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         Rope Skipping:     more books (107)
  1. Skipping manual by Olive M Newmarch, 1930
  2. Effects of skipping rope, skipping rope and running and a running program only on selected cardiovascular fitness variables (Independent studies - Furman University) by Mark Keith Mitchell, 1976
  3. Creative rope skipping official competition rules by Lois Hale, 1985
  4. Rope Skipping Rhythms Routines Rhymes by Paul Smith,
  5. An Illustrated Guide to the Development of Physical Fitness via Isometric, Stretching, and Rope Skipping Exercises
  6. Lot of 2 Best in Children's Books #25 & #30 (1959-1960): #25 The Wonderful Story of Moses, Barbara Frietchie, Lad & Other Sunnybank Dogs, Whistle for the Train, Big Brother, Mushrooms & Their Cousins, Snipp, Snapp, Snurr, & the Buttered Bread, & more (#30 includes Jason and the Golden Fleece, Gregorio & the White Llama, The Magic Skipping Rope, A Frog He Would A-Wooing Go, The Terrible Mr. Twitmeyer, Toads and Diamonds, & more) by Nelson Doubleday Inc, 1959
  7. Teacher's manual #2 for intermediate elementary grades four, five, six: Singing games, folk dances, square dances, waltz quadrilles, couple dances and mixers, marches, rope skipping by Edwin Durlacher, 1958
  8. An experimental study to determine whether rope skipping: Or isotonic weight training best improves speed, endurance, power, and agility in junior high ... Nebraska State Teachers College, Kearney) by Warren Kenneth Camp, 1967
  9. Lines for skipping rope: Selected poems by Tom Hickey, 1965
  10. Teacher's Manual #1 for Nursery, Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Grades: Rhythms, Play Party, Singing Games, Folk Dances, Rope Skipping and Marches by Ed Durlacher, 1958
  11. The relationship of rope skipping exercise on performance in the vertical jump by Kenneth W Potterton, 1964
  12. Combination Bonnet, Rope and Skipping Drill, by E. Wheatcroft ... with Musical Accompaniment by G. Barton by George Barton, 1894
  13. Aerobic Rope Skipping: Rhythms, Rhymes, Routines/Book (Ar-43) by Paul Smith, 1981-06
  14. How Much Does It Cost? A Study on Metabolic Cost of Rope Skipping by George Groussis, 1988

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