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1. Vanessa Mae Page!
Contains a biography of the musical prodigy, plus RealAudio clips of her work. Read a review of her album "The Violin Player." go back to Heifetz, Menuhin, and Kreisler" "vanessaMae is a violinist to transcend labels". The Sounds of vanessa-Mae
Welcome, fans of Vanessa-Mae! Exciting news! Her latest pop album, "Storm" is coming out April 21st in the United States! As soon as I get it, I'll have some sound clips from it online!
The many facets of Vanessa-Mae:
  • Vanessa-Mae Bio
  • The Sounds of Vanessa-Mae
  • Vanessa-Mae Links
  • The Violin Player ... The Violin Player
    The Life of Vanessa-Mae
    Vanessa-Mae is well-known internationally as a musical prodigy on the violin. Born in Singapore on October 27, 1978, (196 years after the great Paganini) Vanessa-Mae Vanakorn Nicholson, (Vanessa-Mae is her performance name) moved to London at the age of 4. She considers her nationality to be British, which she adopted along with her British father, despite the fact that she is biologically half-Thai and half-Chinese. At age 5, she took up the violin, while retaining her lessons on the piano, which she first took at the age of 3. She excelled at the piano, but later decided to focus on the violin. She got so good that she toured with the Philharmonia at age 10, and held her first international tour at age 12 with the London Mozart Players in Mozart Bicentenary. She has progressed rapidly, expanding her horizons. In 1993-1994, she recorded her first techno-acoustic fusion recording, which was The Violin Player . Vanessa-Mae is known to walk over freshly spilt water between the dressing room and stage before her concerts as a superstition. It must work, for critics can't get enough of her music. Here are a few comments about Vanessa-Mae: "

2. - Vanessa Mae
vanessa Mae pictures and biography. beats to become a "technoacoustic fusion violinist". Not only is she talented, but vanessa Mae is extremely prolific.

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Top 99 Women
NEW Top 200 Albums Joke of the Day Site of the Day Men's Horoscopes MEMBERS Message Boards Newsletter Sign-Up Free Contests Player's Guide OTHER INFO About us Advertise Editor/Letters F.A.Q. ... Singer Of The Week Specials Vanessa Mae why we like her? It's like Sylvester Stallone bringing his Rambo character to a Merchant-Ivory movie. Vanessa Mae injects classic concert halls with action, sex appeal and something new. why is she famous? She is responsible for a new style of fusion music that combines the violin, classical music and pop beats. Her biggest success is The Violin Player . She was also a child prodigy. overall rating Vanessa Mae might not be the world's most renowned celebrity, but among violinists she pales only to Itzhak Perlman for name recognition. The young prodigy has created a new style of music mixing classic instrumentals with contemporary beats to become a "techno-acoustic fusion violinist". Not only is she talented, but Vanessa Mae is extremely prolific. Before the age of 20, she had already released 15 albums. More on page 2 >> quote "Beethoven and Beatles, Mozart and Michael Jackson, Paganini and Prince I like them all."

3. Vanessa-Mae, World's Best Violin Player
Read about the violinist's tours and albums. With links to a bio and stories about the controversial musician. am lucky never to have lost the feeling. vanessaMae who never bought any vanessa-Mae album, this is a vanessa-Mae Interview. An exclusive vanessa-Mae interview, by Lenny
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4. Vanessa-Mae - - The Red Hot Vanessa-Mae Homepage (VMH)
Extensive site features latest news, discography, mailing list and message board.Category Arts Music Bands and Artists V vanessa-Mae...... vanessaMae,a young violinist, now twenty-four, took the world by storm when shewas just sixteen with the release of her first 'pop' album *The Violin Player
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"Vanessa-Mae and Prince"
"Xpectation Details Here!"

More Specific Details of this "01 Jan 2003" NPG Music Club Members only Web release (MP3's@256) to follow. A general release CD of Xpectation is Xpected before April.
"The Best of Vanessa-Mae"
is Vanessa's Latest 2002 CD !
Check out Vanessa's
See the new additions to Vanessa's Photo Gallery.
Visit the "Vanessa-Mae 'Once' Official Forum"
Visit Vanessa's New (Dec 2002) "Official Forum"
To get the most forum action visit the great "Fans Forum"
Vanessa-Mae also released in May 2001 a new landmark Pop CD of all new music. Visit the updated Discography page for details. Also available are details of Vanessa's latest Classical release,.. that is,.. the re-issue of her 3 early Classical works, all in 1 fabulous 3-CD box set. Vanessa-Mae, Born on October 27th, 1978, to a Thai father and Chinese mother, Vanessa spent the first three years of her childhood in Singapore where she was born. At three Vanessa moved to London with her mother, and still resides in London. Apart from the violin, which she took it up at age five, she also played the piano, beginning at age three. Vanessa's first performance was at age nine. She proceeded to do her master in harmony. She played with the Philharmonie Orchestra when she was ten. She also had three classical recordings under her belt by the time she was thirteen.

5. Vanessa-Mae - VMH INFO - Pop Violinist Vanessa-Mae Bows In USA, Thursday, 03-Apr
( USA TODAY ) POP violinist vanessaMAE BOWS IN USA. Having alreadyseduced Gannett Co., Inc. POP violinist vanessa-MAE BOWS IN USA..
/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// /**/ ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
POP VIOLINIST VANESSA-MAE BOWS IN USA Having already seduced half of Europe and South America, Vanessa-Mae, the 16-year-old rock/classical violinist, will try to charm America this month.
She'll appear on talk shows, play her classical-tinged techno-pop Friday at noon in New York's Times Square as well as the national anthem at Chicago's Wrigley Field July 30 and Comiskey Park July 31. None of these are music-friendly venues. "But the important thing is that people catch a glimpse of your music," she says.
Or a glimpse of her. Much of what's being sold is the image of the hip, sexy Singapore-born, London-raised prodigy who once played with the London Symphony Orchestra but now prefers the high-energy, four-piece band heard in her first U.S. release, The Violin Player.
Unlike conventional violinists, she moves, dances, while playing. "Many violinists grunt, heave and look like they're torturing themselves. But I have a very relaxed style. It's second nature. You go onstage to enjoy yourself."

6. - Violinist Vanessa-Mae Relates To Manson
violinist vanessaMae relates to Manson. SINGAPORE (AP) violinist vanessa-Mae is best known for bringing sex appeal

7. Vanessa-Mae (violinist) - Wallpaper, Saver, Picture, Photo, Poster, Theme, Skin
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8. Violinist Vanessa-Mae Combines The Best Of Music Genres
violinist vanessaMae combines the best of music genres. by Joey Guerra.Lifestyle Editor. To say Singapore-born violinist vanessa-Mae

9. Vanessa-Mae - - The Red Hot Vanessa-Mae Homepage (VMH)
The First World Wide Web Directory For vanessaMae MIDI File. We updated this site everyday! vanessa-Mae also released in May 2001 a new landmark Pop CD of all new music. 3-CD box set. vanessa-Mae a young violinist, now twenty-four, took the

10. Vanessa Mae - The Worlds Greatest Violinist!
vanessa Mae. vanessa GALLERY. Picture 7 Picture 6 Picture 2 Picture 3 Picture9 Picture 4 Picture 1 Picture 8 Picture 5 AQ Copyright and Production.
Vanessa Mae
On the net since 1997-12-30

11. Metroactive Music | Vanessa-Mae
Photo by M . W. Wallace. vanessaMae is the violinist classical-music loverslove to argue about. By Todd S. Inoue. Wrong. Meet violinist vanessa-Mae.
Music Index Metro Metroactive Central Archives Classical Crossing
All Strung Out: Young violin prodigy Vanessa-Mae keeps in shape by fending off her critics. Photo by M . W. Wallace
Vanessa-Mae is the violinist classical-music lovers love to argue about By Todd S. Inoue C HILD PRODIGIES aren't supposed to be human, vibrant or social. And they are definitely not supposed to be on People magazine's "50 Most Beautiful People" list. Wrong. Meet violinist Vanessa-Mae. "The People magazine thing was a total surprise, you know," says Mae, her British accent reflecting her London upbringing. "I'm normally used to compliments about my music. There's nothing that can sell music other than music. If image got in the way of talent, then all supermodels would have No. 1 hits. It doesn't work out that way, and that makes me happy." When not showcased in the tabloids, Vanessa-Mae makes headlines as a fusionist of sorts, introducing classical music to techno, country, reggae and even Scottish folk songs. After releasing three albums of straight classical music, Mae broke through in 1994 with a pop CD titled The Violin Player . She just turned 18 and is touring to support her fifth release

12. Vanessa-Mae-nia
A webpage about the pop/classical violinist vanessaMae. This site now requires Shockwave Chat about vanessa-Mae. Info on vanessa-Mae. Read all about me This page is a member of the vanessa-Mae WebRing
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13. Vanessa-Mae Is IT!
In an exclusive interview, violinist vanessaMae tells John Harlow whyshe cut a family tie that she felt was binding her too tightly.
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  • Or, Why I had to Sack My Mother. Daily Mail, 4 March 2000
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  • Vanessa-Mae. Youngest person ever to attend the Royal College of Music. Youngest person ever to record the Beethoven and Tchaikovsky violin concertos. The fastest-selling classical artist ever. Plus an alluring nymphet, to boot. The Independent
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    14. - , '`Nobody Can Influence Me' Violinist Vanessa-Mae
    eLibrary is the subscription based online library for fun or research. Find out more about securing your guaranteed Free 7day trial with your credit card and retrieve '`Nobody can influence me' violinist vanessa-Mae talks to Elizabeth Grice '

    15. Vanessa-Mae Is IT!
    List of sites on the vanessaMae Web-ring; Contradanza Maintained by TomCrawley (until 1996). Maintained until 1996. Other violinist Sites.
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    16. Self-described Tomboy, Violinist Vanessa-Mae Downplays Sex Appeal - JAMAICAOBSER
    vanessaMae. SINGAPORE (AP) violinist vanessa-Mae, best known for bringing sex appeal to classical music, says she
    Last updated: document.write('Tuesday, April 1, 2003, 11:00 PM EST');
    Self-described tomboy, violinist Vanessa-Mae downplays sex appeal
    Thursday, September 26, 2002
    Vanessa-Mae SINGAPORE (AP) Violinist Vanessa-Mae, best known for bringing sex appeal to classical music, says she doesn't consider herself sexy. "I've always been a bit of a tomboy," she said ahead of a concert slated for today in Singapore. "I'm not your usual hourglass figure." Vanessa-Mae, a child prodigy who picked up the violin at age 5, shot to fame in 1995 with her debut album, Violin Player, which showed her on the cover in a clinging, wet dress. Three million fans snapped up the album. But the 23-year-old says she has a lot more in common with Marilyn Manson a male shock rocker known for his ghoulish outfits and stage antics such as breaking bottles against his chest. She and Manson are "original and interesting," not "boring or obvious," she said in an interview Monday. The London-based violinist, who left her native Singapore at age 3, is back in the city-state on a Southeast Asian tour promoting her latest album, The Best of Vanessa-Mae. Her days of fusing classical and modern music styles are over, she said. She plans to release two albums one classical and one pop in the next two years.

    17. Vanessa-Mae
    The Violin Player. ; vanessaMae - Fan's Page - Read about the violinist's toursand albums. With links to a bio and stories about the controversial musician.

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    • Four Seasons of Vanessa-Mae - Dedicated to the techno-acoustic fusion violinist, Vanessa-Mae. Includes news, updates, biography, photo gallery, and the Vanessa-Mae Forum.

    18. MVM: Vanessa-Mae - Links - Vanessa-Mae On The WWW
    vanessaMae WWW Sites. Alex's vanessa-Mae Web Site A site dedicated tothe young, talented, stunningly beautiful violinist vanessa-Mae.

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    19. MVM: Vanessa-Mae - Releases - Violin
    vanessaMae has been the subject of several television documentary features andhas born in 1844, showed sufficient precocity as a child violinist for Queen

    Singles Previous: My Favourite Things - Kid's Classics ... [Videos]
    Carmen Fantasy

    Kabalevksy - Violin Concerto
    2. Allegro (4:24)
    3. Andante (5:01)
    4. Vivace Giocoso (5:51)

    Mozart - `Adelaide' Concerto
    5. Allegro (7:21)
    6. Adagio (7:11)
    7. Allegro (4:22)
    Faust Fantasy
    Total: 64:51
    Violin: Vanessa-Mae London Mozart Players Conducted by Anthony Inglis recorded October 1990, initially released March 1991 Trittico Classics, TCMA 27101 NSPCC Charity Recording This is Vanessa-Mae's debut CD, recorded in October 1990, which was initially released in March 1991 for the benefit of the UK charity, NSPCC. It received a glowing review in the Daily Telegraph and is now on general release. Vanessa-Mae supports the NSPCC in their work to help less privileged children and royalties from her CDs are donated to the charity. This CD is available from the Music Merchandise Company. `A phenomenon' `an amazing prodigy` 'an artiste' - this is how critics described Vanessa-Mae after her debut tour of the UK with the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto in the summer of 1991. Vanessa-Mae, young violin virtuoso, was born on 27 October 1978. Gifted with a prodigious technique, and a `rich and full' `golden tone' that allow her to perform, `a stunning display of violinistic virtuosity' with a non-chalance that left one open-mouthed', Vanessa-Mae has also been compared by distinguished musicians to Heifetz, Menuhin, Kreisler, Mozart and Mendelssohn for her `deep musical feeling', her `spirituality' and `maturity beyond her years'.

    20. The Ultimate Vanessa-Mae Web Site - Articles - 17th October 1998
    The young British technoclassical violinist vanessa-Mae Nicholson was the surprisestar of the Jean Paul Gaultier fashion show in Paris last night, writes
    Vanessa-Mae takes another swipe at the classics
    Hilary Alexander The Violinist models corsets and kimonos and, as the Gaultier bride, silk and a Stradivarius The young British techno-classical violinist Vanessa-Mae Nicholson was the surprise star of the Jean Paul Gaultier fashion show in Paris last night, writes Hilary Alexander, Fashion Editor. Vanessa-Mae joined the top British models Erin O'Connor and Karen Elsen to model Gaultier's Geisha Girl collection for spring/summer 1999. The 19-year-old prodigy's catwalk debut, in tandem with one of France's most avent-garde designers, will only confirm her anarchic attitude to the traditions of the classics. Vanessa-Mae's first appearance was in a multi-coloured mini kimono, cinched with an over-sized obi belt and worn with 5in turquoise glitter platform shoes. As the Gaultier bride, she wore a white chiffon T-shirt and a cream silk crinoline. Gaultier's theme was inspired by the brightly coloured Japanese "manga" comic-books and the martial arts world of the do-jo. Karate T-shirts and loose kimono-jackets were worn with white, rolled-up judo trousers. Black silk pyjama-suits came with white plastic Japanese butcher clogs. The Spanish model Esther Canados, soon to star in a remake of the film

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