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         Stone Marshall:     more books (100)
  1. Some algebraic aspects of logic, by Marshall H Stone, 1956
  2. Linear Transformation in Hilbert Space. by Marshall Harvey. Stone, 1966
  3. Linear Transformations in Hilbert Space and Their Applications to Anal by Marshall Harvey Stone, 1964
  4. The Revolution in Mathematics by Marshall H Stone, 1961
  5. Linear Transformations in Hilbert Space by Marshall Harv Stone, 1932
  6. Flower Arrangements for Juniors by Virginia Stone Marshall, 1954
  7. Lectures on preliminaries to functional analysis, (Matscience report) by Marshall H Stone, 1963
  8. Convexity by Marshall H Stone, 1946
  9. Stone's Representation Theorem for Boolean Algebras: Mathematics, Isomorphism, Field of Sets, Marshall Harvey, Stone, Totally Disconnected Space, Functor, ... Extremally Disconnected Space, Stone Functor
  10. Stone??ech Compactification: Hausdorff Space, Tychonoff Space, Axiom of Choice, Marshall Harvey Stone, Universal Property, Continuous Function, Functor, Tychonoff's Theorem
  11. Stone?von Neumann Theorem: Uniqueness Quantification, Canonical Commutation Relation, Marshall Harvey Stone, John von Neumann, Quantum Mechanics, Hilbert Space, Position Operator, Momentum Operator
  12. Marshall Burnette: Horn and flint by Marshall Burnette, 2002
  13. The wild and cultivated Pandanus of the Marshall Islands ([Hawaii. University. Theses] for the degree of doctor of Philosophy) by Benjamin C Stone, 1960
  14. Waste traders target the Marshall Islands: A Greenpeace report on Admiralty Pacific's proposal to dispose of U.S. municipal garbage in the Marshall Islands by Lesley Stone, 1989

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