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         Asimov Isaac:     more books (106)
  1. Isaac Asimov's Mars by Gardner Dozois, 1991-09-01
  2. Isaac Asimov: The Complete Stories, Volume 2 by Isaac Asimov, 1992-03-01
  3. Nine Tomorrows by Isaac Asimov, 1987-01-12
  4. Youth by Isaac Asimov, 2010-07-06
  5. Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine by Isaac Asimov, 1986-06
  6. It's Been a Good Life by Isaac Asimov, Janet Jeppson Asimov, 2002-03
  7. The Tyrannosaurus Prescription: And 100 Other Essays by Isaac Asimov, 1989-07
  8. Ferdinand Magellan: Opening the Door to World Exploration (Isaac Asimov's Pioneers of Science and Exploration) by Isaac Asimov, 1991-07
  9. Christopher Columbus: Navigator to the New World (Isaac Asimov's Pioneers of Science and Exploration) by Isaac Asimov, 1991-10
  10. Robot Trilogy: The Caves of Steel, The Naked Sun, The Robots of Dawn by Isaac Asimov, 1988-08-12
  11. Asimov's Guide to Shakespeare: A Guide to Understanding and Enjoying the Works of Shakespeare by Isaac Asimov, 2003-09-02
  12. Henry Hudson: Arctic Explorer and North American Adventurer (Isaac Asimov's Pioneers of Science and Exploration) by Isaac Asimov, Elizabeth Kaplan, 1991-10
  13. Asimov's Mysteries by Isaac Asimov, 1986-05-12
  14. Foundation Series/Foundation Bk 1/Foundation and Empire Bk 2/Second Foundation Bk 3/Foundations Edge Bk 4 by Isaac Asimov, 1986-10

41. Isaac Asimov
Poradí knih z hlediska chronologie príbehu. Nekolik povídek k prectení.Category World Czech Kultura Literatura Svetova literatura...... Worlds mentioned in Foundation series. isaac asimov ( 1.1.1920 6.4.1992). Povídky k prectení isaac asimov - Ohen pekelný, 5 kB.
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short fiction
Authors Robert A. Heinlein Others ... SF in 20th Century Chronological
mentioned in Foundation series Isaac Asimov Patnáct knih nabízejících urèitý druh historie budoucnosti, která asi není zcela provázána, zejména proto, že provázanost nebyla plánována. Poøadí knih z hlediska chronologie pøíbìhu (nikoli tedy data vydání) je následující: THE COMPLETE ROBOT ,1982. Sbírka 31 povídek o robotech, publikovaných v letech 1940 až 1976 a zahrnuje všechny povídky ze sbírky I, ROBOT (1950). THE CAVES OF STEEL ,1954 [Ocelové jeskynì, 1970]. První z románù o robotech. THE NAKED SUN ,1957 [Nahé slunce, 1994]. Druhý román o robotech. THE ROBOTS OF DAWN ,1983 [Roboti úsvitu, 1993]. Tøetí román o robotech. ROBOTS AND EMPIRE ,1985 [Roboti a impérium, 1993]. Ètvrtý román o robotech. THE CURRENTS OF SPACE ,1952 [Kosmické proudy, 1994]. První z románù o galaktické øíši. THE STARS, LIKE DUST

42. Evolution Du Site
Biographie, bibliographie par support et par zone d'©dition - avec informations techniques pour chaque ©l©ment, description de l'oeuvre par th¨me les Trois Lois, le cycle de Fondation , la cartographie, les prix re§us et les adaptations cin©matographiques. Photos, FAQ, liens.
Isaac Asimov. Si le navigateur ci-dessus ne fonctionne pas chez vous, regardez plus bas ! Biographie France Livres Nouvelles Essais BD Hors France Livres Nouvelles Essais Oeuvre Trois Lois Cartographie Fondation Prix reçus ... Cinéma Divers Galerie Liens FAQ IASF ... FRAS EVOLUTION DU SITE Ce site a été créé en décembre 1998. 01 Janvier 1999 : Mise en place du navigateur latéral sous forme de répertoire.
Ajout des pages :
- BD
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- Faq 23 Janvier 1999 : Rajout de nombreuses couvertures. Actuellement 86 recto, 50 verso et c'est pas fini !
Rajout de la page sur Hubert de Lartigue dans la galerie
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Les pages concernées sont toutes celles de la partie livre France. Les autres seront arrangées au fur et à mesure dans la propreté du code mais sont normalement mieux gérées..

43. Isaac Asimov

44. Our Future In The Cosmos--Space
Essay by isaac asimov about the need for the future settlement of space.
Our Future in the CosmosSpace
A speech given by Isaac Asimov at Rutgers University
Throughout the history of humanity, we have been extending our range until it is now planet-wide, covering all parts of Earth's surface and reaching to the bottom of the ocean, to the top of the atmosphere, and beyond it to the Moon. We will flourish only as long as we continue to extend that range, and although the potential range is not infinite, it is incredibly vast even by present standards. We will eventually extend our range to cover the whole of the solar system, and then we will head outward to the stars. Of course, you might ask yourself what these settlements in space will do for us. Will we settle in space just to make Asimov happy? Is there any other purpose to it? Yes, there is, because we're going to do a great many things in space that we can't do on Earth. For instance, 10 years ago, there was an energy crisis that most of us, perhaps, have now forgotten. These days we hear about an oil glut instead. Well the oil glut exists only because there was a world recession; there still is a recession, as a matter of fact. If we recover economically, the demand for oil will increase, the glut will disappear overnight, and OPEC There are a great many other things we could do in space. We could set up mining stations on the Moon and have laboratories in space to perform experiments you wouldn't want to do on Earth because of the risks involved to the population. Some years ago, people were very worried about recombinant

isaac asimov nos da la receta para escribir un relato de ciencia ficci³n.
y luego farfullas algo idiota, de forma que queda convencido de que eres un tarugo y posiblemente te has dado a la bebida.
Espera un poco. Veamos, esto no marcha. Olvidaste a la muchacha. Inventa una, a la par buena y pura (aunque con gran atractivo sexual) y no demasiado vestida.
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46. Isaac Asimov's Magazines
I saac A simov 1920-1992 C ontenido Fantasy And Science Fiction Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction
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47. Isaac Asimov's - Isaac Avimov's Science Fiction Magazine
Translate this page isaac asimov's Science Fiction Magazine En 1977, la misma empresa que desde hacíaveinte años venía publicando el famoso Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine
I saac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine

Enero de 1992 Octubre 1995 H ome

48. After Y2K ... The New Millennium Is A Laugh!
Comic featuring isaac asimov and Robert A. Heinlein.


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49. Asimov's Science Fiction
Essays by isaac asimov, stories, book and net reviews, readers' forum and chats, writers guidelines, cartoons, and puzzles.
Stories from Asimov's have won 40 Hugos and 24 Nebula Awards, and our editors have received 16 Hugo Awards for Best Editor. Asimov's was also the 2001 recipient of the Locus Award for Best Magazine. Current issue also available in
various electronic formats at
Current Issue:
APRIL 2003 Check out On The Net: Singular Analog and Asimov's collections now available at
Key Words: Asimov's Science Fiction Read a review here.
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March 25 @ 9:00 p.m. EST
Grege Bear will discuss his latest novel,
Darwin's Children
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Andy Duncan: The Chief Designer Novelettes Gregory Frost: Madonna of the Maquiladora Allen Steele: The Days Between Charles Stross: Lobsters Short Stories Megand Lindholm: Cut Michael Swanwick: The Dog said Bow-Wow Departments James Patrick Kelly: On the Net: Frequent Filers Paul Di Filippo: On Books Robert Silverberg: The Conquest of Space Robert Silverberg: Writers' Tools Erwin E. Strauss:

50. Guardian Unlimited Books | Links | Asimov, Isaac
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Isaac Asimov
Work online Lecture: the future of humanity Speeches: science and society Background Isaac Asimov homepage List of books and articles about Asimov Asimov's Science Fiction online magazine Encyclopaedia Galactica: fanatically complete guide to his fictional world ... Full bibliography

51. Max³'s Website..Come On In!
Website in English and Italian containing MIDI files, and information on Star Trek and isaac asimov.

52. ASIMOV, Isaac - Personal Data
Name asimov, isaac Aged 72 Born January 2, 1920 Where Petrovichi, Russia DiedApril 6, 1992 Where New York, NY SS 05524-6410 NY Interred Cremated
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Name: ASIMOV, Isaac Aged:
Born: January 2, 1920 Where: Petrovichi, Russia
Died: April 6, 1992 Where: New York, NY
SS#: 055-24-6410 NY Interred: Cremated
Married: Gertrude Blugerman When: July 26, 1942 (div 1973)
Married#2: Janet Opal Jeppson When: November 30, 1973
Awarded: The Gods Themselves (1973 Novel); "The Bicentennial Man" (1977 Novelette); Foundation's Edge (1983 Novel); "Gold" (1992 Novelette); and, I. Asimov: A Memoir (1995 Non-Fiction). Nebulas for 1972's Novel ( The Gods Themselves ) and 1976's Novelette "The Bicentennial Man." The 1986 SFWA award for Grand Master; and the 1967 Skylark Award. A 1997 inductee into the Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame.
Asimov received a doctorate in chemistry from Columbia University and taught biochemistry (1949-58) at Boston University, remaining on the faculty there until his death. Although a scientist, Isaac would be best known for his works of science fiction. The most famous include: I Robot (1950), The Foundation Trilogy (1951-52), The Gods Themselves (1972)

53. Steve Wallis' Socialist Web Page
Wallis is a supporter of the Greater Manchester Socialist Alliance. Site includes documents on socialism, conspiracies, isaac asimov, music and state/fascist infiltration of the left.
Steve Wallis' socialist web page Steve's socialist web page has now moved - it is now at Please update links on any page that refers to it. If you want to view the old web pages, you can do so by clicking here

54. Topica Email List Directory
Email newsletter for discussion of the works of Robert A. Heinlein, isaac asimov and Arthur C. Clarke.
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List Directory Category:
Top List Name Heinlein Asimov Clarke - List (HAC-L) Purpose: Open intelligent discussion concerning Robert A. Heinlein, Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke to name a few authors we can talk about. But by no means limited to only those few! Star Trek (Any and all flavors!), Star Wars, X-Files, Millennium, South Park, Northern Exposure or any and all "intelligent" television programming and/or movies will also be fair game. Un-moderated, hopefully everyone can act accordingly, please? :-) List Type: Unmoderated discussion Subscription: Does not require owner approval Archive: Readable by anyone Created: Mar 26, 1999 Owner: James A. Reible To Join: Subscribe here, or send an email to To Post: Send mail to '' Stats: Categories: Entertainment
Star Trek
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55. Fondation : Le Jeu De Stratégie Et Diplomatie En Ligne, D'après Asimov
Un jeu situ© dans l'univers du cycle de Fondation d'isaac asimov. Ce jeu est gratuit.

56. Isaac Asimov - Sci-Fantasy.Net
Eine Kurzbiographie von isaac asimov. Die Roboter-Gebote.Category World Deutsch Autoren und Autorinnen A asimov, isaac...... isaac asimov's Science FictionMagazine und einige Bücher zum Phänomen der Science Fiction.
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Gib den Namen des gesuchten Autors an: Newsletter
Gib Deine Email an, um unseren News- letter zu abonnieren. Isaac Asimov Asimov wurde 1920 in Petrovichi (in der Nähe von Smolensk), Russland geboren. Im Alter von nur drei Jahren emigrierte er mit seiner Familie in die USA und erhielt 1928 die amerikanische Staatsbürgerschaft. In der Zeit zwischen 1939 und 1948 studierte Asimov Chemie an der Columbia University. Nach seinem Studium unterrichtete er an der Boston University School Biochemie bevor er 1958 hauptberuflicher Autor wurde.
Asimov wurde nicht nur als Autor, sondern auch als starker Befürworter der Science-Fiction bekannt. Viele Autoren, die nach ihm kamen, verdanken seiner Basisarbeit die heutige Popularität der Science-Fiction. Asimov erreichte dies, indem er - neben seinen eigenen Büchern - eine große Anzahl von Anthologien herausbrachte. Ebenso veröffentlichte er seit 1977 "Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine" und einige Bücher zum Phänomen der Science Fiction.
Asimov veröffentlichte außer seinen Romanen und Kurzgeschichten auch wissenschaftliche Werke zum Thema Physik, Chemie und anderen Naturwissenschaften. Seine bahnbrechenden Romane über Robotik inspirierten viele heute weltbekannte Forscher auf dem Gebiet der künstlichen Intelligenz. Asimov war der erste, der sich ernsthaft Gedanken um das Zusammenleben zwischen Robotern und Menschen machte, und aus seinen Erzählungen gehen die weltbekannten Roboter-Gebote hervor:

57. UB 7 Le Jeu De Roles Sf à La Manière De Fondation
Jeu de r´le dans le monde de Fondation d'isaac asimov des marchands   la reconquªte de la galaxie.
La dernière modification du site date du lundi 04 février 2002
Vous êtes le voyageurs à transiter par mon site, c'est grâce à vous qu'il existe depuis le 16 novembre 1999

58. Greg Bear, Foundation And Chaos
A review of the author's 1998 novel written in isaac asimov's Foundation universe.
WELCOME JUMP EXPLORE THE POINT ... HOME FOUNDATION AND CHAOS BY GREG BEAR (Review by Nick Gevers, Ph.D., Cape Town, South Africa) Foundation and Chaos Foundation and Chaos is Volume Two, is a fascinating exception. Foundation and Chaos ; and the forthcoming Secret Foundation Foundation and Chaos Foundation ORBIT (UK). 1998. HARDCOVER. This page hosted by Get your own Free Home Page

59. Audiobooks - Asimov, Isaac
asimov, isaac Home New Search, isaac asimov Audio Books 1. isaacasimov Himself Reads 5 Complete Stories/Cassettes by isaac asimov.
Asimov, Isaac
New Search
Isaac Asimov Audio Books
Isaac Asimov Himself Reads 5 Complete Stories/Cassettes

by Isaac Asimov Usually ships in 24 hours
The Audio Partners Publishing Corporation
Audio Cassette
(March 1994)
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Click here for more info Midwest Book Review With Isaac Asimov Himself Reads 5 Complete Stories, long-term fans of Isaac Asimov will relish the rare opportunity to hear him read his own stories. These historic recordings provide irresistible insight to his visionary scenarios, Introducing each of the stories, Asimov offers intimate anecdotes... Read more William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy Read Four Science Fiction Classics : Foundation : The Psychohistorians/Mimsy Were the Borogoves/the Martian Chronic by Isaac Asimov, et al Publisher Out Of Stock Caedmon Audio Cassette Audio Cassette Cassettes edition (December 1993) Click here for more info No customer rating available. Enter to win a $50 gift certificatebe the first reader to review this book Synopsis William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy read four science fiction classicsAsimov's FoundationThe Psychohistorians

60. The SF Site Featured Review: Foundation's Fear
A review by Steven Silver of the author's novel that takes place in isaac asimov's Foundation universe.
Foundation's Fear
Gregory Benford
HarperPrism Books, 425 pages
Gregory Benford
Gregory Benford is a physicist and astronomer at the University of California, Irvine. He is the author of a series of hard SF novels, beginning with In the Ocean of Night (1978) and following quickly with works such as Timescape (1980) and the popular Galactic Center series, including Across the Sea of Suns Great Sky River Tides of Light (1989) and Furious Gulf (1994). A recent work is Cosm Gregory Benford Website
ISFDB Bibliography

SF Site Review:
A review by Steven H Silver
Advertisement document.write(''); Interestingly enough, Foundation's Fear is Gregory Benford's first foray into Isaac Asimov's universes. Neither Benford, David Brin or Greg Bear appeared in Martin H. Greenberg's celebratory anthology, Foundation's Friends . These three authors are now teaming up to write a trilogy set in Asimov's most famous universe, each author writing one book. Benford's novel opens during the action of Forward the Foundation , Asimov's last novel, between the first and the second section. Eto Demerzal (R. Daneel Olivaw) has stepped out of the limelight and Hari Seldon is awaiting official news of his appointment as first minister to Cleon. The portions of Benford's book which deal with Hari Seldon read very much like one of Asimov's

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