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When bronislaw huberman (18821947) was but 13, he performed Brahms' Violin Concerto, reducing the composer to tears, with the EMI as the violinist is more spotlighted (as indeed are
Ludvig van BEETHOVEN
Violin Concerto in D major, Op.61
Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra
conducted by George Szell Pyotr I. TCHAIKOVSKY
Violin Concerto in D major, Op.35
Staatskapelle Berlin
conducted by William Steinberg BRONISLAW HUBERMAN violin Historical (Studio) Recordings 1928/1934.
NAXOS Historical

[64:09] budget-price by Derek Lim When Bronislaw Huberman (1882-1947) was but 13, he performed Brahms' Violin Concerto, reducing the composer to tears, earning for himself a kiss on the forehead from the old man and an anecdote for which he is always remembered nowadays for. What may be less well-known is that Huberman also founded the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra , and was the main reason behind the virtual banishment of Richard Wagner from the concert stage of the Holy Land in response to the Holocaust (Hitler's favourite composer was Wagner himself, followed by Bruckner). However tantalizing the prospects of a Brahms Violin Concerto recording with Huberman may be, we are left instead with a small body of concerto recordings, including a Lalo Symphonie Espagnole , some short virtuoso pieces, and on this disc, the concertos by Beethoven and Tchaikovsky.

2. Classical Net Review - Vintage Huberman
Ilyitch Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto*. bronislaw huberman, violin; Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra/George Szell He was an expressive violinist, and one who could move between
Vintage Huberman
  • Ludwig van Beethoven : Violin Concerto Piotr Ilyitch Tchaikovsky : Violin Concerto*
Bronislaw Huberman, violin;
Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra/George Szell
* Staatskapelle Dresden/William Steinberg
Naxos 8.110903 AAD monaural 67:02
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3. Musicians Collection, Folder List F-K
Photo, 1902 fc 2 huberman, bronislaw, violinist. 5 photos, 18961898, nd fc 2 Hudson-Alexander, Mme.
Musicians Collection
Folder List, F-K
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4. Jewish Music Resources On The Internet
Obituaries, 13 huberman, bronislaw violinist. ProgramsConcerts, 52 Huey P. Long Bridge
Click for ... A B C D ... exit s="na";c="na";j="na";f=""+escape(document.referrer) What's Happening on Sunday 16 TH March ... [Jewish Music Diary] JEWISH MUSIC RESOURCES
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The following list contains mainly Jewish-interest music links. There are also a number of links which, although not of specifically Jewish interest, lead to information of a technical nature within the context of music. These include a page of links to search engines and searching tips and techniques. You can search this page easily by typing 'Ctrl-F' on the keyboard to invoke the Windows search facility. It will find, display and highlight your search keyword wherever it occurs in this page. My thanks for additional information go to Tzvi Pincas, Margit Hagan and Irwin Oppenheim. Click to jump to A-Z listing What's Happening? 12th Annual Jewish Culture Festival
Cracow, Poland

5. Obituaries
Information on the great violinist bronislaw huberman (18821947).Biography, discography, interviews, articles, etc.
Strad interview, 1932 Etude interview, 1942 Rhythm and Folk music, 1937 The teaching of music, 1937 ... Library Articles Reviews Criticism Pan-Europa Bibliography ... Recordings Obituaries Obituaries from The New York Times, Time Magazine, Etude, and Current Biography. New York Times, 17 June, 1947 B. HUBERMAN DEAD
Praised by Brahms at 14 The loss of his right thumb, cut off in a shaving accident forty-two years ago, proved only a temporary handicap to the violinist. To Mr. Huberman, American audiences were the best listeners that an artist could find anywhere except in the Netherlands. He created his reputation in Europe and gained fame by playing all over the world, but he preferred coming to this country, where, he said, he received his finest inspirations. Mr. Huberman resigned from the teaching staff of the Vienna State Academy in August, 1936, to devote himself more fully to the new orchestra in Palestine. News of his leaving the master class at the academy was received with dismay by the musical public of Vienna, where the violinist had been an idol for years. The violinist, narrowly missed death on Oct. 6, 1937, in a plane crash near Palembang, Sumatra. Four others in the plane were killed, but Mr. Huberman escaped with a fracture of the left wrist and one of the right hand. The muscles were not damaged, however, and a year later he was able to resume his concert career.

6. Bronislaw Huberman Home Page
jpc Jascha Heifetz - The Great violinist I, +WaltonViolinkonzert +ElgarViolinkonzert op.61 Heifetz London SO Cincinnati SO Sargent, Goossens
Strad interview, 1932 Etude interview, 1942 Rhythm and Folk music, 1937 The teaching of music, 1937 ... Recordings Bronislaw Huberman (1882-1947) was one of the great musical figures of the 20th century. At the height of his career, particularly in Central Europe, he was regarded with an almost mystical reverence, his fame overshadowing such figures as Kubelik, Kreisler and Heifetz. In the biography The library recordings section, where you can also listen to Huberman play in a recently discovered live radio broadcast disc from 1943.

7. Bibliography
Information on the great violinist bronislaw huberman (18821947). bronislawhuberman, violinist” Musical Observer ii (1912). “Moderne Geiger.
Strad interview, 1932 Etude interview, 1942 Rhythm and Folk music, 1937 The teaching of music, 1937 ... Pan-Europa Bibliography Recordings
Books and articles by Huberman
Aus der Werkstatt des Virtuosen, Leipzig - Wien (1912) Mein Weg zu Paneuropa [My road to Pan-Europa], in Paneuropa (Wien, Nov 1925) Czy istnieje talent muzyczny? - Muzyka R. 3: (1926 nr 1 s. 12-17) Jazz. - Acht - Uhr - Bl. (1. Feb. 1928) Soll die Musik verdorren? Kunst im Zeitalter des Mechanismus
- Vossische Zeitung (13. u. 15. Sept. 1931) Open Letter to the German intellectuals, in the Manchester Guardian (7 March 1936)
A very incomplete list of publications mentioning Huberman

8. The World Violinist Links (Home)
Catalogues classical violinists, historic and contemporary, with links to sites featuring violinists Category Arts Music Instruments Stringed Bowed Strings Violin...... Jun 15/1947) Poland bronislaw huberman Information on this famous and most individualviolinist, who was described as half god, half gypsy , by Patrick Harris.
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Other Violinist Links
A Accardo, Salvatore (Sep 26/1941 - ) Italy

9. Violin Discographies
A very good discography of this wonderful violinist, who has up...... bronislaw huberman URL http// Name of page
Violinists' Discographies on the Web
following web sites all have pages listing details of the recordings of the artist to which the link refers. Many researchers will find these lists invaluable. Alas, no two discographies are alike. Many discographers compile lists of only the recordings and the catalogue numbers. But some also list recording dates and a very few include matrix numbers. The occasional list will supply recording details including location information. Very few follow the conventions for writing discographies, but never the less provide the required information. We may never achieve uniformity on these pages, but so long as they are available, the information will be available for future use. Violin Land would like to thank every hard-working and diligent discographer, for, without them it would be a sadder world. A B C D ... Z A
ACCARDO, Salvatore
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BARTON, Rachel
Rachel Barton
Name of page: Home Page of Violinist Rachel Barton
Description: Rachel Barton has recorded several CDs, perhaps the most outstanding of which is her CD of Violin concertos by Black Composers. In a recent e-mail she tells me that my review of of this CD previously printed in a magazine is now on her web site and will be found on the review page.

10. Part X ­ A Few Additional Items
POSTCARD PHOTO. The violinist is shown holding his violin and bow under hisarm. $30.00. 21, 1926.$25.00. huberman, bronislaw. SIGNATURE ON ALBUM LEAF.
Part X - A Few Additional Items
Collins, Isaac. CONCERT BILL. c. 1850.
Known as the "English Paganini", Isaac Collins is the leader of the orchestra, and his children Viotti and Lindley Collins are soloists for the evening. (8 1/4 x 13 3/8 inches, edges a bit frayed)$65.00 Enesco, Georges. AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED. August 15, 1927.
On a postcard, Enesco has written "My dear Mr. MacManus, I am very sorry indeed not to be in Paris at the same time as you. I am here in SinaiaŠcomposing and enjoying nature with all its undescribable beauties." Signed Georges Enesco. He has addressed the postcard to Mr. MacManus. Also included is a concert program from 1925 with Enesco playing the violin and McManus playing piano. With a copy of a photo. Scarce. Special sale price. (Harper's Weekly) THE BEGINNING OF AN ARTIST'S CAREER. August 29, 1874.
An interesting double page print that pictures a young violinist giving a concert to a small group of admirers. The article on the back of the print (part of the magazine) talks about the early careers of Camilla Urso and the Milanollo sisters. (22 x 15 3/8 inches, edges sl. worn and chipped, the title has a tear through it). $45.00

11. Contact
Information on the great violinist bronislaw huberman (18821947). Biography, discography, interviews, articles, etc.
Strad interview, 1932 Etude interview, 1942 Rhythm and Folk music, 1937 The teaching of music, 1937 Strad interview, 1932 Etude interview, 1942 Rhythm and Folk music, 1937 The teaching of music, 1937 ... Recordings

12. Part II ­ Briefly Described Items And Signatures On Cards, Album Leaves, Etc.
huberman, bronislaw. Signature. Dated March 20, 1936. Signature is 4 1/2 incheslong. $100.00 IMBERT, Hugues. Autograph letter signed by the French violinist

AGUILAR Quartet. Signed by all four members of the quartet, all members of the same family.
AHNA, Heinrich de. Nice signature. Scarce.
ALLEN, Charles. Signature American violinist from the Boston Symphony and Beethoven Quintet. 1874.
Autograph Letter Signed.

ARNOLD, Richard. Autograph Letter Signed. 1899.
D'ARANYI, Jelly. Large signature on album leaf. 1937.
AUER, L. The great violinist and teacher has written his name and return address on a large envelope.
BECKER, Hugo. Very large signature in pencil. 1900.
(with another signature that could be matted out) see illustration.
BETTI, Adolfo. Autograph Letter Signed. 1930. To the Steinway Company.
BOUCHERIT, Jules. French violinist (1878-?) Autograph letter signed. BROWN, Eddy. Signed card by this scarce Auer student. 1924. BUDAPEST STRING QUARTET. Columbia Records Advertising Page. BULL, Ole. Mounted signature. BULL, Ole. Carte de Visite Photo. BURGIN, Richard. Signature Inscribed and signed on a cut sheet of manuscript paper. Dated 1965. BURMESTER, Willy. Nice large signature, dated Innsbruck, 15 November 1906. BUSCH, Adolf, and TERTIS, Lionel.

13. Arbiter Liner Notes
huberman in Recital New York bronislaw huberman, violin Learn from the past, enjoy the present, work for the future. A vital culture once thrived in middle Europe. bronislaw huberman was acclaimed during his fiftyyear career as one of the most or remember huberman. How fortunate that the distinguished violinist Felix Galimir, (86 years old
Huberman in Recital: New York
Bronislaw Huberman, violin
Learn from the past, enjoy the present, work for the future. -Bronislaw Huberman A vital culture once thrived in middle Europe. Its multi-lingual citizens had endured life under Russian Tsars, Austrian and German emperors, Turkish sultans, and their own equally horrid Nationalists. The writer Gregor von Rezzori came from Czernowitz, Austria, or Cernauti under Romania, then Cernovtsy in the Soviet Union and now part of an independent Ukraine. The languages used locally included German, Romanian, the tongue of the Huzuls, Armenian, Yiddish, Ladino, Hebrew, Ukrainian, Turkish, Polish, and Gypsy dialects. Rezzori told this writer about a Huberman recital in his native city: "The Concert Hall had rather large entrance doors on the sides which led out onto the street. For Huberman's concert there came a fantastically snobbish public in white gloves made up of officers and functionaries. They scarcely clapped with their white gloved hands. After the first part, the doors swung open and they swarmed out for cigarettes. The hall filled again for the second half and Huberman played to a storm of applause; the Jews loitering outside had come in!" Bronislaw Huberman was acclaimed during his fifty-year career as one of the most musical and original violinists. His popularity was at its strongest in Czernowitz, throughout Poland, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Hungary, Austria, Germany, and Russia. He repeatedly toured throughout the entire world. Under Fascism and Communism, the culture he embodied collapsed and now barely exists. The few recordings made by Huberman reveal an art unimaginable in our time. During his life, Huberman's sincere and personal style created polemics, which were discussed in a toned down manner in Carl Flesch's autobiography. (For a detailed account see his son's book: Carl F. Flesch. 'And do you also play the violin?', Toccata Press, 1990; and in German as 'Und Spielst du auch Geiger?', Atlantis Verlag, 1990).

14. Arbiter Liner Notes
It was in Bucharest, too, that I first met and heard bronislaw huberman. Two factorsare decisive if we wish to judge a violinist objectively his technical
Huberman: Concert and Recital Recordings
Bronislaw Huberman, violin with the National Orchestral Association under Leon Barzin; Ignaz Friedman and Boris Roubakine, piano
"A judgment of Huberman is quickly rendered. He is simply a phenomenon, an apparition before whom criticism ceases. Mind you, Huberman was never that which is known as a 'child prodigy'. At the age of six years, he was already a miraculous man who, far from being reduced to normal stature, kept himself at an illustrious height."
Theodor Leschetizky. Vienna, 25 December, 1898
It is surprising to discover a group of concert performances by an artist who died more than fifty years ago, an opportunity unlikely to occur again. Musicians such as Bronislaw Huberman (1882-1947) did not respond well to the sterility, acoustics, and limitations of the recording studio. When Huberman made discs of Beethoven's Violin Concerto, he was obliged to break the continuity every four minutes and discuss whether to play the same excerpt again or go onward. The record company's choice of such a draconian and inhibiting conductor as George Szell did not help matters either. Although the disc's excellence is a tribute to his professionalism, was there more to Huberman's Beethoven? The recent discovery of a 1944 War Bond concert of Huberman with Leon Barzin and the National Orchestral Association reveals how a public performance allowed his artistry to fully emerge in a work of great significance.
Huberman's collaboration with Ignaz Friedman in Beethoven's Kreutzer Sonata is well known, yet the 78 rpm sets released in England and America contained different takes. We include here the first and third movements from the American edition, as the only available recordings are from the British version. The second movement is identical in both albums, thus their alternate performances are published here a supplement to the complete recording, which has been published by other companies.

15. Arbiter Liner Notes
Schnabel's earliest trio consisted of violinist Karl Flesch and cellist Jean decadebefore the Second World War, Schnabel and bronislaw huberman gave recitals
Artur Schnabel Duo and Trio
with Joseph Szigeti, violin; Pierre Fournier, cello
Artur Schnabel, piano
While the pianist Artur Schnabel is also remembered as teacher and composer, chamber music was the distinguishing work of his musical life. His wife, the singer Theresa Behr, had a profound influence on his music-making; in addition to a group of Lieder with Behr, we can hear Schnabel in recordings of Mozart's Piano Quartet in G minor, the Dvorak, Schubert and Schumann piano quintets, and Beethoven's cello sonatas. Schnabel's earliest trio consisted of violinist Karl Flesch and cellist Jean Gérardy (who was replaced by Hugo Becker); Flesch and Schnabel collaborated to edit the Mozart and Brahms violin sonatas. In the decade before the Second World War, Schnabel and Bronislaw Huberman gave recitals in America in sonata repertoire that included the Brahms G major; Beethoven's Fifth, Seventh, Eighth, Ninth ("Kreutzer"), and Tenth; selected sonatas by Schumann and Mozart, and the Schubert Fantasia.
Schnabel had been chosen to organize a Brahms festival in Berlin in 1933, to mark the centenary of the composer's birth. He wrote:

16. HUBERMAN: Beethoven, Tchaikovsky Violin Conc. : Classical CD Reviews-June 2000 M
Released under the Naxos Great violinists series it incorporates two performancesby bronislaw huberman, the Polish violinist (b 1882) who at 14 years of age
Classical Editor: Rob Barnett
Music Webmaster

Len Mullenger:

Ludwig van BEETHOVEN
Violin Concerto in D Major
, Op 61 38'42"
Violin Concerto in D Major
, Op 35** 28'21"
Bronislaw Huberman (violin)
Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra / George Szell
Staatskapelle Berlin / William Steinberg
AAD Naxos 8.110903 "Great Violinists" Series [67'02"] Crotchet Amazon UK Amazon USA This recording is most emphatically not for the general listener who wants a coupling of the Beethoven / Tchaikovsky Concertos. With that said we can move on to what the recording is. Released under the Naxos Great Violinists series it incorporates two performances by Bronislaw Huberman, the Polish violinist (b 1882) who at 14 years of age played the Brahms Concerto to an audience that included the composer. He was at his peak when Hitler came to power, after which he refused further engagements in Germany and became deeply involved in the founding of the Palestine Symphony Orchestra (later the Israel SO). He died in 1947. The 78's from which the Beethoven is taken are from a recording session in June 1934 with the Vienna Philharmonic under George Szell. From his first entry one is struck by Huberman's wonderful ringing tone - the recording balance has him prominent but not excessively so - and technical magnificence (try the closing cadenza to the Allegro starting at 16'57"). The performance itself is a fine one with a

17. NOPL Rare Vertical File--Part 2
Blotters, 31 Howe, William Wirt Obituaries, 13 huberman, bronislaw violinistProgramsConcerts, 52 Huey P. Long Bridge InvitationsDedications, 3, 14
Index to the Louisiana Division's
Rare Vertical File
Name/Subject categories beginning with . . .
B C D ... Z
Catalogs, 7
Invoices, 42
Letterheads20th Century Business Firms, 148, 197
Fabry, Dr. Paul A. [Director, International House]
Business Cards, 76
Factors and Traders Insurance Company of New Orleans
Charters, 12
Fairbanks Co.
Letterheads20th Century Business Firms, 49
Falstaff Brewing Corporation
Announcements, 7
Farley, E.A.
Letterheads20th Century Business Firms, 150
Farwell, F.H.
Pamphlet History of inland water transportation
ViewsBuildings, 6
Faust, Edna M.
Certificates, 3, 19
Faust, W.C.
Certificates, 1, 2
Fenasci Dancing School
Broadsides, 3
InvitationsBalls, 6, 7
Fenner, Justice Charles E.
Speeches, 9
Fernandez, Gabriel
Business Cards, 48
Broadsides, 27
Fidelity and Deposit Company of Maryland
Letterheads20th Century Business Firms, 71
Fife Brothers Clinic
Advertisements, 12
Letterheads20th Century Business Firms, 47
Firemen's Charitable Association
Certificates, 16
Charters, 58, 64
Firemen's Insurance Company of New Orleans
Charters, 48

18. String Instrumentalists, String Instruments
violinist. Directory of musicians, discussion board, web pages. . Haifetz,Jascha Jascha Heifetz Society. huberman, bronislaw. . Kennedy, Nigel.
Film Music Literature Philosophy ... Bookstore
String Instrumentalists, String Instruments
A Web Directory
Cimbalom Dulcimer Guitar ... Violin Back to General Music Index: A - E F - J K - 0 P - R ... Women in Music CELLO, CELLISTS Cello Heaven.
Great cellists of the past

Internet Cellists Society. The Cellist's Gateway to the Net.

Oxford Cello School, UK.
... Yo-Yo Ma tribute site
CIMBALOM The Art of the Cimbalom, by Alexander Fedoriouk
The Cimbalom

THE DULCIMER Australian Duclimer page. Dulcimer, cimbalom, hackbrett, salterio, santur, sandouri and more.
Duclimer Players News
The Hammered Duclcimer Page. History, festivals, groups, workshops, sheet music. THE GUITAR Bach Plucked, Bach for the guitar. CrossRoads. CrossRoads offers a new way to learn to play guitar with guitar tabs, steaming videos, sound clips, tablature, live on-line lessons and much more. Guitar. The Baroque Guitar Guitar. Classical guitar websites. ... Just Classical Guitar. A site by Vincenzo Pozzi. Guitarists Directory of guitarists from the Guitar Foundation of America. Williams, John THE HARP The harp. Links, newsletters, harpists.

19. David Schor Homepage (English)
3) huberman, bronislaw (b. Czestochowa, Russian Poland, 1882; d. Corsiersur-Vevey,Switzerland, 1947). violinist and founder of the Palestine Orchestra.
"I understood that the fertile land of national vision will also give birth to a comprehensive human vision. " D.S.Schor
Schor, David. World-famous concert pianist, founder and member of Moscow Trio, Professor of Moscow conservatory, one of the initiators of the Jewish musical renaissance movement in Russia, chairman of the Society of Jewish Education in Russia, and Zionist leader in Moscow. In 1907 he visited Palestine, and settled there permanently in 1925. Founder and director of a music school in Tel-Aviv, the president of the Institute for the Promotion of Music among the People, the president of "Hanigun", a music lecturer of the Hebrew University, founder and director of the Institute for Musical Instruction and Education that was named in 1942 in his honor the David Schor institute (now the David Schor conservatory in Holon). To the Russian lecture of J.Matveev: "To History of the Institute for Musical Instruction and Education of Prof. D.Shor."
About the archive of the Schor family
The work on the materials of the Schor's collection is headed by Prof. Dimitri Segal, Chairman of the Departament of Slavic Studies, Faculty of Humanities, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

20. Untitled Document
bronislaw huberman The Polish violinist bronislaw huberman, born in 1882, madehis debut as soloist in a Spohr violin concerto at the age of seven.
Bronislaw Huberman
The Polish violinist Bronislaw Huberman, born in 1882, made his debut as soloist in a Spohr violin concerto at the age of seven. He studied briefly in Warsaw, Berlin, Frankfurt and Paris, but by the age of twelve had already made a name for himself, making a triumphant appearance in the singer Adelina Patti's farewell concert in Vienna in 1895 and the following year playing Brahm's Violin Concerto in the presence of the approving composer. His brilliant international career was interrupted by the accession to power of the National Socialists in Germany, after which he refused further engagements there and was instrumental in the establishment of the Palestine Symphony Orchestra, the forerunner of the later Israel Symphony Orchestra. A much admired performer, with a highly individual and occasionally controversial style, he retired in later years to Switzerland, where he died in 1947. Discography

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