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         Brahmagupta:     more books (29)
  1. Algebra, with Arithmetic and mensuration, from the Sanscrit of Brahmegupta and Bháscara. Translated by Henry Thomas Colebrooke by 7th cent Brahmagupta, b 1114 Bhaskaracarya, et all 2010-08-27
  2. Brahmagupta, Man who found zero, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division (1) by Sanjaya Ranatunga, 2008-05-10
  3. Ancient Indian Mathematicians: Brahmagupta
  4. Brahmagupta: Great Ape Language
  5. Hindu Algebra: from the Sanskrit Works of Brahmagupta and Bhaskar by H.T. Colebrooke, 2004-12-30
  6. Décès En 668: Constant Ii, Saint Wandrille, Brahmagupta (French Edition)
  7. 7th-Century Mathematicians: Brahmagupta, Anania Shirakatsi, Bhaskara I
  8. People From Jalore District: Brahmagupta, Bhagraj Choudhary, Kanhad Dev, Magha, Gopal Singh
  9. Quadrilatère: Parallélogramme, Rectangle, Losange, Trapèze, Carré, Cerf-Volant, Formule de Brahmagupta, Antiparallélogramme, Pseudo-Carré (French Edition)
  10. Brahmagupta-Fibonacci Identity
  11. Brahmagupta's Problem
  12. People From Rajasthan: Brahmagupta, Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda, Thakur Deshraj, List of People From Rajasthan, Ram Rahim Singh, Ranabai
  13. Indische Mathematik: S. Ramanujan, Null, Indische Ziffern, Aryabhata-Code, Brahmagupta (German Edition)
  14. Ancient Indian Scientists: Ancient Indian Mathematicians, Ancient Indian Physicians, Nagarjuna, Brahmagupta, Aryabhata, Sushruta Samhita

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