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         Art References:     more books (100)
  1. Guide to Getting Arts Grants by Ellen Liberatori, 2006-08-01
  2. A Dictionary of Christian Art (Oxford Paperback Reference)
  3. Study Guide with Student Test Packet, Volume I for Kleiner/Mamiya's Gardner's Art through the Ages: A Global History, Volume I, 13th by Fred S. Kleiner, 2008-01-28
  4. Art Synectics by Nicholas Roukes, 1984-12
  5. Real-World Readings in Art Education: Things Your Professor Never Told You (Garland Reference Library of Social Science) by Dennis E. Fehr, 1999-12-01
  6. Fine Art Publicity, 2nd Edition: The Complete Guide forArtists, Galleries, and Museums (Business and Legal Forms) by Susan Abbott, 2005-02-01
  7. The Oxford Dictionary of Art and Artists (Oxford Paperback Reference) by Ian Chilvers, 2009-09-03
  8. The Concise Dictionary of Art Terms (Oxford Paperback Reference) by Michael Clarke, 2010-08-20
  9. Roman Art by Nancy H. Ramage, Andrew Ramage, 2008-02-07
  10. Medieval Art by Marilyn Stokstad, 2004-02-06
  11. Public Art By The Book
  12. The Art of Buying Art by Alan Bamberger, 2007-07-30
  13. New Essays on the Psychology of Art by Rudolf Arnheim, 1986-03-11
  14. Art Into Life: Russian Constructivism 1914-1932 by Henry Art Gallery, Richard Andrews, et all 1990-07-15

21. Apocalyptic Art: References
Apocalyptic Art in the Medieval, Renaissance and Modern Eras by Lina Portolese,Tina Borsum, Alex Nam Grubb, Nancy. Revelations Art of the Apocalypse.
Apocalyptic Art in the Medieval, Renaissance and Modern Eras
by Lina Portolese, Tina Borsum, Alex Nam Annotated Bibliography Barlow, T. D. . London: Penguin, 1948.
Emmerson, Richard. Antichrist in the Middle Ages. Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1984. This book gives the background for the Medieval belief in the Antichrist. It discusses how the trend emerged and from what exegetical interpretations. It also describes the influence that belief in the Antichrist had on art and literature. It includes original paintings to illustrate examples. Pg. 19 - Antichrist Seated Upon Leviathan from the Liber Floridus, Ghent, University Library.
Grubb, Nancy. Revelations: Art of the Apocalypse. New York: Abbeville Press, 1997. This book contains a large number of images from various eras based on various passages of the Book of Revelation. The author gives short backgrounds on how the passages were interpreted. Pg. 38 - The First Four Seals: The Four Horsemen from the Beatus of Liebana. The British Library, London. Pg. 47 -

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Date: Sun May 06 2001 - 17:29:33 PDT
  • Next message: felsecker1: "Re: ordering supplies" Do you laminate these? Otherwise, I'd think they'd get very worn out!
    Of course, laminating is very expensive...any other ideas out there?
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    get quite > drawers labeled appropriately "reptiles- amphibians" "small mammals" etc. reference. order. This archive was generated by hypermail 2b30 Sun May 06 2001 - 17:30:19 PDT
  • 23. Smithsonian Institution, Anthropology Outreach Office: North American Indian Roc
    Selected bibliography from the Smithsonian's Anthropology Outreach Office.
    Anthropology Outreach Office Smithsonian Institution
    Selected References on
    Baumhoff, Martin A., Robert F. Heizer, and Albert B. Elsasser. The Lagomarsino Petroglyph Group (site-26-I) Near Virginia City, Nevada . (University of California Archaeological Survey Reports 43(2).) Berkeley, 1958. Birmingham, Robert A., and William Green eds. "Wisconsin Rock Art." The Wisconsin Archeologist 68(4) (December 1987). Wisconsin Archeological Society. Cadzow, Donald. Petroglyphs in the Susquehanna River Near Safe Harbor, Pennsylvania . (Safe Harbor report no. l, Pennsylvania Historical Commission, Vol. III.) Harrisburg, 1934. Cain, Harvey T. Petroglyphs of Central Washington . Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1950. Clewlow, C. William, Jr. "Prehistoric Rock Art." In Handbook of North American Indians , Volume 8: California. Volume editor, Robert F. Heizer; general editor, William C. Sturtevant. Washington, D.C.: Smithsonian Institution, l978, pp. 619-625. Cox, Halley J. and Stasack, Edward.

    24. Stdin: Art References-k-5
    art referencesk-5. From trend? ; Next in thread felsecker1 Reart references-k-5 ; Reply felsecker1 Re art references-k-5 ;
    Art references-k-5
    Date: Sun May 06 2001 - 16:35:27 PDT
  • Next message: Dennis Golombek: "Re: What Photoshop lessons would you teach?" In a message dated 5/6/01 5:45:01 PM Central Daylight Time,
    can find what they want, and know where to put them when they're done? I
    teach grades k-5, and would like a workable system for my grades 3-5.
    I also have a large supply of magazines reference pictures for the kids to
    draw from
    with the understanding that there is no tracing and no direct copying - get
    the bone structure, the fur - scales right but make the drawing your own. Works quite well and the students are thrilled to be able to have good references. I store mine in drawers labeled appropriately "reptiles- amphibians" "small mammals" etc.
  • 25. Genesis Art References
    Art Libraries and Institutes. Mail Art Sites. Contemporary Art Sites. ArtSceneGuide to Southern California Galleries and Museums; Gallery Guide Online;
    Art Reference Guide New York, New York The following sites have been chosen by the Librarians in the UCLA Arts Library primarily for their potential usefulness for research and reference in the arts. We have also included arts sites of general interest if they are of high quality. Library Catalogs Periodical Indexes Art Libraries and Institutes Lists of Websites ... Museums
    Library Online Catalogs
    Periodical Indexes

    26. Online Art References
    Online art references. An Artist's Home Page ANIMA HomePage ArchiGopherArt on the Net Arts Gopher Art Images Australia Art Server
    Online Art References
    An Artist's Home Page
    ANIMA: HomePage
    ArchiGopher Art on the Net ...
    TBF (To be filed...)
    Ansel Adams
    works can be found here in the WWW exhibition of Ansel ADams: Fiat Lux exhibition.
    is a collaborative art project and Internet event open to all digital artists. The MBone event happens on August 28th, 1994 at noon Pacific Standard Time. ArtAIDS is happening to commemorate and celebrate the fight against AIDS.
    Cati Laporte
    shares a unique collection of her fake stamp art. Cati shared her work with many of us at the SCAN'94 Conference in Philadelphia this past August. Definately some awesome work.
    David S.Hull
    shares some of his digital paintings.
    Dave Nation
    shares some of his sculpture works in many different media.
    Depth Probe
    Alan Eyzaguirre presents perspectives and historical influences of the 1990's American Experience via reviews, dreams, journals, and visual art.
    a Emailed Image Collaboration between Keven Sawad Brooks and Bob Anderson.

    27. IND - Art References
    Books to Read Birthday Club Book Reviews Contact Us, art referencesArchitecture Links Links to related subjects in architecture.
    Home Students Faculty Parents ...
    Contact Us
    Art References
    Institute of Notre Dame
    901 Aisquith Street
    Baltimore, Maryland 21202 Phone Number: 410-522-7800 Fax Number: 410-522-7810 Get Directions using MapQuest

    28. Art References
    art references. Artchive. Artist Info Contemporary Art Database. The-Artists.Org.Artnet.Com. Artcyclopedia. - The Impressionists.
    Art References Artchive Artist Info - Contemporary Art Database The-Artists.Org Artnet.Com Artcyclopedia - The Impressionists ... Yahoo's Art Directory Mrs. Henning
    May 2002

    29. Perfect Mind/Perfect Body: Art References
    Author. Title. Publisher. Date. Format. Rating. Art. 1. Adam, Peter.Art of The Third Reich. Harry N. Abrams. 1992. Book. 3. 2. Ardley,Neil.
    Author Title Publisher Date Format Rating Art Adam, Peter Art of The Third Reich Harry N. Abrams Book Ardley, Neil Music, an Illustrated Encyclopedia Facts on File Book Chappell, Herbert Home Vision Video Clark, Kenneth Civilization Time-Life Multimedia Video Fleming, William Holt, Rinehart, Winston Book Janson, H. W. The Picture History of Painting H. N. Abrams Book Krull, Kathleen Lives of the Musicians Audio Bookshelf Audio Multiple Authors A History of Music of the Western World Sussex Tapes Audio Multiple Authors Explore the World of Classical Music Audio Partners Audio Multiple Authors How To Read Music Allied Video Corp. Video Raeburn, Michael Outline of World Architecture Galahad Books Book Rand, Ayn The Romantic Manifesto World Pub. Book Next Previous Contents Home ... Contact

    30. General Art References
    for. Virtual LRC Artfinder World Wide Arts Resources . Teacher Oz'sArt and Gallery's Links. Art Department References. 10/03/02 jvs.
    General References -Artcyclopedia: the guide to museum-quality art on the Internet - browse the artists to find the one you are looking for.
    Virtual LRC Artfinder

    World Wide Arts Resources
    Teacher Oz's Art and Gallery's Links Art Department References jvs

    31. Some Audio Art Practices - References
    ..Sonic art references and Links Audio Art Practices References for a talk
    ...................Sonic Art References and Links......................
    Some Audio Art Practices - References for a talk given to the San Francisco Art Institute
    Please note that where ever possible audio sources are referenced at official websites. Some unlicensed audio samples have been put on this site for the duration of the talk and immediately after. These will soon be removed. Sourcing sound: Found sound / found objects - a very contemporary practice:
    The User (installation):
    Symphony for dot matrix printers "
    The Silophone project
    Alvin Lucier
    (installation and recordings):
    " I am sitting in a room "
    Alan Lamb
    (recordings of telephone wires)
    Richard Ross (web based field recordings)
    Sonic maps

    VLF radio recordings: of earth of Ganymede (a moon of Jupiter) Earthquakes General: Documentary and general field recording link How to make field recordings How to make a binaural microphone suitable for environmental recording Plundering / Sampling 1. As a postmodern practice in contemporary dance music.

    32. Engineering As Art References
    References. “Art Versus Engineering Facing the Future in the Last of theGuilds”. 19 Nov.1998. http// .
    References “Art Versus Engineering: Facing the Future in the Last of the Guilds”. D’Mello, Suzanne. “Engineering, Art Come Together in DS2 ‘spider’.” Forman, Samuel. ”The Existential Pleasures of Engineering.” The Example of Science: An Anthology for College Composition. Robert E. Lynch, and Thomas B. Swanzey, Eds. Needham Hights, MA. Simon and Schuster, 1997. MacDonald, S. John, and MacDonald Dettwiler. “Systems Engineering: Art and Science in an International Context.”19 Nov.1998. Petrosky, Henry. “ To Engineer Is Human “The Example of Science: An Anthology for College Composition. Robert E. Lynch, and Thomas B. Swanzey, Eds. Needham Hights, MA. Simon and Schuster, 1997. Smith, Terry E. Making the Modern Industry, Art and Design in America Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1993.* This source was not quoted in the research, but provided another overview on the topic. : Student authored webs do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of Spring Hill College.

    33. Colorado Historical Society Rock Art References
    Bibliography of Colorado sites, conservation issues, dating methods, research, regional studies, and videos PDF File.

    34. Art References
    ART. MC.Escher Reni Magritte September 1996 / Comments.
    Reni Magritte
    September 1996 / Comments

    35. Claire Fox - Fine Art References
    homepage , exhibitions , interests , employment , artworks.

    36. Art History Network Ancient
    Art. ANCIENT art references and Resources. ·Ancient World Web ·ParthenetCombined internet resources for students of Art History.

    Ismo Luukkonen; Rock art references by Christopher Chippindale; RockArt Studies A Bibliographic Database by M. Leigh Marymor; North
    Links to Rock Art Sites
    Rock Art Recording Projects
    • Photographic Survey Echoes of Antiquity San Diego Museum of Man (July 3, 2001 through January 6, 2002)
    Tours of Rock Art Sites
    How to Avoid Damaging the Rock Art!

    38. Virheellinen Toiminto
    Excite Arts section. Links to other Art Related Sites and Online art referencesfrom Art on the Net. Arts and Humanities from Point - Top 5 % Web Sites.
    TaiK etusivu Virheellinen toiminto Virheellinen toiminto Virheellinen toiminto
    Jos yritit sivulle jonkun TaiKin sivuilla olevan linkin kautta, lähetä sähköpostia osoitteeseen niin korjaamme linkin. Ongelma voi johtua TaiKin sivu-uudistuksesta. Tällöin jokin seuraavista toimista voi auttaa:
    • Kokeile ensin Haku -sivua tai Sivukarttaa
    • Löytääksesi henkilökunnan tai opiskelijoiden kotisivut, tai joidenkin projektien, hankkeiden sekä yksiköiden sivut, muuta osoitteen alun muotoon www2.uiah. fi
      (Koskee sivuja, jotka eivät ole siirtyneet uuteen järjestelmään.)
    Pahoittelemme vaivaa. Lähetä
    Aloita uudelleen.
    TaiK etusivu


    39. Art References Waiting To Go Online
    Art as Discourse. David Salle GuggenheimBalboa. Cf. to Hal Foster, RecodingsArt, Spectacle, and Cultural Politics. pp. 52-57. Seeing Sight, 1981.
    A Jeanne Site
    Galleries on the Web

    California State University, Dominguez Hills
    University of Wisconsin, Parkside
    Latest update: November 5, 2000
    Faculty on the Site.
    Art as Discourse
    David Salle Guggenheim-Balboa. Cf. to Hal Foster, Recodings: Art, Spectacle, and Cultural Politics . pp. 52-57. Seeing Sigh t, 1981. Syllabus: Contemporary Art Practice See particularly Introduction and Further Reading After Progressivism: Modern Composition, Institutional Service, and Cultural Studies by Michael Murphy> jac is a peer-reviewed journal publishing theoretical articles on a variety of topics related to rhetoric, writing, multiple literacies, and the politics of education. "Seeking Access to Inaccessible Realities" by Clara Hargittay David Salle Retrospective
    "This article was originally published in the AGO News (July/August 1987) and is reprinted here by the kind permission of the Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto. david salle by josefina ayerza in lacanian ink 6 Look also for Thomas Lawson, Don't Hit Her Again, 1981. Thomas Lawson Painting - Dog FASHION MODA: A BRONX EXPERIENCE
    "This then is a kind of happy ending to the history of Fashion Moda. Not so much for this alternative art outpost as for the Bronx itself. Over the past ten to fifteen years, the vast improvements in the quality of life and the built environments can be seen as the victory of middle/working class ethos over the forces of political opportunism, urban decay and neglect. With the establishment of Hostos Community College with its post-modern architecture, and the building of blocks of single-family homes, a new family-oriented ethos prevails in the South Bronx. From this Bronx perspective neither the benign neglect of the Reagan era nor the international trans-avant garde have had as much impact or influence in creating this recovery as the working-class values of its citizens.

    40. Arthur Stern Studios: Public Art
    References w/Contact Information. Kathy Hathorn American Art Resources,Inc. 3262 Sul Ross Houston, TX 77098 713 527 8028 PeaceHealth
    Publications Public Art/Exhibits References Lectures Publications Public Art/Exhibits References Lectures ... top of page

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