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  1. Gerhard Domagk and the Discovery of Sulfa (Unlocking the Secrets of Science) by John Bankston, 2002-08
  2. Gerhard Domagk: The First Man to Triumph over Infectious Diseases (Naturwissenschaft-Philosophie-Geschichte/ Natural Science - Philosophy - History) (Volume 17) by Ekkehard Grundmann, 2006-02-28
  3. Person (Bayer Ag): Fritz ter Meer, Friedrich Jähne, Gerhard Domagk, Carl Duisberg, Arthur Eichengrün, Henry Theodore Böttinger, Friedrich Bayer (German Edition)
  4. Pharmacologue: Shen Kuo, Dioscoride, Al-Kindi, Gerhard Domagk, Su Song, Alfred Einhorn, Andreas de Leenheer, Johann Jakob Wepfer (French Edition)
  5. People From Swiebodzin County: People From Swiebodzin, Martin Agricola, Gerhard Domagk, Walter Warzecha, Werner Kolhörster, Piotr Rysiukiewicz
  6. Microbiologiste: Louis Pasteur, Charles Nicolle, Armand Frappier, Félix D'hérelle, Salvador Luria, Robert Koch, René Dubos, Gerhard Domagk (French Edition)
  7. Scientifique Allemand: Athanasius Kircher, Friedrich Parrot, Gerhard Neukum, Gerhard Domagk, Henry Oldenburg, Alfred Einhorn (French Edition)
  8. Bactériologiste: Émile Roux, Gerhard Domagk, Albert Besson, Anton Julius Friedrich Rosenbach, Paul-Louis Simond, Fernand Widal (French Edition)
  9. Les Prix Nobel en 1939: by Corneille & DOMAGK, Gerhard HEYMANS, 1942
  10. Chemotherapie Der Tuberkulose Mit Den Thiosemikarbazonen by Gerhard Domagk, 1950
  11. The Demon Under the Microscope: From Battlefield Hospitals to Nazi Labs, One Doctor's Heroic Search for the World's First Miracle Drug by Thomas Hager, 2006-11-16

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