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         Chrysippus:     more books (22)
  1. Philosophy of Chrysippus by Josiah B. Gould, 2010-07-16
  2. Euripides, Vol. VIII: Oedipus-Chrysippus & Other Fragments (Loeb Classical Library, No. 506) by Euripides, 2009-01-31
  3. Stoic Virtues: Chrysippus and the Theological Foundations of Stoic Ethics (Continuum Studies in Ancient Philosophy) by Christoph Jedan, 2010-02-03
  4. 280s Bc Births: 280 Bc Births, 285 Bc Births, 286 Bc Births, 287 Bc Births, Archimedes, Chrysippus, Antiochus Ii Theos, Conon of Samos, Li Si
  5. Galen and Chrysippus on the Soul: Argument and Refutation in the De Placitis Books Ii-III (Philosophia Antiqua) by Teun Tieleman, 1996-02
  6. Chrysippus' on Affections: Reconstruction and Interpretations (Philosophia Antiqua) by Teun Tieleman, 2003-07
  7. Chrysippea (Latin Edition) by Alfred Gercke, Chrysippus, 2010-02-12
  8. Danaus: Monarch, Danaus Chrysippus, Danaus Genutia, Danaus Melanippus, Queen, Danaus Eresimus, Danaus Affinis, Jamaican Monarch
  9. Greek Logicians: Aristotle, Chrysippus, Diodorus Cronus, Methodios Anthrakites, Balanos Vasilopoulos, Yiannis N. Moschovakis
  10. 207 Bc: 207 Bc Disestablishments, States and Territories Established in 207 Bc, Chrysippus, Battle of the Metaurus, Nanyue, Qin Er Shi
  11. 207 Bc Deaths: Chrysippus, Qin Er Shi, Hasdrubal, Devanampiya Tissa of Sri Lanka, an Dng Vng, Zhao Gao, Machanidas, Simuka, Gala
  12. 3rd-Century Bc Philosophers: Epicurus, Zeno of Citium, Chrysippus, Cleanthes, Arcesilaus, Xun Zi, Aristo of Chios, Strato of Lampsacus
  13. Danaini: Danaus, Euploea, Libythea, Tirumala, Monarch, Danaus Chrysippus, Euploea Core, Danaus Genutia, Tirumala Limniace, Libythea Lepita
  14. Insects of Africa: Chrysiridia Rhipheus, Anopheles, Danaus Chrysippus, Desert Locust, Coffee Borer Beetle, Platypleura, Acanthoplus Discoidalis

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