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1. Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Vol.1No.1
2. Blood and honor (Star trek, Deep
3. DIXIE TREK 1987
4. Federation (Star Trek: The Original)
5. Mark Lenard (The original crew)
6. Sarek (Star Trek: The Original)
7. Star Trek Sarek [audio cassettes]

1. Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Vol.1No.1 (Celebrity Series) "BLOOD & HONOR"
by Mark Lenard
Comic: Pages
-- used & new: US$9.97
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B001G4TR26
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

2. Blood and honor (Star trek, Deep space nine)
by Mark Lenard
 Unknown Binding: 22 Pages (1995)

Asin: B0006RWEH4
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

3. DIXIE TREK 1987
by Robert Englund, Robin Curtis, Antho (Star Trek / Star Wars / etc.) [Mark Lenard
 Paperback: Pages (1987-01-01)

Asin: B002690ZKS
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

4. Federation (Star Trek: The Original)
by Judith Reeves-Stevens, Garfield Reeves-Stevens
 Audio Cassette: Pages (1994-11-07)
-- used & new: US$9.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0671512250
Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan
Editorial Review

Product Description
The crew of the "USS Enterprise 1701" must rescue a scientist from the captors who want to use his skills to conquer the galaxy. In the meantime, 80 years in the future on the "Enterprise 1701-D", Picard must rescue a mysterious person whose safety is vital to the survival of the Federation. ... Read more

Customer Reviews (83)

3-0 out of 5 stars Written on rubber?
The story bounces back and forth between three different centuries, changing in mid-action, so often that it's hard to follow. Divided in half, the 2nd half is far inferior to the first. The book could have ended (with some clean up) after the 1st half. Too long, and with an unsatisfying ending.

3-0 out of 5 stars Okay but I don't get what all the hype is about
I decided to read this book based on all the positive reviews here.The novel definitely has a broad scope, we see Kirk and Picard's crew, as well as a new storyline involving Zephram Cochrane in the 21st century.

It's an okay read, but I can't accept that this is THE Star Trek novel to read.Without giving anything away, let's just say I thought more than one plot point involving the villain wasn't very plausible, and that's where the novel lost me.

Perhaps it's my fault for not knowing more about science or astronomy, but I was also lost in the later parts of the book by the Star Trek techno-babble.Although they should get credit for attempting to explain how faster than light travel is possible.

I don't usually read Star Trek novels.I'll probably read another one in the future.I guess what I was looking for was a grittier, tighter story that focused solely on one crew (and maybe had a more believable villain).

5-0 out of 5 stars Though our journey must end, the journey itself will never end
I first came across "Federation" after having read that the creative group responsible for the new Star Trek movie drew much inspiration from this novel.Having read it, I fully understand why many deem it to be the best of all the Star Trek novels.An intricate, complex storyline weavestogether two different generations of Enterprise crews in a desperate mission to save the past and the future.Authors Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens imbue the storyline with the sad overtone of the journey's end for some of our favorite characters.But there is the hopeful reminder that, though our journey must end, the journey itself will never end. A truly compelling novel that I couldn't put down.

4-0 out of 5 stars Federation
Granted the book was a little long and could have done without certain sections in the book.But the book was still well written and had a good story.I guess the book was supposed to immortalize Zephram Cochrane much like Shatner and the Nexus have done to James T. Kirk and TNG with Scotty.

5-0 out of 5 stars The Best of Star Trek!
Years go by, and a book comes along, that makes you wonder what is fact, what is fiction, what is faction; a book that makes you want to read it all over again; that makes you read each and every single word from the front cover of the dust jacket to the last bar code on the back of the jacket; that makes you stay awake in fear lest if you fall asleep you might break the rhythm of the story, or, be afraid like a child that the adventure might proceed without you to witness it...

This is it.

"Federation" is a story encompassing the biggest figures in the ST Universe, right from Kirk, to Picard, to Cochrane, to Sarek, and the crews from two different Enterprises. It spans 3 centuries, and countless worlds, and goes from here to eternity (and back!) - and I don't just mean literally.

Its the 21st century, and Zephram Cochrane is being celebrated for giving humanity the gift of the First Warp Drive, but not everyone is following Cochrane to shake his hand and to congratulate him. There is someone out there to whom Cochrane is an asset to be acquired and contained and exploited. Incalculable horrors lie in store, not just for Cochrane but for the entire human race, if he gives in. So he must escape.

Meanwhile, its the 22nd Century, and Kirk is battling to escape the scrutiny of a diligent Starfleet Admiral, intent on proving that Kirk is involved in a conspiracy that runs so deep into Starfleet, it could shake the Starfleet to its core, and in fact could mark a premature extinction bell for the entire Federation. Kirk must save his name and his life (in that order) and prove that he is not a traitor, by going against all the rules in the book. The problem is, can he do it before his time runs out?

Meanwhile, its the 23rd century, and Picard is trying his best to see through the double dealings of an extremely shrewd Ferengi, whose agenda is not at all what it seems. Enter the Romulans, and the picture becomes skewed. Enter an ancient evil from two centuries ago and there's no picture any more. But then, how could someone (or something!) survive more than 200 years, and what could be so important that it has to be pursued for more than two centuries?

These three seemingly unrelated stories appear in the book, and the authors expertly intertwine these three threads into a single explosive climax that blew my mind away!

But I'm jumping the gun... the book is much more than just a far-fetched and stretched out climax. It is a treatise, written with the love and respect that the History of the Star Trek Universe deserves in the minds of every die-hard Trekkie. Concepts like warp drive, what exactly is supra-light travel, how is it possible (agreed fictional, but still more convincing than most stuff I've read!), the story of Cochrane's personal journeys through the stars, the origin of the Starfleet Badge Insignia, to name a few. This last element, in my opinion, is the crowning achievement of this book. It melds fact and fiction with such adroitness that it's capable of making converts out of non-believers!

I would recommend this book to all Trekkies out there, as well as all non-Trekkies; if there's one book you want to read about ST, this gets my vote.

Absolute 5 / 5 stuff! ... Read more

5. Mark Lenard (The original crew)
by Mark Stanislawski
 Unknown Binding: 22 Pages (1992)

Asin: B0006OX124
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

6. Sarek (Star Trek: The Original)
by A.C. Crispin
Audio Cassette: Pages (1994-03-01)

Isbn: 0671853309
Average Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan
Editorial Review

Product Description
Sarek's wife is dying, and Spock returns to Vulcan to see her. He and Sarek enjoy a rare moment of togetherness until Sarek's work calls him away. Yet Sarek and Spock soon find themselves working together to foil a far-reaching plot to destroy the federation. ... Read more

Customer Reviews (27)

5-0 out of 5 stars Best of the best
I have, over the years, purchased and read over 40 Star Trek paperbacks.This one was worth going back and finding the hardcover for my library.The only reason I gave it 5 stars is because I can't give it six.The title should have been "Amanda".Anything else would start giving it away.

4-0 out of 5 stars audio is short and somewhat lacking
The audio tapes are only about two hours, making for a relatively snappy novella. The excerpts from Amanda's journal appear to be the primary cut, as most of the family dynamic and historical perspective other reviewers discussed are limited to the print version. There are some exceptions about "duty" and a few conflicts past and present between Spock and Sarek, with the one about Spock's acceptance by Starfleet a well-known nugget from the canon.

Most of the usual characters are here, largely acting according to expectations. The major addition is Kirk's nephew Peter, who is captured and develops a relationship with an important young Klingon female charged with watching him. The author couldn't resist defining some similarities between the two Kirk kin, and I thought this subplot romance was a bit much.

The actual primary plot is decent, and makes a good narrative, including the trifecta of Klingons, Romulans and Vulcans. We get some in-the-nick-of-time heroics and close calls, consistent with the TV shows and movies, which is fine with me.

Mark Lenard narrated the novel late in his life, which was a nice choice, given his on-screen performance as Sarek.

4-0 out of 5 stars Not Free SF Reader
Spock's family background.

This is definitely an example of a more interesting Star Trek novel.

Spock, as we know, is a hybrid, and humans don't live as long as Vulcans - his mother is dying.

He returns to visit and try and talk to his father.

Definitely interesting to see the background of this family, and if you are interested in less of the ship solves a mission type Star Trek plot, you could try this book.

5-0 out of 5 stars Provocation to War
Praxus, a klingon moon has exploded, due to overmining, or possibly sabotage.The Klingon empire's food production has been threatened, as tidal forces have been disrupted and weather currents change; massive shortages of resource seem eminent.

Chancellor Azerbur continues to work with Federation president and the federation responses with medical aid and food supply relief.Azerbur has issued in a new era of peace and commerce with the Federation.The war with Klingon has been official announced, over.

The hardliners don't want peace.Trayne, alias Saren, a Vulcan, secret plans are to use Kamarg, the Klingon ambassador, to attack federation colonies and turn the federation against Klingon. Kamarg is part of the militant group and believes that Klingon survival depends on warfare and land conquest.The Freelans (Romulans) are using Vulcan slaves, as mind control agents and are manipulating the minds of the Klingons and humuns against the federation and Vulcan.Trayne specifically uses Savel's telepathic power, specifically against Kamarg, causing him too hate the federation through vulcan mind control.

Kamarag manages to draw support of many high-ranking Klingons, in his cause.The hardliners want a military solution, centralized control of the federation, and capture of vital federation agriculture, mineral resources, and technology.Klingon invasion plans are brewing followed by Romulan.

The Romulan empire will wait until the federation is significantly weakened from the war conflict and then swoop across the neutral zone and capture federation territory.The Freelans report to the Romulans Lords. Over the last seventy years, the Freelans have been taking Vulcan hostage and converting them to slaves.The plan has been slow in the making, but all the key elements have been put in place.Millions if not billions of lives are at stake.

Sarek has been correspondence with the Freelan ambassador, Trayne.Sarek seek conclusive proof and infiltrates the Freelan data system with the aid of Soren. Freelan lists are discovered but not accessible for download.Sarek and Soren escape detection just as the Freelan security beams into the data center.Later, Sarek will confined in Spock, about his discoveries.

The Vulcans remain strongly dependant on Federation computer and military technology. Vulcan has strong military technology and leads the federation in scientific research.KEHL design was too weaken Vulcan resolve to stay members of the federation.

The Idol cult sect called the Gol is the oligarchy controlling Vulcan society.Sarek's first wife, T'Rea joined this evil sect and divorced Sarek.Sybok was born.Sybok rejected T'Rea's.

Amanda tells Sarek that "life after life" will happen or not happen.Sarek fight tradition and listens. Vulcan's believe in spirit essences encapsulation and that the new host inherits the spirit essence; this idea is similar in falsity to the idea of reincarnation.

Sarek soon after found Amanda, his true love. At the time of the Freelan crisis, Amanda was 93 and suffering from a rare blood disease. Spock was called home. Sarek was force to leave to negotiate the freedom of orion colony hostages on Kadura held by rouge Klingon warriors, under the command of Keraz. Amanda has Sarek promise, he will read her journal before he leaves.Spock warns Sarek that Amanda is about to die.Sarek manages to reach Amanda with his mind before she dies.Sarek shares with the reader Amanda's life, Spock decision to join the federation, Spocks outcast, Amanda's separation from Sarek, and reuniting.

No one had ever seen a Freeland, until Sarek.Freelans lived a secretive life. 70 years early, Sarek discovered the Freelan were Vulcan during the Pon Farr incident.The freelans said nothing of the incident. Sarek kept the secret seeking proof.

Now, on earth, Sarek is meeting with the Vulcan consult and discovers that Induma, the KEHL leader, is being Vulcan mind controlled.Induma is leader of the Keep the Earth human league, who chant, "Vulcans go home".Peter Kirk, nephew to Jame Kirk becomes entangled with the KEHL group.Peter alerts Kirk, to the KEHL movement against the Vulcans. Lisa tells Peter that she fears the Vulcans because they have weapons of mass destruction. KEHL leaders start accusing the Vulcans of espionage, selling out to "Vulcan interests".KEHL has linked to a clandestine Vulcan operation (Freelan), conspiracy proof of the Vulcan consultant being manipulated. KEHL discovers Peter and take him hostage. Kirk wants to talk with Peter and discovers he is not on the planet.Spock deduces were Peter's abductors will take him.A rescue plan is put into action.

While Peter is a prisoner, he falls in love with Valdr.Valdr is bethrothed by Karamag to become Karg's wife.Valdr despise Kargs. Valdr feeds Peter each day.Peter falls in love with Valdr.Valdr plans and executes an escape plan.Kirk, McCoy, and Spock find Peter and join in his escape planning to reach a space port for a trip off the planet. Karg intercepts the group and surrounds the group.Karg stabs Valdr with a knife. Valdr declares Peter, her mate.Peter challeges Karg and defeats him in a duel, but does not kill him.Peter reveals that Karg is Chancellor Corkon's murderer.

Sarek prevents Freelan terrorist from starting a war between the Klingon empire and the federation.Sarek and Spock beam on Traynes bridge, after Sarek predicts correctly the new position that the cloak bird of prey will emerge.Sarek has realize Trayne pattern as a chess move used by Trayne.Conclusive proof of a Romulan conspiracy is established.Sarek challenges Trayne to a duel.Trayne acknowledges the challenge and remembers his early childhood fears, at the time his parents were killed.Sarek and Trayne fight against each other with poison blades, both are injuried, but McCoy manages to save both.Sarek returns to Freelan to liberate the Vulcans.Trayne returns to Romulus to report failure.Trayne's second in command aid Kirk in stopping the Klingon invasion and Azerbur troops arrive crushing the rebellion.Peter Kirk abandons Valdr for his career.Azerbur recruits Valdr to become a staff member. Spock formulates the reunionification theory.

5-0 out of 5 stars Greatness
Two words discribe my feelings about Sarek by A.C. Crispin: Good Times.

I really enjoyed this book, and in cadence with the other reviewers I couldn't put it down for the last 3rd. Literally, I hid in a closet and a stairwell at work just so I could get a few more pages in. I laughed and cried and gasped in shock many times during my reading. Every one of the characters acted as I thought they should and gave me new insight into those characters that I know so well. Even though officially it is not, in my eyes this is canon since everything jives so danged well and I love the story. And my word is law in some local bowling clubs. ... Read more

7. Star Trek Sarek [audio cassettes]
by A. C. Crispin
 Unbound: Pages (1994-01-01)

Asin: B002FRF4P2
Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

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