03 Technique Session
    Sriram Vajapeyam; Alaa Alameldeen; John Seng; Enric Gibert; Leonel Sousa
    2003 Wilkes Award Call
  • Updates 2003.01:
    New Maintainer :-)
    Call for papers:
    IEEE Micro; PACT'03; ISLPED'03; CGO Workshops
    ARCHTEST; MOB; Shade's new web site; RaVi; SimPoint
    Rakesh Kumar; Jung-Hoon Lee; Diana Marculescu; Kuan-Ching Li; Juan L. Aragon; Mazen Saghir; Antonio Canas
    SimPoint Project at UCSD; University of Granada, Spain, Dept. of Computer Architecture and Technology (ATC)
    Computer Archtecture Links Page (English and Spanish)
    2002 Awards updated
  • Bochs - Open-source IA-32 Full System Emulator Project
  • Valgrind - an open-source memory debugger and cache/memory profiler for x86-GNU/Linux
  • ACSAC 2003 - Asia-Pacific Computer Systems Architecture Conference
  • ASAP 2003 - IEEE 14th International Conference on Application-specific Systems, Architectures and Processors

3. Welcome To The Chicago Architecture Foundation - 312.922.3432
Dedicated to advancing public interest and education in architecture and design through a comprehensive Category Reference Museums Arts and Entertainment architecture......The Chicago architecture Foundation is dedicated to educating the publicabout Chicago's magnificient architectural legacy. We offer
shop at the ArchiCenter here Employment Opportunities Schoolyards to Skylines
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Professional association of architects in the United Kingdom along with international members. News, Category Arts architecture Associations...... is one of the world's most extensive built environmentportals. Here you can find an architect, understand more
site by the OTHER media RIBA home page Events ... News
Reference Library and catalogue Great buildings Links
Using an architect Find an architect Professional conduct Fees Contracts ... Becoming an architect
Debate Building futures Client forums Constructive change
Also Awards Architecture for all is one of the world's most extensive built environment portals. Here you can find an architect, understand more about architecture or learn how to become an architect, all courtesy of the Royal Institute of British Architects.
Tim Gardam, Channel 4's director of programmes, has been instrumental in spreading the message of the value of good architecture. Come and hear him talk on what makes the good popular, and the popular good, at the RIBA's Annual Lecture , 14 April.
Showcasing the talent of young architects around the world, the Emerging Architecture exhibition features the winning and commended schemes of entries to the ar+d international competition. Held in the RIBA's Gallery 2 . February 24 to March 29 2003 .
Sponsor an RIBA event.

5. Architecture Web Resources
Topics covered by this guide include architecture, building and construction, design, housing, planning, preservation,
Architecture and Building
Topics covered by this guide include architecture, building and construction, design, housing, planning, preservation, facility management, energy and the environment, and landscape architecture. Types of listings range from discussion groups to electronic publications to databases and of course a wide variety of web sites. This is a selective guide. Links to more comprehensive link collections are included. For some topics just one or two sites with good links to the net resources in that topic are listed. Although the emphasis is on quality sites, sometimes sites that are currently not well-developed but show promise of being so are included. This guide, started in 1993, is posted to the UNLV Libraries Architecture Studies Library page [ ] and to the Argus Clearinghouse: the Premier Internet Research Library [ ]. Additions and corrections, as well as suggestions for categories, can be sent to Jeanne Brown (

6. Renaissance And Baroque Architecture: Architectural History 102
Collection of expandable images used in a course at the Department of Architectural History, University Category Arts architecture History Periods and Styles Baroque......
Renaissance and Baroque Architecture: Architectural History 102
The images included in this collection were scanned from slides taken by Professor C. W. Westfall and used in his survey course, Renaissance and Baroque Architecture (ARH 102), University of Virginia, School of Architecture, Department of Architectural History. They are organized according to his course syllabus. Each section includes images relating to that particular topic as well as images which are included as comparative material, and are included to reinforce particular points which Mr. Westfall makes in his bi-weekly lectures. These images are provided for the personal use of students, scholars, and the public. Any commercial use or publication of them is strictly prohibited. The images were scanned and processed in the Digital Image Center, Fiske Kimball Fine Arts Library, University of Virginia Library, Charlottesville, VA. 22903. Information about this and other projects of the University of Virginia Library's Digital Image Center can be obtained by contacting: Digital Image Center Coordinator
University of Virginia Library
Fiske Kimball Fine Arts Library
Charlottesville, VA 22903

7. Art & Architecture Thesaurus (Research At The Getty)
The Art architecture Thesaurus® (AAT)is a structured vocabulary for describing and indexing the visual arts and architecture.

About the Research


Research Library

Research Tools


Research Tools
Vocabulary Databases
Find Term: Note: For the Find Term or Note field, you may use AND and OR (all in upper case) [e.g., 1) windsor chairs, 2) chairs OR rockers, 3) chairs OR rockers OR armchairs, 4) bow-back AND windsor, 5) windsor AND (rockers OR chairs), 6) (windsor OR boston) AND (rockers OR chairs)]. Wildcard is the asterisk (*); right truncation only. To find an exact match rather than a key word in the Find Term field, use quotes [e.g., "chairs"]. If you wish to search the term and note together, click on the buttons for AND or OR. Go to Help
You may also search the TGN and the ULAN Version 3.0-Web. Data accessed by the AAT On Line is updated monthly. Please note our new interface with improved functionality and search capabilities. Details can be found in the updated help . Your comments are welcome! Please send them to

8. Home
Thank you for visiting! We have upgraded our site. Please click on the link below to check out the new and improved Design architecture! Make sure you change your bookmarks
Thank you for visiting! We have upgraded our site. Please click on the link below to check out the new and improved Design Architecture! Click here!
Make sure you change your bookmarks

9. The Architecture Hate Page
Vote for the most hated project and submit your own choice. Forum for fury about bad architecture. This unusual site is the brainchild of architects in the Netherlands, but the hate is international.
Welcome to Please Choose: Normal Version Frames
Javascript (Nestcape 4+ or IE 4+ required!) Lite Version No frames
No Javascript Get them!
This Architecture Ring site is owned by bbvh
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WebRing site owned by bbvh
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10. Information Architecture Resources
Extensive links to Information architecture resources by Jesse James Garrett.
/about/ /projects/



mailto: information architecture resources
last updated 30 Jun 02 Looking for more? My new book, The Elements of User Experience , puts information architecture and interaction design in context for beginners and experts alike. You can now order the book from original work The Elements of User Experience: This one-page PDF attempts to impose order upon the chaotic array of terms and concepts currently being used to describe user experience development. This document provides the basic conceptual framework for the resources below. Translations of this document are available: Peter Morville's commentary on the uses and mis-uses of "The Elements of User Experience" should be considered required reading for everyone who uses the document. The Elements of User Experience is also the title of my first book , coming in 2002 from New Riders. A Visual Vocabulary: Diagrams are an essential tool for communicating information architecture and interaction design in Web development teams.

11. Architecture Design Images History 3D Models And More - Artifice Great Buildings
Find 3D models, photographic images, and architectural drawings to hundreds of buildings from around the world. Easily searchable. Welcome to the leading architecture site on the web,
T H E G R E A T B U I L D I N G S C O L L E C T I O N Search Buildings Architects Places
On Tuesday, September 11, 2001, the World Trade Center towers in New York City were destroyed by
horrific terrorist attacks, and the Pentagon building in Washington D.C. was seriously damaged. Welcome
to the leading architecture reference site on the web, . This gateway to architecture around the world and across history documents a thousand buildings and hundreds of leading architects, with 3D models, photographic images and architectural drawings, commentaries, bibliographies, web links, and more, for famous designers and structures of all kinds. For up-to-the-moment coverage of the latest buildings, designers, trends, and ideas, is richly cross-linked with ArchitectureWeek , the leading architecture magazine online. Now interlinked with our friends at RIBA for one-click searching of the world's largest architecture library catalog A R C H I T E C T U R E W E E K P I C T U R E I N D E X ... Advanced Search Name of Building Name of Architect Name of Place DESIGNCOMMUNITY ARTIFICE CAD OUTPOST DESIGNWORKSHOP ... Comments Server Two

12. The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Architecture
architecture Virtual Library. General NEW , Search , ADD Your Site!
Architecture Virtual Library General:
Search ADD Your Site! Groups:





Models ... Courses Talk: Events Conferences Competitions News ... Mailing Lists Related Libraries: Architectural Engineering Landscape Architecture Engineering Other Subjects You can search this library using comma-separated keywords: Note: using the singular is often better, e.g. house instead of houses garden instead of gardens . You can also refer to a full list of known keywords Add Your Internet Resource to the Database List of New Resources added to the Database in the Past 7 Days A special resource for those who want to be an Architect AIA Career Resources Architecture Related Net Connections - This service is provided through CLRnet and the Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design , University of Toronto - Maintained by: (Rodney Hoinkes) 1994-1999, Centre for Landscape Research, University of Toronto ( Rodney Hoinkes

13. Architecture
Online version of the magazine of the same name.Category Arts architecture Media Magazines and Ezines...... Omaha Cultural and Interpretive Center Vincent Snyder, Architect.New Award Programs from architecture Magazine and our partners.
Current Issue
WTC Memorial Program Drafted and Critiqued

Federal Contracts to Trickle Down
P/A Awards at 50: A History of What's Next

Honoring architectural ideas in their purest form is the bane and brilliance of a venerable program.
Palenque at Centro JVC

Omaha Cultural and Interpretive Center

Vincent Snyder, Architect
New Award Programs
from Architecture Magazine and our partners Metropolitan Home and Architecture Magazine Team up for the First Annual Awards for Home of the Year For Entry Information Click Here Introducing the Ace Awards Recognizing Excellence in Products + Manufacturers For More Information Click Here Roofing Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors Sponsored by: and

14. PK Architecture
Multifamily and spec home design in the Southern California area. Woodland Hills.

15. A S Y M P T O T E
New York firm with international portfolio, their projects range from spatial experimentation and installations, to building and urban design, on to computer generated environments and product design.

16. Internet Architecture Board
Internet architecture Board (IAB)Category Computers Internet Organizations Internet Backbone......Internet architecture Board. DOT IAB Announcements IETF Nominations for ISOCTrustee Position 14 March 2003. DOT IAB Overview. DOT List of IAB Members.
Internet Architecture Board
    IAB Announcements IAB Overview List of IAB Members IAB Communications and Selected Documents IAB Internet Drafts Appeals to the IAB IAB Meeting Minutes IAB History IAB Nominated Liaisons What Does the IAB Do, Anyway? Related Activities Where is the IAB?
This page is maintained by the IAB Executive Director
Last modified 26 November, 2002.

17. Index
architecture and master planning of commercial, educational and residential projects.

18. Internet Architecture Board
Internet architecture Board. DOT IAB Overview. DOT List of IAB Members.DOT IAB Communications and Selected Documents. DOT IAB Meeting Minutes.
Internet Architecture Board
    IAB Overview List of IAB Members IAB Communications and Selected Documents IAB Meeting Minutes IAB History IAB Nominated Liaisons What Does the IAB Do, Anyway? Related Activities Where is the IAB?
This page is maintained by the IAB Executive Director
Last modified 26 November, 2002.

19. The Tillinghast Association
A society to share the genius of Albert Warren Tillinghast his principles of modern golf course architecture and design.

20. DesignArchitecture Home
Electronic journal of architecture and design. Features interviews with the world's leading architects, Category Arts architecture Media Magazines and Ezines......Educated Walls Solutions from corporate interiors are now a solutionfor schools. January 22, 2003 in New Product. Cosential Services.

Educated Walls

Solutions from corporate interiors are now a solution for schools.
January 22, 2003 in New Product Cosential Services Integrated web-based knowledge management tools for the AEC community.

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