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         Menaechmus:     more books (26)
  1. The Menaechmus Twins, and Two Other Plays (The Norton Library, N602) by Titus Maccius Plautus, 1971-09
  2. Four Comedies: The Braggart Soldier; The Brothers Menaechmus; The Haunted House; The Pot of Gold (Oxford World's Classics) by Plautus, 2008-06-15
  3. The Birds / The Brothers Menaechmus: Two Classical Comedies by Aristophanes, Plautus, 1958-06
  4. Plautus : Three Comedies - The Braggart Soldier, The Brothers Menaechmus, and The Haunted House by Erich Edited By Segal, 1969
  5. Three Comedies (The Braggart Soldier, The Brothers Menaechmus, by T. Maccius (Erich Segal, trans. & intro.; Hirschfeld, cover) Plautus, 1969
  6. Two classical comedies: The birds, by Aristophanes [and] The brothers Menaechmus, by Plautus (Crofts classics) by Peter D Arnott, 1958
  7. Plautus - Pot of Gold, the Prisoners, the Brothers Menaechmus, the Swaggering Soldier and Pseudolus by No Author Credited, 1972-01-01
  8. Menaechmus: An entry from Gale's <i>Science and Its Times</i> by Judson Knight, 2001
  9. 320 Bc Deaths: Menaechmus
  10. The Birds and the Brothers Menaechmus by Peter D. Arnott, 1958-01-01
  11. Three Comedies: Braggart Soldier, The Brothers Menaechmus, The Haunted House (Torchbooks) by Titus Maccius Plautus, 1978-10-19
  12. 320 Bc: 320 Bc Births, 320 Bc Deaths, Perdiccas, Timon of Phlius, Menaechmus, Timocharis, Gongsun Long, Dinostratus, Alcetas, Zoilus
  13. 380 Bc Births: Pytheas, Darius Iii of Persia, Aristander, Menaechmus, Memnon of Rhodes, Theodectes, Demades
  14. THE MENAECHMUS TWINS AND TWO OTHER PLAYS.Edited and translated by Lionel Casson by Lionel,editor Plautus.Casson, 1971-01-01

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