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1. Alien Folklife - Joan Kosby And Paul Mercer
Kosby and paul mercer. "The way Joan Kosby and paul mercer harmonise, given the specialness of mother, whose father had been a professional violinist, loved Mozart and Beethoven.
Joan Kosby and Paul Mercer
"The way Joan Kosby and Paul Mercer harmonise, given the specialness of their vocal blend, you just know they are two individuals who are very much in tune with one another. And this unique chemistry is utilized to the nth degree on some stunning original folk material.... Here is a repertoire which can never become boring . . . " Dirty Linen Alien Folklife is the acoustic folk music duo of Canadian Paul Mercer and New York state native Joan Kosby. Their repertoire of original material combines contemporary and traditional folk music influences with a healthy dose of offbeat humor. They are equally at home with an evocative story song, an upbeat tune or a quirky humorous piece. Alien Folklife's original songs create vivid snapshots of everyday life, past and present. They celebrate love and friendship, and provide incisive - and sometimes hilarious - commentary on our times and ourselves. This contemporary feel is balanced by the duo's strong background in traditional music. Much of their songwriting has its roots in Paul Mercer's rich Newfoundland heritage. His song, "Johnny Burke," about a turn-of-the-century Newfoundland songwriter, has been recorded by the nationally-known trio of Priscilla Herdman, Anne Hills and Cindy Mangsen. "In the truest 'old songs' tradition, [Johnny Burke] sounds as if it could have been written 50 years ago or more."

2. Pm
GHOSTS is the solo project from paul mercer, the violinist best known for hiswork with the acclaimed ethereal neoclassical 5piece, The Changelings.
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GHOSTS is the solo project from Paul Mercer, the violinist best known for his work with the acclaimed ethereal neoclassical 5-piece, The Changelings Inspired by the instruments themselves, the pieces evoke the individual history of the instrument, whether it be an 18th century viola d'amore or an early Italian violin that spent part of its lifetime in Colonial India. The compositions feature electronically prepared antique violins, viola, and other "stringed" instruments such as tampura and autoharp. mp3s are now available from Click here to go straight to Paul's page.

3. The Mercer Pharmacist, Summer 1998
approached the mercer faculty to discuss paul King have endowed a fulltime faculty position for teaching strings in the music department in her honor. King, a gifted violinist
Advancement Publications Calendars Mercer News ... l Archives
Fall 1997

Spring 1998
Mercer News

The Rewards of Creative Giving
Golf Tournament Sinks a Win for Pharmacy School
Mercer President R. Kirby Godsey, center, and Pharmacy School Dean H.W. "Ted" Matthews, left, present Mizuno irons to the first-place team of Mike Lock, Hal Harrison, Keith Murray and Jim Harrell of Rhone-Poulenc Rorer Pharmaceuticals Inc. While the Pharmacy School was the big winner of the day, several golfers also went home winners. Coming in first was the Rhone-Poulenc Rorer Pharmaceuticals Inc. foursome of Jim Harrell, Hal Harrison, Mike Lock and Keith Murray. In second place were Len Phillips, Randy Trueblood, Lee Winslet and Geoff Bender of the Owens-Brockway Prescription Products foursome. The third and fourth place finishers were teams from Perrigo Company and The Kroger Co. In fifth place was the Glaxo Wellcome foursome. The Mercer Pharmacy Classic was established in 1991 to raise funds for scholarships and other needs of the Pharmacy School. Through generous support, Mercer alumni and friends have raised more than $90,000 over the past eight years to benefit the School. "We are extremely grateful to the friends and alumni who support the golf tournament through sponsorships and registration fees," said H.W. "Ted" Matthews, dean of the Pharmacy School. "It is a great way to raise funds while having fun. Everyone’s support is truly appreciated."

4. Paul's DC2K Pics
are one of Atlanta's most talented bands (IMO perhaps the most talented band) inlarge part because of the incredible talent of paul mercer, their violinist.
Paul's DC2K Pics
Last updated July 9th, 2000
Here's a selection of pics from Dragon*Con 2000. I wish I'd taken more shots of people and costumes in general, but I'm an indifferent photographer and just kept forgetting to haul the camera out...I've never really had a camera before for any length of time, so I'm just not used to carrying one around. :)
"Setting the Stage" (Wednesday pics)
Here are some photos taken before Dragon*Con was really under way:

5. Mercerian, Summer 1998
Caroline paul King, gifted violinist and music teacher, was She was the wife ofthe late Dr. Spencer B. King Jr., former mercer history professor.
Publications Calendars Mercer News Mercer Home ... Education Archives
Winter 1998
Sports Alumni Events
Mercer News
Dean's Letter Commencement Rich, Stansfeld Remembered Ambassadors Celebrate 15 Years ... Charitable Giving and Life Insurance
Music Endowment Made in Honor of King
Caroline Paul King, gifted violinist and music teacher, was honored April 25 on her 92nd birthday at a Macon Symphony Orchestra performance. King, who died May 19, played with the Orchestra from 1977-89. She was the wife of the late Dr. Spencer B. King Jr., former Mercer history professor. Her children have endowed a full-time strings professorship in the Music Department in her honor.
President R. Kirby Godsey, left, announced the Caroline Paul King Professorship endowed by Dr. Spencer B. King III, center, and his two sisters, at the Macon Symphony Orchestra. The endowment will allow Mercer to offer a complete music education under the direction of Dr. John Roberts, right, chair of the Music Department. Mercer 2000: Advancing the Vision Campaign Dr. John Roberts, who holds the prestigious Calloway Chair, joined Mercer last August as the new Music Department chair from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. The faculty has been enlarged and strengthened, and the number of music majors has significantly increased.

6. Sensurround Stagings Event Theatre
Dr. Faustus also features live music by violinist paul mercer, wellknown for his work as a member of The Changelings.

7. Mercer Law Letter, Summer 1998
King, a gifted violinist and advocate for music education, was the wife of the TheCaroline paul King Strings Professorship is a first in mercer’s history
Publications Calendars Mercer News Mercer Home ... l Archives
Winter 1998
Did You Know... News From Around The University Tift College The Eugene Stetson School of Business and Economics has initiated a "Business Practitioner Series" that invites people from the "real world" to speak to business faculty about business developments, issues and trends in a particular area of industry. Robert Hatcher, grandson of Eugene Stetson, a member of the Stetson School of Business and Economics’ Board of Visitors and president and CEO of First Liberty Corporation, kicked off this year’s series with presentations in Macon and Atlanta. The For the fifth time, and for the fourth year in a row, Mercer University School of Medicine The APhA-ASP Chapter walked away with national and regional awards at the annual meeting of the American Pharmaceutical Association. Mercer students won the national Chapter Achievement Award for the fifth time in 10 years, and received one of 10 $2,000 Merck grants. In addition, the Chapter was the regional winner in "Operation Immunization," a joint project that resulted in more than 25,000 people receiving immunizations during the fall. The James and Carolyn McAfee School of Theology recently established the Arnall Mann Thomasson Baptist Professorship of Missions and Evangelism. The professorship will be held by Dr. Ronald W. Johnson who is developing innovative experienced-based courses for students at McAfee School of Theology.

8. Cirque Noir Participants
Performers. paul mercer violinist of the acclaimed ethereal neoclassical5-piece, The Changelings, paul mercer is a favorite among Atlanta goths.

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Cirque Noir Participants
Venue Innovox: A Connectivity Lounge - Located under the Ford Factory Lofts in Atlanta, Innovox offers a chance to surf the internet while enjoying a wide variety of coffees and desserts in a relaxed environment. Visit their web site at
Performers Paul Mercer - Violinist of the acclaimed ethereal neoclassical 5-piece, The Changelings, Paul Mercer is a favorite among Atlanta goths. His solo project, Ghosts, features compositions meant to evoke the history of a number of the beautiful stringed instruments Paul collects. Paul plans to release a cd of these compositions in the near future. Four tracks, tenatively titled Music Box, Frost, West, and Autumn have been performed live and are being worked on in the studio. Paul hopes to include short films, avant garde puppetry, and art at his live performances. To find out more about Paul, and Ghosts, visit . Paul performed at the September event.
Diana Obscura - In the early 1990s, Diana's zines

9. Track ID Panel Title Panelist(s) Time Length Room Description
LIVE026, Performing on the Concourse paul mercer, paul mercer, 100 PM, 1 Hour,Concourse (Hyatt), An extremely talented violinist, paul is just one reason why the
Track ID Panel Title Panelist(s) Time Length Room Description
Schedule with Descriptions for Live Programming
Thursday Dragon Concerts Presents:Sins of Lust Sins of Lust 10:30 PM 1 Hour Centennial II - III Sins of Lust are an Atlanta-based performance-art band who have recently adopted a more raucous and hard-hitting sound. You can probably still expect leather, latex...and skin. Dragon*Concerts Presents: Yeti Yeti 10:30 PM 1 Hour Regency VI - VII The music of Yeti is both dark and powerful, yet melodic and enlightening. The members of Yeti compliment this orchestra of destruction with garments of Medieval armor and perform amidst gothic, mystical surroundings. The awe-inspiring power of the Yeti is a spectacle not to be missed. Friday Performing on the Concourse: Emerald Rose Emerald Rose 2:30 PM 1 Hour Concourse (Hyatt) You might want to get there a bit early; by Sunday of last year's Dragon*Con these guys, comsummate professionals all, were drawing over 200 people to the Concourse! Performing on the Concourse: Kelly Stewart Kelly Stewart 4:00 PM 1 Hour Concourse (Hyatt) Kelly is a highly-trained Celtic harpist and earned a Bachelors in music performance on the classical harp from UGA. She is currently pursuing a Masters degree from the University of North Wales (yes, wayy over in Wales).

10. Maximum Crowe: Master And Commander: The Far Side Of The World
Billy Boyd, (Barrett Bonden), Ian mercer (Mr. Hollar paul Bettany will be making hissecond appearance in Orchestra director and lead violinist Richard Tognetti
Master and Commander:
The Far Side of the World
Capt. Jack Aubrey
Click on photo for larger version
Photo by Stephen Vaughn
20th Century Fox Cast:
Paul Bettany (Dr. Stephen Maturin), Billy Boyd, (Barrett Bonden), Ian Mercer (Mr. Hollar), John DeSantis (Padeen), Patrick Gallagher, David Threlfall (Killick) Director: Peter Weir Screenplay: Peter Weir, John Collee, Larry Ferguson
(Based on the Patrick O'Brian book series) Cinematography: Russell Boyd Studio: Twentieth Century Fox, Miramax Films and Universal Pictures Start date: June 2002 Release date: Nov. 14, 2003 (Delayed from June 6. Press release added here 3/24/03, thanks to 20th Century Fox) Filming: Fox Studios Baja, Mexico.
(The site is also known for the gigantic water tank used in James Cameron's "Titanic.") Budget: $135 million WHAT IT'S ABOUT: "Royal Navy Capt. Jack Aubrey is a soldier [sic] given his first command of a British sailing vessel sent to battle. Based on the book , which has been adapted by Peter Weir, the screenplay is as much about the machinations of managing such a wind-powered vessel and its large crew as it is about actually battling French warships and pirates on the high seas." (Variety 1/16/02) "Based on the best-selling novels of Patrick O'Brian, the film stars Russell Crowe as "Lucky" Jack Aubrey, who pits his crew of the H.M.S. Surprise against a much better armed and ruthless privateer, in a chase that takes him all the way to the far side of the world. Rising newcomer Paul Bettany ("A Beautiful Mind") plays the ship's surgeon Dr. Stephen Maturin. "

11. Violin Humor And All Otherwise Of Tracy Woodard
paul mercer, the violinist from the Changelings has finally come outwith his own solo compositions. I've been listening to this
I bet you thought classical violinists had no life. Well we don't. So now you too can vicariously experience the ennui that is le jouer de violon.
Articles are in order of most recent all the way down to accounts of my earliest pit orchestra gigs when I was a teenager. I geek pretty hard at points, as I'm a classical performance undergrad, so speak up if the jokes keep going over your head, or just slip me a reminder Fiction in Progress (updated July 3, 2002) Long Hard Road Out of Hell
Starts with a P
Consenting Teenagers
Artsy Links
  • Clay is a friend with a wonderful digital camera and a degree in art. His site is fantastic, you'll be hard-pressed to find better landscape photos (the ones in Utah are my favorite).
  • Amber is a photographer who used to be a violinist (I'm waiting for the writer who used to be a violinist "because it makes more money"). This is a display of her latest photos, charcoals, paintings, and sculptures.
  • Paul Mercer , the violinist from the Changelings has finally come out with his own solo compositions. I've been listening to this guy since I was jailbait, his music brings to mind J.S. Bach on absinthe.
  • Cyan is an old aquaintence who now lives in Dallas. His site is a journal of his college life as a stage actor.

12. CAPITOL : MusicWeb Encyclopaedia Of Popular Music
violinist Nathan Milstein, the Pittsburgh SO with William Steinberg Slatkin and paulShure (violins), paul Robyn on EMI '55, a move that mercer always regretted
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13. Search Results
thirties included Ramona Davies, Johnny mercer, Jack Teagarden When paul Whitemanusurped the title of King began very modestly as a violinist in insignificant

14. Brantham Amateur Theatrical Society (B.A.T.S.)
Guiseppe, a gypsy violinist, Jim Dillon. Old Hag, Lesley mercer. The Sisters ofMercy, paul Nixon, Marcus Nixon Neil Stevens. The Chorus Faye Smith. KristinaGray.
At Brantham Village Hall
Monday 19th - Saturday 24th February 2001
NODA Region 11 "Best Production" winner
Cast Newsvendor Adam Dillon Chamberlain Steve Hutley King Wilber Keith Raby Lady Serpia Sandra Dillon Page Three Sarah Lewis Dirty Girty (not a TV chef) Lesley Mercer Pansy Puddin' (nor is she) Keith Nixon Snow White Sian Naylor Prince Hugo, son of King Bing Helen Gough Null, a feckless fool Andy Kimber Void, even fecklesserer and foolerer Alex Kapitan Phin Astaire Ian Southgate Bushvendor (prop. "Bush's R Us") Adam Dillon Bossy Casey Francis Brainy Olivia Wilkerson Scruffy James Head Snobby Lucy Pembroke Sporty Hannah Stodart Smutty Adam Wombwell Queen Esmerelda, Queen of the Gypsies Pippa Revell Guiseppe, a gypsy violinist Jim Dillon Old Hag Lesley Mercer The Sisters of Mercy
Neil Stevens The Chorus Faye Smith Kristina Gray Kyrsten Moore Natasha Coombs Charlotte Wilkerson Jenna Abbott Rachel Bruce Danielle Hutley Rebecca Elmes Katy Dorrington Lucy Chapman Production Costume Designer Yvonne Amoss Wardrobe Assistants Rona Smith
Jenni Pallant
Lesley Mercer
Lorraine Dorrington
Joanne Coombs
Ruth Lewis
Ann Gray Barbara Brodie Linda Wilkerson Sue Webster Lesley Rose

15. Links
Links. Music/ Venues / Artists. paul mercer violinist and Composer. Diana Obscura- Cellist/Vocalist. The Changelings. Aphelion. disturbingtotems. Resources.
Links Music/ Venues / Artists Paul Mercer - Violinist and Composer Diana Obscura - Cellist/Vocalist The Changelings Aphelion ... disturbingtotems Resources Indy Media- Alternative News Sensua Gallery- Minerals, Fossils, World Art A Cappella Books- Out of Print, Rare, Used, Antiquated, and Hard to Find Books Galleries/Spaces Fine Art Metropolis disturbingtotems innovox lounge Cirque Noir ... Modern Primitive Gallery Theater Center for Puppetry Arts - Adult Shows, Children's Shows, Museum, Resources Dad's Garage -Improv!!!!
Sculpture ... Home

16. Historical Manuscripts Commission | National Register Of Archives | List Of Pers
Henry (17981871) Canon of St paul's (1) Melvill, Sir Yehudi (b 1916) Baron Menuhin,violinist (4) Menzies fl 1620-1687) Scientist (1) mercer, Alexander Cavalie

MC ME MG ... MY List of Persons with surname beginning ME
Meachem, Frederick (fl 1890-1920) Mining Engineer

Mead, Clement Alfred (1899-1986) Colonel

Mead, Geoffrey John de Cusance (fl 1939-1979) historian

Mead, Joseph (1586-1638) Biblical Scholar and Scientist
Mellish, William (d 1791) MP Receiver General of Customs

Mellon, Harriot (1777-1837) see Beauclerk (
Mellor, James Eric Moulsdale (1890-1984) Entomologist

Mellor, William (1888-1942) Socialist Journalist and Editor

Mellors, Harold (fl 1943-1945) Despatch Rider
Mellors, Robert (d 1996) Gay Writer ... Melville, James (c 1899-1983) Local Historian Melville, Jenni (b 1922) see Butler, Gwendoline Williams ( Melville, Richard Valentine (1914-1993) Naturalist Melville, Robert (1723-1809) General and Antiquary Melville, Ronald (1903-1985) Botanist Melville, Thomas Alexander (d 1960) Local Historian ... Merewether, Sir William Lockyer (1825-1880) Knight Indian Military Officer and Administrator Merian, Maria Sibilla (1647-1717) see Graf ( Merian, Maria Sibylla (1647-1717) afterwards Graff, Naturalist and Artist Merivale, Charles (1808-1893) Dean of Ely Merivale, Herman (1806-1874) Civil Servant Merivale, John Herman (1779-1844) Barrister and Poet ... Meyrick, Sir Thomas Charlton- (1837-1921) 1st Baronet Colonel MP Persons listed: back Search the NRA Browse Personal Names A B ... Archives in Focus Design by Reading Room Ltd Technology by Sherwood Government

17. Creative Loafing Atlanta | SPECIAL | SEPTEMBER
offbeat version of Christopher Marlowe's play with Aileen Loy as an androgynouswould-be magician, Tal Harris as the devil and music by violinist paul mercer.
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  • The Game of Loaf
    Fall fun for the whole family
  • October
  • November
  • December Use this address for linking. September THEATER 2 DIRTY BLONDE THEATER PARALLEL LIVES: THE KATHY AND MO SHOW Onstage Atlanta presents this evening of sketches about men and women, originally written by TV actresses Kathy Najimy and Mo Gaffney. Through Sept. 28. Thurs.-Sat. 8 p.m.; Sun. 4 p.m. $15-$18. Onstage Atlanta, 2597 N. Decatur Road. 404-897-1802. THEATER 3 BRING IN 'DA NOISE, BRING IN 'DA FUNK THEATER DA Theatre Gael presents Hugh Leonard's Tony Award-winning comedy/drama of an Irish-American writer dealing with intrusive memories of his irascible father (John Stephens). Through Oct. 6. Thurs.-Sat. 8 p.m.; Sun. 5 p.m. $16-$22. 14th Street Playhouse, 173 14th St. 404-876-9762. AUTHOR APPEARANCE YUSEF KOMUNYAKAA The acclaimed Southern poet and winner of the Pulitzer Prize in 1994 for his collection, Neon Vernacular: New and Selected Poems , Komunyakaa comes to Emory for a reading and book signing. Sept. 12. 8:15 p.m. Woodruff Library, 540 Asbury Circle. Free. 404-727-4683.
  • 18. Creative Loafing Atlanta | VIBES | SOUND MENU
    Opening are local rockers American Dream, joined by cellist Deisha Oliverfor their performance, and solo violinist paul mercer. Eyedrum (Sarig).






    / SOUND MENU Sound Menu
    Noted acts
    Eyedrum presents a full night of strings, with barely a guitar to be heard, as goth-poppers Aphelion bow (cello, viola) and pluck (harp), bang (drums) and howl (vocals), for the first time on local stages in eight months. Opening are local rockers American Dream, joined by cellist Deisha Oliver for their performance, and solo violinist Paul Mercer. Eyedrum (Sarig) CHRISTMAS SANTACULAR Ho, ho, Echo. Sketch comedy; a radio drama; a puppet show; a song and dance by Christy Montero and that perennial Christmas fixture the King of Terror, plus holiday standards by Shannon Tanner of Heritage Cherry (on Friday night only) and Pam Howe of pH Balance sweetly singin' Yule faves (on Saturday only), will make this one of the most unique theme shows available this season. It's so big and festive it's gonna be held two nights in a row. Echo Lounge (Smith) DMCB Also known as Dave Matthews Cover Band (which is exactly what they are), this Athens-based ensemble plays faithful renditions of the smooth, jazz-flavored rock tunes made popular by Matthews' mega successful Virginia-based ensemble. Variety Playhouse (Nicoll) SANDRA HALL Miss Red Riding Hood , which is slated for January release.

    19. News:  Mercer University
    WorldRenowned violinist Returns Home for Special Concert March 17 paul, Minnesota atCommencement June 5, 2002 MACON – The following mercer University faculty
    I Would Like To... Access My Student Account Apply For Admission Apply For a Job Find An E-mail Address Find A Phone Number Get Directions to Campus Learn About Greek Life Learn More About Mercer Make A Gift Request a Transcript Take A Virtual Tour View Campus Construction View Class Schedules View Fine Art Events Visit The Campus Visit The Grand Opera House Work At Mercer
    Athletics News
    Campus Improvement News Mercer Facts Mercer News Archives ... University Relations and Marketing Staff Mercer News News: Mercer University Gioia to Speak
    March 25, 2003
    Southeast Regional Conference on Christianity and Literature

    March 25, 2003
    March 17, 2003

    MACON – Neva Langley Fickling, Georgia's only Miss America, will perform in concert at Mercer University's McCorkle Music Building Recital Hall at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, March 29. Women Law Students to Sponsor Charity Auction and Ball
    March 24, 2003
    The Association of Women Law Students (A.W.L.S.) at Mercer Law School will host the 5th annual Charity Auction and Ball Thursday, March 27, 7-11 p.m., at The Cupola at Plantation Centre. Text of Dr. Godsey Presenting Meritorious Service Award to James A. Bishop

    20. College Of Liberal Arts:  Hillyer, Giselle
    Dr. Giselle Hillyer, the Caroline paul King Assistant Professor of Strings at MercerUniversity, is concertizes regularly as a violinist and has
    I Would Like To... Access My Student Account Apply For Admission Apply For a Job Find An E-mail Address Find A Phone Number Get Directions to Campus Learn About Greek Life Learn More About Mercer Make A Gift Request a Transcript Take A Virtual Tour View Campus Construction View Class Schedules View Fine Art Events Visit The Campus Visit The Grand Opera House Work At Mercer
    Dean's Welcome
    Art Christianity Communication and Theatre Arts ... Liberal Arts Home College of Liberal Arts: Hillyer, Giselle Giselle Hillyer violin, viola, orchestra director Dr. Giselle Hillyer, the Caroline Paul King Assistant Professor of Strings at Mercer University, is originally from Auckland, New Zealand. She received the bachelor of music in violin performance from the Elder Conservatorium of the University of Adelaide, Australia; the master of music and graduate diploma in violin performance from the New England Conservatory in Boston, Mass.; and the doctor of musical arts in violin performance from the University of Kansas in Lawrence. Dr. Hillyer concertizes regularly as a violinist and has performed extensively in New Zealand, Australia, the United States, Canada and Europe, in a variety of roles as soloist with orchestra, in solo and chamber recitals and as an orchestral musician. Her performances last year included concertos with the Macon Symphony Orchestra and Macon Sinfonia, chamber music and solo performances at Mercer University, participation in performances of contemporary music and a recital tour of New Zealand and New Caledonia. In addition, in 2002 Dr. Hillyer was a clinician at the Georgia Music Educators' Association conference in Savannah.

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