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         Engel Friedrich:     more books (99)
  1. The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State (Penguin Classics) by Friedrich Engels, 2010-06-29
  2. The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, 2010-09-17
  3. The Origin of the Family, Private Property, and the State, in the Light of the Researches of Lewis H. Morgan by Friedrich Engels, 1972-06
  4. The Condition of the Working Class in England (Oxford World's Classics) by Friedrich Engels, 2009-08-03
  5. Capital: a critique of political economy by Friedrich Engels Karl Marx, 2009-08-12
  6. The Collected Works of Friedrich Engels (Halcyon Classics) by Friedrich Engels, 2009-10-15
  7. The Marx-Engels Reader (Second Edition) by Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, 1978-03-17
  8. Karl Marx Frederick Engels: Collected Works : Engels : 1883-86 (Karl Marx, Frederick Engels: Collected Works) by Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, 1995-01
  9. Socialism, Utopian and scientific by Friedrich Engels, 2010-09-13
  10. The Role of Force in History by Friedrich Engels, 2006-03-10
  11. The Condition of the Working-Class in England in 1844 by Friedrich Engels, 2010-09-15
  12. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels by David Riazanov, 1974-02-01
  13. Collected Works of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, 1843-44, Vol. 3: By Marx and Engels, Including "Critique of Hegel's Philosophy of Right," the "Manuscripts of 1844" by Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, 1973-06
  14. Das kommunistische Manifest (The Communist Manifesto) (Mediacon German Language Classics) (German Edition) by Karl Marx, Engels Friedrich, 2009-05-10

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