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         Semiconductors:     more books (100)
  1. Fundamentals of Semiconductor Devices by Betty Lise Anderson, 2004
  2. Chips and Change: How Crisis Reshapes the Semiconductor Industry by Clair Brown, Greg Linden, 2009-09-30
  3. Electronic and Optoelectronic Properties of Semiconductor Structures by Jasprit Singh, 2007-03-26
  4. Fundamentals of Semiconductors: Physics and Materials Properties (Graduate Texts in Physics) by Peter Y. Yu, Manuel Cardona, 2010-07-07
  5. RF and Microwave Semiconductor Device Handbook
  6. Physics of Semiconductors in High Magnetic Fields (Series on Semiconductor Science and Technology) by Noboru Miura, 2007-11-24
  7. Semiconductors made simple by A. M Polyakov, 1985
  8. Particle Control for Semiconductor Manufacturing by Donovan, 1990-01-26
  9. Handbook of Nitride Semiconductors and Devices, Three Volume Set by Hadis Morkoç, 2008-12-23
  10. Semiconductor Detector Systems (Semiconductor Science and Technology) by Helmuth Spieler, 2005-10-20
  11. Makers of the Microchip: A Documentary History of Fairchild Semiconductor by Christophe Lécuyer, David C. Brock, 2010-09-30
  12. Modern Semiconductor Devices for Integrated Circuits by Chenming C. Hu, 2009-04-01
  13. Semiconductor Physics and Applications (Series on Semiconductor Science and Technology, 8) by M. Balkanski, R. F. Wallis, 2000-11-09
  14. The Physics of Solar Cells (Properties of Semiconductor Materials) by Jenny Nelson, 2003-09-05

21. Welcome To Fairchild Semiconductor - Maker Of Analog, Discrete, Logic And Mixed
Provides of logic ICs, memory and discrete technologies.Category Business Electronics and Electrical Integrated Circuits......Maker of MOSFETs, ADC/DAC, DC/DC power conversion, transceivers, discrete transistors,ASICs, EEPROM, optoelectronics, CMOS and bipolar semiconductors.
Parametric Cross Reference Inventory Power and performance for multiple markets Find Products Technical Information Buy Products Support My Fairchild Global Fairchild Company
Investor relations Press room Acquisitions ...
New products

Unique LED and LED Driver IC Combinations Simplify Designs, Minimize Costs and Extend Battery Life New Quad Gigabit PHY is First in Class to Offer Built-in Self-Test via JTAG; 25% Lower Power and 25X Faster Lock Time than Competitive Solutions Low Part Count, "Green" PWM Controller Reduces Power Consumption; Meets "1-Watt Initiative" Fairchild Introduces Industry's First Single Pole/Triple Throw (SP3T) Analog Switch; Replaces Two SPDT Switches, Comes in US8 Package New 200mW Stereo Headphone Amplifier - Excellent Current Consumption and Sound Quality Characteristics
Company news

Fairchild Semiconductor Updates First Quarter 2003 Business Outlook Fairchild Semiconductor's Assembly and Test Facility in China to be Complete 2nd Quarter 2003 Fairchild Semiconductor Achieves for Cebu, Philippines Facility

22. Principles Of Semiconductor Devices
A self help ,complete book on principles of semiconductor devices (includes transistors)
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23. Zetex Semiconductors :: It's An Analog World
A UK maker of analog ICs, including an analog field programmable device.Category Computers Hardware Programmable Logic FPGA Manufacturers......Zetex semiconductors. Zetex semiconductors regrets to say that thisweb site is only accessible to those using version 4+ browsers.
Zetex Semiconductors
Zetex is a leading provider of IC and discrete analog semiconductor products. Our range includes audio amplifiers, LED drivers, boost converters, current monitors, low on-resistance MOSFETs, video and satellite products, low dropout regulators and bipolar transistors. Zetex Semiconductors regrets to say that this web site is only accessible to those using version 4+ browsers. To view the Zetex Semiconductors web site please avail yourself of a new browser by visiting either Microsoft or and downloading more recent software free of charge.

24. Sony Semiconductor Solutions Division - North America
Manufacturer of a diverse selection of products including SRAM, data communications, TV and audio ICs, digital filters, CCD sensors, multimedia ICs and modules, serial/optical communication and infrared receiver ICs, cellular/PCS ICs, and discrete components such as laser diodes, variable capacitance diodes, CMOS, BiCMOS, bipolars, and GaAs HEMTS and FETs used in RF and microwave communications.
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Sony Webgroups
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Sony Webgroups

25. Electronic Wholesalers, Inc.
Hardto-find industrial electronics such as semiconductors, industrial electronics, relays, switches, miniature lamps, and electronic cable.
This website is no longer available.

26. TELOS VP Home Page
Investment focus postseed funding generally the first or second significant financing in information technology, semiconductors, and communications. Also invests in the restarting of struggling private companies.
About Telos Venture Partners
Home Investment Focus Investment Team Investment Philosophy Portfolio Companies ... Directions to Telos The word Telos (tee-los) is a Greek word for successfully reaching one's objectives, goals or destination. For Telos Venture Partners, it symbolizes our commitment to helping partner companies achieve their objectives while conducting business in an open, friendly way. Telos Venture Partners is a leading, early stage venture capital firm located in the Silicon Valley. Telos provides industry contacts, business guidance, and executive staff mentoring using the considerable high-tech senior management experience of the Telos partners. Although Telos is an active partner in the business development process, we are patient investors who help guide companies through the peaks and valleys encountered on the road to business success. To best leverage industry experience and operating skills, Telos concentrates its investments in the information industry. In this large market space, Telos focuses in the software, Internet, semiconductor, and communications market segments. We have a strong, balanced portfolio of companies that are emerging leaders in their respective markets. We look forward to the opportunity of working with you and your company. Last update:09/20/02

27. MUSIC Semiconductors
Produces content address memories (CAMs), routing coprocessors, and packet filters.Category Business Electronics and Electrical Digital......Welcome to MUSIC semiconductors MUSIC semiconductors, Inc. develops andmarkets ICs that improve Internet and wireless network performance.
Welcome to MUSIC Semiconductors MUSIC Semiconductors, Inc. develops and markets ICs that improve Internet and wireless network performance. Within hubs, routers, bridges or switches, wherever an address or routing decision is made, MUSIC devices minimize the time necessary to redirect data and multimedia to the next destination.
Best known for their signature Content Addressable Memory (CAM) technology, MUSIC's CAM products accelerate packet transmission by making a direct address match instead of searching for destination information. After an innovative decade, MUSIC's product breadth makes such functionality available to a wide range of network equipment manufacturers. What's New? MICRON Technology Acquires Ternary CAM Products
Micron Technology
( and MUSIC Semiconductors have reached an agreement Our Customers MUSIC customers are among the major international players in network equipment, systems and service providers. more What They're Saying... "Over time, suppliers have added increasing amounts of logic intelligence to their CAMs, either as separate chips or integrated alongside the memory array. MUSIC Semiconductors has led this charge, reflecting its self-described transition from 'the CAM company' to the 'packet accelerator company'."
Brian Dipert Technical Editor, EDN Magazine

28. Sirius Semiconductors
Designs ASICs, FPGAs, and VLSI products for the embedded market place.

29. Discovery Semiconductors - Your Source For Ghz Photodiodes, Photoreceivers, Opti
Manufacturer of advanced photonics, electronics and semiconductors for the space and fiber optic markets.Category Business Electronics and Electrical Optoelectronics......Discovery semiconductors manufactures High Speed InGaAs PIN Diodes and opticalreceivers modules in Fiber Pigtail Packages for telecommunications, data
Announcements Balanced Optical Receivers Improve Sensitivity of Digital Fiber Links by Over 3 dB
View our on-line datasheet for the new 10G Digital 2-R Optical Receivers

New High Gain 40 Gb pigtailed optical receiver with typ. sensitivity of   -12 dBm

DC to 70 GHz Wide Bandwidth O/E Converters for Maximum Network Flexibility
Download our Short Form Product Catalog

119 Silvia St., Ewing, New Jersey, 08628, USA
Tel:  609-434-1311     Fax: 609-434-1317
Registered trademarks are the property of Discovery Semiconductors, Inc.

30. Electronics-oem
A tremendously long link list of Electronics companies, semiconductors, chips, discretes, passives and actice componenets are listed.

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31. Wiley :: Semiconductors For Micro- And Nanotechnology
By Jan G. Korvink, Andreas Greiner; John Wiley Sons, 2002, ISBN 3527302573. Textbook on properties and behavior of semiconductors, how to use them to design and make micro and nano-systems. publisher website,,3527302573,00.html
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By Keyword By Title By Author By ISBN By ISSN Wiley General Materials Science Semiconductors for Micro- and Nanotechnology Related Subjects
General Physics

General Chemistry

Fundamentals of Material Science

Related Titles
By These Authors
Sensors, Update 10 (Hardcover)

Sensors, Update 11 (Hardcover)

Sensors, Update 13 (Hardcover)

General Materials Science Axel Fischer (Editor) EUROMAT 99, 13 Volume Set (Hardcover) Advanced Microlithography: An Introduction to Nanostructure Science (Hardcover) Christie Marrian, Martin Peckerar Sensors Applications, Volume 7 (Hardcover) Sensors, Update 9 (Hardcover) General Materials Science Semiconductors for Micro- and Nanotechnology J. G. Korvink, Andreas Greiner ISBN: 3-527-30257-3 Paperback 340 Pages July 2002 US $54.95 Add to Cart Description Table of Contents Semiconductors play a major role in modern microtechnology, especially in microelectronics. Since the dimensions of new microelectronic components, e.g. computer chips, now reach nanometer size, semiconductor research moves from microtechnology to nanotechnology. An understanding of the semiconductor physics involved in this new technology is of great importance for every student in engineering, especially electrical engineering, microsystem technology and physics.

32. ITRS Public Home Page
Welcome to the International Technology Roadmap for semiconductors website! 2003 International Technology Roadmap for semiconductors.
Welcome to the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors web site!
The ITRS is devised and intended for technology assessment only and is without regard to any commercial considerations pertaining to individual products or equipment.

33. ChipDocs - Datasheet Source For Electronic Components And Semiconductors
With access to datasheets for semiconductors, especially for obsolete parts, ChipDocs provides design engineers with information they need for designing a new or repairing an existing products.
More than
registered clients
Welcome to ChipDocs - the online datasheet source for electronic components and semiconductors, especially for obsolete parts.
With access to technical documentation, application notes, pinouts, cross references and manufacturer listings, ChipDocs provides design engineers and semiconductor professionals with information they need for designing a new or repairing an existing products.

34. Semiconductor Test Equipments - CREA
Manufactures automatic testers for power semiconductors, modules, mosfet, IGBT,diode, SCR. From Italy.
Click here to display how to reach CREA
Powered by: Web Style Multimedia CREA s.n.c. Strada Arrivore, 31 10154 Turin (Italy)
tel +39 11 246 21 47 - fax +39 11 246 22 00
C REA ATE TRANSISTOR SEMICONDUCTOR TEST [system architecture] [products] [job opportunities] [download] ...
The union of ATE philosophy and the long time experience spent inside the laboratories of semiconductors manufacturers, allow us to have today a special know how to develop semiconductor test systems for IGBT, MOSFET, SCR, DIODE and similar. CREA designs and manufactures automatic testers for power semiconductors, ATE, modules, mosfet, IGBT,diode, SCR ,ISO 9000, ate, automatic test equipment,A.T.E., circuits, current, drain, dynamic, electronic, gate, igbt, mosfet, power, quality, semiconductor, semiconductors, silicon, static switching, test, tester, testing, transistor, transistors, triac, voltage, wafer,power semiconductor test,semiconductor testing equipments, silicon wafer test

35. Semicoa Semiconductors
At Semicoa semiconductors we manufacture QPL transistors, semiconductors, photdiodes,chips, PIN diodes to meet all your specific military and space needs.
ISO 9001 Registered by EAGLE Registrations Inc.
Advanced Power Components plc, selected
as Semicoa's latest franchised distributor. Costa Mesa California and Rochester England.
January 6, 2003- Semicoa, a leading designer and
manufacturer of high-reliability transistors and
photodiodes, today announced its selection of
Advanced Power Components plc.
APC is a specialized European distributor of
electronic components for the military,
aerospace and industrial markets. S emicoa is a world class manufacturer of small signal, small signal RF, power transistors and photodiodes for the hi-rel military and space markets. W e offer a broad line of QPL transistors per MIL-PRF-19500. All our transistors are also available as Source Control Drawings and as chips for hybrid circuits.

36. .::Systran, Inc. - Training, Multimedia, And Technical Services::.
Provides training, multimedia and technical services to meet the needs of competitive industries such as exploration and production, food processing, paper and pulp, petrochemical and refining, pipeline and semiconductors.
Train for Work provides ready made eLearning solutions. Visit us today for a complete list of titles. The demands of sophisticated technologies and greater efficiency require you to continually upgrade your work force. For more than twenty-five years, Systran has conducted competency based knowledge and skills training programs to meet the needs of governments and industries around the world. Industrial Application Military Application Systran's work force training system allows you the freedom to choose where in the training flow to start employee training. Systran's language and basic knowledge training programs are designed to support follow-on technical and skills training. Systran's training programs support the following industrial technician skills: Systran's training system is designed to provide work force self-sufficiency. Trainees can enter the system at the appropriate level to ensure successful entry into the their military specialty. Systran's language training includes both general English and specialized English training to support follow-on technical training. Systran's military training programs support technician specialties in:

37. Manufacturing.
How semiconductors are Made. The process of manufacturing semiconductors,or integrated circuits (commonly called ICs, or chips) typically
@import URL("/css/davinci.css"); Home Support Reliability Engineering
How Semiconductors are Made T he process of manufacturing semiconductors, or integrated circuits (commonly called ICs, or chips) typically consists of more than a hundred steps, during which hundreds of copies of an integrated circuit are formed on a single wafer. Generally, the process involves the creation of eight to 20 patterned layers on and into the substrate, ultimately forming the complete integrated circuit. This layering process creates electrically active regions in and on the semiconductor wafer surface.
Wafer Production
The first step in semiconductor manufacturing begins with production of a wafera thin, round slice of a semiconductor material, usually silicon. In this process, purified polycrystalline silicon, created from sand, is heated to a molten liquid. A small piece of solid silicon (seed) is placed on the molten liquid, and as the seed is slowly pulled from the melt the liquid cools to form a single crystal ingot. The surface tension between the seed and molten silicon causes a small amount of the liquid to rise with the seed and cool. The crystal ingot is then ground to a uniform diameter and a diamond saw blade cuts the ingot into thin wafers.

38. Analog Devices: Home
semiconductors. Norwood, Massachusetts, USA. (ADI).
Corporate Information Investor Relations Job Opportunities Press Releases ... Contact ADI International Sites Select a site... ADI China ADI India ADI Ireland ADI Japan ADI United Kingdom Design Resources Product Category A-Z Index Product Category Tree Selection Tables Search: Parametric Search: Part Numbers Search: Obsolete Products Master Product Index Cross Reference Signal Chains Order Samples
Design Tools... Evaluation Boards/Tools Interactive Design Tools Code Examples SABER Models SPICE Models FAQs
Technical Library... Technical Library Home Application Guides Application Notes Analog Dialogue DSP Manuals Press Releases Solutions Bulletins Technical Articles
View all Solutions... Audio Solutions Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) Imaging Solutions IOS Subsystems Military/ Aerospace Multi-Chip Products OEM Solutions PC Solutions SOI Substrates Video Solutions
Analog Devices’ Radio Frequency IC s Receive Industry Accolades Learn About Digital Signal Processing at Online Chinese TechSeminar on March 24 Analog Devices Receives Prestigious Technical Industry Award From ISSCC Privacy About This Site Contact ADI Site Map ... Registration
This site is developed in association with Molecular

39. Lexicon.
In the case of semiconductors, the evolution of the industry has been so dynamicsince the invention of the transistor in 1947 at Bell Laboratories, that even
@import URL("/css/davinci.css"); Home Support Reliability Engineering
Lexicon of Semiconductor Terms
E very industry, as it grows and matures, develops its own language for explaining concepts that are unique to its endeavors. In high-technology industries, language has special meaning for its users and becomes a convenient tool for referring to programs, processes, products or technologies that can be extremely complex. In the case of semiconductors, the evolution of the industry has been so dynamic since the invention of the transistor in 1947 at Bell Laboratories, that even veterans have been hard pressed to keep up with the terminology. As words, abbreviations, acronyms and phrases have been invented, combined, and combined again, similar sounds and similar spellings have come to stand for intricate concepts with distinct and important differences. Intersil has assembled this Lexicon of Semiconductor Terms, Abbreviations and Acronyms to improve understanding of the exciting world of semiconductors. We have tried to provide insight into what the terms mean, and we've taken special pains to clarify the drivers of our own business, which is to provide high performance, high reliability, standard and custom products for signal processing and power control applications. We hope you find this lexicon useful, and we welcome suggestions for making it, and our products, even more useful in the future.

40. Electronic Components, Semiconductor Database, Online Technology Exchange, Inc.,
Online locator and exchange service for semiconductors and IC's.

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