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  1. Süßwasserfauna von Mitteleuropa, Bd. 08/4-2: Crustacea: Copepoda: Gelyelloida und Harpacticoida (German Edition) by Wolfgang Janetzky, Rosemarie Enderle, et all 1996-02-12
  2. An account of the Crustacea of Norway: with short descriptions and figures of all the species by G O. 1837-1927 Sars, 2010-09-11
  3. An Account of the Crustacea of Norway (2-3); With Short Descriptions and Figures of All the Species by Georg Ossian Sars, 2010-10-14
  4. The Utilization Of Minute Life - Being Practical Studies On Insects, Crustacea, Mollusca, Worms, Polypes, Infusoria, And Sponges by Thomas Lamb Phipson, 2010-07-05
  5. Catalogue of the Australian Stalk- and Sessile-Eyed Crustacea (1882 ) by Australian Museum, 2009-10-21
  6. A classed and annotated bibliography of the Paleozoic Crustacea 1698-1892, to which is added a catalogue of the North American species by Anthony Wayne Vogdes, 2010-08-18
  7. The Pigments Of The Decapod Crustacea (1897) by Marian Isabel Newbigin, 2010-05-23
  8. The Crustacea and Echinodermata of the Pacific Shores of North America by William Stimpson, 2009-12-26
  9. An Account Of The Crustacea Of Norway V2, Isopoda: With Short Descriptions And Figures Of All The Species (1899) by Georg Ossian Sars, 2010-05-23
  10. Anatomisch-Systematische Studien Uber Die Krebsthiere: Crustacea (1854) (German Edition) by Wilhelm Zenker, 2010-02-23
  11. The Biology of Crustacea, Volume 1: Volume 1: Systematics, The Fossil Record, And Biogeography by Author Unknown, 1982-10-12
  13. Crustacea by Frederick R. Schram, 1986-05-22
  14. Intensity-dependent mortality of Paracalliope novizealandiae (Amphipoda: Crustacea) infected by a trematode: experimental infections and field observations ... of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology] by B.L. Fredensborg, K.N. Mouritsen, et all 2004-11-16

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