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         Archaeoastronomy:     more books (103)
  1. Archaeoastronomy in East Asia: Historical Observational Records of Comets and Meteor Showers from China, Japan, and Korea
  2. Viewing the Sky Through Past and Present Cultures: Selected Papers from the Oxford VII International Conference on Archaeoastronomy
  3. Readings in archaeoastronomy: Papers presented at the international conference: Current Problems and Future of Archaeoastronomy held at the State Archaeological Museum in Warsaw, 15-16 November 1990
  4. Current Studies in Archaeoastronomy: Conversations Across Time and Space by John W. Fountain, Rolf M. Sinclair, et all 2005-07-30
  5. Archaeoastronomy in Pre Columbian America by Anthony F. Aveni, 1977
  6. European Archaeoastronomy and the Orientation of Monuments in the Mediterranean Basin: Ad Astra per Aspera et per Ludum (bar s) by Amanda-Alice Maravelia, 2003-12-31
  7. Archaeoastronomy in Archaeology and Ethnography: Papers for the annual meeting of SEAC (European Society for Astronomy in Culture) held in Kecskemet, Hungary in 2004 (bar s) by Emilia Pasztor, 2007-12-31
  8. The Origins of Ptolemy's Astronomical Parameters (Technical Publication / Center for Archaeoastronomy) by Robert R. Newton, 1982-12
  9. Songs from the Sky: Indigenous Astronomical and Cosmological Traditions of the World (Archaeoastronomy) (Archaeoastronomy 12-13)
  10. Exploring Ancient Skies: An Encyclopedic Survey of Archaeoastronomy by David H. Kelley, 2010-12-14
  11. Sinagua Sunwatchers: An Archaeoastronomy Survey of the V-V Heritage Site by Kenneth J. Zoll, 2006-03-15
  12. In Search of Cosmic Order: Selected Essays on Egyptian Archaeoastronomy by Juan Antonio Belmonte, 2010-08-06
  13. Venus-regulated warfare and ritual sacrifice in Mesoamerica: Teotihuacan and the Cacaxtla "Star Wars" connection (Center for Archaeoastronomy technical publication) by John B Carlson, 1991
  14. Archaeoastronomy The Bulletin, April - June 1982 by John B. (ed) Carlson, 1982

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