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         Dantzig George:     more books (75)
  1. Large-scale systems optimizations with applications to energy (Stanford University. Systems Optimization Laboratory. Technical report SOL) by George Bernard Dantzig, 1977
  2. On integer and partial integer linear programming problems by George Bernard Dantzig, 1958
  3. On the continuity of the minimum set of a continuous function ([Rand Corporation] Memorandum RM-4657-PR) by George Bernard Dantzig, 1966
  4. Future development [sic] of operations research (I.E.R) by George Bernard Dantzig, 1961
  5. Variables with upper bounds in linear programming (Notes on linear programming) by George B Dantzig, 1954
  6. A proof of a property of Leontief and Markov matrices (I.E.R) by George Bernard Dantzig, 1962
  7. On the max flow min cut theorem of networks (Rand paper series) by George Bernard Dantzig, 1955
  8. Mathematics of the Decision Sciences, Two Volumes by George B. & Arthur Veinott (eds.) Dantzig, 1968
  9. Linear Programming and Extensions by george dantzig, 1959
  10. The simplex method by George Bernard Dantzig, 1956
  11. Quadratic programming: A variant of the Wolfe-Markowitz algorithms (I.E.R) by George Bernard Dantzig, 1961
  12. Alternate algorithm for the revised simplex method: Using a product form for the inverse (Notes on linear programming) by George B Dantzig, 1953
  13. Mathematical programming essays in honor of George B. Dantzig (Mathematical programming study)
  14. Mathematical Programming Essays in Honor of George B. Dantzig: 2 Volume Set (Mathematical Programming Studies)

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