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         Abe Kobo:     more books (100)
  1. The Woman in the Dunes by Kobo Abe, 1991-04-16
  2. Secret Rendezvous by Kobo Abe, 2002-07-09
  3. The Face of Another by Kobo Abe, 2003-02-04
  4. Three Plays by Kobo Abe
  5. Kangaroo Notebook: A Novel by Kobo Abe, 1997-04-29
  6. The Ruined Map: A Novel by Kobo Abe, 2001-12-04
  7. The Box Man: A Novel by Kobo Abe, 2001-07-10
  8. Beyond the Curve (Modern Japanese Writers Series) by Kobo Abe, Juliet Winters Carpenter, 1993-02
  9. The Ark Sakura (Vintage International) by Kobo Abe, 2009-02-10
  10. Inter Ice Age 4 by Kobo; Saunders, E. Dale Abe, 1972
  11. Abe Kobo: An Exploration of His Prose, Drama and Theatre (Tessere) by Timothy Iles, 2002-02
  12. The Woman in the Dunes by Kobo (Translated by E. Dale Saunders) ABE, 1986
  13. Sublime Voices: The Fictional Science and Scientific Fiction of Abe Kōbō (Harvard East Asian Monographs) by Christopher Bolton, 2009-06-15
  14. Le sanatorium des malades du temps: Temps, attente et fiction, autour de Julien Gracq, Dino Buzzati, Thomas Mann, Kobo Abe (French Edition) by Eric Faye, 1996

1. Abe Kobo
Novelist and playwright. Includes bibliographies of translated and critical works, a brief biography Category Arts Literature Authors A Abe, Kobo......Abe Kôbô (pron. AH upbringing. Abe grew up in Manchuria, or Manchukuoas the Japanese leasehold/puppet state was known at the time.
Abe (pron. "AH-bay KOH-boh") (1924-1993) stands out dramatically from his contemporaries in postwar Japanese literature. His works bear no resemblence to the subjective, ultra-realistic and autobiographical style that characterizes a great deal of postwar literature in general and postwar Japanese literature in particular. The reason for this, it has become customary to point out, probably lies in his relatively unique upbringing. Abe grew up in Manchuria, or Manchukuo as the Japanese leasehold/puppet state was known at the time. As such he presumably did not develop the deep ties to such concepts as furusato (hometown) and the emperor , both of which play large roles in the works of contemporaries Mishima Yukio and Nobel laureate Oe Kenzaburo. Furthermore, Abe did not undergo formal training in literature as did so many of his contemporaries. Instead he followed in his father's footsteps, studying medicine at Tokyo Imperial University. Unlike another famous medical doctor in Japanese literature, Mori Ogai, Abe did not excel in this field, nor did it seem that he had any particular enthusiasm for a life in medicine. It is said that he was allowed to graduate only on the condition that he never practice medicine. After the war Abe began experimenting with various radical social and artistic theories. Abe joined a small literary/artistic/philosophical group called

2. HORAGAI: Literary News
Provides a bibliography, a biography and numerous links to Kobo Aberelated resources on the Web. In Japanese and English. Interview with Abe Neri (The daughter of abe kobo). Exhibition of abe kobo at Chofu City
Reading Abe Kobo
What's New!

Interview with Abe Neri (The daughter of Abe Kobo)
Exhibition of Abe Kobo at Chofu City

A brief of Biography
How contemporaries read Abe Kobo?
Haniya Yutaka, Hanada Kiyoteru

Interview with with the chief editor of The Complete Works of Abe Kobo

Abe Kobo on the WWW

Manuscripts of The Face of Another
English article Japanese article
Table of HORAGAI

3. HORAGAI: Abe Kobo
abe kobo on the WWW. * Biography * Bibliography * Theatre Film ColumbiaUniversity. abe kobo's Friends. English Teshigawara Hirosi
Abe Kobo on the WWW
Mailing List
Abe Kobo's Friends
The Commemoration 1996
The Miscellaneous
Literary Hot List

English Site
Japanese Site
Other Language Site
Graphical Oriented Site
Bibliography Summary
Unperfect list.
Available books in Japan
Unperfect list and infantile descriptions.
Manuscript of a Fragment
2 pieces of manuscripit of a fragment written by Abe Kobo himself. Its price is 1250 dollars!
Book Reviews
Inter Ice Age 4
This is of Hippocrates Project in Medical Center of New York University.
BAZAAR Eichbornverlag
Introduction of The Ruined Map in Germany.
Enomoto Takeaki
A brief introduction of Abe's historical novel, Enomoto Takeaki by Sugiyama Sigeo, professor of Science History.
Secret Rendevous
A book review of Secret Rendevous in Bookcase , e-zine.
The Kangaroo Notebook
A book review of Kangaroo Note in , e-zine.
An introduction of The Magic Chalk
The Magic Chalk is the fantastic short story by early Abe Kobo.
On The Magic Chalk
An impression on The Magic Chalk , by Jessica Murguia.

4. Kobo Abe
Brief biography of Abe with bibliography of his works.Category Arts Literature Authors A Abe, Kobo...... Stick; abe koboshu, 1970; abe kobo gikyoku zenshu, 1970; abe kobozen-sakuhin, 1972-1973 (15 vols.); Four Stories by Kobo Abe, 1973;
Choose another writer in this calendar: by name:
B C D ... Z by birthday from the calendar Credits and feedback Kobo Abe (1924-1993) The Woman in the Dunes (1962) and The Face of Another "What were you looking at?"
"A window."
"No, no. I mean what were you looking at through the window?"
"Windows... lots of windows. One by one the lights are going off. That's the only instant you really know somebody's there."

(from The Ruined Map 'The teacher smiled:"No, it's not the case that all these people are sticks. When I say that being a stick is excessively ordinary, I speak in the qualitative rather than the quantitative sense. It's the same thing as mathematicians not saying much about the properties of a triangle. Because there are no new discoveries to be made from it."' (from 'The Stick' in Late Chrysanthemum: Twenty-One Stories from the Japanese His first book Abe had actually written in 1943. In 1947 he had published at his own expense a collection of poems. Abe established his reputation the next year with the novel OWARISHI MICHI NO SHIRUBE NI. Important writers for his own artistic development were Edgar Allan Poe , Samuel Beckett, Rainer Maria Rilke and Fyodor Dostoyevsky . - With the death of Yukio Mishima Abe gained the status as major dramatist in the 1970s. His theater toured in the U.S. and performed in New York City in 1979. Abe died on January 22, 1993.

5. Abe Links
At present there are only short introductory pieces for abe kobo and Murakami Haruki.Not much content, but the cause is good.,. A Page for Ernest abe kobo.
If you would like your site added to this list, please feel free to email me. Last updated May 11, 2002. Recommended Sites: The Scriptorium - Kobo Abe (English) (English) Additional Sites: Briefly introduces Abe and all of his major translated novels. Provides a unique reading of Abe's works through the lens of Italo Calvino's Six Memos for the Next Millennium. Worth a visit. A non-profit site that serves largely as a portal to, with proceeds used to purchase translations of Japanese literature for public libraries in the U.S.. While still in its earliest stages of development it aspires to become an online encyclopedia of Japanese literature as well as a fund-raising site. At present there are only short introductory pieces for Abe Kobo and Murakami Haruki. Not much content, but the cause is good., Kobo Abe A Page for Ernest - Abe Kobo Abe Kobo Inter Ice Age 4 Bold Type: Ruminations on Abe Kobo's ... Abe Kobo

6. Scriptorium - Kobo Abé
The abe kobo Archive, located at the CV Starr East Asian Library of Columbia University,consist of photocopies of all documents that were in the author's
By David Keffer
  • Introduction: The Clinical Eye of the Physician
  • Biography
  • Selected Bibliography of English Translations
  • Credits Introduction: The Clinical Eye of the Physician No man or woman is wooed by theory alone.
    The Woman in the Dunes
    The Road Sign at the End of the Street . In 1951 he was awarded the most important Japanese literary prize, the Akutagawa, for his novel The Crime of S. Karuma . In 1960 his novel The Woman in the Dunes won the Yomiuri Prize for literature. It was made into a film by Hiro Teshigahara in 1963 ( Suna no onna,
    For a much more complete biography, see
    The dates provided are for English translations. The Woman in the Dunes
    The Woman in the Dunes The Woman in the Dunes was the only one which gained wide exposure to Western audiences.
    The Woman in the Dunes The Woman in the Dunes , which, like Camus' The Stranger,
    In The Woman in the Dunes The Ark Sakura The Face of Another
    The Face of Another (1966) is both a psychological study and an existential allegory. The protagonist is again a scientist, "the section head of a respectable laboratory," whose face has been disfigured in a chemical explosion. This disfigurement creates a rift between the scientist and everyone he encounters particularly his wife. The source of this rift is due less to others' repulsion at his face than to the scientist's self-disgust
  • 7. A Page For Ernest - Abe Kobo Profile Bibliography
    abe kobo. The Concise Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, Third Edition. Abe, Kobo. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Edition 5, 1993 p88.
    Bibliography Back to profile

    "Abe Kobo." The Concise Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, Third Edition.
    "Abe, Kobo." The Columbia Encyclopedia, Edition 5, 1993 p88.
    Abe, Kobo, and Juliet Carpenter (translator). The Ark Sakura. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., 1988.
    Dallas, Tony. "Three Plays (book review)." The Antioch Review v52 n4. Fall 1994. p651-2.
    Iwamoto, Yoshio. "Kangaroo Notebook (book review)." World Literature Today v71 n1. Winter 1997. p228.
    Iwamoto, Yoshio. "Three Plays (book review)." World Literature Today v64 n3. Summer 1994. p637.
    Kohl, Stephen W., Associate Professor, East Asian Languages and Literatures, University of Oregon. Lectures on Japanese literature, 1988-1991.
    "Sand and tendrils. (Japanese novelist Kobo Abe and his book 'Dendrocacalia.'"); The Economist August 3, 1991. v320 n7718. 82.
    Steinberg, Sybil. "Beyond the Curve (book review)." Publishers Weekly v238 n10 . Feb. 22, 1991. p212. "Theater of the Absurd." Microsoft Encarta 98 Encyclopedia. This page hosted by

    8. ABE Kobo
    The summary for this Japanese page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.
    ABE Kobo
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    • $B%+%s%,%k! <%H(B ($BL50u(B)$B>.@b(B
    • $BB>?M$N4i(B $B .@b$G$O$"$j$^$;$s(B. ($B$b$A$m$s7y$$$G$O$J$$$G$9$,(B). <$N(B``$BJ8BN(B''$B$H8@$$$^$9$+(B, $BH`$N>.@b$=$N$b$N$,9%$-$G$9(B. $BH`$NJ8>O$rFI$s$G$$$k$H(B, $B$=$l$@$1$GGXCf$,!V%S%j%S%j!*!*!W$H46$8$k$N$G$9(B. $B$3$l$OB>$N>.@b2H$KBP$7$F$OA4$/4QB,$5$l$J$$8=>]$G$9(B. .@b$NFCD'$O(B, $BEP>l?MJ*$,6KC $B$5$F(B,$B!VB>?M$N4i!W$N%b%A! <%U$G$9$,(B, $B$=$l$OBjL>$K$b$"$i$o$l$F$$$kDL$j!V4i!W$G$9(B. $B7kO@$+$i8@$($P(B, ``$B?M4V$N:2$O!V4i!W$K=I$C$F$$$k(B'' $BJP8+(B,$B?M
      ``$B73I~$,J <;N$r:n$k(B.''
    • $BJI(B $BC;JS=8$G$9(B.

    9. Abe Kobo: Writing From Nowhere -- ThingsAsian Article
    Related Topics Literature. abe kobo Writing From Nowhere, By Jennifer Uhlich. AJapanese writer, writing about the world. abe kobo died in 1993. * * * *.
    Member: None Recommendation:
    Avg. recommendation of other readers. RatingInit(1, 1, 6); How highly would you recommend this story? Scale of 1 to 5 (5 being best) Care to Comment? Register as a member of the ThingsAsian community and Log In
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    Abe Kobo: Writing From Nowhere By Jennifer Uhlich Abe Kobo, novelist, playwright, and essayist, is often referred to as "Japan's Kafka." Though the phrase may seem complimentary, it also reveals an inherent schism in his writings. To relate authors across national borders is to imply two separate meanings: one, that there are themes in their respective works that transcend cultural contexts; two, that they are lacking some aspect of those contexts, something inherently "Japanese" in Abe's case. To transcend is also to leave behind. What is the relationship between Abe and Kafka? On one level, there is certainly a direct influence on Abe's subject matter. Kafka-esque themes such as transformation, absurdity, and surreal situations abound in Abe's stories. In the short story "Dendrocacalia," a man finds himself becoming a rare species of shrubbery, a direct homage to Kafka's Metamorphosis ; the connection is also present in The Face of Another , where Abe's protagonist undergoes horrific facial scarring and subsequently changes psychologically. The surreal, frustrating, frightening developments of Kafka's

    10. Kobo Abe Bibliography
    A bibliography of Kobo Abe's books and short stories, with book covers.Category Arts Literature Authors A Abe, Kobo......A bibliography of Kobo Abe's books and short stories, with book covers andlinks to related authors. abe kobo (2000) by Timothy Iles. abe kobo.
    dwAuthorName = "Kobo Abe"; dwBookTitle = ""; Fantastic Fiction Authors A
    ... Years
    Kobo Abe
    Search Authors Search Books Novels Top
    The Road Sign At the End of the Street Friends Inter Ice Age 4 The Woman in the Dunes The Cliff of Time The Face of Another The Ruined Map The Box Man Secret Rendezvous ... The Ark Sakura
    aka Hakobune Sakura Maru Kangaroo Notebook
    Collections Top
    The Man Who Turned into a Stick: Three Related Plays
    Beyond the Curve Three Plays by Kobo Abe
    Anthologies containing stories by Kobo Abe Top
    The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror Fifth Annual Collection

    Short stories Top
    The Life of a Poet Books about Kobo Abe Top Abe Kobo by Timothy Iles Visitors to this page also looked at these authors Brian Aldiss Lynn Abbey Dafydd ab Hugh Edwin A Abbott ... Years Fantastic Questions? Comments? Please contact our Webmaster Fantastic Fiction Authors A

    11. Abe Kobo By Timothy Iles
    FantasticFiction Authors abe kobo. Fantastic Fiction, Click here to visitour sponsor. US Price Check. Paperback. $25.51 BAMM $27.00 Amazon. abe kobo (2000).

    12. Abe Kobo Das Gesicht Des Anderen
    Translate this page abe kobo Das Gesicht des Anderen. Titel Das Gesicht des Anderen. Autorabe kobo. Rubrik Belletristik Romane Erzählungen Japanische
    Abe Kobo Das Gesicht des Anderen
    Titel: Das Gesicht des Anderen.
    Autor: Abe Kobo
    Rubrik: Belletristik Romane Erzählungen Japanische Literatur Romane Erzählungen
    Kategorie: Belletristik
    Proctor Candice Septembermond...

    Lehane Dennis Kein Kinderspie...

    McGuire Christine Bis alle Sc...

    Harrison Stuart Der Schneefal...

    13. Mainichi Interactive - Japanofile - Japanese Authors
    Windows on Japanese literature abe kobo. By David Lurie ContributingWriter Monday, May 1, 2000. Mainichi Shimbun. abe kobo.
    Japanofile Mainichi Daily News Japanese authors E-mail your opinions to Windows on Japanese literature:
    Abe Kobo
    By David Lurie
    Contributing Writer
    Monday, May 1, 2000
    Mainichi Shimbun Abe Kobo A s meditations on the absurdity and alienation of modern life, the writings of Abe Kobo are frequently compared to the work of authors like Kafka and Beckett. In novels like "The Face of Another" (trans. E. Dale Saunders; Kodansha, 1992), about a man whose attempt to mask his badly scarred face has unexpected consequences, and "The Ruined Map" (trans. E. Dale Saunders; Kodansha, 1993), the eerie story of a detective whose pursuit of a missing man leads to the dissolution of his self, Abe treats loneliness and the loss of identity with a dreamlike internal consistency that is both terrifying and strangely reassuring. Though they are often very funny, his novels and stories are also bleak and sparely written. The detachment that is fundamental to this style is not a pose; unlike Murakami Haruki, a popular contemporary author deeply influenced by him, Abe's deadpan is never cute. Philosophical depth underlies the coldness with which he treats his characters and the ease with which he transforms their bodies and identities: in his work, objects begin talking, move on their own, and even plot against humans; people, on the other hand, are liable to change into plants, articles of clothing, or even walls. The twelve elegantly translated short stories in "Beyond the Curve" (trans. Juliet Winters Carpenter; Kodansha, 1993) are an excellent introduction to the beauty, mystery, and humor of Abe's work. An excerpt from an early, award-winning novella, "The Crime of S. Karma," features the unforgettable scene of a man discovering that his business card has taken human form and begun impersonating him. "The Life of a Poet" is a starkly (perhaps ironically?) allegorical account of the value of art, memorable for images of a jacket made of human thread and snow of crystallized dreams so cold that it freezes time. Other stories showcase typical Abe themes like puzzling crimes (the hero of the darkly funny "An Irrelevant Death" blunders into implicating himself in the murder of a corpse he finds on his carpet), metamorphosis (in "Dendrocacalia," a man turns into a tree) and loss of identity (the title story features a severe case of amnesia).

    14. Abe Kobo Der Verbrannte Stadtplan
    Translate this page abe kobo Der verbrannte Stadtplan. Belletristik Romane Erzählungen JapanischeLiteratur Romane Erzählungen Der verbrannte Stadtplan. abe kobo.
    Abe Kobo Der verbrannte Stadtplan
    Belletristik Romane Erzählungen Japanische Literatur Romane Erzählungen
    Der verbrannte Stadtplan.
    Abe Kobo
    Taschenbuch Paperback
    Korp Dieter, Axmann Gerhard ...

    Korp Dieter, Riesen Roland O...

    Haeberle Thomas, Nauck Thoma...

    Korp Dieter Citroen AX ab Mär...

    15. Abe Kobo
    abe kobo My novelist for August, in this series of 20thcentury Japanesenovelists, is abe kobo (1924-93), who is as different from
    Abe Kobo My novelist for August, in this series of 20th-century Japanese novelists, is Abe Kobo (1924-93), who is as different from the authors I have already introduced as he can be, but he has belonged to the set of the "big five" for me ever since I first met them in reading the five novels assigned in the course in Modern Japanese Literature I took from Father William Currie at Tokyo's Sophia University in the summer of 1973, when I read Soseki's Kokoro , Tanizaki's Some Prefer Nettles , Kawabata's Snow Country , Mishima's Temple of the Golden Pavillion , and Abe Kobo's The Woman in the Dunes . For years I had a flyer (from Berkeley Press, I think) that I passed around in classes that showed that each of those five Japanese authors (and no others) had at least five novels translated into Englishall available in paperback from that press. A good friend here in Topeka, Dr. Tetsuro Takahashi (whom I will feature later as a Kansas author in his own right, with a book for sale), also pointed out to me that all five of these authors, over the generations, had graduated, as he had, from Tokyo University. But, working chronologically, we came to Abe Kobo last, of course, and discovered that he was different from those other four novelists in four important respects. First, he was still alive in 1973 (three of the others might well have been, having died within the previous eight years, two by suicide) and was very active in avant-garde theatre right there in Tokyo that very summer (though, I'm sorry to say, I did not know enough to seek him out at the time, but did finally meet both Abe and his wife at a reception in St. Louis after a production of the play

    16. Analysis Of Abe Kobo's The Red Cocoon
    Home Free Essays Book Reports Philosophy Analysis Of AbeKobo's The Red Cocoon Analysis Of abe kobo's The Red Cocoon.
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    > Philosophy > Analysis Of Abe Kobo's The Red Cocoon
    Analysis Of Abe Kobo's The Red Cocoon

    Words: 1276
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    17. D'Abe Kobo à Paul Auster
    Translate this page Retour à la page précédente.

    18. ABE Kobo
    Translate this page Accueil Biblios A Retour abe kobo Kobo Abe Japon (07 mars 1924- 22 janvier 1993) Auteur de quelques romans à tendance SF ou Fantastique (La
    Accueil Biblios A Retour
      ABE Kobo Kobo Abe
      Japon (07 mars 1924 - 22 janvier 1993)
    • La face d'un autre (1964, Tanin no kao)
    • Rendez-vous secret (1977, Mikkhai)
        Gallimard, Coll. Du Monde Entier, 1985
        Recueils, anthologies, omnibus...
      • Les murs
      • Mort anonyme
        Hors genres
      • La femme des sables (1962, Suna no onna)

    19. PALATINE Directory: Kobo, Abe
    abe kobo. abe kobo. Bookshop bibligraphy of abe kobo, provides somedetails of Kobo's work and its place in 1960s1970s Japanese Culture.
    Kobo, Abe
    Suggest a Link for Kobo, Abe Home Drama Practitioners ... Kobo, Abe Please scroll down for Articles, Lectures and Essays and Bibliographies
    Abe Kobo
    Although this is a Geocities page (giving limited information on the author or context) this general biography of Abe Kobo is accompanied by a bibliography. Links to Amazon. Rate link Abe Kobo
    Bookshop bibligraphy of Abe Kobo, provides some details of Kobo's work and its place in 1960s-1970s Japanese Culture. Rate link
    Horogai (Online magazine of Japanese Literature)
    Abe Kobo links. Rate link
    Ibiblio: Abe Kobo
    Although still in development, this site has an annotated bibliography and biography. Rate link
    Japanese Literature Resources, University of California, Berkeley: Abe Kobo
    Bibliography, list of works. Rate link
    Longman Anthology of Drama and Theater, The: A Global Perspective
    Contains direct reference to The Man Who Turned Into a Stick. Rate link
    Mainichi Dailiy News Interactive: Abe Kobo
    Newspaper feature article on Abe Kobo May 2000. Rate link
    Scriptorium: Abe Kobo
    Critical commentary by David Keffer, also contains links to external sites. Rate link
    Articles, Lectures and Essays

    20. Abe Kobo
    abe kobo Job, Title, Year, Average, Nb, Scriptwriter, The ThickWalledRoom, 1953, The Pitfall, 1962, 4.75, 1 reviews, Available medias for thismovie,

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