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         Space:     more books (99)
  1. The Production of Space by Henri Lefebvre, 1992-04-15
  2. Sacred Space: Enhancing the Energy of Your Home and Office by Denise Linn, 2005-04-07
  3. Me and My Place in Space (Dragonfly Books) by Joan Sweeney, 1999-07-20
  4. Creative Time and Space: Making Room for Making Art by Rice Freeman-Zachery, 2009-10-14
  5. The Currents of Space by Isaac Asimov, 2010-09-28
  6. The Empty Space: A Book About the Theatre: Deadly, Holy, Rough, Immediate by Peter Brook, 1995-12-01
  7. Blue Ocean Strategy: How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make Competition Irrelevant by W. Chan Kim, Renée Mauborgne, 2005-02-03
  8. The Office Space Kit by Sarah O'Brien, 2006-10-10
  9. Space Planning Basics by Mark Karlen, 2009-05-04
  10. The New Space Opera 2 by Gardner Dozois, Jonathan Strahan, 2010-04-01
  11. Hubble: Imaging Space and Time by David Devorkin, Robert Smith, 2008-09-30
  12. God Space: Naturally Creating Room for Spiritual Conversations by Doug Pollock, 2009-07-21
  13. Ministry of Space by Warren Ellis, 2006-07-18
  14. Planning Office Spaces: A Practical Guide for Managers and Designers by Juriaan van Meel, Yuri Martens, et all 2010-10-13

41. NASA Spacelink - An Aeronautics & Space Resource For Education
Searchable guide to all of NASA space program, education programs, electronic publications, photos, Category Science Technology space NASA Education......An Aeronautics and space Resource for Education. NASA spacelink An Aeronauticsand space Resource for Education Since 1988 The Library A B
An Aeronautics and Space Resource for Education Since 1988 A B C D ... he Library is the heart of NASA Spacelink and the official home to the NASA Education Division's electronic publications and NASA Television's education schedule . The Library is also your guide to NASA's Internet resources with hundreds of subject oriented pages and the capability to search all of NASA
B e first! Join the Spacelink EXPRESS mailing list and receive e-mail announcements of new educational materials produced by the NASA Education Division. E ducators are invited to apply for NASA's Educator Astronaut Program which is NOW underway to recruit and select K-12 educators to join NASA's Astronaut Corps. Deadline for submissions is April 30, 2003. H eard something about NASA in the news? Hot Topics is one of our more popular areas in which current events related to NASA science, technology, and education are highlighted. C heck out this collection of Cool Picks containing intriguing and educational NASA materials and sites. W ant to more fully utilize NASA's Internet resources? Educator Focus concentrates on subjects of interest to educators that otherwise might be overlooked.

42. Rodney's Lost In Space - The Motion Picture
Includes production notes, news, images, a message board, a chat room, and fan fiction about the Lost in space movie.

43. Sacred Space - The Prayer Site Run By The Irish Jesuits
Daily prayer online, produced by the Irish Jesuits.Category Society Religion and Spirituality Spirituality......Sacred space is a prayer site, updated daily, which guides you through a ten minutesession of prayer, centred on a passage of scripture chosen specially for
D a i l y P r a y e r f o r L e n t Produced by the Irish Jesuits
We invite you to make a 'Sacred Space' in your day,
and spend ten minutes, praying here and now, as you sit at your computer,
with the help of on-screen guidance and scripture chosen specially every day. Prayer for Today:
Español Gaeilge Italiano ...

Click here
to enlarge picture, click here to return.
Click here to see Sacred Space in your PDA
Pray with the Pope
Is this your first visit to Sacred Space
, and I'd like a brief, one-page outline of the site. No , I'm a regular visitor. Something to think and pray about this week: Your prayer sanctifies this space People who have just visited an old church sometimes talk about getting a certain feeling from the place, a sense that the building has accumulated holiness from the thousands of prayers said there over the years. If that can happen, then it is gradually becoming true of Sacred Space, too. This space on the WorldWide Web is being sanctified day-by-day, as you and thousands of others from all over the world come here to pray. This week, the Sacred Space counter is set to hit 6,000,000 six million visits since we began. Who will our 6,000,000th visitor be? Someone we've heard from already? The radio producer from Dublin? The graduate student from Miami? The barrister from London? The secretary from Manila? Let us know if it's you.

44. Space Age Games
space Race is a boardgame where players redesign the board each time they play the game, by using interlocking hexagonal land and ocean plates to build Earth, Moon, Mars, or any solar system they care to design. After placing natural resource chips and cog shaped cites onto their planets, players advance their stoneaged cities into the space age, exploring the solar system as they go.
SPACE RACE - The Boardgame
Overview - How to Play - Teachers - Diagrams - ...
Member of the Internet Link Exchange
Space Race is a boardgame where players redesign the board each time they play the game, by using interlocking hexagonal land and ocean plates to build Earth, Moon, Mars, or any solar system they care to design. After placing natural resource chips and cog shaped cites onto their planets, players advance their stone-aged cities into the space age, exploring the solar system as they go. Simple and advanced rules are included for ages six through adult.
Play this
  • Advance through Iron, Coal, Oil, and Uranium, into the golden age of Hydrogen. Build space stations and space bases on the Moon, Mars, or the Asteroids.
  • totally visceral
  • Jump cities over each other to discover new continents and whole new worlds. Harvest, trade, wheel, deal, or even steal resources to advance your technology. Use gold to do reasearch and development, or to buy surplus resources.
  • and enjoyable
  • Much of the fun lies in the alliances that form and dissolve between players. The game rules add complexity in stages, so ages six to adult can learn to play.
  • 45. National Space Society/NSS Home Page
    Comprehensive overview with newsletters, member forum and activities of an US association to "advanc Category Science Technology space Organizations and Associations......NSS's International space Development Conference, San Jose 2326 May2003. space at the Crossroads February 19, 2003 Washington, DC.
    About Us Membership Community Ad Astra ...
    Make a Donation to NSS
    Quick Links
    Ad Astra
    In this issue...

    The NSS Roadmap

    to Space Settlement

    Get information!
    Exploration Online.on AOL

    (You must have AOL membership and use the AOL keywords: SEO or NSS) Find out more about the NSS Endowment Fund
    Add this logo to your web site!
    Some critics are calling for the end of human space exploration. Show your support for our efforts to explore the universe by signing the petition today so that the White House, Congress, NASA, and other key leaders know that public support remains strong. Key leaders, including U.S. Rep. Dave Weldon (R-FL) U.S. Rep. Bud Cramer (D-AL) , The Honorable Bob Walker Hugh Downs U.S. Rep. Tom Feeney (R-FL) U.S. Rep. Nick Lampson (D-TX) and Apollo veteran Al Worden have all signed the petition. Please join them today!

    46. = Free Web Page For Kids
    Free web space for kids to build their own web page. Includes help on how to learn HTML.
    free web page for kids Web Tools Desk Forum Add Your Link Stock Quote Weather Web Search
    Make Homepage
    Save to Favorites Send to Friend Daily Brain Teaser ... Daily Fun Fact
    AlphaDesk FunPage Maker
    Free web page for kids
    All you kids that always wanted your own free web page, here is where you can make yours for free and fun. It is very simple. Just follow the instructions after you click on the button below. Ask your parents to help you if you have a problem with understanding what to do. Now have some fun and tell your friends about your page. Maybe they will make a page that links to yours! View pages made by other visitors:
    FunPage Maker Example

    Jill Cyr Nurse Educator

    Loyalist College, Lambton College and Mohawk College

    Cokemusic and Video Game Cheats ...

    Powered by AlphaDesk net Kids Free Web Page Homepage HTML JavaScript Flash ... Contact
    Updated: December1, 2002, by

    47. Deep Space 1
    Project homepage for the first of the New Millennium Program missions, testing a variety of advanced Category Science Technology Asteroids and Comets Deep space 1......Deep space 1 launched from Cape Canaveral on October 24, 1998. Duringa highly successful primary mission, it tested 12 advanced
    MICAS Images and Infrared Spectra of Comet Borrelly for Research Opportunities Deep Space 1 Photos of Comet Borrelly Archives of Dr. Marc Rayman's Mission Log Deep Space 1 Says Farewell (Dec 7, 2001) Comet Borrelly Rocks and Rolls in Simple Movie (Nov 29, 2001) Deep Space 1 Flies by Comet Borrelly (Sep 22, 2001) Technical Papers/Reports Images Other Recent DS1 Images (and News) Quick Facts ... DS1 German Website Deep Space 1 launched from Cape Canaveral on October 24, 1998. During a highly successful primary mission, it tested 12 advanced, high-risk technologies in space. In an extremely successful extended mission, it encountered Comet Borrelly and returned the best images and other science data ever from a comet. During its fully successful hyperextended mission, it conducted further technology tests. The spacecraft was retired on December 18, 2001. Site Map Contact Credits

    48. Coming Soon
    Official site.

    49. Air&Space Smithsonian Magazine
    The official magazine of the National Air and space Museum featuring articles about flight and aviation Category Science Technology Aerospace......AIR space/Smithsonian is the official magazineof the National Air and space Museum.
    The Home Page
    Home Page


    Advertising ...
    Garber Facility

    Our Latest Issue
    Feb/Mar 2003:
    The Invention of the Airplane and 100 Years of Flight
    Celebrate With Us One hundred years ago, the Wright brothers gave the world the gift of flight.
    In the Museum:
    Tales of the Flood Tracing waterways on Mars is non-trivial. For one thing, the water's missing.
    Feature Article:
    100 Ways to Celebrate 100 Years
    Vintage Stunt Championships:
    The Annual VSC is returning to Tucson, March 20-23. We've got an update to our Feb/Mar 2000 supplement, including information on how to attend.
    About the Magazine
    Advertiser Information:
    Our New Mail Address:
    Points of Contact:
    about what you need to know.
    Writer's Guide:
    Guidelines about Writing
    Other Happenings:
    Travel Channel Special:
    The Travel Channel is featuring 'Inside NASA Space Centers' in its American Icon series. Monday, Febuary 17th.
    Our Shuttle Book:
    A comprehensive set of remembrances by the astronauts who have flown the Space Shuttle Get high quality photographs from Space Shuttle: The First 20 Years by going to Photo Gallery.

    50. Teenagers From Cyber Space - An Unofficial TFOS Resource Page
    Characters and equipment. Accepts submissions.
    Viewing this page requires a browser capable of displaying frames.

    51. Bienvenue à L'Agence Spatiale Canadienne - Welcome To The Canadian Space Agency

    English Avis importants Important Notices
    English Avis importants Important Notices

    52. A Scientific Critique Of The Accident Risks From The Cassini Space Mission
    Article by Dr. Michio Kaku.
    A Scientific Critique of the Accident Risks from the Cassini Space Mission
    By: Dr. Michio Kaku
    Henry Semat Professor of Theoretical Physics
    Physics Department
    City University of New York
    New York NY 10031
    Note: This article is also available in a german translation courtesy of the Netzwerk Friedenskooperative (Network of the German Peace Movement). Abstract : If we carefully re-examine, line-by-line, the physics analysis behind NASA's Final Environmental Impact Statement, we find that the FEIS has consistently underestimated the possible risks of an accident with the Cassini space mission. Originally, NASA estimated the number of cancer fatalities from a maximum credible accident over a 50 year period to be 2,300. We detail how this figure of 2,300 deaths could easily be off by a factor of 100, i.e. true casualty figures for a maximum accident might number over 200,000. Furthermore, property damage and lawsuits could be in the tens of billions. In addition, the FEIS has over- estimated the difficulty of using alternate sources of energy, such as solar and fuel cells. In line with the new NASA philosophy of faster, cheaper, better, the Cassini mission should be downsized and made into smaller, more frequent solar-powered missions to Saturn with less power requirements.
    Table of Contents:
    • I. Introduction

    53. Untitled
    Statement about the space Shuttle Columbia Tragedy.

    54. Space Invaders - The Classic Arcade Games Shrine - All About The Classic Video G
    Comprehensive resource for the classic game including images, sounds, emulation, clones, tips, cabinet pictures and forum.
    The Classic Arcade Games Shrine
    Please choose your favourite version: Standard
    (with classic intro) Flash-Enhanced
    (with flash intro) © by pixeleye interactive
    E-Mail the webmaster? See E-Mail rules!
    Site urls:
    Online since: 11.06.1999

    55. Space News
    NASA had no indication that anything was wrong with space Shuttle Columbia untilthe final minutes before the spacecraft was lost, NASA administrator Sean O
    Tues. Mar 18, 2003
    DirecTV Latin America Files For Bankruptcy
    DirecTV Latin America has made good on its threat to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in an attempt to force its creditors to change the financial terms under which they do business with the struggling satellite television provider. Intelsat Projects Revenue Dip In 2003 Intelsat Ltd. expects sales and pretax earnings to decline again in 2003, but at a slower pace than the 2002 sales drop of 8.5 percent, in part because its historically low prices for satellite capacity are protecting it from the pressure being felt by other operators, Intelsat officials said March 14. DARPA Awards Advance Launcher Study Contract The U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) announced the selection of Space Launch Corp. to continue design work on a prototype small satellite launcher with a reusable first stage that would take off and land like an aircraft. Air Force Space Command To Cut Staff U.S. Air Force Space Command will eliminate 1,125 positions over the next seven years as part of a service-wide initiative to reduce staffing levels, according to a March 13 press release from the command. Top 20 Fixed Satellite Operators Intelsat Ltd. retains its position as the world's largest commercial provider of fixed satellite services in Space News’ 2001 rankings of the Top 20 companies in that business based on gross annual revenue.

    56. Infinite Coolness - They Live, Killer Klowns, 12 Monkeys, Hackers, Strange Days!
    Sounds, downloads, links and pictures.
    Welcome to the Infinite Coolness Website Movie Section! Be sure to check out the Main Page , to find out about updates and other news about the site! This is just one section of a large entertainment site. This section is about great movies, and is very graphically enhanced. All movie titles link to the best site about that specific film. Some images are available in a larger size, and if there is a larger version, the image is linked to it. All of these larger movie images are on another server where I've started the Download Section
    If possible, I've added links to buy the movie and the soundtrack, and I've also linked to sound, video, or desktop theme files when possible. These are all off-site files, so they could be removed or moved at any time, please let me know if you find a bad link. I can be reached by e mail at or just leave a message on the Message Board
    All non original content is the property of it's creators, and is only here for review purposes, and to honor great entertainment.
    No legal challenges are meant by the use of this content.

    57. Space Environment Center, NOAA, U.S. Dept Of Commerce
    Link to space Weather Now Link to Online Data Link to Education Linkto Customer Services Link to SEC Projects Link to About SEC
    Space Weather Now Online Data Education Customer Services ... Events/Announcements and

    58. Sam T.G.'s Space: 1889 Site
    Campaign background and house rules.
    Red Axe Camapaign (Not Yet Begun)
    Red Axe Xelf Changes
    Ogden Area Campaign (Finished)
    Our Group of Intrepid Adventurers: Morgan - Fineaus S. Pringle III- A Wealthy Gentleman and his "Large" traveling companion Clarence Keith - John O. Grover - The Grounds Keeper turned Inventor with a tragic past and a quest to find his lost Elaine John's tragic story as told by himself Dave - Phillip Q. Musgrave - The Artillery Officer who became a Scientist Last Session
    'Til Now
    Campaign Resources This section was last updated on 9 June 1999 Character Creation Combat Explained Time Line New Creations in our game New Rules in our game New Scenarios Morgan's Space:1889 Art Characters from this game and others Go Back to my homepage This Victorian Adventure Gaming Webring site owned by Sam T.G. Previous 5 Sites Previous Next ... List Sites Email:

    59. Today's Space Weather
    Particles, and Solar Protons. Most recent space Weather data. 1minX space Weather data on SEC's FTP server. Older space Weather data.
    Presented by the Space Environment Center
    Updated 2003 Mar 18 at 18:58 UTC
    Today's Space Weather with black background plots.
    Space Weather Now
    more real-time displays.
    Education and Outreach
    information about Space Weather. Full Disk H-alpha image of the sun received Mar 18 at 05:57 UTC from Learmonth, Australia. (Large size image 512x480 pixels, 8 bpp) The complex dynamics of the Sun, and many prominent solar features are evident in images taken in the H-alpha wavelength. Additional images from 1998 to today are online.
    3-day Solar-Geophysical Forecast issued Mar 17 at 22:00 UTC
    Solar Activity Forecast: Solar activity is expected to be moderate. M-class activity is likely in Region 314, including the possibility of another major flare. Geophysical Activity Forecast: The geomagnetic field is expected to be mostly active over the next 24 hours with the possibility of minor storm periods. Activity levels are expected to abate by the end of the three-day forecast period.
    Solar X-ray Flux
    This plot shows 3-days of 5-minute solar x-ray flux values measured on the GOES 8 and 10 satellites.

    60. Galactic Space Forces
    Features history, roster, biographies, and ship specifications.
    Welcome to the home of Galactic Space Forces. We are one of the leaders in Star Trek Simming. Click the picture above to access the site.

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