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         Cephalopods:     more books (100)
  1. Information resources for reptiles, amphibians, fish, and cephalopods used in biomedical research (SuDoc A 17.18/2:IN 3/995) by D'Anna J. B. Jensen, 1995
  2. Cephalopod Resources of the World by G.L. VOSS, 1975-01-01
  3. Report on the cephalopods of the northeastern coast of America by A E. 1839-1926 Verrill, 2010-05-17
  4. Cephalopods of the genus Aturia from western North America (University of California publications. Bulletin of the Department of Geological Sciences) by Hubert Gregory Schenck, 1931
  5. Gastropods & Cephalopods (v. 4) by Giese, 1977-01
  6. The nautiloid cephalopods of the Pennsylvanian system in the mid-continent region, (Nebraska. Gelogical survey. Bulletin 9, second ser) by A. K Miller, 1933
  7. The Cephalopod Papers of Japetus Steenstrup. by JAPETUS STEENSTRUP, 1962-01-01
  8. Ozarkian and Canadian Cephalopods Part 1: Nautilicones by E. O.; Foerste, Aug. F; Miller, A.K.; Furnish, W. M. Ulrich, 1942-01-01
  9. Cephalopods: A World Guide by Mark Norman, 2000-10-31
  10. Advances in Assessment of World Cephalopod Resources: Fao Fisheries Technical Paper No. 231
  11. Ammonite: Cephalopod, Ammonoidea, Index fossil, Geologic time scale, Nautilus, Coleoidea, Octopus, Squid, Cuttlefish, Fossil, Domestic sheep, Pliny the Elder, Amun, Aptychus, Belemnoidea, Nautiloid
  12. The Mollusca: Paleontology and Neontology of Cephalopods by Karl M. Wilbur, 1988-03
  13. GENERA OF FOSSIL CEPHALOPODS. by Prof. A. Hyatt, 1883-01-01
  14. Cephalopod Zootomy: Chromatophore, Siphon, Mantle, Siphuncle, Umbilicus, Cuttlebone, Squid Giant Axon, Hectocotylus, Phragmocone, Septum

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