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         Semiconductors:     more books (100)
  1. Semiconductor Device Fundamentals by Robert F. Pierret, 1996-04-12
  2. The Essential Guide to Semiconductors by Jim Turley, 2002-12-29
  3. Physics of Semiconductor Devices by Simon M. Sze, Kwok K. Ng, 2006-10-27
  4. Semiconductor Material and Device Characterization by Dieter K. Schroder, 2006-01-30
  5. Semiconductor Physics and Devices by Donald A. Neamen, 2002-12-01
  6. Semiconductor Devices: Physics and Technology, 2nd Edition by Simon M. Sze, 2001-09-07
  7. Optical Processes in Semiconductors by Jacques I. Pankove, 2010-11-18
  8. Fabless Semiconductor Implementation by Rakesh Kumar, 2008-03-26
  9. Advanced Semiconductor Fundamentals (2nd Edition) by Robert F. Pierret, 2002-08-19
  10. An Introduction to Semiconductor Devices by Donald Neamen, 2005-01-06
  11. Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology by Michael Quirk, Julian Serda, 2000-11-19
  12. Semiconductor Fundamentals: Volume I (2nd Edition) by Robert F. Pierret, 1988-01-11
  13. MOS (Metal Oxide Semiconductor) Physics and Technology (Wiley Classics Library) by E. H. Nicollian, J. R. Brews, 2002-11-21
  14. Fundamentals of Semiconductor Manufacturing and Process Control by Gary S. May, Costas J. Spanos, 2006-05-22

1. Philips Semiconductors - Home - Philips Semiconductors
Produces discrete semiconductors and analog and digital ICs for audio, video, automotive, consumer, Category Business Electronics and Electrical Components Active......Philips semiconductors Upto-the-minute information about Discrete semiconductorsand analog and digital Integrated Circuits (ICs, Chips) for audio, video
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2. Powerex Power Semiconductors - Home
A manufacturer of power semiconductors discrete products and modules - Powerex combines past knowledge and experience with the technological breakthroughs of Mitsubishi Electric to bring quality and innovation to the semiconductor marketplace.
Welcome! web login/edit portal login site map home Part Search About Us News Sales Support Products ... Contact Us/Support product categories Assemblies Darlington Transistor Mod Darlington Accessory Diode ... Triac headlines The First Quarter 2003 edition
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Power Electronics Technology
Product of the Month
"Hybrid Power IC Supplies

Gate Drive for IGBT Modules"

Transistor-Array IC Family Available Mitsubishi Transistor-Array IC Family Available from Powerex
Product Description
- A monolithic IC that contains 4 to 8 transistor circuits, Mitsubishi Electric's transistor-array can drive 50 to 1500 mA and it has 30 to 80V breakdown volts. A variety of current capacities and breakdown voltage of the transistor-array can be used to meet customers' requirements.
Product Ratings and Characteristics The series consists of 4, 6, 7 or 8 unit NPN Darlington arrays with clamp diodes for protection against switching inductive loads. Output ratings range from 40V/150mA to 50V/1500mA. The transistor-arrays are available in through-hole DIP or surface-mount packages.

3. Redirection
Manufacture IGBT, thyristor, diode, MOSFET, stack, assembly, IGBTmodule, thyristor-module, diode-module.

4. Mintech Semiconductors Ltd
Die and wafer processor and offer visual, electrical test and screening.
We are an approved Die Assessor offering everything from unencapsulated semiconductor die in wafer form through to custom packaging the die into a package of your choice and electrically testing them, along with solutions to obsolescence.
More info...

We can supply you with unencapsulated semiconductor die from an extensive range of semiconductor die manufacturers. Including International Rectifier and National Semiconductor. More info...
Looking for a specific part and want to know if it's in stock?
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We have all our die geometries available to you online.
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Mintech Semiconductors Ltd is a member of the WFT Group, you may also like to visit the site of our associate company Die Technology Ltd

5. Chipworks - Reverse Engineering And Intellectual Property Support For The Semico
Chipworks is a world leading reverse engineering firm dedicated to indepth reports on new and emerging technology in the semiconductor industry
Search FAQ Like boxes, technology comes in all shapes and sizes. Unlocking what lies inside technology means accessing knowledge, and from it, the power to make informed strategic business decisions. Chipworks provides engineering, legal, sales and marketing groups with competitive intelligence by investigating and explaining technology and technology markets, enabling customers to enhance their competitive positions, leverage their patent portfolios, and make prudent investment decisions. Chipworks is your key to looking inside technology.
Unlock Your Potential
Patent Intelligence
Technical Intelligence
Realize Extraordinary Results Search Our Reports
Stratix EP1S25B672C6ES PLD Structural Analysis IBM PowerPC RISC Microprocessor Structural Analysis Ultra RF
Power MOSFET Structural Analysis Micrel
USB Transceiver Circuit Analysis Atheros
5GHz CMOS Transceiver NEC
Preamplifier for IR Controller Circuit Analysis


7. Norgay Enterprise Ltd - Guelph, Kitchener, Toronto, RF Microwave Components, Sem
Supply RF and microwave components, semiconductors, power supplies, AC to DC converters, and related components .
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8. Philips Semiconductors - Help -
A new online service from Philips semiconductors and her franchised distribution partners makes it easy to check availability and purchase Philips semiconductors products online.
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var menuroot=5;buildMenu(menuroot); Help Select server Finding product related information Product Information Page ... How to buy
A new online service from Philips Semiconductors and her franchised distribution partners makes it easy to check availability and purchase Philips Semiconductors products online. The service shows which Philips Semiconductors authorized distributors in the North America (USA and Canada) have parts in stock. You can link directly to the distributor's web site to verify availability or place orders online. For customers located in Europe or the Asia/pacific region, we will add this functionality in a later stage.
How to buy online
Purchasing parts on-line is handled through our franchised distributors . The buy online feature provides pricing and availability information of our distributors.
Checking availability and/or placing an order requires these simple steps:
  • Use product search product catalog or systems to find the parts you would like to order.
  • 9. TECHLINK - We Provide Used And Rebuilt Semiconductor Equipment
    Provide costeffective equipment, service, spare parts and support to wafer fabs worldwide.
    TECHLINK EQUIPMENT AND TECHNOLOGY, We provide cost-effective equipment, service, spare parts and support to wafer fabs worldwide. Please visit our non-frame website at

    10. New Semiconductor Materials. Characteristics And Properties
    This electronic archive from the Ioffe Institute contains frequently needed information for the most important semiconductor materials. The archive includes physical properties of semiconductors and heterostructures such as band, optical, electrical, mechanical, thermal and other properties.
    Electronic archive
    New Semiconductor Materials. Characteristics and Properties
    Introduction (Eng) Introduction (Rus) Physical Properties of Semiconductors
    Basic parameters. Band, optical, electrical, mechanical, thermal and other properties. n, k database
    n, k for A B , A B , Metals, Oxides, Silicides and other materials. Heterostructures
    Fundamental Physical Constants
    Equivalents of length, area, mass, pressure, energy ... 26 Polytekhnicheskaya, St. Petersburg 194021, Russian Federation
    Fax: (812) 247 10 17
    Phone: (812) 247 91 83
    webmaster Alexei Tolmatchev

    11. Eltek Semiconductors Ltd
    Procuring and processing semiconductor components in wafer, die and packaged form.
    Choose your language: English
    Legal Disclosure

    12. Philips Semiconductors - Home - Philips Semiconductors
    Philips semiconductors Upto-the-minute information about Discrete semiconductors and analog and digital Integrated Circuits (ICs, Chips) for audio, video, automotive, consumer, mobile, multimedia and wireless communications markets
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    13. Semiconductorshttp// - November 30, 2002 - 71 KB6. Motorola Sem
    Search Advanced Parametric Part Number FAQ What's New Motorola Introduces Flexible I/O Expansion IC for Microcontroller-based Systems Motorola Expands Microcontroller Family For Space-limited Industrial Applications Semiconductor

    14. Global Home - PHILIPS.COM - Royal Philips Electronics
    Official site, with news, company profile, consumer products, and professional products.Category Games Video Games Developers and Publishers P Philips...... employees in more than 60 countries are active in the areas of lighting, consumerelectronics, domestic appliances, components, semiconductors, and medical = "Presentation"; Your browser does not support script




    Philips unveils recovery plan for Semiconductor division

    March 13, 2003
    Philips and KPN agree to broadband alliance

    March 12, 2003
    Philips' Connected Home is here and now

    March 12, 2003 Philips Access to and use of this Web Site is subject to these

    15. Digi-Key Corporation Home Page
    Distributor of semiconductors, discrete, passive and electromechanical parts. Online catalogue, search facility, purchasing and links to manufacturers and industry publications.

    16. Covion - Organic Semiconductors GmbH
    Manufacturer of high quality light emitting organic materials.
    DATE: 06.03.2003
    Covion, a technology leader in advanced materials for OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) displays for consumer electronics, has achieved a breakthrough in development of electroluminescent (EL) polymers for high-efficiency full colour displays. In partnership with universities in Cologne and Munich, Covion - the displays business of Avecia - has discovered robust and efficient high resolution patterning processes for EL polymers using photo-lithography.
    The potential is that lithographic processes well established in volume production of colour filters for LCD monitors can also be applied in making multi-layer OLED displays - while maintaining OLEDs' performance advantages of light emission (no backlight required), brightness, efficiency and viewing angle. The breakthrough is significant because previous approaches to the concept have produced poor device performance or unsatisfactory patterning behaviour.
    OLED flat panel displays with full-colour capability are being developed for cellphones and other consumer electronics - such as PDAs and digital cameras, and in emissive displays for monitor and TV applications. Technology to cost-effectively combine high resolution with full colour is important due to increasing emphasis on displays capable of high data content.
    First time combination:
    The new process promises a first time combination of features previously available only in separate OLED production unit processes. It links the ease of polymer-based OLED device manufacturing by solution processing (e.g. spin coating) with an established patterning process (photolithography) to enable the manufacture of high resolution OLED displays. These have been shown to retain the efficiency, colour and stability expected of conventional polymer OLED devices.

    17. Table Of Contents
    The text book by Peter Yu and Manuel Cardona.
    Fundamentals of Semiconductors
    Peter Y. Yu and Manuel Cardona
    At the Springer Booth in the March APS Meeting in Seattle, March 13, 2001.
    A sample copy of the Third Edition is visible on the shelf behind.
    First Edition (1996) Second Edition (1999) Third Edition (2001) Japanese Translation (1999) Chinese Translation (2002)
    The first and second editions have all been sold! However, the third Revised and Enlarged edition with 250 Figures, 52 Tables (many of the old tables have also been expanded and updated) and 116 Problems have appeared in June 2001 . To order the third edition, contact Springer-Verlag. (This book is ISBN 3-540-41323-5.).
    The price of the new edition remains the same ! A Japanese translation has been published by Springer of Japan. For further information visit the Web site:
    The Chinese translation has finally appeared! For reviews of the English edition click here Here is a list of errata . The first list is for the first printing of hardcovers. The errors have been corrected in the second printing. The second list is for the errors which were discovered after the second printing. A new errata for the new second edition has also appeared. This contains an important error found in Table 2.25 on p.85.

    18. ASE Korea, Inc.
    Assembly and testing services for sensor, wireless, and automotive semiconductors. Facilities in Asia, Europe, and USA. Site lists capabilities including test equipment used, and package datasheets are available in PDF.

    19. Bomis: Britney Spears 2000 Web Ring
    Britney SPears take you on a guide to laser physics
    Bomis: Britney Spears 2000 Web Ring Build a ring
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    Click to visit the Bomis Board for Britney Spears 2000 Welcome to our web ring! Britney Spears 2000 intends to be the finest Britney Spears web ring that deals with Britney Spears and semiconductor physics in the universe. Ring sites
    High-quality images of Britney Spears, links, lyrics, chat and laser physics. The official Britney Spears web site This is the official Britney Spears website. Britney Vision A heavyweight BritneySpears website with things about Britney Spears with free internet access to UK users. Sexy Britney Spears.....Pictures....Pictures....and more pictures :-) Oops ! Britney´s Big Fan Forever Christoph ! britney Britney Spears A page dedicated to Britney Spears. Pictures, links, trivia and merchandise.
  • 20. Four-Point-Probes Offers Equipment For Measuring The Sheet Resistance And Bulk R
    Four point probes and resistivity test equipment for measuring sheet resistance and bulk resistivity of semiconductors and other materials.
    Four-Point Probes for a Broad Range of Resistivity Measurement Applications. Click Photo Below for More Information Jandel
    Manual Four Point Probing Equipment

    A complete resistivity test system is made by coupling the RM2 Test Unit (listed directly below) with any of the following five probe units.
    RM2 Test Unit (Electronics)

    Combined current source and meter in one unit. Measure from 1 Ohms-per-square up to 10 Ohms-per-square
    Multiposition 4 Point Probe

    Manually probe 1 to 9 pre-set locations on wafers up to 8" in diameter with 1mm repeatability.
    Multi-Height 4 Point Probe

    Easily adjusts for probing materials of varying dimensions such as large substrates, ingots, wafers, etc.
    Microposition Probe
    Ideal for sample up to 76mm (3") diameter requiring high probe placement accuracy. Universal Probe Versatile research unit for wafers and substrates up to 76mm (3") in diameter Hand Applied 4 Point Probe Manually probe large flat panels, ingots, etc. Click Photo Below for More Information Jandel Four Point Probe Heads for All Known Systems Probe heads for Prometrix, KLA/Tencor, and CDE systems. Full range of specs available including close space probes (20 mil spacing).

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