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         Kafka Franz:     more books (100)
  1. Der Process (Erlauterungen und Dokumente) (German Edition) by Franz Kafka, 1993
  2. Die Verwandlung (German Edition) by Franz Kafka, 2008-11-12
  3. The Sons (Schocken Kafka Library) by Franz Kafka, 1989-08-05
  4. Amerika: The Missing Person by Franz Kafka, 2008-11-18
  5. Franz Kafka by Max Brod, 1995-08-22
  6. The Metamorphosis Thrift Study Edition by Franz Kafka, 2009-08-03
  7. The Tremendous World I Have Inside My Head: Franz Kafka: A Biographical Essay by Louis Begley, 2008-06-24
  8. Letter to His Father / Brief An Den Vater (English and German Edition) by Franz Kafka, 1987-01-01
  9. The Basic Kafka by Franz Kafka, 1984-06-03
  10. Collected Stories (Everyman's Library) by Franz Kafka, 1993-10-26
  11. The Trial (Dover Thrift Editions) by Franz Kafka, 2009-07-22
  12. Franz Kafka by Klaus Wagenbach, 1984-10-12
  13. Carta Al Padre / Letter to His Father (Contempora) (Spanish Edition) by Franz Kafka, 2004-07-31
  14. Das Schloß (German Edition) by Franz Kafka, 2000-08-01

21. Kafka Franz Analysen Und Reflexionen Bd42 Franz Kafka 'Der Prozeß' Und 'Das Sch
Translate this page kafka franz Analysen und Reflexionen Bd42 Franz Kafka 'Der Prozeß'und 'Das Schloß'. kafka franz Schloß' Autor kafka franz. Rubrik
Kafka Franz Analysen und Reflexionen Bd42 Franz Kafka 'Der Prozeß' und 'Das Schloß'
Titel: Analysen und Reflexionen Bd.42 Franz Kafka 'Der Prozeß' und 'Das Schloß'
Autor: Kafka Franz
Rubrik: Lernhilfen Abiturwissen Kafka Franz Der Prozeß (Kafka) Das Schloß (Kafka)
Wulff Hans J All about Alfred...


Wulff Hans Jürgen Die Erzählu...

Wulff Hans J Konzeptionen der...

22. Página De Franz Kafka
Actualizado el 18 de Noviembre de 1999

23. Franz Kafka's Texts On The Web
With translations in 6 different languages.Category Arts Literature Authors K kafka, franz Works......

24. Constructing Franz Kafka
Dedicated to the writings of franz kafka, member of the German-speaking minority in the Czech city Category Arts Literature Authors K kafka, franz......A vintage site dedicated to the writings of franz kafka, member of the Germanspeakingminority in the Czech city Prague, and author of world famous novels
Constructing Franz Kafka
Thank you for stopping by at our Franz Kafka site. This site is a project started by participants of the spring 1996 Franz-Kafka graduate seminar taught by Dr. Clark Muenzer at the German department of the University of Pittsburgh We haven't had the time to apply a lot of changes lately, neither have we answered a lot of the email we've received. I hope that this will change soon - let's say my March 1998 there should be new material on this site...
We offer:
Kafka's Biography (we are soliciting writers for a more personalized account beyond the basic dates and facts!) Kafka's own library A Bibliography of Franz Kafka's Own Works Teaching Kafka (Lack of enthusiasm of Kafka teachers has caused this section to remain quite small. If you want to help us to change that, please go ahead!) Kafka on the Web (hyperlinks) Texts available on the web (links and hyperlinks)
if your browser doesn't support frames, go to the old document Papers, Reports, Trivia, and Curiosa around Franz Kafka (links and hyperlinks) (05 May 1997) Sources used in creation of the site.

25. Franz Kafka Photo Album
Users can find a collection of photographs of kafka and various family members and loved ones, and of his grave site. Member of the Internet Link Exchange. franz kafka Photo Album

Member of the Internet Link Exchange
Franz Kafka Photo Album
webmastered by Yacov Eckel
GameSpot HotSpot Awarded
Other WWW pages dedicated to Franz Kafka :
His parents Hermann Kafka (1852-1931) and Julie Levy (1856-1934)
Franz, 5 years old
Franz (10 years old) with Vally (left) and Elly (middle)
Franz (1901)
Franz Kafka Prague German University student

Friends Max Brod (1884-1968) Oscar Baum (1883-1941) Felix Veltsch (1884-1964)
Franz, 27 years old

Sisters Vally (Valeria), 20 years old Elly (Gabriella), 21 years old Ottla (Ottilia), 18 years old
Kafka with his sister Ottla (approximately 1914)
With Felice Bauer (Budapest, July 1917) Approximately 1917 Drawings from his diary Prague, 1922 His grave at the Straschnitz cemetery, Prague
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26. Franz-Kafka-Website
ACHTUNG. Die franzkafka-Website bietet Ihnen die Möglichkeit, Ihre eigenen Arbeiten zu veröffentlichen bzw.
Michael Pullmann
D-53115 Bonn
ACHTUNG bzw. an der Weiterentwicklung dieser Website mitzuarbeiten Bibliographie Biographie Briefwechsel ... Volltextsuche Ein Projekt Norbert Gabriel und Michael Pullmann am Germanistischen Seminar

27. The Castle Home Page
Personal site devoted to kafka has garnered many awards and includes a bibliography and texts of some of his work.
Joseph K.'s Franz Kafka Site
NEW!! Browse through the new Castle Gift Shop! A variety of Kafka-related items, with reviews and pictures, and all instantly available for purchase! Check out ". . . a buzzing in the wires . . ." the new Kafka discussion forum! Submit a petition to THE CASTLE Prefect to SEARCH for specific information for you. Go to a listing of the Schocken Publishing library of Kafka Go to a chronology of Kafka's life Browse my bibliography of works about Kafka Go to some creative writing I have done on Kafka. Go to a page of Kafka-related links Go to a page of links to some of Kafka's texts Read a condensed version of my Master's Degree exam on Kafka.
You are visitor # to pass through THE CASTLE gates since 5/25/96.

28. Existentialism And Franz Kafka By Katharena Eiermann, Franz Kafka, Kafka, Philos
Read a biography of the writer and several essays about his work. Find links to other kafka sites. Katharena Eiermann's franz kafka site is an indepth look at the Existentialist writer.
Choose a Philosopher... Existentialism Books and Reviews My Freebies Hugs and Kisses Reality Check Images by Katharena Nature Quotes Terrorism in Review Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn Todays Deals at Amazon Free Information from Focalex Philosophers Karl Barth Simone de Beauvoir Samuel Beckett Martin Buber Albert Camus Fyodor Dostoyevsky Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Martin Heidegger Franz Kafka Soren Kierkegaard Abraham H. Maslow Friedrich Nietzsche Blaise Pascal Jean Paul Sartre Paul Tillich Quotes by Philosophers at Alexa Web Search Choose a Poet Poetry Contest Robert Frost Pablo Neruda Aleksandr Pushkin William Butler Yeats Percy Bysshe Shelley Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Ralph Waldo Emerson Henry David Thoreau Edgar Alan Poe William Blake Robert Burns Nature, Forms, and Laws of Poetry Quotes by Poets at Katharena Eiermann's Franz Kafka site is an indepth look at the Existentialist writer. Site includes links to works, summaries, reviews, essays and more information Life and Times Quotations Books and Reviews Realm of Existentialism ... Classical Music/German "I can prove at any time that my education tried to make another person out of me than the one I became. It is for the harm, therefore, that my educators could have done me in accordance with their intentions that I reproach them; I demand from their hands the person I now am, and since they cannot give him to me, I make of my reproach and laughter a drumbeat sounding in the world beyond." Irrational Man : A Study in Existential Philosophy
For those of you who want to learn a lot about existentialism, and/or those of you who find Husserl, Heidegger, and Sartre to be dauntingly difficult and/or time-consuming, this book is hands-down the best. Written in the late 1950's, "Irrational Man" is largely responsible for introducing existentialism to America. Barret provides excellent summaries of the work of all of the major figures in existentialism (with the exception of Merleau-Ponty) and brilliantly integrates their work within Western literary, religious, artistic, and philosophical traditions. Barret provides great insight on the roots of existentialism in the history of Western civilization, and in doing so also constructs a highly informative narrative about that history itself.

29. Franz Kafka And Jewish Mysticism- Kabbalah
What people have come to call Kafkaesque has its origins and foundations primarily in the Kabbalah.

Home page
Kabbalah Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto The Metamorphosis ... In the beginning b
Franz Kafka and Jewish mysticism- Kabbalah
By Daniel Hornek v About Kafka Franz Kafka and Jewish mysticism Franz Kafka Pictures Photo Album! Kabbalah Page b Kafka's short story's The tradesman Absent,minded Window gazing Passers by On the team ... Before the Law v nn vbb Kabbalah definition v Kafka and Kabbalah by Karl Erich Grozinger
Like medieval neoplatonism, the Kabbalah understands the different levels of the world as a qualitative hierarchy. The celestial levels closest to the human world are that much closer to the qualit¥°f the terrestrial world than are the higher levels situated above them, and woe to the prayer and woe to the soul that do not penetrate to higher levels, for what happens to them Is what happened to Kafka's two heroes, Josef K. and the surveyor K. They both have responsibilities, of course, the one with the court and the other with the castle, but what they see there is hardly different from their own miserable world. From a kabbalistic viewpoint, what Kafka depicts in these two great novels, The TriaI and The Castle, is the crisis of the Kabbalah, the failure of theurgy, the inability of the individual to employ his actions to gain access to the ultimate authority.
A very similar but by no means so pessimistic a turn in the Kabbalah occurred in the mysticism of Hasidism; its formulation goes back to one of this movement's most prominent figures, Dry Bet, the Maggid (Preacher) of Mezhirich (1710-1772). As the chapter on Kafka's aphorisms will show, Dov ber turned away from the activism of the theurgists and believed that a solution to the suffering in this world is to be sought in the exact opposite of activism: in the individual's renunciation of the desire to effect a change on his own. For Dry Ber, the highest form of humanity is the complete renunciation of human independence and human ego-consciousness. His is an understanding of the self that sees itself only as a vessel of the Godhead which, in absolute quietism, surrenders itself via self-annihilation in the nothingness of the Oneness of Godan attitude, by the way, that increasingly comes to characterize Josef K.

30. Franz Kafka Homepage
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31. Franz Kafka, Vita E Critica Del Grande Genio Boemo
Biografia e critica dello scrittore boemo.
1) La Biografia 2) La critica
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32. Kafka, Franz The Metamorphosis
Summary, commentary, and genre.Category Arts Literature Authors K kafka, franz...... Literature Annotations. kafka, franz The Metamorphosis. Genre, Novella.
About the Database Editorial Board Annotators What's New ... MedHum Home 49th Edition-April 2003 Art


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Literature Annotations
Kafka, Franz The Metamorphosis
Genre Novella Keywords Disability Disease and Health Family Relationships Illness and the Family ... Suffering Summary First published in 1915, this is the story of Gregor Samsa, a young traveling salesman who lives with and financially supports his parents and younger sister. One morning he wakes up to discover that during the night he has been transformed into a "monstrous vermin" or insect. At first he is preoccupied with practical, everyday concerns: How to get out of bed and walk with his numerous legs? Can he still make it to the office on time? Soon his abilities, tastes, and interests begin to change. No one can understand his insect-speech. He likes to scurry under the furniture and eat rotten scraps of food. Gregor's family, horrified that Gregor has become an enormous insect, keep him in his bedroom and refuse to interact with him. Only his sister Grete demonstrates concern by bringing his food each day.

33. Franz Kafka's Library (II)
The web site author writes, I also hope to show that the author had a wideranging knowledge of the human sciences, from physiology and semanitcs to jurisprudence and ethics, which he used for evolving his narrative themes and structures.
Franz Kafka's Library
Source I.I Baum, Oskar: Das Leben im Dunkeln. Berlin-Charlottenburg/Stuttgart/Leipzig: Axel Juncker Verlag, 1909, 431 pp. Brod, Max: Arnold Beer. Das Schicksal eines Juden. Berlin-Charlottenburg: Axel Juncker Verlag, o.J. [1912], 176 pp. Brod, Max: Experimente. Vier Geschichten. Berlin, Stuttgart, Leipzig: Axel Juncker Verlag, o.J. [1907], 129 pp. Cervantes, Miguel de: Leben und Taten des scharffsinnigen Ritters Don Quixote Dante Alighieri Das Fegefeuer . Zweiter Band: Das Paradies Dostojewski, Feodor Michailowitsch: Dostojewski, Feodor Michailowitsch: Flaubert, Gustave: L'Education Sentimentale. Histoire d'un Jeune Homme. (OEuvres Completes de Gustave Flaubert). Paris: Louis Conard, Libraire-Editeur, 1910. 704 pp. Die Leiden des jungen Werthers Jacques, Norbert: Piraths Insel. Roman von Norbert Jacques. 1.-10. Aufl. Berlin: S. Fischer Verlag, 1917. 428 pp. Vischer, Melchior: Der Teemeister. Hellerau: Jakob Hegner, 1922. 94 pp. Werfel, Franz: Verdi. Roman der Oper. Berlin, Wien, Leipzig: Paul Zsolnay Verlag. 1924. 573 pp. I.2. Lyrische Dichtungen

34. The Kafka Project
Texts, links, information.Category Arts Literature Authors K kafka, franz...... Crimen y castigo de franz kafka. Guillermo Sanchez to compare kafka's Trialand Dostojevski (from his book Crimen y Castigo de franz kafka).
by Mauro Nervi «No one else could ever be admitted here, since this gate was made only for you. I am now going to shut it» Archive of Quotes Kafka Trivia 5: What's the name of the Count in The Castle? Give here your answer! You win nothing, but you will be cited in the next update (if you do not answer anonimously). Visit the Hall of Fame Welcome to the Kafka Project . The Project was initiated in 1998 with the purpose of publishing online all Kafka texts in German, in the form of the manuscripts. The project is constantly under construction. Please read more inside! This multilingual page is intended also to give scholars and Kafka fans a virtual place to share opinions, essays and translations. Every detail of Kafka's world will find its place in this site, which has the aim to become the central crossway of Kafka-interested users. Call for papers: send them for evaluation!

35. Franz Kafka, Ausgewählte Bibliographie (1/8)
Ausschnitte aus einer CDROM von ex-libris.
Beicken, Peter U.: Stuttgart 1952. Kafka, der Dichter. Stuttgart 1958 Bense, Max: Die Theorie Kafkas. Beutner, Barbara: Die Bildsprache Franz Kafkas. Binder, Hartmut: Kafka-Kommentar zu den Romanen, Rezensionen, Aphorismen und zum Brief an den Vater. Binder, Hartmut: Binder, Hartmut: Motiv und Gestaltung bei Franz Kafka. Bonn 1966 Broch, Hermann: Essays Brod, Max: Franz Kafka. Eine Biographie. 3., erweiterte Aufl. Frankfurt a. M. 1954. Brod, Max: Canetti, Elias: Caputo-Mayr, Marie Luise u. Julius M. Herz: Bern 1987
Fortsetzung (2)
Zu Seite: Zur CD-ROM HOME

36. Antaŭ La Leĝo - Franz Kafka
de franz kafka. Elgermanigis Michiel MEEUWISSEN. 'Antaux la Legxo pordisto staras.'
Antaŭ la leĝo
Franz Kafka ), Konrad Hinsen ( ) kaj Mauro Nervi ( Germana Angligita Portugaligita ...
Antaŭ la Leĝo pordisto staras. Al ĉi tiu pordisto viro de la kamparo venas kaj petas eniron en la Leĝon. Sed la pordisto diras, ke li nun ne povas permesi al li eniri. La viro pripensas kaj tiam demandas ĉu poste li rajtos eniri. `Estas eble', la pordisto diras, `tamen nun ne.' Pro tio ke la pordo al la Leĝo estas malferma kiel ĉiam kaj la pordisto starigis sin flanke, la viro klinas sin, por vidi tra la pordo en la internon. Kiam la pordisto rimarkas tion li ridas kaj diras: `Se vi tiom logiĝas, tiam do klopodu eniri malgraŭ mia malpermeso. Sed rimarku: Mi estas potenca. Kaj mi estas nur la plej suba pordisto. De salonego ĝis salonego tamen staras pordistoj, la unu pli potenca ol alia. Jam la aspekton de la tria eĉ mi ne povas plu elteni.' Ĉi tiajn malfacilaĵojn la viro de la kamparo ne antaŭvidis; la Leĝo ja estu alirebla por ĉiu kaj ĉiam, li pensas, sed kiam li nun rigardas la pordiston en lia peltomantelo pli zorge, lian grandan pintan nazon, la longan maldensan nigran tataran barbon, tiam li decidas, tamen prefere atendi, ĝis li ekhavas permeson eniri. La pordisto donas al li tabureton kaj igas lin eksidi flanke de la pordo. Tie li sidas dum tagoj kaj jaroj. Li ofte petas lason eniri, kaj

37. Franz Kafka Konkret. Web-Site Zu Franz Kafka, Betreut Von Gerhard Rieck
WebSite zu franz kafka (betreut von Gerhard Rieck)in kritischer Distanz zur akademischen Literaturwissenschaft. Inhalt Kurzbiographie, œbersichten zur Prim¤r- und Sekund¤rliteratur, Texte zu kafka, Linkliste.
Franz Kafka konkret. Web-Site zu Franz Kafka, betreut von Gerhard Rieck Ihr Browser ist nicht in der Lage, Frames darzustellen (an dieser Stelle sollte eine Seite mit Frames zu sehen sein!)

38. Franz Kafka
Narraci³ de franz kafka.
Davant la llei Franz Kafka, Narracions Completes , ed. Quaderns Crema, Bcn,1989.

39. Franz Kafka
Biographie, bibliographie, photos, extraits et analyse.

Neofici¡ln­ str¡nky. Život a d­lo, uk¡zky, expozice.

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