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  1. Les Inscriptions Pheniciennes du Temple de Seti a Abydos. Publiees et traduites d'apres une copie inedite de M. Sayce
  2. Extraterrestrial Life: Fermi Paradox, Hypothetical Types of Biochemistry, Monster, Seti, Pioneer 10, Kardashev Scale, Martian, Alien Invasion
  3. Internet 2000. Effektivnye tehnologii raboty v Seti
  4. Ames XV-15 Tiltrotor Derivative Makes Historic First Flight / Truly, Thompson Named NASA Administrator, Deputy / Jill Tarter Named Project Scientist for SETI (Astrogram, Volume 31, Number 15, April 21, 1989) by Donald G. James, 1989
  5. Astrobiologie: Exobiologie, Seti@home, Marsianer, Außerirdisches Leben, Extraterrestrisch, Rare-Earth-Hypothese (German Edition)
  6. The Rise of Intelligence and Culture: Seti Academy Planet Project (Life in the Universe) by Seti Institute, 1995-04
  7. Les hypogées royaux de Thebes, Division 1 (of 3) only: Le tombeau de Séti Ier, publie in-extenso avec le collaboration de U. Bouriant et V. Loret et avec le concours de Edouard Naville. by EUGÈNE). LEFÉBURE, 1886-01-01
  8. Cities, Towns and Villages in Doti District: Jijodamandau, Dipayal Silgadhi, Laxmi Nagar, Chhatiwan, Seti, Pokhari, Seti, Dhirkamandau
  9. SETI
  10. Grundlagen der Paläo-SETI - Band I: Der Hypothesenrahmen
  11. 21st Century Complete Guide to Astrobiology and the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI): NASA Spacecraft and Telescopes, Europa and Origins ... Extra-solar Planets and Planetary Systems by World Spaceflight News, 2002-02-18
  12. An Account Of The Sarcophagus Of Seti I, King Of Egypt, B.C. 1370 by E. A. Wallis Budge, 2010-09-10
  13. Seti: Dyson Sphere, Extraterrestrial Life, Fermi Paradox, Carl Sagan, Drake Equation, Extrasolar Planet, Lincos, Copernican Principle
  14. Cities, Towns and Villages in Kailali District: Chaumala, Dhangadhi, Geta, Nepal, Tikapur, Sreepur, Seti, Durgauli, Dansinhapur, Dododhara

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