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1. Instr
Misha Keylin violinist. osman kivrak - violist/composer
Stanley Alexandrowicz - guitar Amadeus Guitar Duo Amadeus Trio Amsterdam Guitar Trio (BMG) Atamian, Dickran - pianist Bachmann, Maria - violinist (BMG) Manuel Barrueco - Guitarist Bashmet, Yuri - violist (BMG) Joshua Bell - violinist Bellugi, David - recorder Bart Berman - piano - piano duo Bottesini Duo - double bass and piano duo Brain, Dennis - horn Bream, Julian - guitarist Brendel, Alfred - pianist Bronfman, Yefim - piano (Sony) Jui-Chen Chang - Cellist Chee-Yun's Room - Violinist Chee-Yun (official) Choong-Mo Kang - piano Cliburn, Van - pianist James Dick - pianist Dragon, Carmen - harp James Ehnes - violinist Irwin I. Eisenberg - violinist Julia Fischer - violinist Florestan Trio Deniz Arman Gelenbe - piano Arthur Greene - piano Jeffrey Grice - piano Hansen, Thomas - piano Hayden, Angelica - pianist, singer Honigberg, Steven - cellist Vladimir Horowitz - pianist Hsing-ay Hsu - piano Jacqueline du Pre Piano Quartet Emma Johnson - clarinetist Kim, David Korfker and Yamaguchi - violin-piano duo Wilhelm Kempff - pianist Misha Keylin - violinist Osman Kivrak - violist/composer Junko Kobayashi - piano Kreisler, Fritz

2. MusicalOnline: Violin And Viola
Rafael Carlos Gintoliviolinist-Latin American Music. Vadim Gluzman Keylin, Misha. kivrak, osman. Young-Nam Kim. Kim, Chin
Musical Online MusicalOnline Magazine
Web Concert
Weather Map ... Directory Classical Musicians: Violin and Viola s s Violin and Viola Alleyne-Johnson, Ed and Denyze
Anger, Darol

Asmussen, Svend

Baker, Julie
Sabrina A. Berger
5-String Electric Violin Virtuoso brings a new sound to
contemporary and traditional repertoire. Trained at Juilliard and Yale,
Sabrina has found a way to bring the younger generation to classical music.
Mark Bjork

Bron, Zakhar
famous violin teacher Zakhar Bron. Site includes information about classes and his recordings.
Chang, Sarah
Daugherty, Junior Eisenberg, Irwin Fischer, Julia ... Rafael Carlos Gintoli -violinist-Latin American Music Vadim Gluzman Hiroki, Tamaki Judith Ingolfsson - The Gold medalist of 1998 Indianapolis Violin competition - official website with biographical information, guestbook, booking information, schedule and more. Jung, Soo Min Johnson-Watkins, Jeanne Hasse Kahn - Jazz musician, the greatest jazzviolinist in Sweden. Yuri Kalnits - honorable mention - 2001 International Web Conert Hall Competition Keylin, Misha

3. Osman Kivrak:Violist And Composer
Welcome to Teri Lazar and osman kivrak's Homepage. Thanks for stopping by. We aremusicians (I am a violist and composer; Teri is a violinist) based in the
Photo by Merlin Petroff Hello! Welcome to Teri Lazar and Osman Kivrak's Homepage Thanks for stopping by. We are musicians (I am a violist and composer; Teri is a violinist) based in the Washington D.C. area. We perform together frequently up and down the east coast. Teri and I are founding members of the Sunrise Quartet Here is an recording of my duet for violin and viola, "Uzun Hava". You may want to read this review by the Washington Post about the duet . I have also written three string quartets, a string orchestra piece, a clarinet quintet and a woodwind trio. If you would like to see a review of one of my string quartets please click here . I took out the best lines of reviews of my music and put them on this page We recorded an all Mozart CD project which is available at record stores and online retailers. Some of the carols from our CD "A Christmas Sunrise" are also on our MP3 site Please don't forget to visit our guest book for your comments. You are visitor

composers Allan Blank and the quartet's violist, osman kivrak. kivrak's contributionwas a very nicely crafted Lazar, who is the quartet's first violinist.
Tuesday, November 26 1996; Page C07
The Washington Post Virginia Chamber Players The Virginia Chamber Players, a string quartet of musicians from the Virginia Chamber Orchestra, brought an offbeat program to the Lyceum in Alexandria Sunday night Mozart's First String Quartet, the familiar Borodin Quartet No. 2 in D and pieces by local composers Allan Blank and the quartet's violist, Osman Kivrak. Blank's densely scored quartet gathers in intensity as it unfolds. After two movements that seem, by turns, introspective and whimsical, his mood turns to rather dark and relentlessly thick sonorities, and its conclusion brings both release and relief. The performance was carefully balanced and reflected the kind of coordination that comes with plenty of rehearsing. Kivrak's contribution was a very nicely crafted duet for violin and viola written for his wife, Teri Lazar, who is the quartet's first violinist. Fashioned after an improvisational Turkish folk music idiom, the piece is exuberant and lyrical, and its musical language defines itself unambiguously. The duo played it as if they owned it, which indeed they do, and did a good job of selling its virtues. Joan Reinthaler Back to Teri and Osman's homepage

5. Artist-Show - The Largest Art Link Site In The World!
Keylin, Misha violinist. kivrak, osman - violist and composer.
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6. Artist-Show - The Largest Art Link Site In The World!
Baroque violin. Keylin, Misha violinist. kivrak, osman - violistand composer. Founding member of the Sunrise Quartet. Lotsberg
Art Fields Visual Art Performing Arts Music Film ... Other Arts
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Artists by instrument
Artists by instruments Alphorn




7. Musician Resources
Violin kivrak, osman Violist and composer. Violin - Spalding, Albert Biographyfor this virtuoso violinist, spy, and heir to the Spalding sports fortune.

8. Musician Resources
Danwen Solo violinist and chamber musician. Founding member of the Quartetto Vita.Artists. Violin - Keylin, Misha -Artists. Violin - kivrak, osman Violist and

9. Performers ~ K
kivrak, osman ( ) = Violist; Klee, Bernard (19 APR - )Ger=Con; Kleiber, Carlos(KAR los KLY ber Gidon (GEE dohn KRAY mer) (27 FEB - )Rus=violinist; Krenn, Werner
Performers ~ K
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  • Kabaivanska, Raina
  • 10. K Classical Performers Index
    kivrak, osman ( - ) =Violist; Kremer, Gidon (GEE dohn KRAY mer) (27 FEB - )Rus=violinist; Krenn, Werner
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  • Kabaivanska, Raina (15 DEC - )Rus=Sop
  • Kahane, Jeffrey ( - )= Cond Santa Rosa CA Sym
  • Kaler, Ilya (EEL yah KAH ler)
  • Kalish, Gilbert (KAY lish)
  • Kalnins, Alfreds (AHL freds KAHL neensh)
  • 11. Other Events
    together with music by Mozart and Vivaldi influenced by Turkish music is performedby a quartet of fine musicians, with the noted violinist, osman kivrak.
    March 1 - June 15, 2000
    Showcasing the splendor of Turkey's rich history and cultural heritage, this exhibition features more than 200 works of art and artifacts from the Topkapi Palace collections. The residence of the Ottoman dynasty for 400 years, the Topkapi Palace houses an extraordinary range of objects, including the Topkapi Dagger, silk and satin costumes, carpets from imperial looms, military trappings, calligraphic works, ceramics and porcelains. The exhibition is divided into thematic sections that focus on the Palace as the center of dynastic power, military administration and religious leadership as well as a domestic residence. Corcoran Gallery of Art Coordinator: Elizabeth Paar, Exhibitions Manager
    Ticket prices are $10 for adults, $8 for Members, seniors, and students. Call Ticket Masters at 1 800 551 SEAT
    The Exotic Music of Turkey/Reception Sunday, April 30 5:00pm

    12. American Weekly
    the Atrium opened its second season last week with a faculty performance by cellistNancy Jo Snider, violist and composer osman kivrak, and violinist Teri Lazar
    about us AU homepage October 15, 2002 issue
    Photo by Jeff Watts
    Noon notes
    Other news items: Diploma fraud raises concerns Decoding the admissions process WAMU on-line
    auction is success
    ... Bixby earns Career Center honor

    13. :: En Construcción - Chat, Comunidad, Foros, Postales, Etc...
    Key, cEVIN (4); Keylin, Misha violinist. Keylows punk rock band. kivrak,osman violist and composer. Founding member of the Sunrise Quartet.

    14. CD Bible
    lame. Kevorkian Death Cycle@; Key, cEVIN@; Keylin, Misha violinist. Keylows- punk rock band. traditions. kivrak, osman - violist and composer.
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    • Ken Brown - performer, teacher, composer, author. Check out the classical and jazz guitar links.
    • Kennett Symphony of Chester County - personnel, season, and ticket information.
    • - includes schedules, reviews, and pictures of this Hawaiian musical group.
    • Kudisch, Marc
    • Kurb - includes downloads, photos, reviews, discography, and gig guide.
    • K'Alyn - modern soul-singer/songwriter offers lyrics, pictures, and journal.
    • K's Choice@
    • K, Michael - uses the Chapman Stick as main vehicle for musical exploration of all styles.
    • K-Nitrate - original members of Cubanate create music similar to early Nitzer Ebb (on drugs).
    • K., Johnny - young swing, tenor jazz singer and songwriter.
    • K.R.O. and the House Band - funk/hip-hop band.
    • Kaas, Patricia@
    • Kabalas, The@
    • Kabana - cover band playing top 40, motown, classic and funk rock, and originals from the 60's to the 90's.
    • Kabha, Mohamed - offers photos, contact information, audio clips, and an online interview in Arabic with the singer.
    • - features biographical information and sample tracks for the CD, Naked Under the Moon, by Michael Kac and Linda Cohen.
    • Kaczmarek, Stefan

    15. Reviews
    Stephen Hartke's challenging King of the Sun, a tableau for four instruments,was ably presented by violinist Lina Bahn, violist osman kivrak, cellist Lori
    Contemporary Music Forum
    Washington D.C.'s Premiere Chamber Music Ensemble
    March 17, 2003
    'Plugged In' and Contemporary at the Corcoran
    By Joan Reinthaler The Washington Post, Wednesday, March 19, 2003; Page C07 Link to review
    2001-2002 Season
    October 25, 2001
    Contemporary Music Forum
    By Joseph McLellan The Washington Post, Saturday, October 27, 2001; page C03 The Contemporary Music Forum opened its 28th season Thursday night at the Corcoran Gallery of Art with a program notable for its variety of solo and trio textures and structures. But even more remarkable than the music is that this uncompromisingly cutting-edge group has survived so long. The audience, as usual, was small but enthusiastic. The two most famous composers on the program were represented by solo works. John Corigliano's Variations on an Ostinato (1985), played by pianist Jeffery Watson, conveyed an acute sense of the obsessive rhythm from the slow movement of Beethoven's Seventh Symphony as a subtext for a series of fantastic elaborations. George Crumb's youthful Sonata for Solo Violoncello presented some formidable technical challenges, which were no problem for cellist Lori Barnet. Violinist Lina Bahn, flutist Carole Bean and guest clarinetist Mark Gallagher alternated brilliant solos and lyric ensemble playing in Helmut Braunlich's Trio. That work's classic structures contrasted sharply with the other trios on the program. Stephen Hartke's "The Horse With the Lavender Eye Episodes for Violin, Clarinet and Piano" was a wildly imaginative excursion into musical schizophrenia, oscillating between motifs from the avant-garde and pop culture. Paul Dresher's "Double Ikat" for violin, piano and a wide array of metallic percussion instruments (played by Barry Dove) wove legato and percussive sounds in an intricate texture that sometimes called gamelan music to mind.

    16. June 2002 Archives
    in the Triangle; violinist Teri Lazar, currently teaching violin at American University;cellist Bonnie Thron of the NCS; and violist osman kivrak, who also
    An Online Classical Music Journal for Central North Carolina
    How much is CVNC worth to you? We are entirely reader-supported, so if you value our services, please consider a gift to help sustain our operations. See "About Us" for details.
    Jason Vieaux at ECU
    by Joel Mauger
    June 27 marked the finale of the annual East Carolina University Summer Guitar Workshop. Organized and directed by Elliot Frank, head of the Guitar Program at ECU, this festival, affectionately known by former participants as "FrankFest," has grown into one of the best summerworkshops for classical guitarists on the East Coast. Frank and his invited guest clinicians, all well-known teachers and classical guitar performers, instruct participants of all levels from beginners (of all ages) to aspiring young concert artists.
    musical idiom to create a darker, more dissonant style. After the emotionally and technically taxing Martin, Vieaux returned to the music of Latin America with the "Suite del Recuerdo" (1992), a collection of 5 national dances by Argentinean guitarist-composer Merlin. He performed this less-than-interesting music expertly, combining technical expertise with rhythmic drive to produce an audience-pleasing experience. However, the world of Argentinean guitar music contains music of much greater musical depth as can be heard on a new Naxos CD, Guitar Music of Argentina (Naxos CD 8.555058). Vieaux, with his obvious attraction to Latin American music and his great skill in playing it, should make a successful case for Argentinean guitar music of greater substance than the Merlin Suite.

    17. Volume VII Washington, DC September1999 No. 9
    Iva Bittova, the Czech violinist and singer whose music has been called at and CarlBanner on piano), together with guest violist osman kivrak, perform works
    "CZECH THE NEWS" - Newsletter of the Embassy of the Czech Republic,Washington, D.C., U.S.A. Volume VII Washington, D.C. September1999 No. 9 Message from the Ambassador Dear Readers, You have no doubt noticed that with this issue, Czech the News comes to you with a new face. This new face aims to reflect several developments: It has been seven years since Czech the News joined just a handful of embassy newsletters published in Washington. Since then, more embassies followed and the competition continued to grow in what is becoming a crowded field. We need to keep pace, so we are glad that with this issue we finally bring Czech the News to the age of photography. We believe that the Czech Republic, too, has begun to assume a better image. After three years of recession, the first signs of recovery are emerging. The privatization of banks and other large companies has been accelerated, and the volume of this years’ direct foreign investments, chiefly into new facilities, has set a new record. The face of our capital, Prague, is also changing: its major convention center is undergoing renovation, several new hotels are under construction. Prague is getting ready for next September's Annual Meeting of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, when it will become the first city in Central and Eastern Europe in history to host this event. Last month, the Minister of Finance, the Governor of the Czech National Bank and the Mayor of Prague were in Washington to assure the international financial community that Prague will be ready to welcome over 15,000 guests from all over the world. They even promised that the notorious Prague cabs will be put on tight leash.

    18. The Czech And Slovak Music Society
    violinist Mayumi Pawel and cellist Douglas Wolters' sense of the sinewy Guest artistsOsman kivrak, viola, and Kim Miller, violin, have frequently performed
    The Czech and Slovak Music Society
    Volume III, Number 1 Spring 1999

    The first version of Martinù's The Greek Passion will be premiered in Bregenz, Austria this summer. Performances are scheduled for July 20, 25, 29 and August 1 and 5. A conference on Martinù's operas (July 26-27) will also be included in the series. The following preface was graciously submitted by Ale¹ Bøezina (Martinù Study Center - Prague) to whom we are greatly indebted for reconstructing the first version and bringing it to performance. Mr. Bøezina wishes to dedicate this article to the memory of Martinù's advocate, Paul Sacher, who died on May 26, 1999. THE GREEK PASSION FIRST VERSION (LONDON COVENT GARDEN VERSION) (Note: A version of the following will appear as the preface to the printed score.) The Genesis of The Greek Passion On September 17, 1955 Bohuslav Martinù (b. 1890, Polièka, Bohemia; d. 1959, Liestal, Switzerland) wrote to his friend and patron Paul Sacher: "Please get your typewriter ready. I would like to write down the libretto of my new opera." Some time later, the composer asked Sacher to provide him with the scores of operas by Monteverdi and Purcell. (The postcard is not dated, but according to his remark, Sacher received it on August 3, 1956. The titles of operas that Sacher provided Martinù were added in another hand "Monteverdi: Orfeo Poppea , Purcell: Fairy Queen ." Thus, Martinù, at this time already an internationally recognized composer and author of almost 400 works, announced his fifteenth opera. After a long search, he had, indeed, found the desired tragic subject in Nikos Kazantzakis's novel

    19. Violin - Category Of SunSteam Search - Meta Search The Web For
    osman KivrakViolist and Composer Thanks for stopping by. We are musicians Iam a violist, composer and computer geek; Teri is a violinist based in the and Bands/Classic

    20. Raleigh Chamber Music Guild
    Two Pieces for String Quartet, Necdet Levent; Koroglu for String Quartet, OsmanKivrak. the Catholic University School of Music and is violinist and Artistic seraphim.htm

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