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         Animal Fighting:     more books (102)
  1. The relationship between social structure and spatial utilization by adult male Siamese fighting fish (Betta splendens) by Valerie Anne Miller, 1981
  2. Floor Fighting: Stompings, Maimings, and Other Things to Avoid When a Fight Goes by Marc "Animal" MacYoung, 1993-01-01
  3. Dogs: Fighting by Ian; Gwen Bohnenkamp; Center for Applied Animal Behavior Dunbar, 1986-01-01
  4. Why Are You Fighting, Davy? by Brigitte Weninger, 2002-04-01
  5. A Professional's Guide to Ending Violence Quickly: How Bouncers, Bodyguards, and Other Security Professionals Handle Ugly Situations by Marc "Animal" MacYoung, 1996-09-01
  6. The World of Fighting Dogs (Reprint ed) by Carl Semencic, 1984-08
  7. Cheap Shots, Ambushes, And Other Lessons: A Down And Dirty Book On Streetfighting & Survival by Marc Animal MacYoung, 1989-01-01
  8. Cassell Military Classics: Hitler's Mountain Troops: Fighting at the Extremes by James Lucas, 1999-12-31
  9. Taking It to the Street : Making Your Martial Art Street Effective by Marc Animal MacYoung, 1999-11-01
  10. Fists, Wits, And A Wicked Right: Surviving On The Wild Side Of The Street by Marc Animal MacYoung, 1991-03-01
  11. Fighting Sports by Lawrence Fitz-Barnard, 2010-07-30
  12. Bettas and Gouramis: Understanding Siamese Fighting Fish, Paradisefish, Kissing Gouramis, and Other Anabantoids (Fish Keeping Made Easy) by David Alderton, 2003-11-01
  13. Animal Heroes - Thrilling Stories of Animals Who Have Worked and Played Alongside Australias Fighting Forces by Anthony Hill, 2005
  14. Ferocious Fighters (Knight, Tim. Amazing Nature.) by Tim Knight, 2003-04

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