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  1. Pyrotechnics on the Page: Playful Craft That Sparks Writing by Ralph Fletcher, 2010-04-19
  2. The Pyrotechnic Insanitarium: American Culture on the Brink by Mark Dery, 1999-12-15
  3. Military Pyrotechnics V2: The Manufacture Of Military Pyrotechnics, An Exposition Of The Present Methods Of Manufacture, The Materials And Machinery Used (1919) by Henry B. Faber, 2010-05-23
  4. Gunpowder: Alchemy, Bombards, and Pyrotechnics : The History of the Explosive That Changed the World by Jack Kelly, 2005-04-26
  5. Fireworks: Pyrotechnic Arts and Sciences in European History by Simon Werrett, 2010-05-01
  6. Chemistry of Pyrotechnics: Basic Principles and Theory by John A. Conkling, 1985-07-02
  7. Handbook of Pyrotechnics by Karl O. Brauer, 1974-12-19
  8. High Energy Materials: Propellants, Explosives and Pyrotechnics by Jai Prakash Agrawal, 2010-04-20
  9. Pyrotechnics by George W. Weingart, 1947-06-30
  10. Chemistry of Pyrotechnics: Basic Principles and Theory, Second Edition by John A. Conkling, 2010-12-03
  11. Military Pyrotechnics, Volume 2 by Marvin Dana, 2010-02-03
  12. Principles of Pyrotechnics by A. A. Shidlovskiy, 1997-07
  13. Pyrotechnics: the history and art of firework making by Alan St. Hill. Brock, 1922-01-01
  14. Gunpowder: Alchemy, Bombards, and Pyrotechnics : The History of the Explosive That Changed the World by Jack Kelly, 2004-04-01

1. Fireworks Pyrotechnics
Worldwide membership organization dedicated to the advancement of safety, skill, and artistry in pyrotech Category Science Technology pyrotechnics......pyrotechnics Guild International. 2003 Seminar and Workshop Form. Copyright© 19972003 pyrotechnics Guild International Inc. All rights reserved.
Pyrotechnics Guild International
2003 Seminar and Workshop Form
PGI Official Statement Regarding the Rhode Island Night Club Fire The Pyrotechnics Guild International, Inc., founded in 1969, is an independent worldwide nonprofit organization of amateur and professional fireworks enthusiasts. Its educational and scientific purposes are to: 1. Promote the safe and responsible display and use of pyrotechnics. 2. Encourage the display of public and private pyrotechnics in conjunction with local and national holidays as well as patriotic and other events. 3. Promote the production and sale of high quality pyrotechnics. 4. Channel the creative energies of talented people into the design, production and display of high quality pyrotechnics by example of the membership and through the sharing of knowledge. The PGI Accomplishes these goals through four major resources: The PGI Annual Convention: a week long event held in early August, in a variety of locations. The PGI Bulletin: a quality periodical published five times per year.

2. Firework Displays, Indoor Pyrotechnics And Display Packs
Offering fireworks to complement all events regardless of the budget. Based in Ditchingham.Category Regional Europe England Norfolk Business and Economy......Skyscenes pyrotechnics. Firework displays to compliment any event. Firework venue).Back To Home Page. (c) Copyright 2002 Skyscenes pyrotechnics.

3. Pyrotechnics
Site contains a few pictures and lots of links. Soem theory of pyrotechnics are included.Category Science Technology pyrotechnics Fireworks......Introduction. The word pyrotechnics refers to the art, craft and scienceof fireworks. As a science, however, pyrotechnics is quite young.
The word pyrotechnics refers to the art, craft and science of fireworks. As such, it is related to a variety of arts and sciences - as an underdeveloped art, it is nevertheless comparable to many other human arts, such as music, theatre and film; as a science, it attempts to understand and quantify the chemical and physical phenomena that characterise pyrotechnic reactions. As a craft and art, pyrotechnics originated around 1st century AD in China, with the invention of black powder. As a science, however, pyrotechnics is quite young. The basic phenomena of flame and colour production are now well established, but novel effects and novel materials still continue to be discovered.
How did I get involved?
Pyrotechnics has always been a part of my other hobby, chemistry. It was not the only reason I was interested in chemistry - even today, the chemistry I am now happily doing really hasn't much to do with fireworks or pyrotechnic phenomena - but it provided an exciting field where to apply my newly acquired knowledge of chemistry. For several years, my interest merely smouldered; it was not until I got my hands at real

4. American Pyrotechnics Association
APA is trade association of the United States of America
Welcome to site of the American Pyrotechnics Association! The APA is the premier trade association of the fireworks industry. The APA was founded in 1948 with three principle aims:
  • To encourage safety in the design and use of all types of fireworks. To provide industry information and support to our members. To promote responsible regulation of the fireworks industry.
Our membership includes:
  • Manufacturers Displayers Wholesalers Retailers Importers Suppliers
Interested in general information about fireworks and the industry? CLICK HERE! Click HERE to learn more about membership NEWS FROM THE FOURTH OF JULY 2002 SEASON! APA Partnered with the American Tribute Foundation to Help Launch a New American Tradition this Independence Day Click Here for the News Release Click Here for additional details! The APA has produced a new television Public Service Announcement. It features the faces of the fireworks industry urging Americans to celebrate responsibly. Click Here for details!

5. Melrose Fireworks
Producer of fireworks displays for choreographed multimedia shows, sports, and special events. Also, manufacture of display fireworks.

6. HFM Pyrotechnics - The UK's Leading Firework Display Company
Fireworks and pyrotechnics on sale all year round in Cannock, Staffs, England.
  • Fireworks For Sale Here
  • Display In A Box
  • Professional Pyrotechnic Supplies
  • HFM Professional Displays ...
  • E-Mail Us
    Visit the shop for the largest firework selection in the UK!
    The Gunpowder Plot
    165 Longford Road
    Cannock, Staffs, England, WS11 3LD Voice: 01543 500 800 - Fax: 01543 466670 HFM Pyrotechnics are members of the Explosives Industry Group
  • 7. Pyrotechnics
    pyrotechnics. The most enduring passion in my life has been pyrotechnics.I considerably. In March 1990, I started a pyrotechnics mailing list.
    The most enduring passion in my life has been pyrotechnics. I was into it before electronics , before photography . It's occasionally gotten me into trouble , not to mention the occasional close call , but it's enhanced my life considerably. In March 1990, I started a pyrotechnics mailing list . It proved popular enough that eventually the newsgroup rec.pyrotechnics was created, with the volume of the mailing list used as justification. In its early years (1990-1994), I archived rec.pyrotechnics. You can retrieve compressed tarfiles of the messages from those years here
    Some descriptions and such: Pyrotechnic Materials Supply Houses

    8. Journal Of Pyrotechnics - Home
    Issues contains articles on rocket motors, consumer fireworks, propellant chemistry, chlorate/sulfur Category Science Technology pyrotechnics Publications......The Journal of pyrotechnics publishes the Journal of pyrotechnics, thePyrotechnic Reference Series and the Pyrotechnic Literature Series.
    JPyro Home
    Journal of Pyrotechnics, Inc. publishes the following items:
    Pyrotechnic Training:
    • For information on the Pyrotechnic Chemistry courses that will be taught in the UK possibly in 2003. Automatic Mail List for UK Training Currently there is no training scheduled in US.
    To receive future information on other US training, please subscribe to the Automatic Mail List for US Training
    Journal of Pyrotechnics Sponsor Information:
    Link Information:
    If you would like to be notified of changes or additions to the Journal of Pyrotechnics Web Site, please join our automatic

    9. NOVA Online/Kaboom!/Hot Science: It's Elemental
    pyrotechnics It's Elemental. Anyone who has seen a fireworks display has probably wondered, "How'd they do that?"
    Pyrotechnics: It's Elemental
    Anyone who has seen a fireworks display has probably wondered, "How'd they do that?" Well it's actually quite elemental The Periodic Table of the Elements, that is. The whiz, bang, pop, and color are all possible by combining the most basic substances of which we know: the elements themselves.
    Highlighted in the Periodic Table below are some of the important elements that make a firework work. Click on the elements outlined to find out what their contributions are to a firework. Click here to find out more about the Periodic Table.
    Periodic Table graphic courtesy of Los Alamos National Laboratory.
    Kaboom! Home
    Anatomy Pyrotechnics Demolition ... Shop

    10. International Pyrotechnics Society
    The Society for International Pyrotechnicians. Each year the IPS organises a symposium.Category Science Technology pyrotechnics......
    This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.

    11. Prox Pyro® Pyrotechnics & Special Effects
    Prox Pyro supplies proximate pyrotechnics, stage effects, flame effects, and other special effects for the stage, film and other venues.
    Prox Pyro
      P r o x i m a t e P y r o t e c h n i c s A r e H e r e There is a new science, a new type of fireworks called Proximate Pyrotechnics. They are called "proximate" because they can be safely used much closer to an audience then was ever before possible as close as 15 feet away! You may have seen them on TV at a wrestling or boxing match fireworks right inside the arena! They are closer, but the audience is even safer than when sitting way back at a regular fireworks display. No longer do you need a large open field next to a stadium for a fireworks display you can have a "mini" display launched from an end zone, or even right on the fifty yard line. Or bring the display indoors, right inside the arena or stadium or even the local shopping mall or convention center. Want people to stay until a carnival or event closes? Announce fireworks at closing time! It works for Disney. You can use fireworks to get people to come to an event, and then to stay until it's over. Proximate pyrotechnics are more than just mini fireworks displays. They can be used anytime a bang, a flash, some beautiful colors are needed near people. They are used for special effects in theater and film, for bangs, booms, color, and flashes at rock concerts and sporting events they can even be used to spice up a company meeting, a presentation, a store opening, a product announcement, a sporting event anytime you want to make an event special Our Specialty Proximate Pyrotechnics
      • Indoor and Outdoor Proximate Fireworks Displays

    12. Firework Pyrotechnic Chemicals Books Videos
    A Supermarket for pyrotechnics. Professionals Fireworks Making
    Skylighter A Supermarket for Pyrotechnics Skylighter Home How to Order Free Fireworks Display Sign Up For Free Pyro E-mail Bulletins ... how to use: Item #: Qty.: Welcome to the Skylighter web site for people who make fireworks and other pyrotechnic devices. Skylighter provides a wide variety of fireworks books, fireworks videos, pyrotechnic chemicals, pyro tools, fireworks tubes, fireworks shells, end plugs, end disks, end caps, and other paper and plastic supplies for pyrotechnics to organizations and individuals worldwide. Skylighter does not sell fireworks or explosives. Skylighter customers can place orders using this World Wide Web site. You can charge your order to your credit card, or print a copy of your order and mail it and payment to us. Our whole catalog is now available on-line, including air and surface shipping costs for all U.S. areas and all countries. Watch for new sections as we expand our product lines. We hope you find our web site convenient and informative. If you have any problems with our site, please let us know. Your comments and suggestions will be appreciated.

    13. Welcome To
    Personal site about the Montréal International Pyromusical Competition.Category Science Technology pyrotechnics Welcome to my pyrotechnics site. Welcome to my pyrotechnicssite, dedicated to the Montréal International Pyromusical Competition.
    @import url("core.css"); @import url("sublinks.css");
    Welcome to my pyrotechnics site
    Detailed descriptions of every display I've seen, since 1993.
    Fireworks display and setup photographs
    Where to go to see the fireworks
    Competition statistics
    Behind-the-scenes information and glossary
    Pyrotechnic projects
    Pyrotechnic and other sites of interest
    Latest News
    New 20 th February 2003 - Boston 4th July fireworks and setup photos. New 27 th January 2003 - competion schedule for 2003 announced. Full details here th July 2002 - Official Results
    • Gold Jupiter France Silver Jupiter - Luso Pirotecnia, Portugal Bronze Jupiter - Ampleman Pyrotechnie, Canada
    If you can read this, you need to upgrade to a better browser which properly supports Cascading Style Sheets. You will not be able to see any of the full sized pictures on this site. Visit W3 Organization CSS browser list for more details. This site is fully CSS compliant for your platform-independent enjoyment. Sponsored by
    Navigation Reports Photos Information Links

    14. British Pyrotechnics Society
    The BPS exists to promote and provide information applied to pyrotechnic sciences, encompassing firework chemistry within the UK. We have a large range of
    Sorry - your browser does not have frames.

    15. Home Page
    Licenced display operators and suppliers of indoor and outdoor pyrotechnic effects.Category Business Consumer Goods and Services Fireworks Indoor......Welcome to SA Fireworks Indoor pyrotechnics Australian Display Operators Suppliers of Indoor Outdoor Pyrotechnic Effects. Specialising in.
    Welcome to
    SA Fireworks
    Indoor Pyrotechnics
    Specialising in Air Fx, Combat Simulation Fx, Indoor Pyrotechnic Fx,
    Outdoor Fireworks, Theatrical Special Fx
    click on you are the person to visit this site,
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    Military grade pyrotechnics.
    Home Search
    • Design Development Modeling and Simulation Prototype and Limited Production Test and Evaluation Exploitation Transition to Production Acquisition Engineering In-Service Engineering Fleet Support Ordnance Unique Facilities
      (78K Square Feet, $12 Million Plant Value) Prototype Manufacture Windstream Test Automated IR Test 88-Acre Ordnance Test Area Missile Seeker Characterization Lab Mobile Measurement Vans and Tracking Mounts Navy Lead Laboratory for Pyrotechnics Program Management for NAVSEA Pyrotechnics Design Agent NAVSEA and NAVAIR Pyrotechnics Acquisition Engineering Agent for Navy Pyrotechnics In-Service Engineering Agent for Navy Pyrotechnics NAVAIR Cognizant Field Activity for Pyrotechnics Scientists and Engineers 55 Technicians 35 Wage Grades 10 Total Workforce 100 Navy Pyrotechnics Corporate Knowledge Base Forty Years Pyrotechnics History 2,500 Years Pyrotechnics Experience Internationally Recognized Expertise Aircraft Infrared Countermeasures Surface Launched Pyrotechnics Submarine Launched Pyrotechnics Air Launched Pyrotechnics Signaling and Marking Pyrotechnics Smokes and Obscurants Countermeasure Dispenser Systems
    Pyrotechnics POC :
    • FAX: (812) 854-6836
    Job Information POC :
    • FAX: (812) 854-1066

    Last Modified: November 01, 2001

    17. Fireworks By Premier Pyrotechnics Inc.
    Professional indoor and outdoor fireworks displays, training and accessories using the latest computer Category Business Arts and Entertainment Fireworks Displays......Premier pyrotechnics provides professional indoor outdoor fireworks displays,training and accessories using the latest computer and digital technology
    A Dedication to Pyrotechnic Perfection
    Custom Firework Displays
    Display Fireworks
    Firing Systems
    Click for
    Special Report
    Regulations Industry ALERT Click for
    Special Report
    Click here to register for our 2003 Shooter's Schools 2003 Catalog now available online. Click here to get a copy! CLICK HERE FOR
    State Fireworks Laws

    Call us at 1-888-647-6863
    Home About Us Current Events Training Seminars ... Contact Us Created and maintained by Zcom

    18. Rec.pyrotechnics FAQ
    It is recommended that all subscribers to the newsgroup rec.pyrotechnics read this document before attempting any practical pyrotechnics. (Hans Josef Wagemueller) Newsgroups rec.pyrotechnics news.answers rec.answers Subject rec.pyrotechnics FAQ Supersedes
    rec.pyrotechnics FAQ
    From: (Hans Josef Wagemueller) Newsgroups: rec.pyrotechnics news.answers rec.answers Subject: rec.pyrotechnics rec.pyrotechnics ... (Hans Josef Wagemueller) Summary: This file contains basic details, safety information and answers to frequently asked questions about pyrotechnics. It is recommended that all subscribers to the newsgroup rec.pyrotechnics read this document before attempting any practical pyrotechnics. X-Last-Updated: 1995/07/28 Archive-name: pyrotechnics-faq REC.PYROTECHNICS FAQ ++++++++++++++++++++ Last Updated 28JUL95 CONTENTS ======== 1. Introduction - Welcome to rec.pyrotechnics 2. Reading rec.pyrotechnics 3. Posting to rec.pyrotechnics 4. Legal Aspects of Pyrotechnics 5. PGI - Pyrotechnics Guild International 6. Pyrotechnic Literature 6a. Fireworks Literature 6b. Fringe Literature 6c. Net-Available Information 7. Frequently Asked Questions 7a. Nitrogen Tri-Iodide, NH3.NI3 7b. Thermite 7c. Dry Ice Bombs 7d. Smoke Bombs 7e. Basic Pyrotechnic Devices 7f. Terminator Bombs, MacGyver, etc. 7g. Match Rockets 8. Commonly Used Chemicals in Pyrotechnics 1. Introduction - Welcome to rec.pyrotechnics

    19. Welcome To Performance Solutions/Set Solutions & Harcourt Rigging
    Design, manufacture and execution of physical and special effects with stunt coordinators and performers. Design and manufacture of custom props, models, staging, pyrotechnics, rigging, and sets.

    20. PyroTechnics
    pyrotechnics has been compiled successfully on Linux, SGI, HP, win32, os/2, and Amiga machines.

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