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         Asimov Isaac:     more books (106)
  1. Isaac Asimov's Guide to Earth and Space by Isaac Asimov, 1992-11-23
  2. Isaac Asimov's Treasury of Humor by Isaac Asimov, 1991-02-04
  3. The Earth (Isaac Asimovs 21st Century Library of the Universe, the Solar System) by Isaac Asimov, Richard Hantula, 2004-03
  4. Understanding Physics, 3 Volumes in One: Motion, Sound & Heat; Light, Magnetism & Electricity; The Electron, Proton & Neutron (v. 1-3) by Isaac Asimov, 1988-06
  5. Nightfall and Other Stories by Isaac Asimov, 1969
  6. The Mammoth Book of Golden Age SF: Ten Classic Stories from the Birth of Modern Science Fiction Writing
  7. Norby's Other Secret (Norby Chronicles) by Isaac Asimov, Janet Asimov, 2010-01-14
  8. Caves of Steel (Robot (Spectra Books)) by Isaac Asimov, 1991-12-01
  9. Asimov's Chronology of the World: The History of the World From the Big Bang to Modern Times by Isaac Asimov, 1991-11-06
  10. I.Asimov: A Memoir by Isaac Asimov, 1995-01-01
  11. Asimov On Numbers by Isaac Asimov, 1982-01-01
  12. The Naked Sun by Isaac Asimov, 1991-11-01
  13. Isaac Asimov: The Complete Stories, Volume 1 by Isaac Asimov, 1990-10-01
  14. Isaac Asimov's War by Gardner Dozois, 1993-09-01

21. - Search For: Asimov Isaac, Foundations Edge
ASIMOV, ISAAC, FOUNDATIONS EDGE, (MASS MARKET PAPERBACK) DEL REY GOOD/, Hidden AsimovIsaac, Foundations Edge, (Mass Market Paperback) Grafton London 1986 Very Good, Isaac&title=Foundati

22. Hundert Kleine Böse Krimis Asimov Isaac
Translate this page Hundert kleine böse Krimis asimov isaac. Titel Hundert kleine böseKrimis. Autor asimov isaac. Rubrik Belletristik Kriminalromane
Hundert kleine böse Krimis Asimov Isaac
Titel: Hundert kleine böse Krimis.
Autor: Asimov Isaac
Rubrik: Belletristik Kriminalromane Amerikanische Literatur
Kategorie: Belletristik
Carels Maeve Schneewittchens ...

Hemon Louis Maria Chapdelaine...

Land Jon Manhattan- Projekt....

Robb Candace Der Kämmerer des...

23. Lucky Starr Asimov Isaac
Translate this page Lucky Starr asimov isaac. Titel Lucky Starr. Autor asimov isaac. RubrikBelletristik Science Fiction Fantasy Amerikanische Literatur
Lucky Starr Asimov Isaac
Titel: Lucky Starr.
Autor: Asimov Isaac
Rubrik: Belletristik Science Fiction Fantasy Amerikanische Literatur
Mahmoody Betty, Hoffer Nich...

Sander Gertraud Neun Strahlen...

Maurice Catherine Ich würde e...

Lukas Vier Jahre Hölle und zur...

24. Asimov Isaac Isaac Asimov Presents The Golden Years Of Science Fiction
asimov isaac Isaac Asimov Presents the Golden Years of Science Fiction. Title IsaacAsimov Presents the Golden Years of Science Fiction Author asimov isaac.
Asimov Isaac Isaac Asimov Presents the Golden Years of Science Fiction
Title: Isaac Asimov Presents the Golden Years of Science Fiction
Author: Asimov Isaac
Consumer Guide Step-By-Step Au...
100 Greatest Boxers of Al...



25. Alpha Ralpha Boulevard: Isaac Asimov
Isaac Asimov. (b.1920d.1992) Other Asimov links Isaac Asimov Homepage IsaacAsimov Webring Rutgers Info Isaac Asimov alt.books.isaac-asimov. Bio,Isaac.php3
Isaac Asimov
Other Asimov links:
Isaac Asimov Homepage
Isaac Asimov Webring

Rutgers Info: Isaac Asimov
Born in Russia, emigrated to the US with his family. Biochemist and professor at Boston University School of Medicine. First professional appearance in Amazing (1939). Editorial director of IASFM (1977-1992). Hugo (1973, 1977, 1983), Nebula (1972, 1976) award winner, Grand Master Nebula 1986. Coined the words robotics, psychohistory and positronic. His Foundation series won the Hugo for Best All Time Series. Science column in . Married to Janet Asimov, with whom he collaborated on the Norby series. Many of his works have been filmed and his Caves of Steel/Naken Sun books are being made into a miniseries to be aired on the Sci-Fi Channel.
13 Crimes of SF
13 Horrors of Halloween
1983 Ed. with M. H. Greenberg and C.R. Waugh
100 Great Science Fiction Short Short Stories
1978 Ed. w. M. H. Greenberg and J. Olander
100 Great Fantasy Short Short Stories
1984 Ed. w.

26. .
Translate this page page précédente asimov isaac - (1920-1992), page suivante Isaac ASIMOV, né en 1920, était déjà célèbre à 19 ans.

27. ASIMOVIANS.COM - In Memory Of Isaac Asimov
Nice fan site, from audiovideo to art collection, also message board.
In Memory of Isaac Asimov
Home Page




Search Forum
6 Online Users



3 Guests
Amazon Associate » Welcome Guest Login Register Beneath the Naked Sun , he mined The Caves of Steel to forge a Foundation that will last until The End of Eternity Isaac Asimov, 1920-1992 Reviews Rating Robots and Empire by Chas Fuller This, the fourth and final book in the robot series (counting novels only) ties the loose ends of the first three novels together brilliantly. For those who have read the empire novels and the foundation novels this book shows the complexity of Asimov's universe; the interconnections amaze and delight. View Review Purchase at 10 most recent book reviews Second Foundation ... Martian Way and Other S... Announcements View All .: Excessive quoting :. Posted by Nareed on Tue, 18 Mar 2003 11:14 AM I would like to please ask everyone not to quote in excess. Usually the message posted should be longer than the quoted portion. Exceptions can be made for quotes of three or four lines. Thank you very much.

28. Isaac Asimov Home Page
Comprehensive collection of resources pertaining to asimov.Category Arts Literature Authors A asimov, isaac......isaac asimov Home Page. Welcome to the isaac asimov Home Page. Hereyou'll find a the realm of human knowledge. The isaac asimov FAQ.
Isaac Asimov Home Page Welcome to the Isaac Asimov Home Page. Here you'll find a comprehensive collection of resources pertaining to Isaac Asimov (1920-1992), the quintessential author, who in his lifetime wrote over 500 books that enlightened, entertained, and spanned the realm of human knowledge.
The Isaac Asimov FAQ
The FAQ for the Usenet newsgroup alt.books.isaac-asimov provides answers to the frequently asked questions about Isaac Asimov, and is an excellent place to start if you have questions about him. Included is biographical information about both his personal life and his literary life, answers to questions about the Foundation and Robot series, and more. For a German translation of the FAQ, see
Autobiography: It's Been a Good Life
In late March, 2002, Prometheus Books published It's Been a Good Life , an autobiography edited by Janet Jeppson Asimov. The new book was compiled from selections made from the three previous autobiographical volumes In Memory Yet Green In Joy Still Felt (1980), and I. Asimov: A Memoir

29. Isaac Asimov, Grand Maitre De La Science-fiction
Isaac Asimov, écrivain et grand maître de la science-fiction,
est le créateur des Trois Lois de la Robotique, de la science de la psycho-histoire
et de ce vaste Empire Galactique dont naîtra la célèbre et toute puissante Fondation.
Vous trouverez ici les couvertures et résumés de ses nombreux ouvrages,
et une présentation de ces grands thèmes.
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ou bien ces fonctionnalités ont été désactivées
vous aurez accès à TOUTES les pages du site
mais ne pourrez profiter ni des facilités de navigation ni de la mise en page optimale pour continuer cliquez ici

30. Isaac Asimov, Science Fiction, Mystery, And Fantasy Writer
A comprehensive bibliography, and a list of biographical resources.Category Arts Literature Authors A asimov, isaac...... Science Fiction Novels. asimov, isaac, Pebble in the Sky, Doubleday, 1950. asimov,isaac, Murder at the ABA, Doubleday, Garden City, New York, 1976.

Stories Collections Biography ... Anthologies
Isaac Asimov
January 2, 1920 - April 6, 1992 (New York, New York)
1987 Grand Master Award
of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America
Science Fiction Novels
Asimov, Isaac,
Pebble in the Sky, Doubleday, 1950.
The Star, Like Dust, Doubleday, 1951.
Foundation, Gnome (Doubleday), 1951.
David Starr:Space Ranger, Doubleday, 1952. (as Paul French)
Foundation and Empire, Gnome (Doubleday), 1952.
The Currents of Space, Doubleday, 1952.
Second Foundation, Gnome (Doubleday), 1953.
Lucky Starr and the Pirates of the Asteroids, Doubleday, 1953. (as Paul French)
The Caves of Steel, Doubleday, 1954. Lucky Starr and the Oceans of Venus, Doubleday, 1954. (as Paul French) The End of Eternity, Doubleday, 1955. Lucky Starr and the Big Sun of Mercury, Doubleday, 1956. (as Paul French) The Naked Sun, Doubleday, 1957. Lucky Starr and the Moons of Jupiter, Doubleday, 1957. (as Paul French) Lucky Starr and the Rings of Saturn, Doubleday, 1958. (as Paul French) A Whiff of Death, Fawcett Crest, New York, 1958. ISBN: 0-449-23660-9

31. Isaac Asimov, La Página De Isaac Asimov
Incluye biograf­a del autor estadounidense, informaci³n de sus obras, foro, encuestas y lista de correo.

Relatos de Asimov

Novelas de robots

Libro de visitas

Encuestas y Votaciones

Proyecto Personajes Asimov

Grupo Asimov

Grupo y Lista de correo dedicada a Asimov Pon esta Web como Página de Inicio Foro de Debate
La Fundación
UNETE A LA LISTA DE CORREO DE ISAAC ASIMOV Y CONTACTA CON AFICIONADOS DE ASIMOV. HAZ CLICK AQUI LA BIBLIOTECA IMPERIAL DESCARGA LIBROS GRATIS: Lucky Starr ... Los robots del Amanecer t Especial: Especial: Entrevistas con Isaac Asimov Especial: Especial: -Haz un recorrido por la Galaxia de Asimov- Especial: La Psicohistoria y el Caos Especial: Especial: CHAT IRC: ENTRAR #GRUPOASIMOV Lista de Correo Asimov Foro de debate BUSCADOR ASIMOV En Internet con el soporte de FreeFind Desde 1999 en internet Ponte en contacto escribiendo a: CKMER@YAHOO.ES

32. Jenkins' Spoiler-Laden Guide To Isaac Asimov
The author of this website is apparently intent upon reading everything asimov has ever written, and posting reviews here.
Welcome to Jenkins’ Spoiler-Laden Guide to
Isaac Asimov
Contents of this page
Contents of the Review Pages
List of books in alphabetical order
List of books in the order of categories from
I. Asimov: A Memoir
List of books in chronological order
Go to my home page
What I’ve Done...
I’ve been writing reviews of all of Asimov’s books and short fiction. So far, I’ve reviewed all of his books which I’ve read (and even the four I haven’t), all of his anthologized science fiction and fantasy, and a few bits and pieces of unanthologized material. As time permits, I will continue the work. Each review is about a page long (sometimes longer) and is intended to touch on the main reasons why I do or do not like a particular book. I don’t consider my position as an Asimov fan to obligate me to like his poorer work. On the other hand, there’s an awful lot by Asimov which I really, really like—which is why I’m an Asimov fan in the first place. The reviews are often highly personal; their goal is to explain why I like a particular book, not why it’s a good book or a bad book. I have no training in literary criticism; I can only evaluate my own reaction.

33. Epilog Essay - Das Phänomen Isaac Asimov - Alles Außer Schreiben Ist Eine Unte
Martin Höllmann
Alles außer Schreiben ist eine Unterbrechung
Das Phänomen Isaac Asimov
Der produktivste Autor der Welt
Obwohl Isaac Asimov inzwischen seit mehreren Jahren tot ist, erscheinen nach wie vor Bücher, die seinen Namen tragen. Schon vor Jahrzehnten war der Name des enorm fleißigen Schriftstellers ein Garant für überdurchschnittliche Verkaufszahlen eines Titels, und daran, so hoffen die Verlage, wird sich so bald nichts ändern. Da haben wir die Unsterblichkeit, über die viele Science-Fiction -Autoren immer wieder schreiben. Seit seinem Tod sind allein in Deutschland über ein Dutzend Bücher von ihm erschienen, darunter zwei Story- und Essaycollections, der zehnbändige Foundationzyklus im Hardcover, einige Sachbücher und natürlich mehrere Anthologiebände, die seinen Namen tragen. Yours, Isaac Asimov. A Lifetime in Letters Die Frage, warum Asimov so populär ist, läßt sich relativ einfach beantworten. Er hatte nie den Anspruch, ein tiefgründiger Schriftsteller zu sein. Stattdessen wollte er, daß möglichst jeder seine Bücher versteht. Die Folge davon ist, daß man Asimov auch mit weniger fortgeschrittenen Englischkenntnissen im Original lesen kann. Typisch für ihn sind didaktisch aufgebaute Texte und kurze Sätze. Also war er ganz besonders geeignet, Sachbücher zu verfassen. Aber warum ist er als Science Fiction-Autor so beliebt und bekannt, daß sein Tod im Jahre 1992 sogar von der Tagesschau gemeldet wurde? Denn seine wichtigsten SF-Werke entstanden alle bereits in den vierziger Jahren.

34. Guardian Unlimited Books | Authors | Asimov, Isaac
Profile, reviews, obituaries and links.Category Arts Literature Authors A asimov, isaac...... isaac asimov (19201992). On this site. 7 Apr 1992, A lavish curiosity on futureworlds Obituary isaac asimov. 12 Oct 1989, Distant pasture Review Nemesis.,5917,-9,00.html
Go to: Guardian Unlimited home UK news World news Archive search Arts Books Business Film Football Jobs Money The Observer Online Politics Shopping Sport Talk Travel Audio Email services Special reports The Guardian The weblog The informer The northerner The wrap Advertising guide Crossword Headline service Syndication services Events / offers Help / contacts Information Newsroom Soulmates Style guide Travel offers TV listings Weather Web guides Guardian Weekly Money Observer Home Guardian Review By genre Reviews ...
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"The fact that I reach 48,000 AD in my novels may be surprising - it surprised me." Birthplace

Petrovichi, Russia
Columbia University, US
Other jobs
Served in US army; became a chemistry professor.
Did you know? Though in his books he travelled to the stars, he refused to fly in planes. Critical verdict Though he was never seen as more than a genre writer - and an embarrassingly prolific one, at that - he was accepted as one of the greatest of genre writers, and provided for his following entirely new, vast and coherent mental universes to inhabit. Recommended works I, Robot: the first classics of the Robot series.

35. Isaac Asimov - La Página De Carlos
Página dedicada a isaac asimov popular escritor de ciencia ficción sobre robots La Fundación o el futuro Hari Seldon biografía libros historias El ciclo de Trantor . LA PÁGINA DE isaac asimov. Pulsa AQUI para entrar
Pulsa AQUI para entrar

36. Isaac Asimov FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions about isaac asimov. Last modified 16 February2003. Biographical (nonliterary). How do you pronounce isaac asimov ?
Frequently Asked Questions about Isaac Asimov Last modified: 16 February 2003 FAQ for alt.books.isaac-asimov This document answers frequently asked questions about Isaac Asimov and his works. Compiled by Edward Seiler ( ) and John H. Jenkins ( ). Special thanks to Soh Kam Yung, Mark Brader, Matthew P. Wiener, and Colin Cutler for their contributions. For a German translation of this FAQ, see
Table of Contents:
  • For starters
  • Just how many books did Asimov write?
  • Where can I get a list of all of Asimov's books? Is there a WWW or FTP site for this information?
  • Lists available from books. ...
  • What records, audio tapes, videotapes, and software are available?
  • Have any of Asimov's books or stories been made into a radio production movie or television series
    For starters
    Just how many books did Asimov write?
    Short answer: An awful lot. Hundreds. Long answer: Well, it depends on how you count them. For example, the most complete Asimov bibliography which Asimov himself had a hand in preparing is the catalogue in I. Asimov: A Memoir
    Aufsatz in Briefform von isaac asimov œbersetzt von Piotr Kraczkowski
    E P D F I Esp
    Translate original.

    Space Night
    Bayern 3 TV - Druck und hang.
    Bookmark !
    Red Blue Ribbons Campaign:
    Amerikas Futurologe und dem fruchtbarsten Schriftsteller
    "Indem wir auf eine Krise warten,
    die uns zum globalen Handeln zwingt,
    laufen wir Gefahr, zu lange zu warten."
    ist ehe Isaac Asimov (Aus dem Englischen von Piotr Kraczkowski)
    Bantam Doubleday Dell: A Visit with Isaac Asimov
    My translation is free as a public domain. Meine Übersetzung ist kostenlos als public domain. This page hosted by Get your own Free Home Page

    38. Zu Schade
    Auszug aus isaac asimov Robotervisionen.
    Isaac Asimov: Zu schade
    Die drei Robotergesetze
  • letzte Hoffnung. Vielleicht brauchst du es gar nicht."
    Angeblich idiotensicher", wiederholte Tertia mit bitterer Betonung.
    "Was passiert, wenn Mike einen Fehler macht oder sich aufgrund eines technischen Defekts zu stark reduziert? Dann tritt die Re-Expansion mit Sicherheit ein, oder?"
    "Das kann man nicht wissen. Mit Sicherheit
    "Und das nicht
    Mrs. Arnfeld hatte Mike gleich nach seiner Fertigstellung gesehen, als man die ersten Test mit ihm machte, und er erinnerte sich an sie. Mit seiner seltsam neutralen Stimme, die zu unmarkant klang, um menschlich zu sein, sagte er:
    "Ich bin erfreut, Sie wiederzusehen, Mrs. Arnfeld."
    "Trotzdem, wie lange wird es dauern?"
    Mrs. Arnfeld wandte sich an den Roboter und fragte ernst: "Ja, geht das denn, Mike? Ich meine, kannst du es verhindern?"
    "Die Robotergesetze zwingen mich dazu, Mrs. Arnfeld", entgegnete Mike in feierlichem Ernst. alle "Und die Re-Expansion, Ben?" "Ich?" Und mit einem neuerlichen Anflug von Angst fragte sie: "Was ist es denn?" Mrs. Arnfeld schwieg diskret.
  • 39. Delos 8: Isaac Asimov FAQ
    Domande e risposte sulla vita e sulle opere di uno dei padri della fantascienza.
    Isaac Asimov FAQ
    Tutte le domande e tutte le risposte sul Good Doctor
    A cura di Edward Seiler e John H. Jenkins Traduzione italiana di Silvio Sosio delle Frequently Asked Questions about Isaac Asimov reperibili a
    Per chi inizia
    Quanti libri ha scritto Asimov?
    I, Asimov: A Memoir Superquiz From Harding to Hiroshima , the Book of Facts
    D'altra parte il catalogo I, Asimov: A Memoir I, Asimov: A Memoir. La list of books I, Robot: The illustrated screen play
    Per le risposte a queste domande andate alla pagina Matrix di questo numero!
    Come si pronuncia "Isaac Asimov"?
    "The Prime of Life" ) in cui rimava il suo cognome con "stars above". Asimov suggerisce di pronunciare il suo cognome come la frase "Has Him Off" togliendo le "h".
    Quali sono gli altri membri della sua famiglia? Isaac era figlio di Judah Asimov (1896-1969) e di Anna Rachel Berman Asimov (1895-1973), sposati nel 1918. Isaac prese il nome dal nonno materno, Isaac Berman. Aveva una sorella, Marcia (nata Manya nel 1922) e un fratello minore, Stanley, nato nel 1929.
    Stanley divenne giornalista e raggiunse il ruolo di vice presidente di Newsday.

    40. Machote
    Un robotprofeta en un cuento del maestro isaac asimov
    creador de todas las cosas RAZON
    por: Isaac Asimov
    - Cutie - dijo -. Voy a tratar de explicarte algo. Eres el primer robot que ha manifestado curiosidad por su propia existencia... y el primero, a mi modo de ver, suficientemente inteligente para comprender el mundo exterior. Ven conmigo.
    - Este robot empieza a darme grima, de todos modos. Es demasiado inquisitivo. -
    - Sigue, Cutie. Te escuchamos.
    Powell detuvo con su mano el gesto amenazador de Donovan.
    Las maldiciones murmuradas en voz baja por Donovan brotaron inteligibles al levantarse frunciendo sus rojas cejas.
    - Estoy hablando del
    - Sigue, Cutie, me diviertes.
    - El que el – dijo -, y QT.1 es su profeta. Verdad y ahora reconocen al . Me llaman el Profeta - Obedezco solamente al Maestro Espera a que lleguemos a la base. Alguien pagara todo esto - dijo Donovan -. Los robots deben obedecernos: Es la Segunda Ley. El robot lo miraba con indiferencia. - El Profeta ha dado orden de que no se muevan. Por favor, obedescan - Hasta que fui creado ustedes velaban por el Maestro - Me caen bien los dos. Son criaturas inferiores, pero siento realmente cierto afecto por ustedes. Han servido fielmente al

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