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         Data Acquisition Control:     more books (100)
  1. Automation Systems for Control and Data Acquisition (Resources for Measurement and Control Series) by Lawrence T. Amy, 1992-09
  2. Scada: Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition by Stuart A. Boyer, 2009-06-15
  3. Data Acquisition and Process Control with the M68HC11 Microcontroller (2nd Edition) by Frederick F. Driscoll, Robert F. Coughlin, et all 1999-08-01
  4. Real-time computing: With applications to data acquisition and control (Van Nostrand Reinhold electrical/computer science and engineering series) by Duncan A., Mellichamp, 1983
  5. Data Acquisition and Control: Micro-Computer Applications for Scientists and Engineers (Tab Professional and Reference Book) by Joseph J. Carr, 1988-04
  6. Computer Interfacing: A Practical Approach to Data Acquisition and Control by William H. Rigby, Terry L. Dalby, 1994-07-24
  7. Real Time Personal Computing: For Data Acquisition and Control by Babu Joseph, 1988-10
  8. Subsea Control and Data Acquisition
  9. Subsea Control and Data Acquisition: Experience and Challenges (Imeche Event Publications) by L. Adriaansen, 2004-06
  10. Subsea Control and Data Acquisition by Unnamed Unnamed, 1992
  11. Subsea Control and Data Acquisition: Technology and Experience (Advances in Underwater Technology, Ocean Science and Offshore Engineering)
  12. Subsea Control and Data Acquisition: for Oil and Gas Production Systems (Advances in Underwater Technology, Ocean Science and Offshore Engineering)
  13. Data Acquisition and Control Handbook (Data Acquisition and Control Handbook, A Guide to Hardware and Software for Computer Based Measurement and Control) by Keithley Instruments, 2001
  14. Data Acquisition and Control Handbook : a Guide to Hardware and Software for Computer-Based Measurement and Control

1. Agilent Data Acquisition & Control
DAC Express software, 34970A data acquisition and control unit, dynamic signal analyzer, VXI instruments at once. data acquisition control Unit. 34970A 3slot data acquisition unit, switch and control plug-in

2. Dial Infolink
DAQSTATION CX data acquisition control station. The DAQSTATION CXis a data acquisition control station featuring an outof-the
Australia's leading manufacturing industry
information resource Home Companies Products Industry News ... Showcases Search Site

Computers and Software

Control and Measurement


News March 19, 2003 Control and data acquisition stations
YOKOGAWA Australia
has announced two new DAQSTATION models for water treatment, thermal processing, food and beverage, and manufacturing applications.
DAQSTATION CX data acquisition control station. The DAQSTATION CX is a data acquisition control station featuring an "out-of-the-box, ready-to-go" design with embedded PID controls, a standard Ethernet interface supporting TCP/IP and FTP protocols, plus built-in web server and email messaging functions.
The DAQSTATION CX features include a variety of screens, such as faceplates and tuning screens, for system operation and monitoring. The trending and recording functions make it simple to log data for management purposes such as quality control. The pre-built screen combined with the built-in serial interface to external controllers makes it easy for the operator to monitor and vary parameters such as set points, output modes, alarm points, and tuning parameters.

3. Talisman Electronics Home Page
data acquisition control and communications specialists. UK.Category Business Electronics and Electrical...... The Data Acquisition, Control and Communications Specialists. Products that wesupply include Bluetooth TM devices; Data Acquisition and Control devices;
The Data Acquisition, Control and Communications Specialists
Talisman are long established suppliers of data acquisition, control and communications equipment to industrial, educational, research and defence users. At Talisman, we pride ourselves on providing pre and post sales support to all our customers including 'total solutions' and custom design and production. Talisman are the preferred suppliers to many customers because of the high quality of support that we provide as well as our fast and efficient service in delivering orders. We have 4 new Bluetooth TM products that will enable wireless RS232 connectivity between equipment, a DTE-RS232 module , a DCE-RS232 module , a Wireless cable module pair and the BlueMod TM Bluetooth TM enabled single board computer. These modules will be of particular interest to OEMs who wish to provide wireless connectivity for existing products whilst minimizing their design costs. You can click on any of the linked products for more information and if you would like a data sheet or manual then please contact us and we will be pleased to help you. Have a look at our Press Releases for information on new products.

4. Windmill Software - Specialists In Data Acquisition And Control
data acquisition and control software for Windows. Site includes free software to link RS232 serial Category Business Electronics and Electrical Software...... Engineering Software. subscribe serial communication newsletter. OnLineCatalogue Buy data acquisition and control products on-line.
Windmill Software Ltd
Windows Engineering Software
On-Line Catalogue
Buy data acquisition and control products on-line.
Free RS232 Serial Instrumentation Software
Route readings from GPS, sonar, balances, pH transmitters, gas analysers, etc into Windmill, Excel or other Windows programs.
Monitor Newsletter (ISSN 1472-0221)
Subjects recently covered in this free newsletter include internet condition monitoring, USB, temperature measurement and Excel.
Free Literature and Software Demos
Download demos, send for more information or discuss your application.
Windmill Web Site Overview
Complete list of the site contents: application stories, technical support, tutorials, free stuff, product information... PO Box 58, North District Office, Manchester, M8 8QR, UK. E-mail: , Tel: +44 161 833 2782 By JS

5. Use Of A PC Printer Port For Control And Data Acquisition
Use of a PC Printer Port for control and data acquisition Peter H. Anderson Department of Electrical Engineering Morgan State University
link to the Technology Interface
the Electronic Journal for Engineering Technology
the Technology Interface /Fall 96
Use of a PC Printer Port for Control and Data Acquisition
Peter H. Anderson

Department of Electrical Engineering
Morgan State University
A PC printer port is an inexpensive and yet powerful platform for implementing projects dealing with the control of real world peripherals. The printer port provides eight TTL outputs, five inputs and four bidirectional leads and it provides a very simple means to use the PC interrupt structure. This article discusses how to use program the printer port. A larger manual which deals with such topics as driver circuits, optoisolators, control of DC and stepping motors, infrared and radio remote control, digital and analog multiplexing, D/A and A/D is avaialable. See A special thanks to Morgan State University students Towanda Malone, Christine Samuels and H. Paul Roach for their technical contributions and to New Mexico State University student Kyle Quinnell for preparing the html file.
I. Printer Port Basics

6. Data Acquisition From Microstar Laboratories
Processor boards with onboard DSP commands for PC-based, real-time data acquisition, digital signal Category Science Technology Digital Signal Processing - DSP...... Laboratories. The Intelligent Solution for Networked data acquisition control and Digital Signal Processing in RealWorld Applications.
Data Acquisition from Microstar Laboratories
Real-World Applications
Home Products Data Acquisition Processors ... First visit? Take 10 seconds to find out if you want to stay for 2 minutes
Featured Product: External Timing Channels on the iDSC 1816
The iDSC 1816 samples eight channels simultaneously, with 16-bit resolution and an overall throughput of 1.2M samples per second. The data stream optionally includes an additional 300k samples per second: information from one or two external timing channels, identified in the connector diagram as pins 12 and 13. Software can parse the data stream to correlate the analog data with events on one or both of the timing channels, to a resolution of 51 nanoseconds. The one or two optional timing signal inputs make the iDSC 1816 an excellent choice for applications that monitor vibration in rotating assemblies - in the automotive, aerospace, and power generation industries, for example.
Browse a history of previous featured products. Microstar Laboratories manufactures Data Acquisition Processor boards for PC-based real-time data acquisition and control. Every

7. Monitor (ISSN 1472-0221): The Newsletter For PC-Based Data Acquisition And Contr
Free monthly newsletter covers PCbased data acquisition and control. It brings news of the latest scientific software and in-depth discussion of test and measurement techniques. It also offers subscribers free software which lets them connect RS232 instruments to Windows programs like Excel.
Windmill Software Ltd
January 2003
Subscribe to Monitor
If, once a month, you would like to receive the free Monitor newsletter (ISSN 1472-0221), please register below. Monitor includes data acquisition tips and tutorials, new product releases, URLs of engineering, scientific and technology resources, and more. You can cancel your free subscription at any time - just return to this page or follow the instructions in the newsletter. Your email address is confidential and won't be passed to any third parties. Special Offer Monitor subscribers can now download the standard Windmill 4.3 software suite free of charge! Your e-mail address: You will receive an e-mail confirming your subscription, with details of how to download the free software. If you don't receive this you have probably entered your e-mail address incorrectly - revisit this page and resubscribe.
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Monitor Archive

8. Data Acquisition And Control Glossary
Glossary of data acquisition, control, instrumentation, test and measurementterms. Windmill Software Ltd Windows Engineering Software. April 2002.
Windmill Software Ltd
Windows Engineering Software
April 2002
Glossary of
Data Acquisition
B C ... Z A
Alternating Current (ac)
Electric current whose flow alternates in direction. The number of times the current changes direction in one second is called the frequency. The usual waveform of ac is sinusoidal.
Trade name for an alloy of nickel with up to 5% aluminium, manganese and silicon, used with chromel in K-type thermocouples.
Ampere (A)
SI unit of electric current.
A circuit that produces a larger output power, voltage or current than was applied at its input.
The size or magnitude of a signal.
Analogue-to-Digital (A-D) Converter
Converts an analogue signal (such as a voltage signal from a temperature sensor) into a digital signal suitable for input to a computer. See Issues 3 and 4 of our newsletter for more information on A-D converters.
Anti-Alias Filter
An anti-alias (or anti-aliasing) filter allows through the lower frequency components of a signal but stops higher frequencies, in either the signal or noise, from introducing distortion. Anti-alias filters are specified according to the sampling rate of the system and there must be one filter per input signal. See Issue 8 of our newsletter for more information.

9. JBT Engineering
controls design and manufacture including mechanical , electrical hydraulic or pneumatic specializing in data acquisition, bespoke software, humanmachine interface and supervisory control technologies for process and machine control.
NAVIGATION Home Electrical Services Mechanical Services Presses ... Contact Us We are recognized leaders in the application of data acquisition, Bespoke software, human-machine interface and supervisory control technologies for process and machine control. JBT can provide full service to customers whether it is mechanical , electrical hydraulic or pneumatic. From concept design to completed systems ..we offer the complete solution under one roof.
Applications we have installed:
  • MMC'S
  • HVAC
JBT's Process Experience:
Our talented staff includes: MECHANICAL ENGINEERS With expertise in mechanical process engineering, chemical process engineering, machine design, pneumatics, hydraulics, pump, HVAC and structual design.

10. BWI - Data Acquisition & Control
CD Duplicator. data acquisition control. Browse SubCategories
Home About Us Contact Us Employment ... Extended Product List Search VME cPCI PMC Modules Industry Packs ... CD Duplicator Browse Sub-Categories There are no products in this category.

11. Ontrak Control Systems Inc. Serial Data Acquisition Interfaces
Manufacturer of lowcost serial ( RS232, RS485 ) data acquisitionand control interfaces with analog, digital and relay I/O.
HOME Serial Data Acquisition Made Easy Company Profile
Hot Products What is Serial Data Acquisition? Now accepting both VISA and MASTERCARD for small quantity orders. AUG
USB Relay I/O Interface Available NOW RS232,RS485 Relay I/O Interface with Amp rating available NOW SEPT 10,2001 NOW AVAILABLE: ADRCOM FREE terminal emulation software.
RS232 Video Multiplexer / Video Switch only Available NOW
with 16-bit analog input only available NOW! New Tutorial covering using LINUX to communicate with RS232 devices now available in our programming section. April
Tutorial on Using RS232 Devices with USB

New tutorial covering TCP/IP ( Internet ) access to ADR interfaces now available. Dec 6, 2000
Programming TCP/IP Access to ADR Cards

Click HERE for News archives
Ontrak Control Systems Inc. manufactures low-cost, high quality, serial data acquisition and control interfaces that allow data acquisition and computer control via a serial port (RS232, RS422, RS485 or USB ). When connected to a serial port the ADR and ADU boards allow control of analog (A/D and D/A), digital I/O, relay contacts and event counters using simple ASCII commands. Easy to interface to LED's, switches, potentiometers, analog sensors or stepper motors. Programming is easy using Visual Basic, Basic, LINUX, C, Visual C++ or any language that allows access to a serial port.

12. Micro Control Journal
Online technical journal covering microcontrollers, data acquisition, instrumentation, sensors, control systems.
Updated February 23, 2003


Technical Articles On the Web
Collection of Informative Articles from the Web
News and Reviews of Product ware Books in Print
MCJ's Book Selection
About Micro Control Journal
Advertising information
for Micro Control Journal
Need to Contact Us?
Micro Control Journal's Awards r If you have any questions or comments, please email us Please read the before proceeding any further.

13. ChemStore.Com: Software / Data Acquisition & Control
ChemStore.Com Software data acquisition control Are you a student, educator, homeuser, or government employee? Are you upgrading? Do you have a coupon code? You may be eligible for discount pricing. 1. BalanceTalk by Labtronics List Price

14. Data Acquisition Instruments From IOtech
controllers, analyzers, converters, extenders, isolators, multiplexers, data acquisition instruments.Category Science Instruments and Supplies...... for portable and desktop data acquisition, waveform capture, distributed I/O, temperatureand-voltagemeasurement, data logging, IEEE 488 control, and more!
Search IOtech Products Tech Support Contact Us Search ... Global Partners Website
IOtech's DaqBook/2000E
and WaveBook/516E
both featured as
Product of the Month
in Nasa Tech Briefs
February 2003 issue!
Welcome to IOtech, Inc.
Our online catalog includes systems for portable and desktop data acquisition, waveform capture, distributed I/O, temperature-and-voltage measurement, data logging, IEEE 488 control, and more! March 3, 2003
new products, the and , that provide unique measurement capabilities for the new
Ethernet-based 1-MHz WaveBook/516E Read the full press release February 10, 2003 Read the full press release January 22, 2003 , providing 8 channels of dynamic signal input for its popular WaveBook systems. Read the full press release December 18, 2002 software support for its DaqBoard/2000 Series of products. Read the full press release What's new in Data Acquisition? Find out more on IOtech's "What's New" page. Who is IOtech?

15. Process Control And Data Acquisition
Process flow calculators everything one needs to calculate orifice bore, full scale flow, or delta pressure.
Moving ATT discontinued my local access number and provided instead a long distance one; therefore, I must change Internet Service Providers. I will leave this site here for a while but probably will not update it. Please visit my new site: If you are looking for a Web site that caters to Process Control Engineers and Instrument Technicians, you have come to the right spot. You will find some useful utilities and information here. This site is constantly under construction, so content will be added regularly. I would like to cultivate a network of engineers, operators, and technicians to share information and innovative ideas. If you have a Web site that provides process control information, I will provide a link to it. If you would like to provide content for this site, I will publish it with appropriate links and credits. If you have a suggestion, I would like to hear it.
Note: This web site heavily uses Frames, Java, and JavaScript. Most modern computers and browsers support these technologies, however, some may not. If you experience problems, please send an email to

16. VMIC On-Line Daq
data acquisition and control (DAQ) Input/Output Boards Input/Output Systems PCBased I/O controllers data acquisition Systems Solutions 18 Reasons to Select VMIC as Your PC-control I/O Systems Supplier data acquisition Systems, Configuration
Data Acquisition and Control (DAQ) Input/Output Boards Input/Output Systems PC-Based I/O Controllers Data Acquisition Systems Solutions ... Application Guides
For Ordering Information, Call Home Terms and Conditions Search Contact Us
Questions or problems regarding this website should be directed to

17. Data Acquisition From Measurement Computing
control and GPIB hardware and software. The World Leader in High QualityData acquisition, control and GPIB Hardware and Software,
The World Leader in High Quality Data Acquisition, Control and GPIB Hardware and Software
Congratulations to Robert Plucinski of Surrey, British Columbia! Robert is our first winner from Canada! You could be our next winner. Click here to take the current quiz! See our past winners.
Analog Input and
I/O Boards Analog Output Boards PC-CARD Interfaces Software for Data Acquisition External Signal Conditioning USB Interfaces GPIB/IEEE-488 Interfaces Serial I/O Modules
Measurement Computing offers the largest selection of PC based data acquisition and measurement products. Shop our online catalog by selecting a category above. From PCI, PC104, ISA, and PCMCIA bus to RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 and GPIB interfaces from temperature measurement to data loggers, Measurement Computing has everything you need for your PC-based data acquisition and control applications. What's New FAQs Tech Support Contact Us ... Press Room
Measurement Computing, Corp.
16 Commerce Blvd., Middleboro, MA 02346
P: 508-946-5100 F: 508-946-9500

18. Acromag
Provides industrial I/O solutions for measurement and control applications. Signal conditioning, PC data acquisition, VME boards, 'LonWorks,' and IP modules for analog and digital I/O. Instrumentation products include transmitters, isolators, and alarms.
Industry Pack Modules PMC Modules VME and PC I/O Cards
Networked I/O Systems
... Signal Conditioners
Acomag provides measurement and control solutions. Bus boards are available for VME, PCI, CompactPCI, Industry Pack, and PMC platforms. Process instrumentation products include signal conditioners, transmitters, isolators, and alarms. Network I/O modules support Profibus, Modbus, HART, and LonWorks.
Acromag now offers convenient On-line Price Quotes and Shopping. Click the button above for details on our e-commerce policies.
Product List 1100 Series 1500 Series 4600 Series 600T Series 90SW Series A5B Series AcPC Series ACR Series APC Series AVME Series BusWorks 900MB Series BusWorks 900PB Series Flat Pack Series Alarms Flat Pack Series Power Supplies Flat Pack Series Transmitters IntelliPack® 800A Series IntelliPack® 800M Series IntelliPack® 800T Series IP1K100 Series IP200 Series IP300 Series IP400 Series IP500 Series IPSW Series Plug-in Relays PMC200 Series PMC300 Series PMC400 Series PMC480 Series PMC700 Series PMCSW / PCISW Series PS5R Series SmartPack Series Solid-State Relays SP100 Series Termination Products
phone: 248/624-1541 email:

19. REAL Controls, Incorporated - Automation, Control And Data Acquisition Solutions
Engineering design and consulting company specializing in process control, automation, data acquisition, database and software product development.
Innovative Solutions for Process Control, Automation and Data Acquisition Systems Automation Integrator and Software Developer Home Page More About Us Customer Comments Recent Projects ... Contact Us REAL Controls is a member of the National Instruments Alliance and a Certified LabVIEW Programmer REAL Controls, Incorporated is an engineering design and integration company. We specialize in developing high quality, easy to use, hardware and software solutions for process control, automation and data acquisition applications. Want to monitor your process over the internet? We can help! Need to control your equipment from a remote location? No problem! Need help collecting data from sensors or laboratory instruments? Been there! Having trouble designing an equipment automation or process control system? Done that! Have a special application but can’t find the right company? Call us today!

20. Z-World The Industry Leader In Embedded Controllers / Single-Board Computers
Producer of singleboard computers for embedded control used in systems, data acquisition and machine controls.
Single-Board Computers Expandable Systems Ethernet Core Modules ... Legacy
Analog RabbitCore Finalist for EDN Award. The nominated as a finalist for the 2002 EDN Innovation Awards. Low-Power SBC Nominated for Award. Finalist LP3500 Fox looking to win NASA Tech Briefs Product of the Year 2002. Smartcat SBC Seeking Gold.
The BL2100 Smartcat awarded finalist for Product Design and Development 2002 Engineering Award.
New! Version 7.32
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