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         King William:     more books (99)
  1. King Lear (Modern Library Classics) by William Shakespeare, 2009-04-14
  2. King Lear (The Annotated Shakespeare) by William Shakespeare, 2007-05-24
  3. The King Of The Trees (Burt, William D., King of the Trees, Bk. 1.) by William D. Burt, 1998-07-01
  4. Born To Be King : Prince William Of Wales by Rh Value Publishing, 1982-12-12
  5. Gotrek & Felix: The Second Omnibus (Warhammer) by William King, 2008-06-25
  6. An Act of State: The Execution of Martin Luther King (Updated) by William F. Pepper, 2008-04-17
  7. Dragonslayer (A Gotrek & Felix novel) by William King, 2003-08-01
  8. The Uncrowned King: The Sensational Rise of William Randolph Hearst by Kenneth Whyte, 2009-12-08
  9. Collections of Nothing by William Davies King, 2009-10-15
  10. King William IV (Cassell biographies) by Philip Ziegler, 1989-06-22
  11. King Lear by William Shakespeare, 2004-03-30
  12. Mediaeval Scottish Poetry: King James I, Robert Henryson, William Dunbar, Gavin Douglas (1892) by Robert Henryson, William Dunbar, et all 2008-06-02
  13. Prince William: Born to Be King by Richard Buskin, 1998-12-01
  14. King Lear (Cliffs Complete) by William Shakespeare, 2000-05-22

1. Trollslayer - The Official William King Website
The king william IV. welcomes visitor
Authorised News Essays Bibliography ... Biography *Looking for the Competition?* Try here Hello and a warm welcome to Trollslayer, the official Bill King website. For those of you who don't know, Bill is an author and games designer, probably best known as the creator of the most (or should that be, least?) successful Trollslayer in the history of the Warhammer Universe, Gotrek Gurnisson. Gotrek and his poet-companion, Felix Jaeger are the central characters in a series of ' Slayer ' novels, published by the Games Workshop literary wing, the Black Library and the newest one, Giantslayer is scheduled for release in April (UK) and May (RoW). It involves a trip to Albion, an encounter with a certain High Elf Arch-mage called Teclis and an ancient artefact of the fabled Old Ones . And, oh yes, there may also be some Giant-slayage in there somewhere too... In his time, Bill has also penned a few 40K stories based around the Space Wolves and I am pleased to announce that we shall soon be seeing everyone's favourite Space Wolf, Ragnar in a brand new adventure entitled Wolfblade. This new novel will see Ragnar pressed into the service of House Belisarius, the

2. Untitled Document
View superintendent reports, curriculum overview, and links to educational resources and district schools.
L etter from the Superintendent Related to Emergency Preparedness King William County
Public Schools

3. Welcome To King William County
Official government site. Includes directory of county services and employees, new residents' guide, Category Regional North America Virginia Counties king william...... 286 square miles of gently rolling farmland and scenic timberland nestle betweenthe beautiful Pamunkey and Mattaponi rivers to create king william County.
Highlights: Heritage Celebration BPOL Tax
government , and County services , as well as the economic educational , and recreational opportunities available here. About King William Government County Services Recreation ... Related Links
This website is maintained by the King William County Public Information Office.
Send comments about the site to
Last Revised: July 8, 2002

4. King William'
king william's War was the first of four wars fought between England and France.
King William's War King William's War was the first of four wars fought between England and France. It lasted from 1689 to 1697. The war was part of a larger European conflict which was being fought over the succession to the English throne. The war was officially ended with the Peace of Ryswick which was signed in 1697. These four wars would decide whether France or England would possess North America. Indian raids struck at the Cummings family over the years. Two of John Cummings children were killed by Indians in November, 1688, just prior to the opening of King William's War. Issac and his twin brother Elenezer were the victims. Their bodies were not recovered for 26 days The town of Dover suffered a devastating attack on the night of Thursday, June 27, 1689. This attack was well planned and carried out by the Indians. In this area of Dover were three Garrison Houses, the Waldron Garrison which was located near the Cochecho River, the Heard Garrison which was located about 1/7 of a mile away on "Little Hill" and the Otis garrison which was located in between the first two. These three Garrisons were fortified houses with a stockade around each. Local residents would retire to these fortified houses in case of trouble. During times of trouble, soldiers would be stationed at Garrison Houses. Early in the evening of the 27th, two local Indian women approached each of the garrison houses and asked for shelter. This was granted and when all was quiet, the Indians opened the gate and signaled to Indians awaiting outside the fort. The Indians rushed all three garrisons.

5. Welcome To King William's College, An Independent Boarding School In The Peacefu
Includes photos and links.Category Regional Europe Isle of Man Education......king william's College is a first class International Baccalaureate (IB) Independentboarding school situated on the peaceful and tranquil Isle of Man.
2002/3 GKP answers Latest news... Welcome to King William's College. O ur College - which was founded in 1833 - is situated at Castletown on the Isle of Man . The College offers education from 3 years to 18 years of age and delivers GCSEs and the International Baccalaureate. T he College is located on 2 sites. The senior school is located just outside Castletown, next to the airport and thus has excellent travel links worldwide. The grounds are first class and provide excellent sporting facilities for wide range of disciplines. Boarding is available at College for boys and girls. Our junior school, The Buchan, is located in Castletown itself and is set in delightful surroundings. T he College is a school in the Church of England tradition. Class sizes are small throughout and often in single figures for specialist subjects. The staff are dedicated to ensuring all pupils are developed to the full and maximise their potential. We are proud of our heritage - but not mesmerised by it - and we are determined that our school will embrace the best of our past while constantly striving to improve our facilities and utilise the best teaching practices.
King William's College KWC has a first class academic record. In recent years, our pass rate at GCSE 'C' grade or above exceeds 95%. The pass rate at A level at 'C' grade or above is better than 75%. Academic Staff are carefully selected for their experience and enthusiasm - the ability to impart knowledge is as important as the knowledge level of the teacher.

6. King William County VAGenWeb
Welcome To. VAGenWeb king william County, Virginia. Genealogy Project. Click forVAGenWeb. History of king william County. A Short History of king william County.
Welcome To
King William County, Virginia
Genealogy Project
Bobby Wood, County Coordinator
Email: Webmaster
Court House Green
Welcome To King William County, Virginia
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A Short History of King William County
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add a page to the site for this information. I am unable to conduct any personal

7. William III, Mary II: British Monarchs
From Britannia's comprehensive guide to the history of England, Wales and ScotlandCategory Regional Europe Stuart William III, of Orange...... king william's War, a series of continental battles fought primarily to push Protestantism,had heavily taxed English economic resources; to retaliate, The
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3 Nights, 4 Days
William III and Mary II
(1689-1702 AD)
Mary II, born in 1662, was the daughter of James II and Anne Hyde. She was married to William of Orange as a matter of Charles II's foreign policy; she and William had no children. Mary died of smallpox in 1694. William III (William of Orange), born in 1650, was the son of William, Prince of Orange, and Mary Stuart (daughter of Charles I). Husband and wife were also first cousins, both being a grandchild of Charles I. William, one of the most significant players on the continent, constantly strove to spread Protestantism and decrease the Catholic influence of France and Spain. He died in 1702 from complications after being thrown from his horse. William and Mary began their marriage under duress. She was twelve years younger than he and found him repulsive. Although terribly homesick while living in Holland, she eventually came to love both the man and his country. William maintained a long-lasting affair with Elizabeth Villiers, one of Mary's ladies-in-waiting, which prompted Mary to be completely devoted and subservient to her husband. William's demeanor towards Mary seemed cold and indifferent on the surface, but his deep grief over her death indicated just how much he relied upon and respected her. Parliament, although victorious in unseating James, was faced with a dilemma. They wanted the throne to be the sole possession of Mary, with William serving as Prince Consort, but Mary refused due to her self-imposed subservience to her husband. William was reluctant to accept the throne by means of conquest, preferring to be named king by Parliament through birthright. Parliament succumbed to the wishes of William and Mary, and the pair acceded as co-rulers. As the reign unfolded, however, Parliament's original plan became the reality of the situation. William was considerably more concerned with his holdings and the Protestant-Catholic conflicts on the continent, leaving Mary behind in England to rule. William and the English populace were conspicuously indifferent to each other, but Mary loved England and the English people loved her.

8. William IV
(4) Sir Herbert Taylor, secretary to king william IV, letter to Henry Brougham (5thJune, 1832) The king had never attached any value to that popularity which Category Reference Encyclopedias The Monarchy
William IV
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William , the third son of George III , was born at Buckingham Palace
Like his brother George IV , William rebelled against his father's strict discipline. He lived with his mistress, the actress Dorothy Jordon, who bore him ten children. William also against his father's political views. Whereas George III preferred the Tories , William was a Whig , and at once time even considered becoming a Member of Parliament. In the House of Lords the Duke of Clarence supported Catholic Emancipation and showed signs he favoured parliamentary reform.

9. King William's Town SPCA - Frames Version
Organization based in Eastern Cape Province, South Africa. Wish list, membership details, rescue news, list of recent case files, and animal care tips.
Your browser is not capable of displaying frames. Click here to view the non-frames version, or consider upgrading to a more recent version. King William's Town SPCA
Eastern Cape Province, South Africa
Ben Bester

10. King William Online
Real estate information, sponsors, forums, events, and links.Category Regional North America Virginia Counties king william......king william County Official county site king william Today Weather- Updated local weather VAGenWeb - king william genealogy site.
Links to County Information and Related Sites King William County - Official county site
King William Today Weather
- Updated local weather
- King William genealogy site

11. King William Association Home Page -- San Antonio, TX
Aims to preserve the architectural and cultural heritage of the oldest historical neighborhood districts of San Antonio, Texas. Mission, history, tour, events.
Information about KWA, its organization, and its community service. Special Events like the Garden Tour, Fair, and Home Tour. Helpful Phone Numbers and Websites.
Last Updated on February 8th, 200 King William Association
1032 S. Alamo Street
San Antonio, TX 78210
Office: (210) 227-8786
Fax: (210) 227-8030
Fair line: (210) 271-3247

12. King William Historic District
The king william Historic District, located immediately south of downtown San Antonio on the east bank of the San
Literary San Antonio
The King William Historic District The King William Historic District, located immediately south of downtown San Antonio on the east bank of the San Antonio River, was established in the 1840's, when a large number of Germans immigrated to Texas and settled in the vicinity of San Antonio. The main entry street into the area was named after Kaiser Wilhelm I, King of Prussia in the 1870's. During World War I the name was changed to Pershing Avenue, but a few years after the war the original name was restored, except in the English form of the name, King William, which the area has retained up to the present. In the 1870's about one-third of San Antonio's population spoke German. IMAGE: The San Antonio River and the Tower Life Building viewed from the King William Historic District Through the last two centuries, a number of literary figures have been associated with the King William area. For example, when Sydney Lanier lived in San Antonio during 1872-1873, he performed, not as a poet but as a flautist, at Beethoven Hall, a German musical club located on Pereida Street. Likewise, Josephina Niggli, who wrote several well-received works about Mexico, including Step Down, Elder Brother: A Novel

13. Orange Order
Information on this Portsmouth district English Lodge and on the Orange Order in general.

14. Commissioner Of The Revenue
the Revenue is a constitional officer, elected by the citizens of the County to afouryear term and is the chief tax assessing officer in king william County.

Real Estate Records

Income Taxes

Land Use Program

Contact Information

The Commissioner administers the assessments for businesses and individuals in the following areas:
Real estate taxes
Personal property taxes
Business license fees
Consumer utility taxes Machinery and tools taxes Merchants captial taxes Special taxes on meals, lodging and cigarettes Sally W. Pearson, Commissioner of the Revenue Top of Page Top of Page Additional tax information can be found on the websites for Virginia Department of Taxation and the Internal Revenue Service Top of Page If you are in the Land-Use Program, you need to reapply every six years or every year that there is a change in the use or acreage of your land. The applications are due by November 1 of the year preceding the year in which land-use taxation is sought. You must have 20 acres of forest land or 5 acres of farmland to qualify for the Land-Use Program. Top of Page The next Reassessment of King William County will be effective January 1, 2005. King William County will hire an independent reassessment firm to perform the contract.

15. US GenWeb Archives King William's War Pensions Project
king william's War. This site is generously Hosted by RootsWeb Hosted by RootsWebking william's War Pensions Project Coordinator Scott Malloch. Bibliography.
The USGenWeb Archives Pension Project The US GenWeb Archives is embarking on the US GenWeb Archives Pension Project. This project will endeavor to provide actual transcriptions of Pension related materials for all Wars prior to 1900. Transcripts, extracts and abstracts will be accepted and files will be placed in the USGenWeb Archives directory of the State and County of principal residence of the Pensioner. Volunteers Needed! King William's War History of War Surnames Maps
This page is currently under construction! US GenWeb Archives Project Notice: In keeping with our policy of providing free information on the internet, data may be used by non-commercial entities, as long as this message remains on all copied material. These electronic pages may not be reproduced in any format for profit, nor for commercial presentation by any other organization. Persons or organizations desiring to use this material for purposes other than as stated above, must obtain express written permission from the author or the submitter and from the listed USGenWeb Project archivist.
This site is generously
Hosted by RootsWeb
King William's War Pensions Project Coordinator - Scott Malloch Bibliography Back to the US GenWeb Archives Pensions Project Home Page You are the visitor to stop at This Page This page was last updated on Thursday, 06-Mar-2003 13:46:37 MST

16. Welcome To King William County
Official government site. Includes directory of county services and employees, new residents' guide, and information about local schools and nearby universities.
Highlights: Heritage Celebration BPOL Tax
government , and County services , as well as the economic educational , and recreational opportunities available here. About King William Government County Services Recreation ... Related Links
This website is maintained by the King William County Public Information Office.
Send comments about the site to
Last Revised: July 8, 2002

17. Index
king william County Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Squad, Inc. Historyking william Volunteer Fire Rescue was founded in October 1963.
King William County
Volunteer Fire Department
and Rescue Squad, Inc.

PO Box 139
Aylett, Virginia 23009
804-769-4311 (phone/fax)
EMERGENCY - DIAL 911 Dedicated to the Preservation of Life and Property History
King William Volunteer Fire - Rescue was founded in October 1963. It originally begun as a Rescue Squad only, but soon after began providing volunteer fire suppression. The Department has been in continuous operation ever since.
Service Area
Our agency is located on Highway 360 in the Aylett community of King William County (about 25 miles north east of Richmond). We cover approximately 160 square miles. Our service area is very rural however, with a population of less than 10,000. We respond to around 600 calls a year (90% of which are EMS).
Dispatched by the King William County Sheriff's Department Dispatch Frequency - 155.835 MHz Pictured above is the Station 1. Originally a service garage, this cinder block building has housed the department's fire and EMS equipment since 1963. As you may notice we have more equipment than bay space. We hope to fix this problem with the construction of a new building on land donated to us across the highway. General Business Meetings are held every 3rd Monday - What do you want to do? -

18. William King
Johbson's "Life of William King"*. 1. WILLIAM KING was born in London in 1663, the son of Ezekiel King, a gentleman.

19. K W Reservoir
Topic Search The king william Reservoir Site can also be referenced by topic.Choose this option if you would prefer. Project Environmental
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Site Search:

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Topic Search:
The King William Reservoir Site can also be referenced by topic . Choose this option if you would prefer. Project Environmental Recreational Opportunities Historical/Archeological ... Privacy Policy

20. Adams House Bed & Breakfast Inn San Antonio, TX Texas
Located in the Historic king william district of downtown San Antonio, Texas. The two story Adams House was built in 1902 of locally fired brick. The Inn offers 4 guest rooms, furnished in period antiques. Guests enjoy a quiet retreat from the hustle of sightseeing downtown.
Enjoy the gracious hospitality of
231 Adams Street
San Antonio, Texas 78210
Adams Home Business Travel Winter 2003 Specials HoneyMoon Pkg. ... Rich 'n Nora in Norway (big files) e-mail Adams House Front Entrance
photo by John Wadsworth, guest at the Adams House, April 2000 The Adams House was lovingly and completely renovated in 1986 by Betty Lancaster and Harold Fuchs. The current owners, Nora Peterson and Richard Green, work diligently to maintain its Victorian elegance and charm.
off-street lighted parking for all guests.
For pictures of the rooms, 'CLICK' HERE. (caution: large graphics files in jpeg format) Check out our romantic jacuzzi rooms: the Verandah Room and the 1902 Carriage House Contact Information:
231 Adams Street
San Antonio, Texas 78210
Telephone (210) 224-4791
or (800) 666-4810 Electronic mail
(click here) is a member of the following: Professional Association of Innkeepers International (PAII) (SABBA) San Antonio Area Tourism Council Adams House is also rated by the leading publisher of travel guides.

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