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1. Robert Paterson's Links
victoria paterson this is the amazing website of my awesome wife victoria. She is a violinist, and we have a violin
The following professional links are a few that I find particularly useful and interesting.
I will be adding more from time-to-time, so please keep checking back.
Clicking on each image or link will open up a website in a separate window.
The American Music Center motto is "building a national community for new American music." They have a searchable database that allows you to search for music by American composers. They also administer various grants and awards and also hold workshops. I think this is one of the most helpful organizations for American composers. NewMusicBox : this award-winning online magazine put out by the American Music Center is one of the best publications ever written that is exclusively devoted to composers. This website contains excellent articles, interviews, audio files of new music, etc. I highly recommend visiting this website. As if NewMusicBox isn't great enough, the American Music Center also recently posted a new website called NewMusic Jukebox that "is the online library and listening room that provides immediate access to scores, streaming audio, and vital information about music by American composers." If you want to know what the wave of the future is in publishing new American music, this is it! SCI ( Society for Composers, Inc.

2. Robert Paterson's Writings: Adventures Of A Late Night, Gigging Musician
Adventures of a Late Night, Gigging Musician Robert paterson. As I write this, mywife victoria is touring for on tour, she is a freelance violinist in central
Adventures of a Late Night, Gigging Musician
Robert Paterson February, 2002

As I write this, my wife Victoria is touring for four months with the musicians, cast and crew of the musical " My Fair Lady ." When she is not on tour, she is a free-lance violinist in central New York State. As you would expect, she drives all over, sometimes hundreds of miles at a time. The common term for this type of musician, at least among musicians, is the evocative phrase "Gig Pig." Freelance gigs are usually sporadic and inconsistent, and it definitely takes a special kind of musician to endure this lifestyle. Although freelancing is rough, it is Victoria’s driving—or not driving—that made her decide to leave for four months to do this tour.
A nyone living in central or upstate New York is all-familiar with a harsh, unspoken truth: the local cops are brutal when it comes to giving tickets. If you are in a hurry and not careful late at night after a gig and do a "California Roll" (i.e. not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign, usually a block away from your own home) and a cop is around, you will surely get a ticket—even if there are no other drivers or pedestrians for miles. I am certainly not advocating being unlawful, but ‘compassion’ and ‘understanding’ are presumably not in the New York State Policeman's handbook.
Eventually, points off of Victoria’s license started adding up. One point here for not coming to a complete stop, another point there for driving eight miles over the speed limit while driving through a small town, again, early in the morning. Finally, she had wracked up enough of these little suckers to suspend her license. It was a lot of minor infractions that finally did her in, but in the end, those were all that were needed. I can see the small town newspaper headline now: "Local Police Triumph over Poor, Struggling Musician!"

3. Victoria Conservatory Of Music Rhythm 'n News May 2001
Music department presents D.M.A. recitals by Vin Shende, Rob paterson The Department of Music presents two D.M.A. recitals this week in Barnes Hall. Both concerts are free and open to the public. piece, "Braids " paterson drew inspiration from watching his wife, victoria, create elegant, masterful braids in will be performed by paterson and violinist Asmira WoodwardPage.
Rhythm 'n News
May 2001
Victoria Conservatory of Music programs, events, and news.
The Victoria Conservatory of Music is devoted to instilling a love of music and kindred arts and pursuing a standard of excellence in education and performance.

Previous Issues
#1 September, 2000

#2 November, 2000

#3 January, 2001

If You Love Music, Your Membership Matters
Yamaha Scholarship
If You Love Music, Your Membership Matters
At home for almost a year and a half now in our Pandora and Quadra location, the Victoria Conservatory of Music is looking forward to a new era – with faculty, staff and board members engaged in strategic planning for the future – and a new department head, Professor Burkhard Godhoff, arriving full of enthusiasm and fresh ideas for the Conservatory.
We hope you will want to participate in the adventure by being a member of the Conservatory, a registered non-profit society. Membership entitles you to these benefits:
Voting privileges at society meetings Advance notice of special events Our newsletter

4. Cornell Chronicle Calendar10/9/97
Oct. 12, 3 p.m., Barnes Hall Guest violinist victoria paterson, assisted by pianist Peter Henderson, presents a program
The Cornell Chronicle
Calendar of Events
October 9 - 16, 1997
All items for the Chronicle Calendar should be submitted (typewritten, double spaced) by campus mail, U.S. mail or in person to Chronicle Calendar, Cornell News Service, Village Green, 840 Hanshaw Road. Notices should be sent to arrive 10 days prior to publication and should include the name and telephone number of a person who can be called if there are questions. Notices should also include the subheading of the calendar in which the item should appear.
Cornell International Folk Dancers Sundays in the North Room of Willard Straight Hall. Teaching begins at 7:30 p.m., followed by open dancing from 8:30 to 10 p.m. Open to the public. For more information, contact David at 564-3613, e-mail
Israeli Folk Dancing Thursdays, 8 to 10 p.m., Edwards Room, Anabel Taylor Hall.
ACUEP Lecture Series The following lectures are free and open to the public:
* "Visions of Liberty Hyde Bailey," Gould Colman, Oct. 21, 10 a.m., BTI Auditorium.
* "An Avalanche of the Most Splendid Books: A.D. White and the Founding of Cornell University Library," Mark Dimunation, Nov. 4, 10 a.m., BTI Auditorium.

5. Victoria Paterson's Biography
victoria paterson is a violinist of great musicality and diversity. Sheis currently playing first violin with the Westchester Chamber
Victoria Paterson
Victoria also has a wealth of experience in playing contemporary music. Most recently, she performed with a Brooklyn-based new music group, SEM. Victoria has performed in the June in Buffalo New Music Festival for two summers, and has played with the Cornell Contemporary Chamber Players and the Society for New Music. The Paterson Duo , a collaboration with her husband Robert Paterson, a composer and percussionist, plays many concerts nationally, with a focus on premiering new works for the violin and marimba.
Her most recent recording is a CD of String Quartet Wedding Music
Victoria studied violin at the Eastman School of Music with Peter Salaff of the Cleveland Quartet while earning her Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy at the University of Rochester in 1993. She received a Master of Music Degree in Violin Performance from Indiana University in 1998. Victoria performs on a violin made by Jean-Baptiste Viullaume, Paris, France, circa 1860.
For more information, please contact Victoria at

6. Musicians Listings Morelli, Dorina Melbourne, victoria phone 0416 Sydney NSW phone (02)9427 8553 violinist covering many composer PO Box 58, paterson NSW 2420 - home victoria
strings/guitar/bass -
brass/wind - drums/percussion - vocal - ... other strings/g uitar/bass Civitico, Danny Rhythm Guitarist Preston phone : 9484 3550 Rhythm Guitarist with 8 yrs experience with back up vocals ability. Influences the 60's and 70's Rock n Roll ala Beatles Stones etc....Back up vocals if required. Available for any type of wedding, function band..
e-mail = Frater, Zoe Bass (electric) PO Box 12627 A'Beckett St Post Office Melb. VIC 8006 phone : 0415 644 703 Experienced bass player available for free-lance and regular work, night and day gigs/rehearsals OK. Experience in jazz, latin, funk and pop groups. Good sight-reading skills.
e-mail =
Lebesis, John Session/Freelance Bass Player Melboure Victoria. phone : 0421-783-544 - I work as a freelancer both in and around Melbourne, specialising in 5-string fretted and fretless bass. Available for studio work/live work. Touring can be negotiated...Highly motivated and passionate about bass as an art form!
e-mail = url =

7. CRS Barn Studio Links And Site Map
victoria paterson violinist. Rob paterson, composer (and marimba player)
CRS Barn Studio Links page MusicLinks
Paul Austin Kelly's web page

Not your typical tenor, check out his new CD "Kidstuff"
available soon from the CRS Barn Studio! Amy Cochrane - soprano ... Glimmerglass Opera
Dance Links The Second Hand Dance Co.
1. check out my brother Chuck Stull's site including

"Beyond outside" an adventure travel journal
Finger Lakes Organic Growers Businesses that may be useful for performers Community Arts Partnership of Tompkins Co.
The Classical Singer Newsletter - reasonably pricd postcards The Harry Fox Agency - clearing house for royalties for recording ... contact us: t

8. Music Department Recitals
paterson drew inspiration from watching his wife, victoria, create elegant and marimba, Braids will be performed by paterson and violinist Asmira Woodward
Music department presents D.M.A. recitals by Vin Shende, Rob Paterson
The Department of Music presents two D.M.A. recitals this week in Barnes Hall. Both concerts are free and open to the public. Vineet "Vin" Shende, who is in his fourth year of the doctoral program in composition, presents his recital Friday, March 31, at 8 p.m. Six works written during his tenure as a graduate student here at Cornell are featured on the program, beginning with his Sonata for solo cello, written for and performed by his friend and colleague, Paul Osterfield. Also on the program is "Talking Wires" for piano, dedicated to and performed by Xak Bjerken. The inspiration for the piece came from a book Shende was reading on the history of the telegraph. He was struck by the similarities between piano playing and telegraph operation. In both cases, a key is depressed, completing a connection to a wire, and, thus, information is dispersed. The rhythmic motives of "Talking Wires," a Native American term for the telegraph, are based on the Morse code of actual telegrams, with melodic material depicting emotional and psychological subtext. Other featured performers include Judith Kellock, singing Shende's "Struwwelpeter-lieder"; a choir of 21 singers performing "Gloria"; and two different instrumental quartets presenting one movement from String Quartet No. 2 and Fantasia on

9. Performers
SUNDAY, March 2 Slide Hampton . William paterson University . Watchung ArtsCenter . 8pm Jazz guitarist violinist, with friends. victoria Warne .
JSJBF Home Send us your event listings Display full screen WEDNESDAY, April 2
Ragin' Cajun . 7 pm
Liquifyed Triumph Brewing Co., Princeton
Open Blues Jam Bluetone Café, Easton, Pa.
Blues jam A's Cafe, Bergenfield . 8pm
Cross Roads Bar, Asbury Park
Rogues on the Run
Ragin' Cajun . 7 pm
Blues Jam Drumsticks, Clifton
Lackawanna Blues NJ Performing Arts Center . 7:30 pm
Award-winning play, with music by blues guitarist Bill Sims Jr. New Jazz Trio Blue Moon Diner, S. Orange . 6:30-8:45pm FRIDAY, April 4 Smokin' Joe Kubek Band Watchung Arts Center Concert series. Tickets: 908-753-0190. Palmer Jenkins Trio El Lobo Negro Art Gallery Booglerizers Ragin' Cajun . 7 pm Soul Searchers Cross Roads Bar, Asbury Park Susan Tedeschi John Harms Center, Englewood Lackawanna Blues NJ Performing Arts Center . 7:30 pm Award-winning play, with music by blues guitarist Bill Sims Jr. Rooney's Ocean Crab House Triumph Brewing Co., Princeton Bob Ackerman Quintet Cornerstone, Metuchen Featuring Pam Purvis, vocals. Fred Hersch Ensemble Peddie School, Hightstown . 8 pm

10. ABC Hobart » Story Index By Presenter
Alicia Battestini; Congratulations Ric paterson Tasmanian of violinist, Peter Tanfieldtop of page South Australia Tasmania victoria Western Australia.
The Backyard Indexes: Stories Recipes Reviews Audio ... Story Index
Story Index By Presenter
Tim Cox Samantha Donovan Anne Fitzgerald Anthony Frangi ... Chris Wisbey
Tim Cox
  • A Morning Show listener's history of Palestine/Israel
  • ABC Tasmania celebrates 40 years of Beatles
  • AFI predicts strong future
  • An Intern's Journey, episode three. ... top of page
    Samantha Donovan
  • Apple Harvest
  • Auction action at Ranelagh
  • Funding for landcare
  • Genetically modified poppies ... top of page
    Anne Fitzgerald
  • ABC Tasmania gives massage to fund raising cyclist
  • Dead Abigails Perform Live
  • Detonators in the Foyer
  • Live at the Centre: Chain ... top of page
    Anthony Frangi
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  • Tasmanian mums nervous at home for Commonwealth kids top of page
    Peter Hughes.
  • Athol Guy at 63
  • Australia's most popular vet, Dr Harry Cooper
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  • Mamma Mia - It's Bjorn Again. ... top of page
    Trevor Jackson.
  • Broke and Alone, Joan Rivers in Australia.
  • Shout! Coming soon to Tasmania. top of page
    Trevor Jackson
  • From London to Murdunna: muso Malcolm Battersby moves to Tasmania
  • Back to school.
  • 11. Newspaper 1-7 Apr
    Douglas Powell (baritone), Tivador Naemez (Russian violinist), Mons. RM Burns, Vancouver,is at the victoria Hotel. Fraser Miss Thyall R. paterson HL Salmon W
    Previous 1901 Victoria Census - title page Newspaper Index Next
    1 Apr 1901, Monday, Victoria Daily Times Page 1 Headlines To Rescue Of Emperor: Chinese Official Prepared To Dispatch 100,000 Troops To Sian Fu
    On The Black List: 742 names of heads of families in Vancouver were blacklisted by the Retail Growers ' Association and will receive no more credit.
    Pan-American Exposition: A report on the preparations for the Buffalo, NY exposition.
    Panic In The Palace: an earthquake struck Constantinople as a ceremony was being held by the Sultan of Turkey.
    St. Petersburg (Russia) Riots
    Big Irrigation Canal, Phoenix: The largest irrigation canal in the world was opened today. Waters of the Colorado River were turned below Yuma.
    Salisbury Recovering, London: Lord Salisbury was progressing satisfactorily from his illness.
    Organist Dead, London: Sir John Stainer.
    More Bodies Recovered: A report on the Cumberland, BC, mine disaster.
    Steel Rails, London: British Manufacturers were advised to be prepared for African orders. Favor Competition, Ladners: A Meeting about the proposed railway line from the coast to the Kootenay, concluded that it should be built by the Province or a railway independent of the C.P.R. and that the Victoria terminal railway and ferry sould be an essential part.

    12. Newspaper 15-21 Apr
    paterson AJ Wright RM Palmer Miss Roberts WG Tanner Miss M gowan, victoria. Led byBandmaster Finn, guest soloist Christian Hansen, Scandinavian violinist.
    Previous 1901 Victoria Census - title page Newspaper Index Next
    15 Apr 1901, Monday, Victoria Daily Times Extracted from the London Gazette, 26 Mar 1901: Fourth (Queen's Own) Hussars - second Lieut. R.D. Harvey, to be Leutenant, 4 Dec 1900 (nephew of Hon. J. Dunsmuir.
    M.A. Myers (d.7, p.22, l.20), of Dawson is at the Dominion Hotel.
    Capt. Sutherland, of the bark 'Senator', now loading grain in Seattle, is in the city to meet his wife, who will arrive from the east in a few days.
    H. Line, London, ON, is in the city on business.
    J.H. Breck, Winnipeg, is at the Driard Hotel.
    Mrs B. Dyne arrived from Seattle yesterday.
    W.E. Gillespie, Toronto, is at the Dominion Hotel.
    D. O'Hara, Sgt-at-Arms at the Provincial Legislature, arrived yesterday from Vancouver.
    T.H. Allice, arrived Saturday from Vancouver.
    J.H.R. Richaby arrived Saturday from Vancouver. G.A. Hartnagle arrived from the Sound. Capt Beecher arrived yesterday from the Sound. R.S. Day arrived Saturday from Vancouver. F.C. Gamble arrived Saturday from Vancouver. R. Jamieson arrived Saturday from Vancouver.

    13. Library Subject Heading "p"
    pioneer days Parlow, Kathleen violinist, b 1890 d farrier, soldier, b 1909 paterson,Tom - blacksmith William - soap manufacturer, victoria, British Columbia
    A B C D ... Z
    Subject Headings - P
    P Bar 3 Ranch, Medicine Hat, Alberta, 1992
    Pablo herd - buffalo
    Paboojian, John - team roper, 1966-70
    Pace, Fred - merchant, c. 1880
    Pacific National Exhibition, Vancouver, British Columbia
    Pacifism - Doukhobors, Sons of Freedom, Shouldice, Alberta, 1926
    Pack equipment - making
    Pack horses
    Pack horses - pack trains Pack rats Pack saddles Pack trains - for surveyors, 1912 Pack trains, Klondike gold rush Packhorse Camping Packing Houses - animal stress, 1987 Packing Houses - animal waste, 1972, 1977 Packing Houses - by-products, 1954, 1974 Packing Houses - Canada Packers, Ltd. Packing Houses - grading standards, 1992 Packing Houses - labour relations, 1945, 48, 74, 84, 86 Packing Houses - Lakeside Packers, Ltd. Packing Houses - lambs Packing Houses - Lethbridge Co-operative Packers, Ltd. Alberta Packing Houses - Meat Packers Council, 1938, 64, 71, 88 Packing Houses - plant procedures, 1975

    and who shared the name William paterson but am Mrs. Sarah Patterson, 56 HillsideAve., victoria BC. He was an accomplished violinist, and besides pursuing
    1/4th Battalion Gordon Highlanders. Formerly of the Lovat Scouts and Cameron Highlanders
    BORN: About 1895
    P.O.B: Kirkintilloch.
    ENLISTED: Glasgow.
    PARENTS: Mr. William and Mrs. Martha Lamb Neaves,
    Gartshore Home Farm (Easterton), Kirkintilloch
    Killed in action 23rd April 1917
    INTERRED - Browns Copse Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France.
    REF - II. F. 21.
    Kirkintilloch Herald 16th May 1917
    Mr. William Neaves, grieve at Gartshore Home Farm, has received word from a chaplain of the Gordon Highlanders, that his son, Pte. Wm. Neaves of that regiment, was killed on 23rd April. Pte. Neaves was about 22 years of age, and originally enlisted in the Lovat Scouts, being afterwards transferred to the Cameron Highlanders, and later to the Gordons. Before enlisting he worked under his father at Gartshore Farm.
    ARCHIBALD NEWLANDS - 9959 Private
    5th Battalion Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)
    P.O.B: Kirkintilloch.
    ENLISTED: Glasgow.
    Killed in action 19th May 1916
    INTERRED - Chambrin Churchyard Extension, Pas de Calais, France.
    REF - N. 34.

    15. Putney
    November 3 at 130 pm at the Royal victoria Yacht Club array of creative talents shedisplayed, Gunny played second violinist with the Gary paterson officiating
    October 28
    ABRAMS AUSTEN Crowley . Ella was predeceased by her husband Charles, sister Blanch, brother Dan, and son-in-law Murray. Relatives and friends are invited to Prayers at McINNIS & HOLLOWAY'S "Park Memorial Chapel" (5008 Elbow Drive S.W.), today, October 28, 1997 at 7:00 p.m. Funeral Mass will be celebrated at St. Gerard's Catholic Church (8944 Elbow Drive S.W.) on Wednesday, October 29, 1997 at 10:30 a.m. with the Rev. Alexander MacLennan, Celebrant. Graveside Service at Olds Cemetery on Wednesday, October 29, 1997 at 3:00 p.m. Special thanks to Dr. Verbeek and the wonderful caring nursing staff at Sarcee Auxiliary Hospital. In living memory of Ella Austen, a tree will be planted at Fish Creek Provincial Park by McINNIS & HOLLOWAY FUNERAL HOMES, "Park Memorial Chapel", 5008 ELBOW DRIVE S.W., CALGARY. Telephone: 403-243-8200. BERRY BUCKINGHAM CHETNER _ Mrs. Rose Chetner passed away peacefully at the Beverly Care Centre on October 26, 1997 at the age of 98 years. Rose was predeceased by her husband Israel in 1973, her son-in-law Al Viner, granddaughter Robin and her husband Allen Goldstein . She is survived by her daughters, Belle Viner of Calgary and Dorothy and her husband Sam Belzberg of Montreal. She is also survived by five grandchildren, Ian and Marsha Viner of Calgary, Lynn Viner of Montreal, Marilyn Belzberg of Montreal, Brian and Shirley Belzberg of Toronto, Allan and Lorinda Belzberg of Baltimore; as well as thirteen great-grandchildren and many nieces and nephews. The family wish to express their appreciation to the Beverly Care Centre for their special care to our "Mom" and very special thanks to Linda Sylvester. In lieu of flowers, memorial tributes may be made directly to the charity of the donor's choice. Graveside Services will be held at the Jewish Cemetery (30 Avenue and Erlton Street S.W.), today, October 28, 1997 at 2:00 p.m. with Interment to follow. Arrangements in care of the CHEVRA KADISHA of CALGARY, 1702 - 17 Avenue S.W. Telephone: 244-4717. Private shiva

    16. Candlestick Maker
    After graduating form WIlliam paterson University where trumpeter Brian Sandstrom;violinist/guitarist/cornetist above, plus reedists victoria Alexander, Fred
    < home Performer Bios / A-F
    A-F / G-L M-S T-Z
    Jason Ajemian is a bassist who's been living in Chicago for a little over a year. After graduating form WIlliam Paterson University where he studied with Rufus Ried and Kevin Norton, Mr. Ajemian traveled for a few years before moving to Chicago. Presently, he has a large group called 'and who cares how long u sink' that he writes for with Tim Daisy, Dan Sylvester, Matt Bauder, Jason Adasiewicz, Klye Bruckman and Todd Margasak - a trio with Dave Rempis and Tim Daisy called 'Triage' - an electro-accoustic band 'lake effect'; as well as, playing and writing for many other situations with accomplished musicians in chicago and elsewhere.

    Tatsu Aoki is one of the most recorded, talked-about bassists on the Chicago music scene. A prolific artist, composer, musician, educator and aconsummate bassist, he works in a wide range of musical styles, ranging from traditional Asian music and jazz, to creative free and experimental music.
    Aoki is founder and artistic director of the Chicago Asian American Jazz Festival, which debuted in October 1996 and had six straight successful seasons. Currently national in scope, the annual event is now known as "Asian American Jazz," and is held in several cities (San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles.) The 2002 Chicago celebration is scheduled for October 25-28, 2002.

    17. Grip - Chapter 14
    was at Jack the Ripper's Bay at Thule, paterson Inlet by then, and with a job, stayedon in victoria. Black (Mrs Prentice) a famous New Zealand violinist and a
    In the Grip of an Island - © Olga Sansom - 1982 - ISBN 908629 00 1 Chapter 14
    Port William Willie
    Jack Wilkinson, "Port William Willie" was one of the long stayers. That is he and his wife, Emma. They had no family to settle them either and their nearest neighbours were six or more miles away by bush track. He had been tin mining at Pegasus at the tin rush of the 80s, but when he married Emma Port he put down roots on his own block of heavily bushed land at Port William. They lived there for all of twenty years, and for many years their "Dreamland" was the only permanent home left at Port William. Jack Mercer's smoke from the wooden chimney of his hut at the north end of the beach would be puffing, off and on, when he came in for a night now and again from crayfishing to take a look at his run; but his home was at Jack the Ripper's Bay at Thule, Paterson Inlet. Jack Wilkinson was a red man, aggressive stand-up red hair, not so much red as copper red and gold, a stir-about of each, with a stubbly beard to match in season. Sometimes the beard was absent; the next time you saw him, there it was again, robust, chin out. "I'm buzzing about like a bee in a bottle", and he must have been, what with clearing his land, getting out fishing in the Day Dream their spick and span launch, (a lovely boat like a yacht when under sail) and running his catch in to Horse Shoe [Horseshoe] Bay the nearest fish-shed, at all hours and in all weathers. Then home again around Mamaku Point, Bob's Point and Peter's Point to the haven of his moorings in Port William. "Jack will talk you to a standstill" other fishermen said, and who wouldn't if they lived in such isolation? loneliness creates talkers.

    18. Jonathan Creek (an Episode Guide)
    Episode guide, including links to IMDb for the cast.Category Regional Europe Drama Series Jonathan Creek...... David Curchin , Rebecca Johnson victoria , Nigel Planer Shelford , Hilary Lyon Cleo paterson , Geoffrey McGivern former singer and violinist with Edwin
    Jonathan Creek
    an Episode Guide
    by kingkong
    Last updated:
    Sun, 09 Mar 2003 17:00
    aired from: May 1997 to: 21 eps + 2 specials 60/50 min stereo closed captioned
    recurring characters:
    production credits:
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    of Page
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    Schedule Grid
    1st Series 1997
  • "The Wrestler's Tomb (1)" (60 min; originally aired together with part 2 as one a 90-min episode) gs: Sheila Gish [ Serena Shale ], Colin Baker [ Hedley Shale ], Saskia Mulder [ Francesca Boutron ], Jane Hazlegrove [ Katrina Toplis ], Lloyd McGuire [ Det Sgt Owen Davey ], Rebecca Charles [ Joy ], Geoffrey McGivern [ Barry Opper ], Alistair McGowan [ Trevor ]
  • 19. Number 12 November 1996
    Jai Hay, Sophie Lucas, Bruce paterson, Odette Shadbolt $15,000 Doreen Cumming isa violinist with the recorder making techniques with Fred Morgan in victoria.

    20. Wedding Music - Cool Stuff To Own - Buy, Reviews, Search And Compare
    JS.Bach, Eriko YoshidaDaly , Max Buckholtz , Eliza Evett victoria paterson, StringQuartet. sounds LOVELY but is not the same aa single violinist or orchestra.
    Search: Author Artist Actor Director Keyword Manufacturer Books Price (Low to High) Menu Main


    Wedding Music
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    Media: Audio CD
    Salesrank: UPC: Release Date: February 16, 2001 Artist: Handel, Mozart, Beethoven, et al. J.S.Bach Eriko Yoshida-Daly , Max Buckholtz , Eliza Evett Victoria Paterson String Quartet Tracks: 1. Largo (George Frideric Handel) - 2. Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring (Johann Sebastian Bach) - 3. Adagio from Ave Verum (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) - 4. Largo from Winter (Antonio Vivaldi) - 5. Air from Suite No. 3 (Johann Sebastian Bach) - 6. Canon (Johann Pachelbel) - 7. Trumpet Voluntary (Jeremiah Clarke) - 8. Promenade from Pictures at an Exhibition (Modest Musorsky) - 9. Hornpipe from Water Music (George Frideric Handel) - 10. La Rejouissance from Royal Fireworks (George Frideric Handel) - 11. Ode to Joy from Symphony No. 9 (Ludwig van Beethoven) - 12. Trumpet Tune (Henry Purcell) -

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