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         Facial Differences:     more books (15)
  1. Children With Facial Difference: A Parents' Guide by Hope Charkins, 1996-04
  2. Eye of the Beholder: True Stories of People with Facial Differences by Laura Greenwald, 2009-06-02
  3. Lateralised processing of positive facial emotion: sex differences in strength of hemispheric dominance [An article from: Neuropsychologia] by V.J. Bourne, 2005-01
  4. Gender differences in facial reactions to facial expressions (Report) by Ulf Dimberg, 1989
  5. Strength, courage, and confidence: What facial difference teaches us by Jennifer Wallace, 1999
  6. Universals and cultural differences in facial expressions of emotion by Paul Ekman, 1971
  7. Facial reactions to auditory stimuli: Sex differences (Report) by Ulf Dimberg, 1989
  8. Sex, sexual orientation, and identification of positive and negative facial affect [An article from: Brain and Cognition] by Q. Rahman, G.D. Wilson, et all 2004-04-01
  9. Measuring individual differences in sensitivities to basic emotions in faces [An article from: Cognition] by A. Suzuki, T. Hoshino, et all 2006-04-01
  10. SMILING IN SCHOOL YEARBOOK PHOTOS: GENDER DIFFERENCES FROM KINDERGARTEN TO ADULTHOOD.(Review): An article from: The Psychological Record by David K. Dodd, Brenda L. Russell, et all 1999-09-22
  11. Individual differences in nonverbal communication: Facial and vocal encoding skills (Technical report / Wisconsin Research and Development Center for Individualized Schooling) by Linda B Brideau, 1980
  12. Masks! (World of Difference) by Alice K. Flanagan, 1996-09
  13. Are the windows to the soul the same in the East and West? Cultural differences in using the eyes and mouth as cues to recognize emotions in Japan and ... Journal of Experimental Social Psychology] by M. Yuki, W.W. Maddux, et all 2007-03-01
  14. The faces of the presidency: Individual differences in responses to non-verbal behavior of American leaders by Stephen J Carlotti, 1988

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